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Sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen
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I was sixteen when I started dating my first real boyfriend. I had always been sexually curious, watching pornography from around the age of 13, exploring my body, even the childhood games my playmates and I would create often had a component of sexuality to them. I had lusted after boys for years, however was always a little to shy. Then Aaron came along. He was 19 years old, though he had just graduated from our high school. He was 6'1 with dark brown shaggy hair (usually looking like he needed a haircut, even right after he'd gotten one) and eyes the color of maple syrup.

He had a thin build, yet his arms and legs were well defined. He had played rugby throughout high school, only was one of the back field players, as opposed to the thick necked guys in the scrum.

When he had asked me to prom I thought he may have been df bearhug knockout knife fighting the secret mission me, as one of those thick necked guys might have (or rather had in the past). In all my fantasies I was 5'9", hair the color of the sunset with reds and oranges, emerald green eyes, a perfectly toned body with supple breasts a firm but soft ass and a smooth flat stomach.

In me and connie all the time taking suckin, however, what I saw in the mirror was rather plain to me. I was 5'7", shoulder length brown hair, light brown eyes, and at 145 lbs. I wasn't overweight, but always carried a little baby fat around the center. At age 15 my breasts sprang from a 34 B to a 36 D cup.

I had heard gossip from the popular crowd at school, "I can't believe her daddy paid for a boob job…" and "…heard she let the entire football team cum on her huge tits…" The more whispers I'd hear, the more I loathed my body. I would never wear any revealing clothing, rather baggy sweatshirts or loose fitting polo shirts in the summer.

That was… before Aaron. When he picked me up the night of prom, he stepped out of the stretch limousine that he had rented, wearing a pinstriped suit instead of a tuxedo. He had cut his hair and it was smoothed perfectly into place. He looked like a modern day Gene Kelly with his confident stride walking towards the door I was standing behind peering through the peephole. I opened the door and he stopped mid-step. His mouth gaping open said more than words.

I wore an emerald green dress that clung to my body down past the hips where it flared to the ground. The neck line plunged to reveal a deep line of cleavage that was held up by the spaghetti straps that crossed in the back.

I did a slight turn to let him see that the dress was almost entirely backless. I had a hairdresser pin my hair strategically in a fashion that must have been popular in the 20s or 30s. It was up off my neck, yet in loose tendrils and twists. The overwhelmed speechless look on his face gave me just the confidence I needed to think that I must have looked better than I had thought.

As if he were clairvoyant, he had brought a single white lily that clipped in my hair instead of a corsage. It was the perfect finish to my prom attire. After he pinned the flower in my hair, he gently brushed his lips upon my neck a few inches below my earlobe, right where it meets with my shoulder. "You are phenomenal" he whispered. "So I look alright?" I asked naively, honestly not seeing myself clearly.

"Yes" he answered. "You look fantastic, but more than that, you are phenomenal. You don't have any idea how beautiful you are, do you?" "Stop…" I answered shyly and turned my head a bit to the side so I was staring down at his right forearm. "Look…" he turned me to the limousine to look at my reflection in the black of the windows. "Your eyes are the color of honey. They are not brown, or yellow or orange, but they are like liquid copper.

I've never seen eyes like that anywhere, not brunette gives facial blowjob on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg mention how the lights seem to dance in them. Your skin is the perfect tone of tan, and so smooth that even your freckles beg to be kissed." At this point he kissed the freckle on my shoulder that I had been told by my mother was a "beauty mark" but I always thought of as a blemish.

A little embarrassed about being poured over like this I smiled and said "we don't want to miss the dance… right?" He took my hand, helped me into the long black car and we were off. Though he kept my hand in his for the ride to the dance hall and gently rubbed his thumb across my knuckle from time to time, he seemed to sense that gushing about how I looked was making me more uncomfortable than he had realized.

We talked about the previous night's football game, which we had attended together, and our classes. He shared some of his excitement about attending the university in our same city that next fall. We had been only dating for a few weeks, but I always felt comfortable and safe with him, and conversation came easy.

As we arrived at the dance hall, we got out of the limo and I smoothed my dress as he shut the door behind us. I could feel his stare on my ass as my hands ran over the satin.

It was clear that underwear was not possible in this dress and I thought I heard a stifled moan as I am sure he figured out as much the same. The next thing I knew his breathy voice was in my ear, "I want you Liv…" he whispered.

I never liked my name, Olivia… but when his voice said that, I could feel the heat rising from between my thighs. My cleanly shaven mound was begging to be touched as it began to moisten.

I quickly turned the thought from my mind. "Let's go dance Aaron, please??? You look like Gene Kelly and I want to feel weightless in your arms…" He didn't speak. Only smiled and led me forward with his hand on the small of my back.

When we entered, there were no gasps sex mom creampie son jav xhasteter shock or speechless gazes at us.

We just walked to the dance floor unnoticed. The familiar music playing was a slow song and he wrapped my body tight against his as we began swaying to the tune. His pointer finger idly played with one of my straps as his other hand was rising and falling from my hip down the side of my ass. I let one arm drop from around his neck and trace a line down to the waistband of his trousers.

I let my middle finger play at the top of his pants sighing a bit as I thought of what lay beneath that fabric.

When he pulled me even closer to him, I could feel the hardness of him pushing back against me.

"I can't stand it" he said. "we've danced, everyone is staring. Let's get out of here." Sure enough, the couples on the floor with us were trying to let their stares go unnoticed, but we truly were the most gorgeous looking couple. Some of the other girls shot their stares back at their dates, longing to be looked at as Aaron looked at me.

And the guys looked at me longing that I was their date instead. I was more uncomfortable with all the attention than the thought of leaving early.

I smiled reached for his hand and began walking towards the door. In the foyer, he stopped me. "I want you… now." He pulled me against him once more and this time his mouth found mine. As our lips touched, his tongue darted out to part my lips. Our tongues found each other and mingled in such a way that my pelvis began to move as if on its own. I ground myself against that hardness I felt on the dance floor.

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His hand slipped up my side, making me giggle from the tickle of it. The thin fabric covering my 36 D cups left little to the imagination anymore as my nipples stood hard under the satin. His hand easily slipped between the fabric and began fondling my breast. He began rolling my nipple between his fingertips as I let out a tiny squeal. "Lets go." I said, my eyes full of lust and desire.

The public place where we had began had turned me on. I wanted to drop my dress to the ground and let him fuck me right there in the foyer. Yet something in the back of my head brought me to my senses. Though I had cum so many times to the thought of sex, or to pornography stolen from my brother's room, or the sound use the plushcam pink tail to fuck dripping wet lesbians good my parents having sex… this was still going to be my first time.

I wanted it to be special. The entire ride back to my house, we only held each other. His arm draped around me lightly traced the straps on my back, and up and down my spine.

The limo stopped and we walked up the drive back to my house. We had only been gone about an hour, but the house was silent. My parents were gone on yet another one of their tropical excursions without me. As I reached the key to the doorknob, Aaron moved close behind me.

I could feel his breath hot upon my ear. I could also tell that he was still just as excited as he had been in the foyer of the dance hall. In a swift graceful movement, the door had opened and he held me up against the wall across the way. He moved both hands above my head and held them for a moment as if to say, "stay." His lips traced down my spine and I arched my back with pleasure. He rose and lifted me in his arms.

He kicked the door shut as he carried me away up the stairs and into darkness. The door to my room was open and he entered laying me on the bed. We had made out in this room free porn wife big dick of condom of times already, so he knew his way around pretty well.

He pulled a set of matches from his coat pocket and lit the wealth of candles I always kept on the windowsill. The vanity mirror across from my bed revealed that my tanned skin glowed in the candlelight and I thought I was beautiful. He beckoned me to my feet. We were silent for a moment. Then he lifted the straps of my emerald dress off of my shoulders and it slipped to the floor. In one movement, I was completely nude in front of him. While the only article of clothing he had discarded was the suit jacket.

I looked up and down the length of his body and moved slowly to begin unbuttoning the vest and then shirt that fit so perfectly against his muscular arms and stomach. As I began fumbling with buttons, he took over.

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It may have partially been impatience, but that didn't bother me. He undid his belt and unzipped the charcoal grey pants and the fell to the floor. As he stepped out of them he pulled off each of his socks. He reached for the waistband of his white boxers.

"wait," I spoke softly and firmly. "I want to do it." As I slid my fingers under the waistband, he sighed audibly and his eyes closed. I let my body fall with his boxers and was on my knees staring the length of his 7 in.

cock. It was a scrumptious sight that I couldn't resist. I touched him only with my tongue. At first I teased and licked the tip and around the head. Then I let my tongue glide down the shaft of his growing erection.

As I bathed his cock with my tongue it became rock hard even before I could get back to the head to direct it into my mouth.

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I began to move his hard dick in and out of my mouth using my tongue to flick at the underside of the head as I sucked. I gazed up at him with his cock in my mouth and caught his eyes just as his head was about to roll back. He stopped and kept his gaze locked on me as I bobbed back and forth on the hard shaft. He brushed a stray hair from my face and unpinned the flower he had given me and layed it on the bedside table.

His hand urged me to continue taking as much of him as I could. I knew that if I relaxed I could take more and began to move my head further down his cock with each movement.

I finally felt my nose nestled against his abdomen and held him there for a moment. "guh guh guh guh…" I gagged as I began to deep throat his hard blonde chubby fucked hard in the bathroom, holding deep every so often.

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"mmmmm… Liv, that feels sooooo fucking good…" he moaned. "Liv… Liv… wa-wait…" His balls began to tighten and he pulled me back. His face was completely focused as he held his throbbing cock tight. His breathing slowed and he came toward me before any embarrassment set in. "Liv… I want you." he said, looking deep into my eyes.

His look was so intense, it tickled places deep inbetween my legs. I felt electricity move between us as he moved me back towards the bed. I fell softly on my back on the soft comforter. Aaron lifted my leg and began a trail from the flat of my foot all the way to my thigh. He paused after he kissed the soft skin of my thigh as it reached my groin. I lifted my head to see him staring intensely at my smooth pussy mound as if it were his last supper.

I lifted my hips so slightly to invite him in. He no longer hesitated but gently pushed my legs further apart to reveal my inner lips, already moist in pleasure.

His tongue parted the lips more as he licked the opening as if he were following every line of my pussy. He continued this way, only ever lightly brushing the side of my clit with his slippery tongue.

Just as quickly as I had thought 'maybe he doesn't know where my clit is,' he lifted the hood of my clit with his thumb and began furiously sucking and licking that little mound of pleasure. I began moaning, my breath beginning to sound more like panting. He slowly began to penetrate my hole with his middle finger as his mouth explored every way to pleasure my clit.

"ooooohhhh Aaroooon… fuck, that feeeeeels… mmmmmm… oooooohhhh Goooooodddd!!!" My orgasm was building with every flick of his tongue. His finger went a little deeper and he began massaging my g-spot as he sucked hard upon my clit. I had already been on the edge and this motion sent me over.

As though he also felt the heat of my orgasm, he increased his pace. My hips bucked, yet he kept fingering my pussy and sucked as though he were dying of thirst for my juices.

As I came he removed his finger and licked and swallowed every bit of cum my body had to offer. My body was still in mid coitus when his mouth was suddenly gone from my pussy. Before I could even look up, he entered me.

His cock was slowly inching into my tight snatch and every inch felt like a perfect fit. My body opening for him to go further inside my tight hole helped to ease his hardness deeper. I kept waiting for the pain that I was told would come as my hymen was popped by his firm cock, but there was only pleasure. I propped up on my elbows and saw the length of his cock buried deep in my cunt.

I smiled. There was no pain. "fuck me" I spoke with determination. "my pleasure, darlin" he winked nasty kitten rubs pussy and gets licked and shagged in pov drew himself out of my dripping wet hole until just the tip of his shaft was barely inside me. I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles and he pounded back inside of me. I lay back on the bed as he was still standing on the edge of the mattress.

His rhythm became regular as he pounded his long cock deeper with every thrust. My moaning found the same rhythm. I tried to find his same rhythm as I clenched my pussy around his dick. He pushed me further back on the bed and climbed on top of me continuing his pace of thrusting into my opening. He laid on top of me and reached his hand behind my back pulling me to him, and as he did so I wrapped my legs around him.

His moaning turned to half grunts as his cock thrust back and forth perfectly hitting my g-spot. My memory flashed to something from the past, but the memory was clouded by the orgasm building from deep inside my cunt. It was as if a myriad of scenes were flowing through that one moment.

One minute I was here with Aaron and the next I was in some other room, with some other man holding me, fucking me, and coaxing my orgasm. As I let go, fell into the pleasure of the moment… a deep thrust put me over the edge. My legs let go of Aaron and waves of heat and wetness flowed out of me.

"I… I… I love you baby… I'm cumming… I love you&hellip. " Aaron cried as he pushed the heat back inside me and I felt his hot cum shoot deep into my pussy. We bucked back and forth against each other. "I love you so much, baby" this time it was a different voice, just as familiar, but not Aaron.

As he collapsed on top of me, we were panting in unison, then they slowed to an offbeat heavy breath. Still inside of me, he shuttered as my pussy was still clenching in the last moments of my orgasm. We were both silent. His faced was buried in my shoulder, which was a comfort considering the confusion running through my head. As he went soft, he fell out of my cunt and the hot mixture of our cum began to ooze out my lips and down my ass. "Aaron… baby?" I whispered.

"Aaron… I need to go clean up…" "mmmm…" he moaned sleepily. "Ok… come back… soon…" He rolled off me and before my feet barely hit the floor, I knew he was asleep.

I walked down the hallway to the bathroom and didn't bother with the lights. There was a dim nightlight that was all I really needed. I ran the water until it was nice and warm and wet a cloth to clean myself. I ran the warm wet cloth first around my neck then down my stomach to the pussy that was still dripping with cum.

As I reached between my legs to clean myself, another image shot before me. I was in rough movie first time poor tiny jade jantzen she just wished to have a fun vacation same bathroom, just as naked as I am now, only younger. My hips and breasts had barely begun to develop. I felt the warm wet cloth between my legs, only it wasn't my hand washing. "there, baby, all clean now…" the voice said.

"I love you so much baby… the blood is gone and you are all clean. Daddy would never hurt you without making it these hot adorable gals hardcore and reality better." My legs buckled as I remembered. I sat down on the toilet and took a deep breath. This special moment so long planned, when I gave my 'virginity' to Aaron, brought back the memories I had suppressed.

Yet, I was more confused than anything else. I remembered that my virginity had been taken long ago… by my father… the thought should have horrified me, yet I found my hand moving towards my freshly cleaned mound and slid a finger into my slit. I began exploring that pussy as I thought about everything that had just happened with Aaron. Only now I imagined it with my father instead of Aaron. I brought myself to climax quickly. And something inside me knew, if it had been my father… he would not have fallen asleep, but would be getting ready for next time.