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Bondage squirt and tall mistress domination xxx left behind at a mansion party in a bad
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Anne made it a habit to wake up early, turn on the coffee and walk out to the back yard where she could feel the fresh, cool morning air on her naked body. At the hour she arose there was never anyone else in the neighborhood awake; were they up, they'd certainly frown on her public display of nudity. It was one of the first lessons she'd taught the kids when they were younger: our nudity is a private thing to be kept at home, to ourselves. If they knew about her little morning strolls they'd have fits, she thought.

So she always made them early, in her own yard, by herself. A new neighbor had moved in behind them and Anne had not seen the family yet. She noticed a light on in the kitchen, so she sat down at her patio table and kept very still, hoping to catch a glance at who they were. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw a young, very attractive woman open the back door and stand in the doorway. She was even more surprised when the woman turned on a small light in the hallway behind her to reveal she was as naked as Anne.

When the woman opened loves it in the out hole anarchy door and walked out into her back yard Anne nearly panicked; what would she do if she was spotted?

On the other hand, what would the woman do if Anne took notice of her? Despite her complete silence and lack of movement, Anne's presence was given away by the coffee maker in the kitchen. It sputtered and crackled by the open window drawing attention to her house. The woman looked over, rubbed her eyes, and then started walking over to her! Anne wasn't sure whether she was to get up and greet the woman or run into the house.

However, given the woman was as naked as she, it seemed cowardly and unkind to run away. She stood up and walked out into the yard. The woman looked to be in her late 20s, early 30s.

Her form was very much like Anne's, Anne noted with pleasure. She was quite pretty but not model-pretty and she obviously stayed in shape. The was the same hint of gravity in her breasts, but they were nicely shaped and tapered out to large brown aerolas with thick, erect nipples. Her waist was trim and her bush was carefully trimmed to a small strip running up from her delta. She stuck out her hand and smiled.

"I'm Denise," she said very nicely, "and I'll bet you're out here this way at this time of the morning for the same reason I am." "I'm Anne," Anne replied. "Because innocent perky teen sucks dick on film family wouldn't approve of it?" she asked, grinning wisely. Denise grinned back. "Exactly," she said. "If my husband and kids knew I came out every morning totally naked, they'd have a fit.

'The neighborhood would throw us out,' my husband would say.


The hypocrite." "Hypocrite?" Denise sat down at Anne's table, straddling the bench. Anne couldn't help but take note of her large, shaved labia and pretty pink hole. She even felt a twinge in her stomach as she admired her new neighbor's pussy. I'll bet that pussy gets incredibly wet when she's turned on, she thought. I'll bet she cums in buckets, too. As she straddled the bench facing Denise, she noticed her own pussy beginning to feel moist and then realized she didn't even know this woman, much less have any idea of her sexual inclinations.

She suddenly felt like a voyeur. "Yeah, a hypocrite," Denise said. "I mean I shouldn't even be talking about this, but seeing as how we're both out here completely naked, I guess I feel a certain connection with you." "Same here," Anne replied with a bit more enthusiasm than she intended.

Denise gave her a smile which seemed more than just obligatory and placed her hands on Anne's thighs; was she reading something into it? "My husband and kids and I generally don't wear much around the house. That's why the blinds are drawn so much of the time.

We've done that for years." Her face didn't expose any hint of shame when she said it. It was simply fact. "I'll tell you the truth," Anne replied, touching Denise's knees, "my kids and I don't wear anything around our house, either. We've been that way since before my divorce. One of the reasons for it, actually." She didn't go into details, but she told Denise about her ex-husband.

Then she told her about her kids. She was even going to tell her about their private sexual lives, but held off. "We're very close," she finally said. "All three of us." Denise looked into her eyes, as if pulling the real story from them. "My kids are about the same ages as yours: Danny is 15½ and Shelly is 17.

I'd say we're pretty much in the same boat, don't you?" Anne agreed. Denise ran her hands up through her short blonde hair and then down her body. "This morning air does wonders for me," she said. "I can remember times when the kids were young, Frank sunny leone washroom xxx story that's my husband and I used to get up this early while the kids were still asleep, go out on our back porch and have sex, right there on the table.

God, it was marvelous. We were so uninhibited then about having sex wherever we felt like it. He'd even take me from behind when I was cooking dinner." She laughed and slid her hands up and down Anne's thighs. Her touch felt divine. "I mean, can you imagine, one minute you're cooking dinner and the next you're down on your knees with a mouth full of cock?" She laughed even harder, her hands resting lightly at the crease between her thigh and hip.

Anne knew exactly what that was like. "I know what you mean," she said. "Dinner is served!" The two laughed some more. Anne suddenly realized she'd been gripping Denise's thighs, almost massaging them. And Denise, in turn, was gently massaging her hips. Anne's nipples were hard as rocks; they tingled and hurt with a very sexual tightness.

She looked down straight at Denise's lovely pink pussy and then felt Denise's hand under her chin.

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Denise raised Anne's face and lightly kissed her lips. Then she looked into her eyes. "Was that the wrong thing to do?" she asked Anne. "I've been wondering how to get around to that ever since you sat down," Anne replied, truthfully.

She leaned over and kissed Denise, harder and with more emphasis. Their lips parted and Anne tasted Denise's tongue as it crept into her amateur bisex twin cock sucking homemade mmf threesome. Suddenly their hands were everywhere; pinching nipples, stroking clits, sliding into wet, hot cunts, in mouths and through hair.

Denise sat back and brought Anne's face down to her pussy; Anne dove in between her thighs and began to forcefully tongue-fuck her cunt. "Oh, shit yes," Denise whispered, "I've wanted that since I saw you." Anne's educated tongue brought Denise to a very quick, wet climax.

In that respect Anne had been correct: her orgasm was incredibly wet to the point of dribbling down her chin. Anne sat back on her elbows and Denise returned the favor. Her tongue slid in and out of her pussy like a piston, rocking her back and forth until she climaxed. Denise licked and slurped her cum up until she was clean.

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"My God," Denise breathed, "where did all that come from?" "I don't know," Anne gasped, still feeling little tremors deep inside her womb, "need, desire, understanding, want… I guess it's true that women have a natural connection." "You need to give my husband some lessons," Denise said with a laugh. "He loves going down on me, but he's nowhere near as good as you." "I've had um, practice," Anne said, blushing. "Your daughter?" Anne turned away, but she couldn't lie.

"Yes," she said. Denise took her face in her hand and turned her to meet her gaze. "Then you'll love meeting my daughter," she said. "She has the most beautiful pussy and she loves having me go down on her. It'll be a great surprise for her." The two women lingered, but the sky was getting lighter.

"Stop over later on," Denise said, "when the kids have gone to school." She smiled and kissed Anne again. The morning routine in Anne's ebony gamer cutie pussy fucking from behind was sometimes hectic, sometimes playful, but always interesting to watch.

Often times she found herself on the outside looking in, as though she was documenting the episode for some bizarre sexual film. There was the one week when Steph found it necessary to shower with her brother (to save time, she told her mother). On the third morning when they were inordinately late in getting downstairs Anne walked into the bathroom during their shower to find Steph on her knees hungrily sucking John's erect cock while he shampooed his hair.

"She wanted it," he told her, "it wasn't my idea." There were mornings when John or Steph would try to leave home without underwear on (Steph's school wouldn't permit a female in school without a bra something Steph neglected to mention), or mornings when they just plain wouldn't get up.

It was always something. So, this particular morning Anne made sure her charges got up and out on time. Ten minutes after the kids had gone to school Anne was dressed in a light cotton pull-over dress and out the back door.

She arrived at Denise's back door in a moment and knocked. There was no answer. She knocked again, worried Denise might have had second thoughts.

But, a moment later she saw Denise hurry into her kitchen wearing only a large smile on her face. "Anne," she exclaimed as she opened the door, "I'm so glad you came over.

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And your timing couldn't be any better, too." She ushered Anne in, gave her a quick kiss on the lips, and then took her hand. "You have to watch this," she told her. She led her upstairs. Anne heard water running in a shower somewhere. Denise opened the door to the bathroom. A tall, athletic man stood in the shower stroking his cock. He leaned back against the wall and pumped his long, thick tool back and forth with his eyes closed while the water played down his lean body.

"Isn't that marvelous," Denise whispered. "I love it when he does that in the shower. It usually means he's getting warmed up for a quickie before he goes to work." She gave Anne a very mischievous smile. "I told him about meeting you this morning," she said, "and I told him you were definitely someone we should get to know." "If you two want to have a quickie before he leaves," Anne started to say, "shouldn't I " "How would you like to play peeping-Tom?" Denise asked with a grin.

The idea thrilled Anne.

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"How will I do it?" Denise took her into the bedroom. There was a tall, old-fashioned dressing screen set up in the corner. "Get behind there," she said, "and make sure you're quiet." Then she smiled her sly smile again. "Unless things get going really hot," she said, "and then you might want to join in." Anne smiled back.

"I'm sure I'm going to be pretty busy behind there myself," she said. "I may need a towel or something to take back with me." Denise got her a hand towel and Anne hid behind the screen. She found a chair in the corner where she could sit down and see the entire bed.

She watched Denise lay back on the bed and lazily stroke her pussy. Boy, she thought, if only we had some time before Frank got back But Frank came into the room, naked, and spotted his wife on the bed.

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"I see you noticed what I was doing in the shower," he said. His cock still stood at half-attention. "And I can see you're very much up for it. It's a shame you didn't invite your new friend over to join us." Denise got on her hands and knees and crawled over to the side of the bed. She took his dick in her hand and began to manipulate it. "I think that will be an option very soon," she said, and he bent down and began to suck his cock to the very root. Frank leaned back a bit and closed his eyes.

Denise sucked him up and down until he was rigid. Then she turned around and spread her legs wide apart. "Nice and slowly, baby," she said, "just go nice and easy to start with." Anne's hand moved up and down her slit as she watched Frank enter Denise from behind.

She saw him slide in inch by inch, going in just a little ways and then back out, and then in a bit further and then out until he was fully inside her. She pressed her finger against her clit and massaged to their rhythm. God, she was wet. Her finger was already dripping with her juices by the time Frank began to pump in and out with any force. Denise moaned and urged Frank on. "Harder now, baby," she moaned, "fuck me harder now. Give it all to me." Frank gripped Denise's cheeks and thrust harder.

"Give it to me with your hand," she implored. With that, Frank reared back and slapped her on her right cheek. The sound was like a gun shot and Anne saw a pink imprint on her skin. "Yes, baby, again!" she said loudly. Again, Frank spanked her ass and thrust his cock deep inside her. "Again!" she yelled. Frank slapped her ass and pounded his hips against hers. Over and over again, Frank fucked his wife with fury and slapped her cheeks with each thrust.

Denise's ass took on a lovely rosy complexion. "Give me your tits," Frank said. Denise turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. Frank slid his thick cock up between Denise's breasts and began to fuck them. Each time he rose Denise bent her head down and sucked the head of his cock. "Oh, fuck yes," Frank moaned, "I love that.

I want to cum this way." "Give it to me," Denise told him, "shoot your load in my face, baby." Anne was pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt and twisting her nipple until it was sore while Frank fucked his wife's tits.

Up and down, his cock thrust and pumped until he began to shake. "I'm going to cum," he moaned, "oh shit, I'm going to cum." "Let me have it, baby," Denise said sternly, "give it chubby big tits babe laeh loves the taste of cum me. Cum for me, baby. Give me your load." She squeezed her tits together harder and licked and sucked at his head each time it rose.

Frank arched his back, tightened his this amazing latina milf loves to fuck black dick muscles, and shot a huge wad of cum right up into Denise's neck and chin, even spattering her cheeks. She released her grip, bent down, and took his dripping cock into her mouth. A few hard sucks and Frank climaxed again. Anne watched Denise take his second load in her mouth and swallow every drop. She even licked his cock clean. There was little Anne could do to hold back.

Watching the two of them got her so hot and horny she stroked and finger-fucked herself into a frenzy.

As soon as Frank had gone back to he bathroom to clean up, Anne bit her lip and felt her climax build to a breaking point.


She doubled over, bore down, and came right into the towel between her thighs. She had to breathe through her nose in order to stifle her sound. She saw Denise stand up, cum dribbling down her chest, and walk over to the screen. "Are you okay?" she asked when she saw Anne's bright red face and her chest heaving up and down.

"Oh my God," Anne whispered, "I could cum about a dozen more times. You two were incredible." "Hold that thought," Denise whispered, and walked away. Anne was having no problem holding the thought; images of her and Denise doing a threesome with Frank spun around in her head. It was holding back another orgasm that was the difficult part.

She saw Frank re-enter the bedroom and begin to get dressed. She saw how thick and large his cock still was in its post-coital state and imagined it penetrating her anus and cunt with savage force. She could almost feel its shaft sliding up and down inside her, and thought about the load he would produce inside her. Then she imagined Denise going down on her after Frank had spent his seed and felt her tongue cleaning her pussy from stem to stern. By the time Frank was fully dressed and walking out of the room Anne was ready to cum again.

Her hand was drenched with her own juices and her breathing was ragged. She heard Denise wish him a nice day and then heard her footfalls on the steps coming back up.

As she rounded the dressing screen Anne was fighting a losing battle with her orgasm. "Oh, yes, Anne," Denise said, kneeling down in front of her, "let me get you off now. Give it all to me." She slid her face between Anne's slick thighs and, with a single touch of her tongue to Anne's red, swollen, tender clit she brought Anne to a full, wet climax.

Later on, seated naked at Denise's kitchen table with steaming mugs of coffee in front of them, Denise told Anne about their previous neighborhood. "You can't begin to believe how frustrating it was for me," she said, "not having anyone else around who understood sexual needs. Not just from me, but from the whole family. Shelly was been having sex since she was 14; at first it was fingers and dildos, but in the past couple of years it's been males.

And not just her father, either. It was one of the reasons we chose to move: it seems the folks in town mistook a healthy sexual appetite for being a slut. Poor Shelly had a strong sexual drive and the little boys in town couldn't handle it. Then one of the women in town decided to cry rape after seducing Danny into her home one afternoon. He was helping her out by trimming her shrubs and she thought he'd be a willing participant in her little fantasy.

She came out with a glass of lemonade for him, wearing a see-through blouse and a G-string. She didn't realize Danny had been having sex since he was old enough to know what sex was. When she touched his cock and found it hard I mean, what 14 year-old wouldn't get hard looking at a pair of perfectly matched 38DDs, the best money can buy?

she didn't realize Danny knew what to do. When she started to stroke him through his pants he thought she wanted sex, so he reached over and slipped his finger right up between her pussy lips. She was so shocked she ran back into the house and phoned the police." Denise laughed hard. "The whole thing backfired on her when the police showed up and she was still in her blouse and G-string. They knew who tried to rape who. But, she was teen babe skye gets seriously orgasm by a specialist devious milf wife of a prominent attorney in town, so we took shit for it.

"Anyway," she continued, "we needed to leave. Frank has been sought after by this firm here and he decided it was a good deal, so we moved. Not that I miss any of it; not one woman in that town would even talk about having another woman, although I'll bet good money they thought about it." "But," Anne asked, "how could you possibly have known I was open to the idea?" "Honey," Denise replied, "there are only two reasons for sitting outside, naked, that early in the morning: one, you're waiting for a lover, and two, the feeling of the cool air on your pussy gets you horny.

When the first one doesn't happen immediately, the second is bound to be true." They talked and drank coffee for a good portion of the morning and then Denise had errands to run.

"You'll stop over later," Anne said at the door, "after the kids get home? I really want you to meet them." "Of course I will," Denise replied, "and I'll see if mine want to come over as well. It might be interesting to put dutch hooker fucked before getting mouthfull european reality four of them together and see what happens." They laughed and kissed and then parted.