Raunchy latina stunner has her asshole drilled

Raunchy latina stunner has her asshole drilled
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.I was dragged into the girls changing room by two of the girls. I still had my trousers round my ankles, my cock started going stiff as the dripping wet girls in bikinis pulled me along.

I was sat in the corner with my hands tied behind my back with loads of hairbands. The girls lined up in single file and waited to give me their punishment.

A weedy girl with no tits was at the front, she stepped forwards and slapped me round the face then glanced at my cock and walked off.

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Bethany was second, she untied her bikini top and let it drop to the floor. My cock grew to the biggest it's ever been as she crouched down and started kissing my shaft.


She then took it all in her mouth and slid her head up and down on my manlihood. She was an expert, I came very quickly because she was so good. She then went a bit higher and hd pov hot brunette with big tits loves to bounce on your big cock my penis between her breasts. She started bobbing up and down.

Her young tits were glorious. Soon she was done and also walked off. The next girl was a beautiful red head called Charlotte. She was already naked and as she stepped up to me her boobs jiggled, they weren't as firm as bethany's but they were still awsome.

She stood up on the bench so that her pussy was inches from my face. She had a full bush that was red like her hair. she stuck it in my face and forced me to eat her out. She was delishious. Her already wet pussy was leaking it's female juices into my waiting mouth. As soon as she reached her orgasm she got down from the bench and started kissing me. At first it was just a gentle kiss untill she stuck her tongue into my mouth.

We played with each others tongues for about a minuite because the girl behind her shoved her away and said "it's my turn!" This girl was one of the larger girls in our year. She had spots all over her face and had greasy black hair. She made me eat her out, play with her tits and snog her before she gave me a terrible blowjob.

Now that really was a punishment. Miss anounced that there was only time for one more girl but to my delight I got two. Hannah and Becky were twins and did everything together, this was no exception.

Becky knelt on the floor and started giving me a blowjob while Hannah undressed. She was a beautiful blonde haired girl with brown eyes and a body to die for. Her boobs were a good handful and her hairy pussy was pink and ready. She started by kissing me softly all over my torso. She then moved up to my mouth as her twin continued below.

We kissed pasionatly for two or three minuites before the girls swapped. Hannah moved down to my worn out cock while Becky undressed. Becky was the opposite of Hannah, she had dark brown hair and green eyes. Her boobs were very small but still gorgeous.

I sucked on her erect nipples before eating her out. Her pussy was shaved and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She leaked presious juice into my mouth and I took it all. At the same time cum was squirting out of me into Hannah's mouth, I couldn't see if she took it or not because her sisters body was in the way. Miss ended my punishment, well my pleasurable experience, and told the girls to get there clothes back on.


"thanks miss" is all I managed to say. Miss turned and slapped me on the now limp penis. Then pushed me into the pool with my top on britney and brandy want to taste eachother my trousers round my ankles.

Bethany walked out to see what the splash was and said "if your clothes are too wet you can wear my bikini!" This really was the best day of my life! if any of you have had simlar experiences please tell me about them in the comment box. i really enjoy writing so please give me tips on ho i ca improve my stories and hopefully i can carry on for a long time and build a huge collection. please also leave me the names of similar writers and heir stories so that i can read their work too.

if you have any ideas for other stories please tell me as im going to write a new series soon.


anyone who i really horny please check and see my other works that i will post very shortly. My name s the PornPiggy nd im trying to help you get horny. this is a great site and a wonderful way of reading other peoples work for free. i now have to put a few full stops to fulfill th websites needs for 5000 characters.

.thank you again for reading my work! Thanks for Reading my story please leave comments and rate it. . please continue using this site as it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!

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thnk you again and hopefully we will see each other in some of my other tales. .