Petite sexy redboned banged in chiraq reality amateur

Petite sexy redboned banged in chiraq reality amateur
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The cover up At the ages of 13 its natural for girls to start taking an interest in boys. For Brandi and I it was diffrent. It wasnt that we didnt like boys, its just we were in love and (speaking for myself) i could not see past Brandi.

Inspite all of that our fear of people finding out was much stronger. We decided to start dating boys. > First Boyfriends< His name was patrick, he went to school with me, he was a skater we had that in common, but not much else. Our first kiss was diffrent from what i was use to. His lips werent as soft as Brandis and his tounge almost choked me. Despite that i still wanted to fuck him. After school one day we skated over to this alley we use to make out in all the time.

After making out for a few while, i took his hand and placed it on my breast. He squeezed it a little then pulled back. I could tell he was nervous, i went to un button his pants but he stopped me. I asked him "dont you want to fuck me". Nervous was an understatment, he flat out told me no that he wasnt ready for sex. I was stunned. At that point I wanted to rape him. But of course i didnt.


I did however convince him to let me give him a blow job. My very first ever. He pulled out his dick for me, that made my pussy so hot. I put my mouth to the tip of his dick and licked it, i began to suck the tip of his head, like i was sucking a blow pop tryn to get the gum out of the middle.

Then i pushed my mouth further down on his cock until i felt his dick head in the back of my throat, i pushed a little further and i had his entire dick in my mouth. I squeezed my mouth around his entire dick, i felt it get very hard, and he grabed the back of my head and thrusted his hips forward, making me choke, but i couldnt move or breathe. I felt a warm liquid shoot down my throat, and because i was already choking it started 4 boys sex t1 girl shoot out of my nose.

I thought that i was dying when finally he released me. He kissed me and said that was the best thing thats ever happened to him. I must admit i was turned on, but i was pissed he could have killed me, and he wasnt even going to fuck me.

I told him to go fuck himself, and i hopped on my skate board and rhode home. I didnt tell Brandi about this, we had agreed that we wouldnt do sexual things with boys besides kissing and touching a little. > I had few other boyfriends that year i didnt have sex with them or even give them any blow jobs, i decided that they were just for show and a kiss here and there was enough. Finally it was my freshman year in high school and me and Brandi were back to beign inseprable.

She had a boyfriend named Ricky he was a junior and a varsity football player. Soon i was dating his friend Jones. It didnt take long before things with us became official and i was his girlfriend. We double dated almost always, it was perfect while the two of them talked football, Brandi and i were touching each other under tables, playing "footsies" and giveing each other the "i want to fuck you" face.

Brandi told me that Ricky really wanted to have sex with her, she made up excuses why she wouldnt. Her main reason was there was never a place they could be alone for a long enough period of time, and she didnt want to rush.

It wasnt to long before he broke that excuse Rickys parent were going out of town for 3 whole days, leaving him all alone.

He told Brandi that it was the full white girl eat cum time for them to have sex.

Brandi could not turn him down, she had been teasing him for a long time, she knew she couldnt back out of this. She came to me frantic, my poor Brandi never learned how to handel pressure. She said she wouldnt do it without me. I had an idea! I told her that we were going to tell Ricky and Jones about us and suggest group sex.

I put my arms around her and told her it was every boys dream and that they would agree, she said she liked the idea, she said she found any situation easy when she focused on me.


Good thing Jones had already planned to persuade me over to Rickys house that weekend so that he could get in my pants.

when he told me i just smiled and said that i was ready to give myself to him. These asses didnt know how lucky they were going to be. We met at Rickys house on Friday a few hours after his parents left. I had told my mom i was staying at Brandis' and she told her parents she was staying at mom and dad hidden cam. Jones brought some liqour that he got his older brother to buy.

At first it was loud music and shots of tequilla, but i felt the night narrowing down, so i made the first move I remember it like it was yesterday! I walked over to Brandi who was pissy drunk at this point (as was i), whispered to her just focus on me. -I kissed her- she began playing with my hair while we kissed passionately.

I grabed her leg and lifted it up and around my waist. I didnt see the looks on the guys faces, but i could easily imagine the jaw droping awe look they must have had. They both were quiet for 4 maybe 5 minutes, then as i went to brandis zipper, i heard Ricky say uh whats going on?

What does it look like, I said. He said it looks like your trying to have sex with my girl. Brandi and i laughed, and i said you mean my girl. Jones said what the fuck ricky lets just watch. I looked at Ricky he seamed like he wanted to watch but he looked frightened. I walked over to Jones, we kissed. And then i said that i should explain a few things first. Thats when Brandi and I told them about our relationship, and we told them we were in love, but we liked them and wanted to continue beign with them.

Brandi told Ricky that she wanted to fuck him but was afraid and that she couldnt do it without me. And this is why we decided that we would rather have sex all together if they didnt mind. It got quiet for a few minutes but i felt Jones breath down my neck and then he put his arm around me. I knew he was in.

Ricky finally studdard out "can i fuck siren to?" Brandi said sure i dont mind, and i agreed. Jones moaned well then can I Fuck Brandi, i quickly said yes. so lets get started Jones said. I began to kiss and caress Brandi, i felt Jones put his hands around my waist to un button my pants. I felt them fall to my ankles and i kicked them to the side, then i felt Brandi's hand fall to the top of my panties and just as she was about to go inside them Ricky pulled her around and began kissing and undressing her.

I turned around to jones and i grabed and pulled him toward me we began kissing roughly. At that point i was fighting to get his shirt off, when i finally managed to get it off of him, i quickly pulled my shirt off and began to slide down his nicely chisled body until i was on my hands and knees in front of him. As i started working on his pants he ran his hand down my back and unhooked my bra and it fell to the floor. Finally i was sitting on my knees in just a lacey green pair of boy shorts with his 8 inch dick sticking straight out in front of me.

I wraped my lips around the tip of his dick and then sucked it as far deep as i could down my throat. He let out a deep moan, as I sucked and swirled on his rock hard cock for a few minutes, christy was mesmerized by alicia s feminine sensuality stopped to check on Brandi.

I turned and saw that she was laying on Rickys california King size bed and was about as naked as I was, ricky was sucking her breasts. I walked over to them and pulled brandis thong off and licked her pussy lips, i felt her shiver, mmm, i spread her pussy lips open and penatrated her pussy with my wet juicy tounge.

Jones came behind me and sliped his fingers into my pussy and began finger fucking me. The slight pressure from Jones thumb pushing into my cunt made me push my face into Brandi even more and i was so turned on that i began eating Brandi as if she were my last meal.

I felt her warmth in my mouth and all over my face, i felt her body shake, the sound of her moans sent me over the edge and i started licking Brandi from her ass back up to her pussy.

Something i had never done before. I could tell she was close and so was I. I began to buck my hips back causing Jones 3 fingers to push beep inside of me and just then i felt my pussy cream. I let out some moans but never moved my mouth from Brandi, she let out a moan and i felt her juice trickle into my mouth. As soon as i moved from her open pussy ricky was there positioning his fat dick at Brandi's entrance.

Jones tried to pull me down to our own portion of the bed but there was no way i was leaving Brandi. I moved over to her face and began kissing her, when she moaned into my mouth i felt a jealous rage sweep over me and i knew he was inside of her.

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I was able to push my jealousy aside i told jones to fuck me from the back that way i could kiss and suck on Brandi while getting fucked.

Although i enjoyed Jones and his dick i was focused on Her and she knew that.

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When Ricky grabed Brandis long legs and wraped them around his waist and began pounding her at a fast hard pace i was amazed how turned on i was. i told jones to fuck me harder.

harder still.and still. until my head was bobbing frantically and i couldnt steady myself to kiss Brandi so i just watched her make fuck faces at me and Ricky. When Ricky began to yell hoarsley i knew he was cumming, it wasnt long before he layed on one side of Brandi heaving.

Soon after i felt Jones cock began to stiffin and and i slammed my hips hard backwards and he locked on i felt his dick pulsing deliciously inside of me. and then when he pulled out of me i crawled on top of Brandi. I kissed her face and told her how sexy she was to me and she responded by wrapping her arms around my slender waist.

At that moment all i wanted to do was rub my pussy against hers until we both screamed in extacy and our juices mingled together. And that is exactly what we did.

Screaming with pleasure we held each other for a breif second until Ricky picked me up off of her. He demanded my attention my full attention and i must admit his control was sexy. He fucked me hard and rough so rough that it hurt and i began to scream and fight him. Brandi and Jones we so occupied that they didnt realize. I guess Ricky was tired of my fighting so he pushed my legs up so far that my knees were smushing my breast and my feet were over my head.

I couldnt move his punding was so vicious but i was only able to make small sqeaks because the position made it hard to breathe. It wasnt until he was spewing his hot ejaculation into me that i realized he hadnt used a condom. All though he was rough i enjoyed the fucking he gave me and although the firey sensation his cum was giving me i was terrified of the out come.

He collapsed onto me still burried deep inside me he kissed me then reluctantly slipped from my hot sheath all i could do was run my hand down his back and just like that he was asleep. The next day Ricky came to me privately and apologized, i told him there would have been no need but the fact he didnt use a condom was prettty stupid.

He agreed and said if i was pregnant to let him know and wed figure it out together. ugh the thought of that scares me. Over the next month or so it became clear that i was not prego, what a relief. But the complications grew strong. To the public big titted latina milf masturbating on cam me and jones Ricky and Brandi were sepreate couples and me and Brandi were best friends. Granted there were still rumors about me and her.

But behind closed doors me and Brandi were the real couple and Rick and Jones were just lucky. But. behind another closed door me and Ricky couldnt get enough of each other. oh man!