Small tits blonde analyzed by the driver in the woods pornstars hardcore

Small tits blonde analyzed by the driver in the woods pornstars hardcore
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Isabella and Alex each could hardly keep a straight face over dinner at a restaurant and family time in the hotel lounge area. They both kept blushing every time they looked at each other. Everyone was concerned but not really suspicious. Isabella still had his cum inside her and could feel it constantly. It made her exceptionally horny just thinking about it.

She spent the whole afternoon fidgeting, trying not to touch herself. After dark the family took a stroll along beach and gazed at the stars. It was not until after midnight that they finally returned to the hotel.

Isabella went to her room while Alex went his shared room. They both shared a silent glance, promising to meet once Andy had fallen asleep. Isabella was fast asleep in her room when Alex entered, having found the door left slightly ajar for him. He crept over to her bed and gazed down at her motionless form. She was wearing panties and a shirt that did not cover her belly.

Her black hair was spread out around her like a puddle. She looked prettier than he had ever imagined she would. Careful not to wake her, he rolled her head to the side and open her mouth slightly. He pushed a finger inside and swirled it around. Amateur pretty cuties engulf at a party she started to drool, he pulled his boxers down slightly, freeing his already slightly erect cock.

He had been fantasizing about this all night. Slowly he slipped the tip inside and gasped when her tongue lapped fit amateur guy bangs slim female agent in casting it instinctively. He placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed himself deeper inside her, forcing her tongue out of the way.

When the tip hit the back of her throat, her eyes shot open. She tried to swallow on instinct. The head of his cock slipped into her throat with a slight pop. Isabella squealed as her nostrils were buried in Alex's pubic hair. Her arms darted up and she slapped Alex's thigh repeatedly, asking him to pull back.

Instead he rolled her completely onto her back and dragged her head off the side of the bed, straightening her throat canal so he could slide another inch inside of her.

She touched the outside of her throat with her hands and felt the shape of his cock bulging inside. It was a strange sensation to have her body forcibly contorted by someone else. With her throat now accepting his cock with ease, Alex slid all the way out to the tip, allowing Isabella to collect one breath of air. He then slid all the way back in, smashing his crotch against her mouth like he was fucking her whole face. Her fingers and toes curled and twisted as she tried to refrain from pulling away or pushing him off of her.

Alex repeated the action several times, pulling all the way out of her and slamming back in. Each time she gurgled when her throat bulged. Her face was turning red from blood rushing to her head. She got dizzier and dizzier until she stopped resisting entirely. A large puddle formed on the bed when she lost control of her bladder.

He just kept fucking her now slack mouth like a glory hole. Before he came, he pushed past her throat again. He did not even give her a chance to spit or swallow. His warm cum went directly into her esophagus. A single thread of white remained connected between her lips and the tip of his cock when he finally pulled out. She remained sex fairy tales porn curvy wife shared tbbc for a minute or two afterward before she began to cough to clear her airway.

Finally she rolled over and stared up at Alex with her tear stricken face. "Thank you, master," she gasped in-between catching her breath. Alex ran his finger through her hair while smiling down at her proudly. Somehow she still held the appearance of an innocent girl who should not understand what just happened to her. It made the sight of her thoroughly fucked face all the more intoxicating. After a moment though, Alex was ready to continue his role as her owner. He rolled her onto her back again and slapped her directly on the crotch.

"Look at you, pissing yourself at your age." She winced as she felt the sting in her clit. Her panties were soaking wet, which did not help.


Alex pried her legs apart and slid her panties off, exposing her glistening puffy cunt and her perfectly trimmed peach fuzz. He ran private moments (mrno tube porn fingers up and down her cold damp thighs, brushing his knuckles against her clit and cunt lips periodically; she gasped and twitched and spasmed. If she were his girlfriend he might have hesitated or asked for permission.

She however was his property; he could do whatever he wanted to her. She moaned when he slipped one finger inside of her. It was all that would fit as she really was too tight. Alex tried to move his finger around inside her but he was admittedly not very good at it. She had to grab his hand and guide him. Slowly she became wetter and he was able to fit another finger into her cunt.

Eventually she arched her back, lifting off the bed so only her head and feet were touching it.

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Alex was startled but he did not stop. He had a sense of pride at being able to make her cum. When she collapsed back on the bed, he pulled his fingers out and pressed the tip of his cock against her cunt instead.

"I'm really tired," she moaned in complaint. "So?" Alex felt like acting like the master again. Isabella sighed and spread her legs apart, welcoming him inside her. He slid in with difficulty.

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Isabella groaned and crossed her eyes as his cock stretched her puffy cunt painfully. Once the head of his cock was through, he slid in a little easier.

Without even trying he was scraping all of her walls and pressuring the back of her pelvic bone. "I'm so full," Isabella gasped. Alex laid down on top of her, pinning her to the bed with his whole weight. He ground his crotch against hers, making a wet slapping sound.

"It's different than the beach," she breathed out. "It feels like proper sex, not just fucking." "Which do you prefer?" Alex asked coyly. Isabella seemed to ponder for a moment. "I'm not your girlfriend, I'm your slave," she reminded him.

"Treat me however you like. If you want to hurt me 'til I scream, go ahead." She wrapped her legs around his waist and humped her crotch against his. Alex lifted her shirt above her breasts. He then leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth. She screamed when he bit down hard. A small amount of pee shot out between her legs. "I love all your reactions. You're the most interesting toy." "Do whatever you want to me.

When I get dizzy and breathless, I start to float. I forget everything except for my cunt." She took hold of her own throat and squeezed it slightly. Her cunt tightened in response. Alex knew exactly what to do. He pulled her tiny shirt up higher. She had to let go of her own throat and slide her arms out of the sleeves. Once it sofy loves that pile driver that ends up in her eager ass up above her shoulders, he twisted it like a garrote closing it around her throat tightly.

"Yes!" she gurgled and laughed while pissing herself shamelessly. "This slut does not deserve to breath. Fuck her brains out while you choke her." Alex was motivated to squeeze even harder; anything to give the slut what she wanted. Her cunt was tighter but also wetter, allowing him to slip in and out with ease. All the while Isabella was laughing deliriously. The lack of oxygen was definitely doing something to her thought process.

Alex tried to loosen his grip on her shirt but she grabbed his hand to stop him. "I want to have passed out by the time you cum inside me," she gurgled. He quickly obliged, pulling her shirt tight mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins cutting off her air entirely. At the same time, he slammed into her cunt.

He felt like he was hitting something like a wall. He knew he was not big enough to reach her cervix but he still closed his eyes and imaged he was. In reality she was just clamping her muscles so much that he could not get any further inside her. With the hiss of air escaping her lips, Isabella passed out. Her whole body went limp and her cunt relaxed. Alex slipped all the way inside her. She was jolted awake by the sensation immediately.

She tried to scream and complain about the pain of being penetrated so deeply but he was still strangling her. Her face was red and her eyes bloodshot. She slapped at his hands, trying to get him to release her throat but he was too busy fucking her to notice or care. Finally she unwrapped her legs from his waist and kicked him off of her. "Oh, so you don't like letting your master enjoy himself, do you?" Alex adopted a playfully cruel smile.

He stood up and dragged her off the bed by her shirt, still wrapped tightly around her throat. She was shocked when he opened the sliding glass door to the veranda and tossed her out onto the balcony. It was not cold but she was naked and wet. She began to shiver immediately. He stood her up and leaned her over the railing. He was no longer strangling her and she was taking every opportunity she could to catch her breath.

He kicked her feet apart and spread her butt with his hands, scratching it with his fingernails intentionally. She moaned in-between breaths. He slid into her soaking wet cunt, scraping against her bladder in the process. She sank against the railing of the balcony as her legs wobbled.


She let out a steady stream of urine that fell several stories to the ground below. Her face turned red as she imagined anyone being awake at this hour only having to look out from the hotel across the way to see her glowing white moonlit skin as she was fucked over the edge of the balcony while pissing herself. She had been prepared for the pain of being Alex's slave but not so much the humiliation. Suddenly, a cold sensation of air rushing into her gaping cunt overtook her when Alex pulled out without warning.

He lifted her by her waist and swung her over the balcony. She screamed in panic as she tried to find her footing on what little ledge remained between the railing and a ten story drop to her death. When she squatted to down to reduce the chance of falling, he pulled her butt back through the railing and slid into her again.


She was now squatting on the outside of the railing while he fucked her through the spaces in it. "What are you doing?" she gasped in fear. "Making it more exciting." He grabbed her wrists and raised her arms, forcing her to lean forward to keep them from bending incorrectly.

She was now leaning far off the ledge, staring down at her potential end, only supported by sunny leone new xxx bf heels and her arms, which he held firmly. She whimpered as he retrieved her shirt from around her neck and used it to tie her wrists to the railing. Afterward his hands were free to play with her butt again as he continued to fuck her.

Isabella's hair tickled her face as the wind blew through it constantly. She had not been able to feel it at all as the only thing going through her mind was the sensation of his cock filling her cunt.

Now her senses were in overdrive. She could see and feel everything. Her eyes widened as she stared down at the beautiful nighttime scenery. She stuck out her tongue and began to drool in anticipation of each thrust from Alex. She laughed into the wind and screamed obscenities. "Fuck this whore's cunt. Use her up and then push her off. She is worthless except for your enjoyment.

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Fuck her one last time," she laughed and sobbed at the same time. Her mind was filled with thoughts of her mother and when she saw her murdered right in front of her. She definitely did not want to die like her but acting like it turned her on too much to stop. Hopefully Alex knew better than to actually push her off the ledge. Isabella let out a guttural moan as she felt her cold cunt filling with warm cum. Apparently her words were enough to spark Alex's orgasm.

He kept thrusting at first but then stopped and just let his cock spasm inside her, squirting stream after stream of hot white goo into her. They stayed like that for a while, perched on the ledge in awkward bliss and cold warmth.

Finally, after mustering the strength, he reached through the railing and wrapped his arm around her stomach, pulling her back. The space in the rails was just enough for her tiny teenage body to fit through. He did not untie her alexis fawx and chloe couture way fun, he just laid her down on her side. "It's leaking out," she giggled as she felt his cum running down her legs.

Alex planted a kiss on her lips before she could protest. When he released her she was glaring. "You're lucky I'm still tied up," she warned him.

"Get it through your head, I'm not your girlfriend." Alex opened his mouth to respond but a loud voice cut him off. He could not understand it though as it was muffled by the wind. He turned to the right and saw, standing on the veranda next to theirs, Andy looking at them in utter shock.

"What the fuck are you two doing?" he repeated loudly. Instinctively Alex pulled his deflating cock out of Isabella. She gasped and sighed at the loss of the warmth. She tried to stand up but her hands were still tied. "Wait right there!" Andy shouted. Alex tried to undo her bound wrists but Andy had already jumped from his balcony to theirs.

He grabbed Alex by the shoulders and pulled him away from Isabella. She struggled to her knees and looked up at him with an expression of crimson shame. She was naked on the tenth story balcony of a hotel with cum leaking out of her cunt and there were red marks all over her body.

She looked thoroughly disheveled and used. Her mind was racing, trying to think of how she was going to keep Andy from telling her father. Her eyes glanced over him and came to rest at his crotch.

There was already a bulge growing. No matter if he was shocked or disgusted by what he saw, he was still turned on.

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A mischievous smile spread across her face. "Hey Andy, let me suck your cock," she whispered in a sensual yet tired voice.