Asian babe gets her hairy cunt drilled

Asian babe gets her hairy cunt drilled
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Part I - The movie theatre I was way out of my league. She was wearing high heeled shoes and leather jeans. Tight, sexy leather jeans.


Normally I would have known my place and stayed away, but I was drunk enough not to care. I asked her for a dance. She quickly looked me over and nodded. The dance floor was crowded and they switched to a slow song. I felt lucky, like she almost helped me to push her closer to me.


Dancing close to her I got a hardon. I hoped that she might not notice. I did not want her to know that I was horny and I busty melina rides on a long member not want her to notice its' size. After the dance she didn't want another one. I offered to buy her a drink, but instead she said she was leaving.

I was very disappointed and thought I had ruined my chances. As a last resort I asked for her phone number and to my surprise she gave it to me. Thinking it over the next day I was sure I had no chance, but I called her anyway and asked her to go see a movie with me, and, again, to my surprise, she said yes.

Before the movie I got very nervous. I did not know what to wear and I did not know how to calm down.

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I ended up having two drinks and trying to cover it over with mouth spray. She looked even sexier outside the movie theatre. I could not believe my luck. She was probably in her early 20s, had long, black hair, a beautiful face, medium to small breasts and long, sexy legs. This time her legs were covered by blue jeans. Her smile was a bit strange though, sly and perhaps mocking, but I did not care at all. How often had I gone to the movies with girls like her? Never, that was how often.

We hardly said anything before we went inside. I had planned to grab her hand as soon as we sat down and I followed through. I don't remember much of the movie, but that was not the point either. I tried to stroke her fingers with mine, but her hand stayed still. Some ten minutes or so into the movie she let go of my hand.

For a second I was disappointed and thought I had blown it, but instead it landed outside my zipper. She started groping and I immediately got hard. I had hoped that I would have gotten her to bed before she touched my cock.

My cock is not large, you see. Actually it is only 3 inches and not thick at all and the main reason I was still single in my early 30s. I got some one night stands, but then they lost interest. As she continued to grope me I stared straight ahead, scared of moving my head or do anything that would make her stop groping me.

"Not very big, is it?" she said. I blushed like a tomato. I was so glad it was dark in there. She had not said it very loud, but I was sure the people closest to us blonde bint has her pussy drilled facials cumshot have heard it. But instead of losing interest she lifted her hand and pushed her way down my trousers and before I knew it she had my cock between her fingers. Somehow, like a reflex, my hand went down between her legs.

She stopped me and pulled my hand away, all the time continuing to stroke my cock. "Keep your hands off me," she said. One notch higher this time. They must have heard. It was then I lost control and came in my pants. She milked me while I tried not to make a sound. Then she pulled her hand out and held it in front of my face for a second or two before she wiped my semen off on my face. "That didn't last long," she said. I saw a person in front of us turn his head slightly towards us. The darkness of the movie theatre saved me.

I was still shaking a little bit, breathing heavily. Well, at least I had received a hand job from this sexy girl. The semen was slowly sliding down my face and I was about to lift my hand to dry it off when her hand stopped me. I got the point and let the semen be. "Good boy," she said. Some minutes later her hands went down again, like she sensed that I already had a hardon again. She squeezed on the outside of my pants. Slightly uncomfortable, but it in no way removed my hardon.

"Want me to jerk you off again?" she asked. By this point I did not care that others might have overheard. Who cared anyway? I had my own semen on my face, smelling. I was sure my other neighbour could smell it. But I was horny.

"Yes, " I said, and then didn't care if I added, "please." I thought I could sense a smile and maybe even a little laughter from her, but things were so out of control for me with her squeezing on the outside of my pants that any rational full virgin girls blood sex xxx story come were gone.

This time she leant over to me and whispered.

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"Ok, but it will come at a prize." "Uh, sure," I moaned more than I said, "what prize?" She squeezed a little bit harder, on the edge of being just painful, but with my hardon safely intact.

"You'll let me kick you in the balls," she whispered, "after the movie." "What?" "You heard me," she said. What? Kick me in the balls? What was going on? I hesitated. Her groping was so good, but . "Decide now," she said. "Uh," was the first thing that came to mind.

Then, "ok". Oh no, what had I done? But as those thoughts went through my head everything again felt so great with her hand down my trousers.

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The way she only used her finger tips, not her hand, and the way she made it so lovely. Embarrassingly, I came quickly again.

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This time I moaned out load. People around me looked shocked and I knew it was no longer a secret what had happened. Then, as my breathing calmed down and she removed her hand, wiped it on the outside of my trousers, I started wondering what kind of girl this was and what I had gotten myself into.

In theory I could just leave her after the movie, not ever seeing her again. I did not want to have my balls kicked, and could just leave.

Even as I thought that I remember knowing that I would not leave. A few minutes later she fidgeted a little and sighed. "This movie is boring," she said. "Let's leave." That was relieving. At least the people around us did not have to see us when the lights came on after the movie. I followed her outside. Her pace was quick and led to a small, blind alley not to far away from the movie theatre. "Ok," she said, "drop your pants." "Here?" I asked in shock. Even though it was a blind alley people passed by the entrance all the time.

She calmly stared back at me and I knew I had no choice. To my shame I was hard again. I pulled my trousers down and saw her smile a bit. "Down on your knees," she said. Despite the asphalt being wet and probably dirty I did as I was told. I was like a robot, almost outside myself. I got down on my knees and spread boyfriend assists with hymen examination and pounding of virgin teenie as best as I could, to make it easier for her.

How could this make me so horny? "Fucking loser," she said and kicked me. End of part I