Muslim girl white guy no money no problem

Muslim girl white guy no money no problem
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Wandering Through Life.A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved.Chapter 3 I'll return to Nam later as I had a time with H and C but I'll trip forward to late day with a relationship I had with V that went a year and three months and I fucked up with another V that messed my mind up for quite a while.

As I mentioned before I cruised the biker internet sites and had a few enjoyable encounters with ladies and no doubt the first V was the sweetest lady yet. We started messaging through the site, BON and got quite friendly as we progressed through to texting and talking on the phone.

She seemed eager as I was to meet and lived only 20 miles away.we met at a hot rodders hangout for dinner and it was quite pleasant. We parted with a hug that she seemed a bit hesitant to let go but I was still working and had a ton going on.she called beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang following day and asked if I could get time off the next weekend for a ride to Mexico.

She had her own bike and though I like to have ladies ride with me it is easier on a trip single up.

I checked at work and arranged for Thursday through Monday off. This made crossing the border easier.

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I called her and said let's meet at the Circle K by my house and we could head across the Indian Reservation and meet a couple, J and C at Why.

She showed up right on time and we headed out. My mind was racing at 100 miles per hour wondering how the weekend would work out with a unknown lady and another couple for four nights and the sleeping arrangements?? We cruised along and stopped at Covered Wells for a smoke break. We yakked a bit and as we were leaving I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss.

Nice kiss and she leaned into me as I pulled away.I said we'll esposa putísima le hacen doble penetración tube porn late for the meet if we don't stop and she said so?? We hauled ass trading the lead back and forth and made it in record time to Why. After a rest room break and a smoke I walked over to her and took her in my arms for another, frenching in 15 seconds and J and C pulled up.

Shook hands with C and J came over and gave me a full body hug with her rubbing her crotch on my leg and a breathy kiss on the side of the neck! She asked V if she had pee'd yet and she might need help?? V said she'd already shook the dew off her lily and maybe later. Needless to say my curiosity as well as my cock were raised!! We headed out for the border and made it across no problems and headed to the ocean at 100 mph most of the way.

V had mentioned the name of the motel and I had been working, living and playing there many years but did not recognize the name she mentioned?? Turns out I knew the place, Via Grenada that was built by the Madam of Penasco Luisa Lourdes and the strip wet pussy at night watch part on suzcamcom were under her influence while she was alive.more about these later.

We checked into a room with two beds and large bathroom.right on the beach and this beach, bar and resturant were very familiar to me. We had a mess of beach taco's and multiple margarita's and beers.nap time.V and I took one bed and C & J took the other. I had been copping titty feels at the bar and V finally took my hand and put it on her pussy.

She said you keep playing with my nipples and I need to cum very soon!

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C headed to the rest room and J came over and kissed me full on the mouth and said you don't take care of your ladies needs she would. V turned beet red in her face and down her chest and I asked her if she just had an orgasm? She said she did and my curiosity of pending stuff rushed through my brain straight to my cock. I stripped down to my shorts and V left her lose top and panties on.Just as C was coming from the rest room J had peeled her shirt and bra and had on a tiny, TINY thong that just covered her shaved pussy slit.Her titties weren't huge but her nipples were long and big.she rolled her nipples between her fingers and then around to C getting on the bed to sleep.

V and I got under the sheet and started some intense touchy feely and she quietly said we'd have to wait until we were alone for sex.I told her to tell me where to stop as I slipped my hand into her panties.she said she would and I looked at the other bed and J was watching us with her hand rubbing her tit and one pulling her thong aside and sliding her finger in her pussy!

She saw me looking and smiled while she pulled her fingers out of her pussy with a pop and stuck them in her mouth. V and I were spooning with my cock in the crack of her ass, one hand with fingers in her pussy and gianna michaels watch my cleavage hand playing with her nipple. She rolled her head back and said you can watch but not touch yet.meaning J as we were playing hard.

She pulled my cock out and started stroking me softly and said this belongs in her pussy and mouth first. and she was sorry she hadn't shaved her pussy like J and I said not to worry I prefer pussies hairy and if she needs a trim I'd be glad to do it.any time!

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J must have climaxed quietly and rolled over towards C to nap. We could see her fingers still in her pussy and resting on her anus twitching.

I feel asleep with my cock in V's hand, and though I didn't cum it was covered with precum. After a really nice nap I woke up still hard and needing to piss.

I headed to the bathroom still sticking out of my shorts and jumped in the shower. I had an audience of V and J and when I looked they were both smiling.

When I came out in a towel V asked how she should dress for dinner and I told her no bra and the rest was optional but being on the bikes required jeans anyway.

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V and J headed into the bathroom together and C was awake and he asked if he missed anything?? I said not much but the nite was young.

The girls came out dressed but very touchy feeley. V's bike is a trike so I decided to ride with her and played with her titties and pussy as we rode. she didn't complain one bit and was very attentive while we ate.I told her I must be dreaming as I had never been with a lady such a short time that seemed so comfortable with my attention and caresses.

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She said the night is young.After strolling around the Malecon and sharing pineapple drinks we headed back to the motel. We sat at the bar and downed some more beer and margarita's when a beach vendor came along selling blankets. I love Mexican blankets and bought one.V asked why? we didn't need it for the bed and I said but we do for the beach later. speaking of the beach and it was dark I said let's go for a walk and find a deserted place to be alone. we headed down towards the water and I spread it out.

she literally jumped on top of me and I grabbed her braless tits. they weren't much more than C's which is just right for me and he said she really likes her nipples played with and sucked on!

I asked if she had every had an orgasm from nipple play and she said she had been blondes licking each other in an orgy today than ever and I commenced to suck on one and play with the other. I could tell she was close from the aroma from her pussy and told her I really wanted to eat her said she had never done so much sex outside and I started to undo her pants.her shirt was already up in her armpits.

I pulled her pants down to her knees and found no panties! I asked if she had plans and she said she was just following instructions from earlier. I pressed my face into her pussy hair and found her already wet.

She said J's attention in the bathroom earlier gave her a head start and she just had a nipple orgasm. I commenced to lick her labia into her opening and she said to thank my x ole lady for letting me go.I took her hand and put it on her pussy and said show me where she likes to be licked.

she put two fingers in and said anywhere and then pulled them to her clit on each side but suck on this and she'll scream.I commenced to lick and suck on her but she stopped me and said it was her turn to please me and pushed me back on the blanket.

She pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock and was deep throating me on the third stroke. I told her I wanted to cum in or on her pussy and she finally let me go and turned around and grabbed my cock and started rubbing it on her pussy lips and clit.this was wonderful and I could feel the cum rising in my cock.she slipped it in her pussy for a couple strokes and brought it back out all wet from her juices and my precum and started tribbing on did that feel wonderful and shortly I came so fucking hard I near passed out.She slipped off me and took my cock all cum covered and licked it clean and the gave me a deep throat french kiss sharing our juices.tasted wonderful!

We pulled our clothes back on and headed to the room. C & J were already in bed with C snoring up a storm and J laying on top of the sheets fingering her pussy again. V walked over by the bed and stuck her pussy in front of J and said mine smells better than yours.J had an orgasm just then and pulled her fingers out and told me to lick them. I did and started to get hard again and V took my hand and said bed time. We woke up the next morning and I needed to pee bad!! C had just left on the bike and J was in the bathroom taking a shower.I knocked on the door and said I need to pee now and she said come in she wouldn't bite.

She had the door open and had her fingers in her pussy.again. I started peeing in the bowl and she stepped behind me and took my cock in her hand pointing it around and stroking it.I told her if it got hard it would be difficult to pee but she continued to stroke me until I finished and said she wanted to taste my cum fresh from the facuet.I asked her if she didn't like it mixed with pussy juice and she said yes but she just wanted a taste.V came in and said it was her's and the only taste she could have was from her pussy.

What a weekend and it was only Friday.