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Cute teen brunette fist fucks her pussy on webcam xbabecamcom smalltits and fingering
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This start of a story,is about role reversal. .its fiction. with Domination and the like, I intend to carry on if I get any positive thoughts, if not I will confine it into the annals of the bin.

Hello J, I,ve just big ass rape faking sax a new group of teens ,which will be ideal for our clients, fax them and let them know ,that the new ones will £80,000 each,and will be ready for collection,end of June, and tell them we have all colours this time. I called the others ,and the reception committee would be waiting, how many Kath asked 9 at the moment,ages seem to range 19 - 30, may have to get rid of one or two, lets hope they all come up to scratch, see you shortly.

Hi boys I said, doing anything tonightNo was there reply,fancy helping me and my freinds with a little light work,and we will happily entertain you later. They eagerly, climbed into the back of our Minibus, sat down,and off we went.With our automatic Chloraform sprayer switched onin the back of the air vents, they were all asleep very quickly.

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The big gate entrance opened for us,and we drove through,and parked along side the celler entrance, each of us hauled our future sales goods off the bus, and after attaching them to an overhead rail, they were guided downstairs, for processing.As it took at least 2 hours for the chloraform to wear off,it gave us enough time to strip ,wash & tattoo each body with our mark, always making sure the goods did not get damaged.

Each one of our captives would be known by a name ,ie J1, ( That meant they had to be ready for the 1st week of June), if not the price dropped £10,000 per week, for time lost.

We needed to check their bodily fuctions were ok, but first they had to be whipped into some form of order,all our clients relied on disipline, and if they faulty ,then more often than not,they were disposed of but we did,nt like that method of disposal so some of us kept them for own use, it was a pretty teen girl kendall railed by throbbing black cock pleasure having your own personnal cock slave ,after a hard days work.

Girls, I suggest we tie each one to the wall strapsleaving thier cocks and balls free,we will do the hot wax treatment immediately, don,t want any hairs to get in the way.And with thatwax was poored onto each male,make sure you ball-gag them ,keeping the noise down, don,t forget the pubes and arse.So each one was subjected to a good lathering ,and any bits missed with the hot wax,a cut throat razor was used to remove the balance.Then they were individually dipped into very warm water, thoroughly soaped and washed,dryed through an hot air dryer, and left for half an hour to settle.


Now it was time for their induction, Kath and I went into the first cell, lowered a lovely looking black boy of about 22 years ,down onto the floor, Kath took hold of his big cock, and said she is going to suck him off, she put his cock into her mouth and proceeded to suckhis eyes started to brighten up, but still with his ball gag in place,he was unable to say a thing. She wanked his cock with fury, he lasted a very short time,and his load flew all over us.

Another blouse for the wash, I said. I think he big black booty jiggles on a bbc be ideal for our S. This Client, she loves virile black men,and I believe they are looked after very well,and when she has finished with thempays them well,and sends them where ever they want to go to.

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Next J2 was dragged into the whipping room, he was,nt so compliant, we had to be very careful how we treated our merchandise,as a literal whipping was bad for the skin, so I grabbed hold of his very big cock,and pulled it very hard,he winced with pain, I told him ,behave or I will put his cock inside a bottle,and wank him till he was erect,and leave him for an hour ,and then smash the bottle with a hammer, you will not enjoy that, and you won,t be able to piss for a week.This lovely white boy,was handsome,and I did not want to hurt him, but his complaining never stopped, and the bottle was fitted, we led to a cell,closed the door behind usand watched him on the overhead camera,and was,nt he suffering.

J2 through to J6 were all good looking boys, they kept themselves in good condition, we had lots of clients ,especially Gays ,who enjoyed breaking a new cock or two in, these five were destined for the Arab market, mainly for use in hareems, but sadly for them, they had to be steralised, in the past our clients insisted on castration, we thought that a little harsh, so Key hole surgery was the next best, so as some of us were either Doctors and Nurses, a little operation was a simple task, anyway the money we earnt doing this ,supplemented our meager NHS salaries.

We enjoyed our proper jobs,always taking care of the finer details of our patients. I won,t bore you with the ins and outs of steralisation, a couple of snips in the right places,and all would be well.

Key hole was much quicker ,and we still had time in theday to complete processing our merchandise.J7 - J9 were becomming a little awkward, they needed firmer discipline we realised as soon as skin was broken, the price dropped drastically, but problems we were having,and they had to be sorted. We took J8 ,and in front of all the others, bound his cock very tightly, then bent him over a vaulting horse,and with a cat of nine tails,unleashed fury on his bottom, he was securly beautiful blonde mature anal what ralph expected to be just a typical lunch at a pals to metal bars at both front and back, so movement was almost impossible.

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This white male was destined for the heavy use Gay scene, they enjoyed a good wide arse,as many liked to double penetrate, and he had to be trained in the art of double cock sucking, and the clients like them lively,we hurt J8 for his own sake and thier ultimate pleasure.

Rather than use batons to practice the art of DP, we encourage our clients to send a couple of thier own slaves to fuck um & suck um, so after the beating had finished,J8 was lowered to the floor and was brutially abused by the boys, we all stood and watched whilst ,they firstly took off the cock twine, removed his ties to front and back, and as they were both strong boys this guy would be a walk over.With ball gag out,and an 10" x 3.1/2" cock insome head and face slapping ensued, Bs cock never remained still for five seconds,he fucked J8s mouth so much so,he was gagging all the way, and just in case he thought of biting him,its very hard trying to bite a 3.1/2" girth cock, your unable to get any pressure on the bite, I should know because as a young girl I was raped by yo girl with the biggest boobies on the net big boy,and with a cock of that size in my mouth I could scream for help either, but thats another story.


It was interesting standing their watching two cocks doing thier finishing work,when they ejaculated,sperm was flying around everywhere, J8s arse was full of it,and his mouth was full, the boys forced him to swallow the lot, and we made one of the others J7 to come and lick his arse clean.I think thier reading for export girls, have we got all there traveling documents ready,they had to go cargo, could,nt afford them being found by customs.

Kate contacted the various clients,and told them we wished devils film snuff gangbang bbc and or shipping arrangements to be texted to us, and once the money had changed hands ,we would be able to release our goods.Everyone duly paid,and after a thorough final check-up they would be ready for the off.To avoid any contact with the outside world ,all were once again Chloraformed, and loaded,collected and out of our hands.

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Kath ,shouted to me,we had another urgent order, to fufill, but this time it story fast taim xxx com to be girls over the age of 25, apparently ,at that age it was thought they would be nice and mature, before becoming old maids, we turned the order down, even though it was worth an extra bonus of 200k.

I made the decision that we would holiday ,and then in 6 weeks,start again, this was accepted, so I hope you enjoy me sharing with you my first venture into cruel business, i will return soon to share our next venture

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