Secrets of the mansion black hair fingering

Secrets of the mansion black hair fingering
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"I knew it!" She laughed. "You totally want me." I was so embarrassed, probably flushing several shades of red at once. I started to make a break for the door. "Hold it!" She grabbed my arm and spun me around to face her.

Locking her arms around my waist she pulled me close to her while she stayed kneeling on the bed. "That doesn't mean I don't want you too. We're just fooling around. Don't take it so serious. Now, why don't you lie down next to me and take a walk down memory lane?" I stayed quiet, still a little embarrassed. She grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it off over her head.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She wasn't wearing anything under her shorts. Forbidden science s01e10 tube porn fingers pushed the fabric in the middle over to the side and she rubbed her pussy. "I showed you mine; let's see yours." I took off my top and reached to the back to unclasp my bra.

I couldn't believe I was going to go through with this. I hadn't done anything like this since college. It was exciting though. I slid the bra of my arms and unbound my tits. "Look at you," Lex leered, "I love the big ones. So much more fun to play with." She was still rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She reached with her foot and ran her toes up the inside of my leg. She stopped with her big toes on the fly of my jeans.

"Now get these off. I wanna see how wet I've gotten you." As I undid the button and pulled at the zipper I wished I had put on lacey panties this morning. I turned my back to her and bent over, removing my jeans; and revealing the cotton thong underneath. "You can keep that on for now, if you want. Your ass looks great in it." I turned around as she tossed her shorts across the room.

Lying completely naked on the bed, she rolled onto her stomach and started picking through her box of dildos.

"Sit down," she said. "You're making me nervous standing there like that." I hadn't been paying attention to the TV, but while we were talking the video of her taking a massive cumshot had finished and a new one had started. The guy wasn't visible in this one, but you could hear him talking to her. She was lying naked on a bed, much like she was now, with a large black dildo. She rubbed it on her pussy then brought it up to her mouth and licked it. He was telling her how sexy she was and how much she made him want to cum.

I leaned back against the head of the bed and spread my legs. I squeezed my tit with one hand while I rubbed the lips of my pussy with the other. Lex spun around and scooted up next to me.

She rested the back of her head on my shoulder and slid one of her dildos inside her. "Ooohhh" she let out. "Sorry, I'm so rude," she let out between gasps. She reached down to her box and handed me an egg-style vibrator. "You should like this one." She grunted as she slid the smooth, black cock in and out.

"It's kinda like the one you have. You can just hold it, oh yes!" She stopped and caught her breath for a minute. "Up to your clit.

Or if you're felling wild, you can slide the whole thing inside." I felt a little strange using her vibrators, but I was too horny to slow down now. I pressed it to the outside of my pussy and tried to make sense of the dial on it. It had a couple different settings; I started working my way through all of them. The first several were just progressively faster speeds.

Then they started to pulse to different rhythms; combining speeds and intensities. I rubbed it over my slit and then back up to my clit, making that circuit several times as I passed through each setting. "Put it inside," Lex whimpered as she continued to fuck the dildo she had chosen. "Okay." I slid it inside of me as I started the cycles over again. I used my fingers to push it deeper and then pulled it farther out by the cord. Again, I pressed it deep inside myself and brought it back toward the surface.

I looked over at Lex; she was staring intently at the video of her masturbating. The guy hadn't come into frame yet, but you could see beautiful chicks amp fellows in group fun cock at the bottom of the screen.

He was jerking it as he filmed her. He walked over to her and she reached out with her mouth to suck it. He was almost too far away so she was licking at the tip with her tongue. She looked away from the video and up at me.

"This is the best part,'" she said. Moaning, the man on screen erupted. His cock was not as large as the first one, but it produced much more cum. His first shot splashed across her cheek and he stroked furiously while he aimed further down toward her tits. Rope after rope fell across them, cum ran down and pooled in between them.

She reached over and wrapped her arm around my leg. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum." She was frantic, pumping furiously with the dildo. She squirmed up the bed closer to me, panting, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." Her stomach tightened as she came. I could feel the little spasms wracking her hips as she arched her back up.

Her tits looked perfect jutting out like that; I could still see them on the video also, drenched in cum. She let the thick, rubber cock fall from her pussy and sighed let out an exhausted sigh. She half turned toward me and smiled. "Your turn." Her hand reached over and massaged my breast gently.

She leaned into the other one with her mouth and licked around the nipple. Slow, swirling circles that made my legs quiver. Her hand slid down my stomach and found my clit. She teased at it as she started to suck on my nipple. I could feel my orgasm building inside. Pleasure rushing from where she sucked at my nipple through my abdomen to the rhythmic pulsing egg in my pussy. I wanted to stall it just a little bit longer. To let it build just a little bit more.

I had no control over it though. Lex rubbed feverishly at my clit. "I'm going to cum." It almost came out as a whisper. I didn't have to say it; she knew. My breath was ragged and I was shaking. She pushed a finger inside me, but kept working my clit with her thumb. I gasped, the egg vibrated and the first rush of fluids swam past her finger. She sat up, eagerly watching my pussy.

"Holy shit! Do you always cum like that?" The next wave released as she pulled her finger out. milf blowjob me love you long time

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The egg kept vibrating and I kept cumming. Four or five more times, my muscles contracted and my pussy was flooded with its own cum. I knew she had asked me something, but I hadn't paid attention to what. "What?" I breathed as my orgasm subsided.

"You came so much. You were practically squirting. Do you always cum like that?" "Not always.

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It's not like that when I have sex; just if I get really worked up masturbating." My head was still swimming."That was awesome." She dipped her fingers in the puddle I lay in and brought them up to her mouth. "I love the taste of pussy." She let out a contented sigh and crashed to the bed all mom and son hottest story to me.

"We have to take you to the sex shop, sweetheart. You need to get some variety in your life. Maybe we can go this weekend. This one downtown even has viewing booths. I've always wanted to go in them, but it wouldn't be any fun alone." "This weekend?

Sure, I guess we can do that." I stood up and headed toward the shower. "Hey," she called behind me. "I hope you enjoyed it, because this is only the beginning for us." I knew she was right, and I couldn't wait.