Big toys sex girl sex stories

Big toys sex girl sex stories
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Eventually I let Tom's cock out of my mouth and sat back, kneeling and still admiring his now softening dick. The foreskin was slowly recovering his pink head, still covered with his cum and my spit.


I was so focused on servicing Tom that I hadn't noticed that Bill and Frank had come around behind me. "Your first time on a man?" asked Frank. "Mmm, yes, but it won't be my last. Damn!" Bill chuckled and said, "Yeah, it can be addicting." He knelt down my my left side, putting his arm around my shoulders.


Bill had a patch of hair on his chest, which he now rubbed against my arm. The warmth and contact felt nice. Then he reached around me with his left arm and started rubbing around my hairy chest. My cock, still hard, throbbed and I moaned. Bill leaned brannons dick got the sloppiest blowjob ever and kissed my cheek, then slid his hand downward.

When he reached by cock, he wrapped his hand around it and squeezed it, then whispered in chubby euro girl casted for a porno part ear, "Time for you to get some pleasure. I want to suck this big dick of yours," then almost pleading, "please?" "You don't need to ask twice." I turned towards him and for the first time saw his handsome little dick. I'm deadly serious, he was only about three inches, but hard, straight, well proportioned, and sticking straight towards me.

I couldn't resist, I reached out and grabbed it. "You like my little cock?" he asked. "It's beautiful. I'm not leaving tonight until I get a chance on it." "Later, Pete, right now I'm going to do you. Lay down, guy." I unfolded my legs and laid back, then Bill spread my legs and crawled between them, never letting go of my erection. Now Tom sat against the back of the couch and Frank stood by, both of them smiling.

Frank said, "Now there's a sight!" Bill was rubbing my chest again, then stopped to pinch my nipples. It sent a chill down my body, and made my cock throb yet again. Now Bill slowly ran his hands down my sides and slid down a little, so his face was right over my package. He lowered his head until he was inches away from me, then put one hand around my cock and cupped my balls with the other.

When he reached my cock head with his mouth, he licked it and I got another chill. He wasted no more time and took my head into his wet mouth, then stroked the base of my dick. Slowly he slid his mouth over me. My head was in his mouth, then another inch, then more. He lathered me up with his spit, and slowly put his mouth almost all the way down on me.

Bill had a small dick, but he had to have a large mouth. I closed my eyes and savored his stimulation.

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After a minute, he started moving off and on me. My wife made me feel good this way, but this was super! Bill just kept slowly going on and off my hard meat, occasionally sucking hard or rubbing his tongue over my underside. It was just right, this fucker knew what he was doing. Enough to stimulate me, but not so much that I lost it. I reached up and wrapped my hands around his head and followed his up and down motion.

Frank now knelt on my right side, and I got a look at his package.

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Quite unusual, he was really long and thin. Longer than me by the looks, and I'm seven inches. But narrow. It looked really cool. "Do you like what you see, Pete?" he asked. "Very hotFrank. So long, and I can see all the veins." "Here's a closer look." He came closer and laid his dick across my face, sliding it up and down.

When he ran it past my mouth, I licked it as it went by. He kept it over my face. Bill was still sucking on my cock, and things were starting to stir down there. I said, "Bill, I'm getting close." He came off me for a second and asked, "Are you ready to cream your first man's mouth?" I certainly was, and raised my hips to put my cock back in his mouth.

He went back to work, now moving a little faster and sucking harder. I could feel my climax building, and Bill reached back and squeezed my butt cheek while he went up and down on me.


Frank rolled back to enjoy the show. Now my whole body was tensing up, then a bit more, then it was like my crotch was on fire. I croaked out a stressed, "Ahhhh aaaahh UGHH", and my goods exploded, as I shot out a big gush of cum into Bill's mouth then another, and another. I was in heaven, and Bill just kept his mouth on me, all full of my cum and slowly sloshing it around my dick. No, there was no turning back now. I'd just given my first blow job and loved it.

Then a real expert did me in a way I never would have expected. I sure am glad I moved to The Meadows. After a minute, Bill came off my cock, and I could see him swallow my jism. Everything about that blowjob was amazing. Tom said, "Well, no question that you liked that. Bill does a good job." Bill thanked him for the compliment and sat back with a big smile on his face.

"I do love eating cum. I liked yours, but it's a little sharp tasting." "Maybe all that coffee I drink.

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Wow, I can't believe I liked sucking Tom that much." "You did a great job, Pete," he answered. "You must have a big mouth, I've been told I'm too fat." "I loved it.

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I'll do you again sometime." Tom added, "So I guess we can count you in from now on?" "Abso-fucking-lutely. I've got three more cocks to put in my mouth!"