Doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore and blowjob

Doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore and blowjob
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HIS POINT OF VIEW I work at a bar, so one night you decide to come in and see me. You don't tell me you're coming in though seeing as how we have never met at this point.

You come in with a friend and sit at a table close enough to the bar so you can watch me work. Throughout the shift you start texting me, it starts off innocent enough, but quickly turns erotic.

I of course am responding back the same. You see me as I read the messages and now you can start to see the outline of my cock in my jeans as I get hard reading your messages. After a coupe hours you reveal that you're not just out with a friend, but you've been watching me all night.

Gasping with surprise I slowly turn behind the bar to see where you are, but not too obvious. Now that I know you're there, I know you have to be as wet and horny as I am hard for you. So I text you, "5 minutes, upstairs".

Your smile means okay.So you meet mother tests dick out for her horny step-daughter tube porn upstairs near the bathrooms, our office is up there. I make 10 minutes for myself with some BS work excuse.

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I can hardly get the key in the office door as you have already started to rub my throbbing cock through my pants from behind me. We finally make it into the office, no need to turn on the lights, the neon in there is enough, we lock the door and face each other.

I immediately grab your tits and start rubbing them as I kiss you. You embrace me to feel my cock against you.

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Your hands don't waste time in reaching for my belt and getting my jeans to my ankles. I follow suit and slide your pants to yours.


Now I can finally feel with my fingers how wet your pussy has been all night. Your clit is so swollen you can hardly take anymore, my balls start to tighten up so we know we have to get to it before I blow.

So I whip you around and bend you over my desk, your tits pressed against it. In no time I enter you from behind and slowly my cock works it's way all the way in your dripping pussy. I start to thrust in and out of you, my balls slapping against your skin.

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I slap your ass on each side with my hands, grabbing your ass cheeks and spreading them wide so I can penetrate you as deep as possible. I thrust harder now from balls deep to the head of my cock. I come back too far and I leave your pussy, I go to re-enter you but instead, by accident, I go in through the back door. You gasp in surprise, but also in delight as I am all the way in your ass now. My God is it tight! So to make sure it feels okay, I reach down and insert two fingers into your pussy to keep you wet.

I slowly move my cock, now wet with precum back and forth, listening for your groans of ecstasy. With it being so tight I can't hold on any longer so I pull out of you and you turn to get on your knees and accept me.

You hold your tits together and open your mouth waiting for my load. I stroke my cock faster, wet with your juices it makes a slurping sound.

Finally you see me tense up and I unload the first spurt onto your tits. It makes it onto both it is so big. Then a second, on the side of your face, the third is smaller but I get it in your mouth. You put the head of my cock in your mouth and suck the rest of my cum from the shaft.

Then as I pull away from being so sensitive you wipe your face and tits with your fingers and put them in your mouth hardcore sweet ebony hardcore tube porn sure to show me you haven't wasted a drop.

I try to work the rest of the night but can't seem to get back on track behind the bar.

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You text me that you'll wait til we close so we can go again, and again, and again. HER POINT OF VIEW I can imagine waiting for the bar to close to cum over and begin sucking you to get you hard again. As I'm bent over to suck your cock while you are standing before me, it becomes apparent that we are not alone. One of the waiters comes up behind me and begins caressing my ass. This surprises me and when I'm about to stop sucking you, you grab my head to force me in place telling me to relax.

It's just another friend wanting to have fun. He then forces my phoenix marie goes on top of seth gambles cock back down my legs and starts to finger my already wet pussy. He's rubbing my clit and fucking me with two fingers as I'm sucking you and enjoying all the pleasure I'm feeling right now.

You can tell I like it and tell him it's time to fuck me and to stop playing. He whips his long cock out and slides it up and down my pussy to get it all wet before he slowly slides it in. OOOhhhhh!! It's so good that I have to stop sucking you for a minute as I just enjoy the feeling. You take your dick and start slapping me in the face with it telling me not to stop sucking it.

With that I open my mouth and begin to deep throat you. You really like that and get so into it that you grip my head and really begin to fuck my face. Each hand is around my head by my ears and you're holding me into place so your cock slides out to the tip and balls deep down my throat while your friend begins to also fuck me deeply. I'm really enjoying it now as your friend takes his hand reaching olny bhai behan rep story vid to play with my nipples squeezing them between his fingers.

Shit- it's so good and it's getting me so close and he slaps my ass and that shock sends me over and makes me cum so good and hard. I would yell out but my mouth is full of your dick. You know I want to yell but you don't want me to because too many other people may hear.

So you jam your cock even further down my throat gagging me and making you feel so good as your dick is jammed up against the back of my throat. As I stop wanting to yell out, you ease out of my mouth and tell your friend to slide out of my pussy so I can lick my cum from his cock. I look up at you smiling because you know how much I love sucking my cum from cocks. I turn around still bent over and begin to suck my delicious cum from his cock thinking you will resume where he left off in my pussy but instead you want to resume where you left off in my ass.

You signal to your friend to hold me down on his cock because you know I will resist but nothing will stop you from having my tight ass.

You loved the fit of my ass around your thick cock a few hours earlier but that was over too fast. I just began having anal sex and the feel of tight ass around a thick cock is incredible. Now you want to really enjoy fucking my ass deeply and slowly so you can time your cum at your own pace. He's got a tight grip on my head with his cock in my mouth while I'm licking my cum from his balls and sucking it from his dick as you are admiring my big ass that you are sliding in and out of.

You love how tight it is and the way it puckers as you slide out and then go back in. As I stop resisting you, you are ready to really start getting a rhythm going fucking my ass. You're sliding out only about two or three inches and then back in a little faster and then a little deeper. My pussy is so wet that it is dripping down my legs. My ass is so full of your cock and my mouth is full, too. It is so wonderful and I begin to meet your thrusts getting you even deeper in my ass. You're loving it so that you grip my hips harder and pull me into you even more while making sure to slap my ass, too.

You know how much I love that. Your balls are so full and so ready to go that you didn't expect it when I reached down between my legs and stroked them and gave a little squeeze in my hand.

You couldn't take it anymore so you pulled out and grabbed me off your friend's dick so you could cum all over my face. While you're spent from such an explosive orgasm and I'm enjoying tasting all your cum, your friend slips in my ass and begins to fuck me fast and hard. "You little fucking whore!" he says. "You didn't think I was just going to watch you two cum and go home did you?" He's fucking me so rough in my tender asshole and his dick is so thick and long that it hurts.

The more I squirm from the pain, the harder he fucks. "Keep still bitch! I'm going cum deep in your ass!!" You're just standing there watching and I see your dick getting hard again.

I'm thinking you're going to want me babe with round ass gives a ride hardcore blowjob suck you off but instead you slide between my legs and tell your friend to slow up a minute so you can get in my pussy. I'm so terrified. My ass is sore and really hurts from your friend and now you want to fuck me at the same time in a dp? "Hell yeah! Treat her like the slut she is!" he says. So you spread my swollen pussy lips and lean me back even further on his dick and slide in my wet pussy.

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"Oh God" I mutter. The feeling of both of you in me and then you begin to both fuck me as one goes out the other goes in. The feeling seems to get to both of you, too.


Your hands are all over me squeezing my tits, pulling my hair, slapping my ass and then it really begins to feel good to me. I'm so surprised but not for long because I begin to cum harder than I think I ever have before. Now I am screaming out my pleasure at this double penetration and it begins a chain reaction as you both begin to cum.

You slide out and stick your cock right in my face as the cum shoots out with some landing in my mouth and some on my face. You really like to see me like that. It's just what a slut deserves. And news reporter fucks noma yumi friend has grabbed a hold of my tits and is squeezing them as he shoots thick loads of cum deep in my ass with each strong thrust of his hips against my ass.

When he's done, he slowly pulls out as droplets of his cum oozes out with his cock and a 'plop' sound as he exits my ass completely. Now I'm on my knees at the feet of you both. You just watch as your cum is dripping from my face and his cum begins to slide from my ass presenting a chocolate cream pie.

Just when I think it's all over, your friend calls over his bisexual wife who's been pleasuring herself in the corner while watching all of this and she gently begins to lick my face, my pussy and my ass making sure to stick her tongue in my ass as she did so. It makes up for the soreness I just felt.

I look at you and ask you, "Same time tomorrow?"