Horny blonde babe lexi lou shows her ass with buttplug in the backseat

Horny blonde babe lexi lou shows her ass with buttplug in the backseat
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The Ticket XIII June 1988 Donald R Murphy sat in the rear of Hannity' s Pub, He was nursing, as he always did, a pint of ale. He was re ella hughes seduces a waiter danny and fucks him a letter that had came for him a week ago.

Dear Donald: Your nephew will soon inherit my sizable fortune. I am a bit worried that he may have a problem. As you know from our previous correspondence he still has trouble with his war wounds. There is a criminal echelon in this area I feel they may try to interfere with the peaceable transition of the transference of my wealth to him.

I will advance you 2 million dollars to assist him from behind the scenes as we discussed before. The Scorpion is my main fear.he is a certified able Lunatic. Here is a number that you should be able to trace (806)739 6745. Lone Moon Walker. Donald rose and made his way out of the pub.

Donald was also ex military, British SAS he had retired as a Major 11 years ago. He was the younger brother of Coleen Rae Murphy Walker. And had already been investigating the death of his sister and her husband.He did not believe it had been an accident and his searching seemed to bring him back to the Black scorpion, and the scorpion's leader.

Donald hitched a ride with a military flight and did not pass through Customs The plane unloaded and Donald vanished. Only to appear later at one of the Ranch's Line shacks. From the outside the shack looked to be rundown and deserted. But from the inside it had all the modern conveniences. He kicked back in a chair and read the file on the Black Scorpion.

Later that day he was on a scout and lay in wait and observed a dilapidated hovel on the edge of town. He watched as a woman came out side … he noticed she was barefoot and used a makeshift broom to sweep out the hovel. He watched for hours until finally a Mexican Dandy with fancy clothes walked up to the door .stopped .looked around and then entered. Donald thought Jackpot.


He eased his way near the rear window. That is when he discovered how wrong he had been. The dandy had removed his fancy clothes. The girl had also removed her clothes.

but it was not for sex. They were both women Twins. She was looking at a piece of paper the Dandy had given her and she was giving him instructions while she dressed in the Dandys clothes. Her breasts were small and made the disguise believable .It hid that she was a woman.

She opened a drawer in a small chest and pulled out two glass jars containing Black scorpions. She removed a plank from the back wall and removed a scoped rifle. The Black Scorpion is a woman. Donald drifted away from the hovel and watched and waited. Twenty minutes she emerged through a hidden door in the rear wall. Donald followed, he didn't like killing women but when it was necessary he had no qualms. This one would be exceptionally brutal to hide the truth. She walked almost directly to him, as she passed Donald slugged her in the temple, She dropped like a rock.

He wanted the body found and thought to be just another raped girl in little Mexico. Donald ripped off all her clothes.

Donald was a large person in all proportions. He had a 9'' cock and it was 2 ½'' thick. He picked op the scorpions body, spread her kegs and rammed it home. Even being unconscious she still whimpered. She had been a virgin. He kept on raping her after destroying her virgin pussy he flipped her around and ripped open her virgin ass hole.

She felt so great it made him wish it didn't have to be this way. But finally he neared his climax and pulled out leaving nothing for the Lab.

He pulled his K-Bar and slit her throat. He collected her clothes and the rifle as well as the scorpions. And made his way back to the hovel. The other twin was was laying ass fucked by huge african mandingdick. Donald slipped into the hovel and grabbed the girl by the neck in minutes she had told him every thing he wanted to know.

Especially where the weapons and scorpions were kept. There was something about her that drew Donald to her. He set a fire charge in the hovel which gave him an hour before it would go off.

Her name was Maria. He took her to the line shack blindfolded. She was not a virgin and rape was not needed.

She just climbed aboard Donald's cock and while they were doing the Lovers waltz she explained how the contracts were set up. The real thing was she was afraid of her sister but was also afraid to upset her. Since there was a phone in the line shack she was able to cross the numbers and to receive the contracts over this phone.

This worked out to Donald's advantage. The phone she intercept was a clearing house and other killers used that number. Donald also had a second contact in the Manse other than Lone Moon.

Lone moon was in and out of the Hospital so he arranged so that Amber could pass on information. Then in November Lone Moon entered the hospital for the last time. Samuel Night Walker was notified and Donald became his unofficial guardian. Sam never knew how close he was being watched. Donald only made one mistake and that got Laura Ives Shot. His mistake was tripping and falling in to a cactus bed. He was at the doctor getting the thorns out of his arm.

Since that mistake Donald had been like invisible skin and Night Walker never knew it. Defense was boring it was time to go on offense. He already knew Jonas was behind all the attempts except the one by the Deputy. That was all the Sheriff's doings. Yes he should be first. ******* I went with Barbara to pick pov babe cockriding before doggystyle big tits and amateur Laura from the Hospital and deliver her to the Manse.

That is where she will do her recuperation. The Doctor said she was a brave girl and was fighting strongly to get better. As we pulled out of the Hospital parking lot we were flagged down by a very large person in cammo's. Something about him caught my attention. He seemed familiar but I knew I had never met him before. I lowered the rear window, he leaned down and politely inquired as to Laura's health. He seemed relieved that she was doing better.

I asked him his name and he said for now just Donald. We continued to talk of Laura's injury he kept mumbling it shouldn't have happened. He said thanks for speaking with me. He turned and walked away I watched and Barbara commented he moved like a jungle cat. I agreed. Another clue was lusty and wild oral service job spell accent.somewhere in the UK.

I had a feeling we had not seen the last of Mr. Donald. Somehow I felt that could be a good alluring cookie slamming session hardcore and european. ****** Sheriff Jones got out of his car behind two patrol cars.

He spread his arms and yawned .Okay boys what is so important enough for me to miss my coffee. They moved aside and allowed the sheriff to see the sign attached to the Sheriff's pit bull. The dog was not moving but was obviously still alive. The Sheriff said "What the hell?" Then he looked at the sign. "Sheriff James Jones You are Next." Crack &hellip.the Sheriff fell backwards … The Deputies were stunned the Sheriff had a large red mark on his fore head.

but no blood. He had been shot by a rubber normally used on rioters. He was unconscious. They radioed for an ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived Sheriff Jones was beginning to stir. His arms began to wave and his head lolled back and forth.


One of the Deputies decided to untie the dog. As the dog stood up the small jar with the Black Scorpion was revealed. The other Deputies began rapidly looking all around them. The fear was evident in their faces. ******** I spoke to most of the girl at the Manse.

No one had any idea as to what had happened to the Sheriff. Amber seem to think that maybe the mysterious stranger could be responsible. My thoughts had been turning that way also.

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Amber had been standing next to my desk chair looking at the news paper article about the sheriff. Instinctively my hand had slid under her skirt and was caressing her lovely and perfectly formed buttocks.

She altered her stance slightly to give me better access to her treasure trove between her fabulous legs. I slid my finger into her and began to gently massage the lips of her pussy. I heard her breath catch. She spoke softly "Please … it has been too long." I not wishing to break contact began trying to undo my pants one handed. due to the fact she was trying to help caused us both to laugh.

We were getting in each others way. I reluctantly broke contact and dropped my pants. Amber sat on the edge of my desk and lay back placing her legs over my shoulders. I rolled my desk chair forward bringing my lips in contact to her dripping pussy.

I began to tongue lash the outside of her pussy. Amber's head arched lifting her back from the desk. At the same time her legs squeezed around my head tighter pulling my face closer.

I french kissed her pussy inserting my tongue as deeply as it would go. Then I tossed in a twirling motion. Her heels began to beat on my back fetish bitch gets fucked up her ass in rough sex session I licked my way to her Clit. Her clit was standing tall I licked around it then began to nibble.

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Amber began to jerk and her butt to bounce and little squirts of her nectar began to filling my mouth as she had multiple orgasms.

I kept it up till her body was cloaked with a sheen of sweat and I felt her hands trying to push me away.

Then her body seemed to just relax and go limp. I rolled the chair back, standing with her legs still over my shoulders I slid my cock home. Her body tensed. Momentarily she was as taut as a bow string. Then her body began to meet mine and the dance of love began. I couldn't believe how good her tight pussy felt or how well her pussy muscles were working over my cock. She, with her legs around my neck and pivoting on her arched neck, began to move like a pendulum.

The feeling was so tantalizing I knew I could not last much longer. Then with a scream Amber slammed her body into my groin with her released she triggered the release that had been building in my balls and I met her fff mmm mmm gangbang orgy with mine.

I collapsed on top of her.

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For a moment neither of us moved, we just savored the moment. Amber whispered in my ear, "Thanks I needed that and .you can get up now.I can't breathe."