Are you ready to swallow a hot load of cum cei

Are you ready to swallow a hot load of cum cei
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Bad Penny. She stood immobile as she had stood for the past three days, afraid to sleep in case she stumbled and the rusting metal collar by which she was secured by way of a short chain from the cellar's vaulted ceiling should serve to snap her neck.

She still wore her yellow party dress, and her black bomber jacket, even her high heels, only her pretty pink panties lay on the soiled stone floor where she had taken them down to answer a call of nature and she hadn't been able to pick them up again.

Her fingers scrabbled at the constricting metal band with it's heavy padlock for the thousandth time or so it seemed but there was no escape she had even tried holding it in her hands so it took all her weight to try to dislodge the whole fiendish device from the ceiling but with no success so she stared around at her prison once again. A low wattage lamp bathed the whole cellar in its strange glow, the room was some twenty feet square, the door was apparently of oak while the cellar was made neatly fashioned blocks of stone eighteen inches or so square, even the floor while the vaulted ceiling was in smaller but otherwise similar stone, a metal filing cabinet, a tap with a hose reel and a strange saw horse were the only items of interest in her prison, where green mould grew in the gaps between the stone blocks and everything smelled of disinfectant.

It was damp and humid, damp from his regular visits with mop and bucket to clean away what nature compelled her to drop on the floor beneath her, and warm and humid, not uncomfortably hot but enough for the perspiration to leave her hair matted and her clothes cling to her uncomfortably.

The door opened with a menacing creak, "Ah Penny my dear, how are you?" he said, "The Master" as he liked to be known as he strode in wearing an immaculate dark suit with a white shirt and his old school tie, earlier it had been a boiler suit, before that when he brought her here, he wore something mature ass sex story play struggled to remember, but the drink and the designer drug made everything a blur.

"Wothen" she said through her her improvised fabric gag, scarf held by a leather belt secured with a padlock "Rotten, what my dear?" he asked. "Wothen Masther," she replied. "Good girl, rotten Master, that's really rather good." he said. She stared at him, "Would you like some support my dear?" he asked as he approached, "You refused my offer yesterday but I fear fatigue is eating away at your resolve." She turned, and looked across the room to the saw horse which he was now standing by, at least she thought of it as a saw horse, instead of the smooth surface for sawing logs there was a large hole and beside it a huge dildo was fixed prominently, vertically, menacingly.

"Who wand me to sit on tha?" she asked, "Masther?" "Yes, it will take the strain from you legs," he offered, "Penny," he said, "Do you like your gag?" "Nome Masther," she replied. "Oh you should have said," he suggested and he deftly undid the lock allowing both belt and fabric to flutter to the floor, "Is that better?" "Yes Master." she replied.

"Good girl, good girl," he praised her, "Now how about I arrange a super sexy blonde teen masturbating on webcam for you," "Oh my god," she wailed. "No, not God, call me Master," he chuckled, "But how much longer can you carry on, Penny, really?" "My legs, Master, I can't feel my legs," she pleaded. "No, it won't be long but it's so silly when there's a seat waiting for you, what do you say?" he asked, She shook her head sadly.

"Such a shame, do you know if only you tried it I would bet that you would like it so much that you would be begging me to let you use it within a week, but sadly I have an engagement," he explained, "It will be tomorrow before I return, can you hold out that long?" "No Master." she agreed, her face betraying her despair, "I would like the seat please master." "Excellent choice my dear truly excellent," he replied and he began to wheel the saw horse closer, "It really is a lovely experience or so I am told" he informed her as he pushed blond anal ass babe gets her butt licked towards her guiding the blunt end making a hard one eyed monster burst out her legs as she stained to stand on tip toe as the polished wood bar slipped under her crotch with the tiniest of clearance and finally stopped with the dildo pushing her yellow party dress against her pubic hair.

He pushed the saw horse further so the unyielding dildo was directly beneath the ceiling hook, she stumbled but the firm wood of the saw horse saved her from falling. "Now just raise yourself up," he suggested, "Put your feet on the foot block and rise up and then sink down." Penny placed her elegant high heeled shoe on the block and levered herself up, "You should really make yourself ready," He suggested as she raised herself and as far as he could see past her short dress the end of the dildo was directly under her crotch.

"What do you mean by ready Master?" she asked "A little wank perhaps?" he suggested, "I understand it is less painful when you are moist." "Yes," she agreed but her calf muscles were aching and by degrees her knees buckled and more and more of her weight was taken by the dildo and then remembered to call him "Master." "Well?" he queried, "Shall you masturbate for me?" she didn't reply, couldn't reply as the pain and ecstasy of her impalement mingled as it eased her vagina open and allowed her to sink down with her fingers and she slowly eased herself down onto the plastic phallus.

"How do you feel my dear?" he asked, she just groaned, "Please allow me," he expertly raised the hem of her dress and sought out her clitoris from among the lush curls of her pubic hair, akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories me how you feel my dear, please." Penetrated, violated, cheap, the adjectives whirled around her brain, "Oohhhhh" she finally announced, "Ohhhh Master, Impaled," she declared, "Impaled master," "Yes, a good choice, impaled," he agreed, "Impaled," "Ohhh Master, please!" Penny squealed but it was far too late, she was now fully impaled, the entire nine and a quarter inches of plastic phallus within her and still the master played with her clit, "Master!" she shrieked finally and ecstasy an exhaustion overcame her and she slumped over the machine.

He guided her head as she slumped but it was obvious she was hurting her neck so reluctantly he unfastened the padlock to release her collar from the chain overhead before wheeling her away from the centre of the room. He was still there when she woke, "How are you my dear?" he asked. "Wonderful!" she said dreamily and then regretted her words instantly. "You are supposed to call me master my dear." he said as he slapped each of her cheeks in turn leaving them reddened like a peasants cheeks.

She was suddenly wide awake, "I'm sorry Master," she apologised, "I'm really sorry Master," she repeated and soft tears began to fall.

"Now don't cry," he said, "Those gorgeous blue eyes should be full of laughter not sorrow." She deep sucking bitch gets her sperm ration incredulously, "You're mad," she said suddenly.

"You are mad Master," he corrected, "But you did cum beautifully just a few minutes ago, quite delightfully so, so I was going to ask a small favour?" "Favour Master?" she asked incredulously. "Well, my dear you do rather stink abominably," he added, "So would you mind awfully if I had your clothes washed and laundered?" "I can't stop you," she said, "Master." "No Penny, I wish you to hand me your clothes," He said quietly, "It is not for me to undress you, I am not your lover, but I would consider it a privilege if I could alleviate virgin sex sweet cutie runs into excited dude awful smell in some small way." She stared, "What will I wear?" she asked knowing the answer already, "Master?" "I think we both know the answer is nothing at all." he chuckled, "Well?" "That would be very kind Master." she agreed.

"Slip them off then my dear," he said quietly and now freed except for the impaling dildo she slowly undressed, first her jacket, still with her useless mobile phone in the pocket together with her small wallet with her equally useless credit cards, and few pounds of spending money and the small segment of tin foil she had bought her fix in, was it less than four days ago.

Her dress she pulled easily over her head and she smiled as he shot an admiring glance at her firm body and then finally she undid her bra and handed it to him, "Your stockings please and shoes." he added, she pulled them down slowly she hoped sexily, and slipped her shoes off.

"Shall I hose you of Penny, with lovely cold water?" he asked. "Thank you Master," she said. "Or would you prefer a lovely hot bath?" he asked. She paused obviously it was a trick question, "You're just playing with me master!" she declared.

"No, my dear, but I shall require you to be collared and leashed at all times when you are outside the safety of this room." he said reasonably, "And of course you shall remain delightfully naked." "Yes Master," she agreed. "Then so be it," he said delightedly, "I'll fetch the collar and leash." He strode to the filing cabinet and took out a dog collar and leash, he handed it to her, "If you would care to slip it on?" She took the black leather collar and placed it around her neck, "Slip the padlock through the first spare hole," he ordered, "So it doesn't slip undone accidentally!" She did as he asked and the lock clicked closed.

"Excellent, now to bathe, I shall just release you." He moved close to her reached under the saw horse and began to fiddle with something suddenly she felt the nyeema knoxxx wants some privacy with the bbc come loose. "Yes I merely unscrewed it my dear." he said, "I shall fix it later don't worry." She slid gingerly along the saw horse and dropped to the ground her knees buckled with the fatigue, "The hose is just there." he explained, "Are you sure you want a hot bath?" It took all her will power, "Yes," she agreed.

"And you won't mind a blindfold?" he asked. "No Master," she replied and then she saw he had taken a simple black face mask with the eye holes obscured from the filing cabinet, he slipped it over head and she descended into darkness.

He led her away across the cold stone floor, she could have lifted the mask at any time but she did not, she merely followed up stone steps and then along carpeted passage ways and up carpeted stairs until he suggested she "Take the blindfold off,"and she found herself in a magnificently appointed bathroom, white marble floors, black marble bath surround, ivory taps and everything appointed in black or white, except where the yellowish glow of the low energy lighting gave a warmth to the otherwise cold ambience.

He ran the bath for her and finally after a liberal application of bath salts he allowed her to climb in. She luxuriated in the unaccustomed luxury and then with a click as the door locked he left her alone. She was asleep when he returned, "Penny, you can't sleep in the bath my dear." he chided. He wore boxer shorts now, under his red silk dressing gown, just boxers and red carpet slippers, like an elderly gentleman. "No, no I suppose not." she said.

"Master," he said, "That will be three lashes, I have shown kindness, you repay me with dis respect." "I'm sorry Master," she said recovering, "But Master I am overcome by your manliness." "Oh bravo, bravo indeed, oh if only you were sincere, but alas, I am no adonis," he chuckled, but you have made me late for my engagement so I have cancelled, and I can spend time with you." "Thank you Master," she replied sleepily.

"And when you are clean what would you like to do?" he asked. "Sleep in a lovely soft warm bed." she said wistfully, "With you beside me Master." "Not on top, ploughing a furrow between your delectable thighs?" he asked. "That would be perfect Master," she said. "You don't mean a word of it Penny," he replied, "Thirty lashes, but that is tomorrow and today is today." "Master?" she queried, but already he had discarded his bathrobe and started to work shampoo into her matted hair.

She allowed him to wash her, to lift her from the bath and dry her and then to lead her through the connecting door to his bedroom where he dried her hair with a hair-drier before letting her lie on his own bed. "Penny?" he asked but she was quite worn out and she had fallen asleep where she lay.


He pulled the covers out from under her, covered her with them and lay down beside her and slipped into a deep and contented sleep. He lay watching as she woke, "Master?" she said as if in disbelief. "Yes my dear, now to your duties." he suggested, she looked blank, "What do you imagine I should like at this time of day." "Oh, Master," she answered.

"Think girl think, and then do don' t talk do." he insisted. She took hold of his boxer shorts releasing his straining erection, he smiled and she knew what she had to do. "With my mouth Master?" she asked. "If it pleases you?" he said, "Then do it." She ducked her head over his straining pink penis with its bulbous purple head and gently slid down until her lips were firmly at its root and then she began to suck. "I meant my morning toast," he said as he ruffled her hair, "But this is rather pleasant." he said as he cupped his hands around her head and held her down firmly, as the first step mom and teen threesome blowjob doggy style and throbs of impending orgasm began to assault his senses and suddenly it was too late as his pent up cum gushed into her mouth and throat.

"Would you like hot buttered cum on pussy part 3 he asked. "Mmm, Master, I have just tasted cream!" she exclaimed. "Than toast it is!" he agreed, "But first my dear you need to cum." "Me Master, why?" she asked. "Because you look so wonderfully wanton when you cum my dear," he said as he looked at her lithe torso and perfect breasts, "But that disgusting fur," he said stroking her pubic hair, "Do you not possess a razor?" "No Master," she replied, "My boyfriend liked it." "Did he, did he really," he replied.

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"But if it pleases you master I will shave if you have a razor." she agreed. "No matter, it is soft and downy, and your clitoris," he observed as he rubbed her clit gently, "Is barely obscured," "Master," she said, "Master, that feels wonderful." "My fingers or nine inches of plastic phallus?" he asked.

"Everything!" she declared, and she burst into tears. She heard a tentative knock on the door, he went out of the room, spoke to an unseen woman and returned carrying a tray with hot buttered toast and coffee. "Now did you sleep alright, did the Dildo keep you awake?" he asked anxiously as he placed the tray beside her and invited her to eat.

"No, I slept wonderfully Master," she replied. "Good answer my dear, and now the truth?" he suggested. "I was so tired Master," she admitted. "Five lashes for that lapse I think, blonde rebecca teen shows dp and oral in group orgies is thirty eight lashes," he suggested, "Shall you make it fifty?" "I don't know Master." she said.

"It's not very many really, most girls like sixty to really make them cum, would you like to call me a 'Bastard' and get an additional fifteen?" he suggested with a smile. "Master, I would like you to," she paused, "Do what you did earlier." "You seek favours from your Master already?" he asked, "Was the food not enough, and the removal of your iron collar and chains," "I thought it might give Master some pleasure, Master?" she said hopefully.

"It may well but I shall give you a far more intense pleasure before we have our morning coffee," he suggested, "So have a wash do whatever you need to and the put your blindfold on and the collar and you shall be taken to heaven." She did as he ordered, not fearfully now but trusting, and he led her away down the carpeted corridor and the stairs, "Ah Penelope meet Mrs Hastings, our cook and housekeeper, she brought your toast this morning." She stared blankly into the darkness, and she held out her hand to shake hands, "Ah I saw you come in," she said, "You called me an old bitch," she sighed, "And I still got the bruise on me leg." "I'm very sorry Mrs Hastings," she said quietly.

"Well sir give her fifteen whacks from me for me bruise!" the cook requested. "Would you like to do them yourself Cook?" the Master asked. "Oh, I don't think I got time what with the cleaning and." she gabbled.

"Nonsense, you get your leathers and come down when you're ready," The Master cajoled the older woman. "You best scrape off that fuzz first." Cook ordered. "It's delightfully soft, I fear it will become spiky like yours if she shaves it Cook." the Master joked and as the older woman brushed her hand against the soft down covering Penny's sex she felt rather than saw the older woman's embarrassment.

Incongruously as she took her hand from Penny's crotch so Cook seized Penny's hand and shook it, "He's the best, the Master is," she whispered, and then Penny was led away once more. Soon carpets gave way to stone floors as the Master led Penny downwards once more, and the creak of the oak door and the stench of disinfectant told her she was back in the Cellar where she had been imprisoned.

"There, climb onto the seat would you?" he asked as he removed her blindfold. Penny obeyed sliding along smooth polished wood top of the saw horse until he ordered her to "Stop!" She heard him fiddling felt the dildo she still had inside her quivered and then she was fixed to the saw horse once more. "Stand on the foot blocks," he suggested but she couldn't. "It's stuck," she said simply, "Master!" "And how do we loosen it?" he asked. "I'I don't know Master" she said. "Turn you on my dear, you did extraordinarily well not to complain about it, I must say, and I was a tiny erotica babe carmen gemini video amp pictures disappointed that your, ah, cunt, shall we say was denied me last evening, but Penny keeping a dildo inside all night is a real milestone my dear." "Master?" she queried.

"And now to business, it was thirty eight plus fifteen was it not, shall we call it sixty?" he offered. "Yes Master," she agreed. "So hold your breasts out," he suggested, she did as he said holding out her perfect unblemished breasts with their small insignificant nipples for his inspection.

She watched as he went to the filing cabinet, he took off his jacket and hung it on the door, then his shirt and tie and then he donned a simple leather waistcoat before slipping off his dark trousers and pulling on a pair of leather lederhosen, a pair of leather boots and a strange Germanic pork pie hat with a feather completed the bizarre uniform and he picked up a variety of whips and canes, which he laid beside the saw.

"Are you ready?" he asked. "Yes Master." she answered "Can you raise yourself yet?" he asked. She tried to lift herself but she had to admit defeat, "No Master," she replied. "Then allow me," he suggested. and he drew a short riding crop from the whips and canes on the floor, she watched as drew his arm back took careful aim and the whip arced briefly through the air before, thwack! Her left breast exploded in a cataclysm of agony, "Aaaaggghhh," she squealed. "Aggghhhh Master," he corrected her, "now hold pagalwrldcom xxx fat bf ll h b hurts Master," she squealed hopelessly, but the whip was already arcing through the air towards her right breast, she shuddered and screamed, but now he was into his rhythm, left, right, left, right, red marks began to criss cross her pink breasts and he noted with pleasure that her nipples were slowly stiffening.

"Scream if you like," he suggested. "Uh, Master please," she said. He stopped. "You may scream you know," he said, "Can you raise yourself." she shook her head but to her surprise she could, it hurt as the waisted section at the base of the dildo gave way to the full diameter stretching her beyond her limits but as she stood up the dildo finally came free with a clearly audible "Plop." She looked around uncertainly, "You see it does turn you on," he whispered, "Now do you feel horribly empty?" she stared at him in disbelief but indeed she did.

"Would you like to bend over the seat,?" he suggested, "Then I might strike you across the buttocks instead of across the breasts." "Must I Master, I feel horribly, well empty," she explained limply. "Then would you care for a something, well filling?" he asked as he strode to the cabinet once more, he pulled a cardboard box out and opened it to reveal a yellow plastic phallus, "This one perhaps, it expands, do you see," he held it up to show her the key inserted in the base and how twisting it expanded the girth of the phallus.

"Yes Master," she agreed, "That would help, I'm sure." "Then here you are," he suggested and handed it to her. She took it from him and began to ease it between the lips of her sopping vagina and then when only the key protruded she began to twist it until she gasped. "Not too much my dear," he suggested, "Is that better?" "Yes, Master," she agreed, "Thank you." "Then bend." he ordered, and she bent over the central spine of the saw horse, "Grip the lower rail," he ordered and as she peered up at him seeing him framed between her own legs so he slashed the whip over her buttocks, Thwack, five times left to right over the left cheek and then five the other way.

"When is my turn," A familiar voice asked, "Mrs Hastings why, you do look the part," he answered, as he looked round, Mrs Hastings looked completely ridiculous in her fishnet stockings, black suspender belt, low heeled black shoes and a leather corset which pushed up part of her more then ample breast while allowing her nipples to droop and dangle over the end.

"Why thank you Mr Masters," she said coyly, "Can I have a go sir?" she asked. "Of course you may, how many was that Penelope?" the Master asked "Twenty I think sir." she said.

"Master, but sir showed respect, so we shall say no more," he replied, "Mrs Hastings when you're ready." "Yes sir," she said and she selected a larger whip, a wild west type horse whip which she cracked like a wild west cowhand before she took careful aim, brought the whip back carefully and with enormous force smashed the end of the whip into the roof of the cellar dislodging dust and spiders webs before the whip missed Penny completely crashing into the saw horse beside her.

"Oohh, sir!" Mrs Hastings exclaimed. "That, Mrs Hastings, should be only be used horizontally!" he laughed, "Use the small one!" She took the smaller whip from him and tried again, Thwack, this time she hit Penny's raised bottom neatly right across the middle, "I got the hang of it again now sir," she said before her next swat missed and slashed across the back of Penny's legs.

"Ahhh!" Penny squealed. "Mrs Hasting be careful," the Master said firmly. "I'm starting to feel a bit funny sir, " she confessed. "Oh dear, well do you best," he encouraged, "And I'll stand over there just in case." he added as he strode away. Mrs Hastings did her best but the excitement was becoming too much, the whip slipped in sweaty hands as her erect nipples swayed awkwardly as she slashed the whip back and forth across Penny's tender young rump.

"That's twenty Mrs Hastings, I think that's enough." he said and she stepped away and slipped the ebony whip handle inside her cavernous sopping cunt. "Now that's hardly hygienic Mrs Hastings," the Master chided, "Go and find a proper Dildo would you?" Mrs Hastings walked guiltily to the Cabinet. "There's only little ones, where's the adjustable?" she asked.

"Oh, Penny has it, Penny, would you lend Mrs Hastings your Dildo please." "What?" she asked, "You are joking?" she paused, and then recovered to agree, "I mean yes Master," she said.


"Run it under the tap first," he ordered. Penny reached round and still bent over the saw horse she used the key to contract the dildo so she could slide it out, she felt awfully empty as she did so and then as the Master gestured she stood and walked awkwardly to the hose google plushcam play lovense sex toys tight wet teen pussy likes and hosed it off. "That's it pop it in Mrs Hastings would you?" he asked.

"Me Master?" she asked. "Yes Penelope you," he grinned maliciously, she stared at him aghast, Mrs Hasting waited impatiently. "Oh god!" Penny gasped, suddenly everything felt so awkward, how on earth would she insert a Dildo in someone else, it was completely alien to her, sex was just get drunk and don't fight too hard when the guys came on to her but this was something completely different. "Do something!" Mrs Hastings cried in frustration as she leaned back across the wall and lifted her right leg placing her foot against the wall so Penny had access to her shaved sex, she grabbed at the Dildo.

"No let the girl do it!" the Master ordered, "Hands behind you Mrs Hastings or I shall cuff you." he ordered. Penny awkwardly knelt and worked the tip of the plastic phallus within Mrs Hastings vagina's huge dangling outer lips, and as the older woman moaned she worked it deeper and deeper inside her cavernous insides, until with the whole device inside except the protruding key she thought she should twist.

"Other way," the Master suggested, "Count the turns, half at a time I think thirteen half turns." Penny didn't take any notice she just kept winding until it went tight, "Ohhhhh," Mrs Hastings gasped, "Too tight!" "Bring her to the point of orgasm please Penelope," the Master ordered.


Penny stared at him in confusion, but with Mrs Hastings completely shaved sex exposed and her clitoris clearly visible Penny, decided to reach out caress it but then she saw the whips laid out on a shelf of the filing Cabinet, she grasped a short horse riding crop and flicked it across Mrs Hastings pubes hoping that she flicked her clitoris and the squeal from the older woman showed her she was on target.

"Work the dildo, Penelope, suck her breasts do something girl." the Master ordered, but he was too late, release came easily to Mrs Hastings and she crumpled against Penelope who had to ease her to the ground and she gasped in helpless ecstasy.

"So shall we clean up and have elevenses?" the Master suggested. Penny swung round appalled, "But Master!" she gasped. "Yes?" he replied. "What about me?" she asked.

"Don't be selfish," he said, "Clean the equipment and then we will have coffee and croissants. " "But Master!" she complained, "You said sixty!" "Yes I'll let you off the extra lashes." he offered.

"No!" she replied, "You can't leave me like this!" "Oh don't tell me you want me to lash you?" he asked, "You do don't you?" he added, "I knew when I saw you," he added, "Twenty more that is all you'll get." he offered.

"Thank you Master." she replied, in relief, "May I have the Dildo?" "No climb the saw horse," he said, "Although twenty lashes isn't much, how about we try these as well," She didn't answer but he took a small box from the cabinet, extracted some solid gold clamps and placed one on each of her distended nipples and as she gasped, one on each of the lips of her vagina.

"Master!" she gasped. "Come my darling," he ordered and before she knew he had put another collar around her neck and was leading her to the saw horse, this time she climbed on eagerly, slipped down with a satisfied gasp and started to hump the phallus energetically. "Ride it Penny, ride hard ride for me," the Master ordered as he reached down and secured Penny's ankles to the frame with leather straps before he took up the whip and began to swat her shoulders and buttocks, "And there are just two swats left so cum if you're going to Penelope," he suggested.

Two more swats and Penny was left on the edge of orgasm as the Master went to undo her ankle straps, "Shall we get cleaned up?" he asked.

"But Master you can't leave me like this!" she exclaimed. "I most certainly can young lady." he replied firmly, as he unclipped her vagina and nipple clamps, "Now climb off now." Penny climbed sadly from the machine, a terrible emptiness spread throughout her body physically and mentally.

"Clearly you are not a masochist," the Master explained, "Nor sadist so where does that leave you?" "I don't understand," she said. "Master," he corrected her. "So hit me," she said nastily. The blow when it came was sudden and brutal, a full blown slap across her cheek she sprawled to the ground. "If you want to be whipped ask nicely, but don't be rude." the Master advised, "But are you all right," He went to kneel beside her, "Does it hurt," he asked anxiously as he inserted three fingers in her vagina.

"Not now Master, it feels." she paused, his thumb was working, gently antagonising her clit, until her whole being was focused on her clit. "Does it feel right Penny?" he asked. "Ahhh," she said helplessly. "Ah Master," he suggested, "Do you like thick amateur brunette fucked xxx art imitating life Master," she said.

"Isn't that nicer than being pushed up against a wall for a few seconds while some drunken oaf uses you?" he asked. "Yes Master," she husked. "Good, you're a very special girl Penny," the Master said, "And I promise that we will find out exactly what," he broke off, she wasn't listening, her breath was in short gasps her eyes glazed and suddenly he just sighed as the waves of relief swept over her.

He let brunette whore nicolette noirett enjoys fake agent lie on her side and resigned himself to getting his own croissants. Penny stretched deliciously on the cold stone floor, everything seemed at peace, she felt warm and she felt loved and content and then the smell of coffee made her look up as the Master entered the cellar carrying a tray with coffee and croissants.

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"Mrs Hastings," he called but she just lay there her as her more than ample bosom heaved with her heavy breathing. "Master," Penny replied, "I'm sorry Master I should have done that!" "Not at all my dear, " he agreed, "Now pour the coffee, four sugars no milk for Mrs Hastings, black and one spoon for myself please." Mrs Hastings began to snore and as soon as Penny had eaten and finished her coffee he asked "Have you finished," she smiled so he suggested "There's a maid's outfit in there if you would like to try it on.

Penny stepped over Mrs Hastings and put the obscenely short and revealing black latex maids uniform with white latex apron on, "That's better," The Master complimented her "Shall we go up?" he asked and he followed as she climbed the stairs and found not a private house but some kind of clinic or latina cutie rides fat rod hardcore bigboobs, there were a few people about, but no one took any notice as they walked the long corridors to the stairs to what she imagined were the Master's quarters, but he showed her into a modern well appointed kitchen/ breakfast room.

"I think you're doing extraordinarily well," the Master praised her, "You came beautifully." Penny suddenly thought, "But Master, you didn't cum!" "No, sadly I was forgotten." he said. "Master," Penny said as she took her nipple clamps and vaginal lip clamps off, "Master I would be honoured." "You're so kind Penny, just hop up in the worktop," he suggested. "But Master I thought your bed," she suggested, "Nice and soft and warm." "Not the back seat of a Ford or an alleyway?" the Master enquired.

"No, the Master deserves the best," she said. "Very well then," he agreed, shall we, my room is up the stairs first on the left." again Penny led the way and she took the Masters hand and led him away to the bedroom, she turned the wrong way twice bit soon they were in the Master's bedroom and as the Master dashed into his bathroom Penny lay as seductively as she knew across the bed.

"Now you can't come to my bed looking like a two dollar tart" he said suddenly, "Somewhere around her is a very expensive negligee, yes in that cupboard, over there," he pointed, "Put it on would you?" he asked.

Penny found an astonishingly sheer nightdress, it sent shivers down her spine as she caressed it, "Put it on and then we shall make love," he ordered, and she quickly disposed of the maid's uniform and slipped the negligee on. He emerged in just a bathrobe with a bath towel preserving his modesty. "Love me Master, please." Penny asked and he gently raised the hem of her negligee worked himself between her legs and gently but firmly claimed her with his erection.

Penny felt elated, excited, and thrilled as if she had won some exotic prize. "Never, never, ever fuck without a Condom Penny," he whispered, "Your lover might be google plushcam play lovense sex toys tight wet teen pussy likes, but this time we are both clear and I do find it feels that bit more intimate." "Master," Penny suggested, "Shut up and kiss me." He needed no further encouragement, he devoured her, raping her mouth with his tongue taking the last secret part of her for his own and then as she in turn invaded his mouth as her bullet hard nipples dug into his chest so the bubbling steaming cauldron of his balls started to leak the first drops of what became an absolute torrent of creamy cum which pervaded every part of her vagina and womb.

"That, my dear was making love." the Master said as his penis shrank inside her, "Expensive negligee suggests expensive girl, cheap clothes cheap tart." he explained. Penny lay back possessed but secure in the knowledge that she could be a great lover.

"Well my dear, it seems we have finished your course a week early." he said when he had finally shrunk back to insignificance. "Course?" she queried. "Oh yes, we picked you up drunk and about to be used by a group of your friends, your parents booked you in for a fortnight," he explained.

"God, they know?" she asked. "Oh yes, they contacted us at the clinic, but you do seem to be a long way ahead of schedule," he suggested, "Perhaps if you are to stay until next weekend you could assist me?" "Yes, Masterbut Clinic?" she asked, "Parents?" "Yes I'm afraid you were about to have sex in the alleyway behind the club when we found you, don't you remember?" "No," she confessed.

"Two coloured gentlemen," the Master reminded her, "They were referring to you as a bitch and hoe, I'm afraid I took a dim view of that, so we brought you into the clinic and let you cool off in the swing collar." "God, I thought I would die." she exclaimed. "No," he agreed," You can't fall far enough to jerk your neck sufficiently to break it but it is extremely painful or so I am told, and of course humilliating." "So what now?" Penny asked. "Morning after pill," he replied, "And then you must come and see the rest of the facility, Mr Edmund Grace is here, I believe you know him?" "Oh yes," she agreed, "He, he." she stopped as she remembered the hurt when he just ignored her at the nightclub.

"I gather he didn't reciprocate your drunken advances?" the Master enquired. "Oh, was I drunk?" she asked. "Very," he replied, "Hence the two coloured gentlemen in the alley." he paused, "Actually they are downstairs, would you like to see them?" "No!" she declared. "But we all have to do distasteful things Penny," he said, "And Mr Mbele and Mr Desoto's parents have paid a considerable sum on the understanding that you won't press charges for attempted rape." "What are they here for." she asked innocently.

"To have some of the arrogance beaten out of them and that Penny, is where you could be of great service to me." he said and smiled enigmatically. Penny listened incredulously, the Master wanted her to whip and humiliate the black guys.

"What do you say?" he asked, but Penny's rock hard nipples had given him an answer already, "Shall we?" he asked. "Master," she said softly, "Make love to me again, please!" "My pleasure," he agreed, as he rolled back on top of xxx storys h d full new xxx 2019 h d mounted her and took her to the land that is ecstasy once more.

To be continued?