Little sam takes huge cum on tits after creampie

Little sam takes huge cum on tits after creampie
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MY Life as the Store Toilet I liked Samantha, my boss at Unique Stress Management Market. I had only been working for a couple of weeks, and she told me that my working here would definitely prove to be a unique experience for me.

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The dress code was lax and I loved the very short skirts she would wear, especially when I discovered that she preferred not to wear underwear. "I enjoy feeling the breeze against my pussy!" she explained. I was encouraged to wear very short shorts without underwear, so that our coworkers, customers, and, of course, herself, could see my penis and balls hanging out, whenever I sat or crouched down to pick out a bottle of vitamins.

Two of gorgeous girl screams getting wazoo fucked hardcore russian coworkers, Nancy and Linda, would occasionally would work in the nude, saying it fit the mission statement of Unique Stress Mngt., "to free the body and the mind by being naked all the time." One day Linda even asked if she could suck on my cock during her break, to relieve her tension after having a rude customer.

Of course I said she could. Samantha and Nancy smiled as they watched Linda suck noisily on my penis in the breakroom. After Nancy had sucked for about ten minutes, Samantha said, "My turn!" and began sucking on my dick too, with a much firmer grip this time.


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I think I am about to cum!", and then I exploded into her willing mouth. However, we all were upset over the bathroom situation. It seems the toilet was clogged and when Samantha tried to use it, it overflowed. I was given the awful job of cleaning it all up, scooping up Samantha's shit with a paper towel and tossing it in a garbage bag.


Samantha asked if I liked her shit. I said "Sure! I'd like to eat it!" I thought she had to know I was kidding, but she said, "We have to have a toilet, Mike. We can't leave the store to go find another toilet, I'm afraid you are going to have be our toilet until this one gets fixed." I was surprised to discover that I actually was excited about doing this.


So for the next week, all three women would use my mouth whenever they needed to pee or shit. I am amazed I was able to do this without gagging or throwing up, but I did. I didn't want to disappoint my boss or coworkers. During the day, Samantha would say, "Mike! I need to use you! and she and I would rush to the break room and Samantha would pull up her skirt as I crouched down and opened my mouth as wide as I could.

Then she would position her ass over my mouth so I could catch every drop of piss or every bit of shit coming out of her ass. It was hard at first, I would get drenched in piss and have to strip off my clothes the rest of the day, or turds would drop out of my mouth and on the floor, which I would have to clean up. I managed to get over the urge to gag though, and the shit was easily the most intense thing I have ever had to swallow.

It tasted like dirt that had died. But knowing it was their shit I was eating made it worthwhile. After a bit, we didn't even bother going to the break room, I would crouch behind them right out on the sales floor, and they would crap in my mouth, right in front of the customers, who instead of being horrified, were fascinated to see me actually big booty latina and her friend at orgy sex party their shit, and drinking their pee.

After a few times of doing this, a woman who had been watching, asked if she could use me for a minute, she really had to go. I said Sure! and she took a big dump right in my mouth. It was almost too much for my mouth and cheeks to hold, but I managed it. After word got around that a young man was being used as a toilet at the Unique Stress Management Market, I had many women coming in, sometimes only so they could use me, so we began charging for the toilet, and I got 50% of the profit!

We decided not to have the old toilet repaired. Using me was a lot more fun, and profitable for the store. Samantha changed the name to Unique Human Toilet and Market. Eventually, of course, men began asking to use me, and they were willing to pay even more.

I agreed, because I just enjoyed this weird occupation of being everybody's toilet.

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The men would take out their cock, right in front of all the other customers and piss in my mouth. It may have been my imagination, but it seemed their piss was stronger than the women's piss.

So far, no men have asked to shit in my mouth, for which I am grateful. Samantha, Nancy and Linda grew so used to having me as their toilet, that when they organized a party at Samantha's apartment to celebrate the month's sales, they continued to use me instead of Samantha's toilet, right in front of the other guests.

As I sat on Samantha's couch, with Linda bare ass over my open mouth, the women gathered close to watch as Linda pooted out some thick little balls of shit onto my tongue.

"Ooooo! I want to do that too!!" squealed a young woman with a cute blond ponytail. And so I became everybody's toilet for the evening, wiping a strangers shit from my chin as I reached for a beer and a fistful of potato chips. All that piss drinking and shit eating hadn't spoiled my appetite.

Bernice, the lady with the ponytail, invited me to a special Mike's Mouth dance party she and Samantha had organized.

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It was all in honor of my services. They planned to build a special throne, in which I would sit naked all night long as everybody danced, drank and ate all around me. The throne was also a toilet into which I could shit and piss.

It felt strange shitting and pissing with people all around me. From time to time, someone would climb atop the throne, positioning themselves over my eager mouth, and piss and then shit into me. It was my reward for bringing so much business into the store.