Busty buffy first homemade sex tape big boobs big tits

Busty buffy first homemade sex tape big boobs big tits
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California Slut I was on one of those X-rated social dating sites. It is unusual for a guy to initiate contact with me. I told this guy, Pat, I was straight, but he continued the conversation telling me about his wife. Lisa is a slut, he said. He told me of her law office escapades. At least once a week the two partners of the law firm would fuck her. On occasion she was told to treat a new client to a blow job. Pat said that Lisa just could not get enough cock. Lisa would come home and tell Pat of her daily exploits which would get him going and then they would fuck.

Pat said he would often find a new guy for Lisa to fuck. Our conversation went on for a couple of hours and he invited me to come over that night.

Pat and Lisa have a nice condo, two story, near an upscale bayside community in the OC of southern California. It was a very short drive for me. Pat offered me a drink as I entered their home. He said Lisa was on her way from work, and should be home soon. During our earlier conversation Pat told me Lisa is a submissive, she likes a guy to take control.

He said just go for it. Lisa walked in. I thought to myself, this could be fun. Lisa matched the pictures Pat had shared. She is about 5'6'' 120 lbs. and looked very business-like in a suit. Pat said to her, "Hey baby, this is Mike, a new friend". I stood, and Lisa came close to shake hands. Lisa gave me a good quick look over as she said hello. Then she said she was going up stairs to change. I said, "Lisa, I would love to help." I got up off the couch and followed her upstairs. I watched a very nice swing to her ass as we climbed the stairs.

We entered a large bedroom with a walk-in closet and bath. Lisa went directly into the closet and began to undress. I went toward the bath and said, "I will start the shower for you, Lisa". "For us, Mike", she shoot back, you better get naked". I was naked and the water felt nice and warm when Lisa brushed by me to step into the shower. Her hair was long, brown, and down to the middle of her back. A very nice hourglass shape, with a C cup teen licks excited pussy of horny girlfriend, a shaved mound, and really nice butt.

The conversation was short and to the point. Lisa asked, "So Mike, what did Pat tell you?" "He said you two have an open relationship and you love cock." The water was falling about us as I got the shower gel (coconut lime) and started to wash Lisa's back.

From the top of Lisa's shoulders down to tai phim dit nhau lon mup ve may crack of her ass I washed. As I washed her butt cheeks Lisa backed up toward me. Then she reached behind her to take hold of my stiff cock, look over her shoulder at me, smile, and said, "fuck me". I spread Lisa's ass cheeks and drove my hard cock deep into her pussy. I was surprised at how wet and juicy her pussy was already.

Lisa must have wanted it so much, and was so ready, she came immediately. I could feel the gushing of her pussy juices around my cock and watched her body shake. I stopped for a few seconds, and just held onto her hips. I could see and feel her body shaking.

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"Oh god", she said. In a minute I again started to pound Lisa's pussy with deep hard fast strokes. I slam her pussy hard from behind for another minute when she started to scream as another orgasm came over her.

As I pulled my cock out I continued to wash her. I turned her to face me and I made sure I washed her now well fucked pussy. As I was doing this Lisa's hands were all over her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. We rinsed off, got out, and dried ourselves. I told Lisa to lie on the bed flat on her back. She followed my orders. I kneeled down on the floor, at the edge of the bed, with my hands under her ass I pulled her close. Her legs were spread as I buried my face into her pussy.

I started with long slow licks, from her ass hole to her clit. Her well washed pussy was very tasty and Lisa was already moaning. Her moaning increased as I focused on her clit. The more I licked the harder her clit became. I started to suck on her clit and Lisa had her third orgasm. I continued to lick and suck until she came again. This woman loves to cum, I thought to myself. Then I told her to move and I lied down on my back. I told her to climb on and ride me.

She did as she was told. Slowly she lowered herself down on my hard 8x3 inch cock. I loved the site of her body on top of me, and the feel of her hot wet pussy around my cock. Her tits in my face. I was now focused on my pleasure.

She started to move her ass slowly, and then increased speed gradually. It was fucking hot. Lisa's tits were bouncing in front of my face as she moved up and down on my hard cock. I soon grad them and squeezed. As my fingers got hold of her nipples we both reached an orgasm at the same time. She collapsed on top of me and we kissed for the first time.

Lisa got up off me after another minute. She said, "Mike would you send my husband up? And she disappeared into the bathroom. The next morning, as soon as I signed on to my email I had a message from Pat.

"OMG Mike, Lisa fuck the shit out of me last night, after you left. Thanks!" We went to chat and Pat gave me all the details. As soon as I left their house Pat went upstairs.

Lisa was on the bed. Pat was already naked and Lisa told him to fuck her. He knew what to do. He got out her 10 inch dildo, got on the bed next to her and shoved the dildo into her pussy. As he moved the dildo roughly in and out of her, she started to suck his cock.

She was like a wild woman. She was pulling, grabbing, and sucking him hard. The loud sounds she blonde slut victoria summers services taxi driver making possibly could be heard by the neighbors.

She had two more orgasms before Pat was hard enough to replace the dildo. Pat was told to lie flat on his back and that he better not cum. Lisa mounted him and rode him for orgasm after orgasm. Pat knew not to move and not to touch her in any way. He was a cock to be used.

Lisa had cum many times before she got off of him and lied down next to him. Pat looked at her and asked if he could jack off on her. Lisa looked at him and said, "if you have to." Pat was very happy to get the chance to cum on his wife. It did not take long, just a few strokes of his cock and he came on her tits.

Lisa did not say a word as she got up and when into the shower. Part of me felt sorry for Pat, but he was with a very sexy woman, who allowed him some freedom to do other women. He said he had some female friends in their complex of condos. Pat said he loved Lisa and was very happy to share her. He told me I should plan to come over early in the morning the following day. The next morning, about 6:30am, I got Pat on the phone and told him I was just a few minutes away.

He told me to come to the back door of their condo, it was unlocked. And he was leaving as soon as I got there. I was able busty lucie wilde getting fucked by a anal toy park right behind their condo.

As I walked thru the back door, Pat passed right by me saying, "have fun." I turned to walk toward the living room, xxx mom sleeping son force hindhi marathi kahani story Lisa was at the bottom of the stairs. Hey Mike, she said, is that Pat pulling away in his car?

Yes Lisa, I responded, what can I do for you? Mike I want your cock!

She said. Lisa had a see though nightie on. As I walked to her she was pulling off her thong. I told her to bend over the table as I pulled my hard cock out. With one sudden move I was deep inside her. She was already very juicy. I grab her hips and fucked her hard. It didn't take long for her to cum all over my cock. Her moaning could be heard.

The back door was open. I continued to pound her from behind. I reached up to grab her tits and squeeze her nipples. She had a second orgasm. Her moaning was louder and I keep pounding her.

Someone, a female called out "Lisa" from the back porch. I was still deep in Lisa's pussy as this woman walked through the back door, followed by a man. She could see us. Lisa, are you OK, she asked. Lisa responded, "Julie, I am fine, you and Tom come in and join us.

Guys, this is our friend, Mike. Julie he has a great cock, you will love." I was in a little shock. I pulled out of Lisa pussy, and Tom said, thanks Mike, I will take it from here.

Tom had his cock hard and sunny leone finger her vigina slid it deep into Lisa.

As I was watching this, I felt a mouth try to shallow my cock. Julie was on her knees in front of me and taking all of my 8 inches into her mouth. "I love the taste of Lisa", she said. Julie was talking her clothes off as she sucked me. Lisa moaned loud with another orgasm. Then she said, "Mike you are going to love Julie's big tits." I was watching as Julie's 38DDs came into view.

Julie's mouth was replaced by her tits. My hard cock was being stoked by her big mounds, one on each side.

Tom made Lisa cum again. Then Julie got up, took my hand and led me to the living room couch. Julie was shorter than Lisa, probably 5'2'', she had a nice round ass, but her tits, wow! In a minute I was on my back and Julie was sliding my cock into her pussy.

She was on top of me. Her pussy was tight and juicy. She felt great surrounding my cock.

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Now I was being used, and I loved it. Julie's big tits were in my face. She was bouncing up and down on me. Riding me like a race horses. I put one hand on my stomach, with my fingers right where she was coming down. I use a flicking motion on her clit and soon got her to cum. She kept going, using my cock for her pleasure. My mouth found and got hold of a nipple and I would not let go.

Using my mouth and teeth I held on to her nipple. Nibbling and sucking brought another orgasm to Julie. Just then Tom and Lisa came into the living room. Lisa giving orders, Tom and I were soon sitting on the couch with these two great women on their knees in front of us. Lisa loudly told everyone she wanted to shallow my cock and eat my cum. Tom didn't mind. Julie was a great cock sucker from what I could see. And again she was happy to be tasting Lisa. Both Tom and I came about the same time.