Enjoyable angel sucks and rides girlfriend hardcore

Enjoyable angel sucks and rides girlfriend hardcore
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 09 GROUP SEX This was the incident in 2005 when I was 24 years old and was enjoying my regular sex with uncle and boyfriend. Readers are also aware that I used to have sex with teen aged boy Ratan also once in a while. Now Ratan is also behaving like an expert fucker because he did learn fast and a lot about sex art from me. He never did sex with me or never shown his sex willingness of his own. He did it only when I wanted it and his quality of serving his employer has impressed me a lot.

I do help him in his need of money and he is serving me with his heart. Now, I am sure that the readers must have understand about me that I am crazy about sex and I can go till any extent for sex which I love most in my life and I treat the sex above all.

Both, my uncle and boyfriend are still unaware about my sexual relationship with teen aged Ratan. I treat myself very lucky that I am living a very satisfactory sexual life. I and my boyfriend were sitting in a restaurant for the dinner. He was sipping black label and I was enjoying my chilled beer. Suddenly I asked him about his love partner Anju .

Here I wish to mention that my boy friend have informed me everything about his sexual relationship with Anju when I informed him about my relationship with uncle. I will explain here briefly about Anju. Anju is newly married wife of my boyfriend's neighbor friend.

She was not talking anything to anybody since her marriage. One day, my boyfriend asked her the reason for her seriousness sexy dee cherry hot webcam show i see hot babe f for not speaking to anyone. Her eyes were become wet but she did not tell anything.

One day, when nobody was at Anju's home, my boyfriend went there repeated his question again. She started crying. My bf told her to inform him everything so that he will try to help her if any problem is there. She told that nobody can help her. Pain is her fortune and she has to live with it for whole life. On asking again and again, she told that she is sexually unsatisfied because her husband cannot do anything. Her husband is trying to have sex with her daily but he finishes as soon as he touch his cock to her pussy.

He is not been able to enter a little since their marriage two months ago. My bf surprised to hear that a young man like his friend is so weak in sex. Anju told not to tell anybody about it. After one week, she came to my bf's house for some work. She was speaking to his mother when my bf enters in to home.

His mom told him to chat with her and she left in to kitchen to prepare some tea for her. Suddenly, my bf hugged her and kissed on her lips.

She was not trying hard to protect her. This was the clear signal from her. She asked to meet her in private. Next day, my bf got a chance to meet her privately in her bedroom and she was satisfied sexually first time in her life by my bf.

Hot teen strips and fingers devirginized for my birthday that time, they do sex 3/4 times in a month whenever they get a chance to do that. Now she is a very happy married lady receiving fuck from my bf. I asked my bf on dinner table. Me: by the way. How is Anju? He: she is fine but why you are asking about her? Me: nothing special.

I just wanted to know about her. When did you meet her last? He: last week. I smiled and said.You only meet her or you did something with her. He smiled too.

He: We meet to do that only. You know, I am doing social service to satisfy a married woman. I was started becoming hot while talking about sex. We both were sitting on same side of the table. Our legs were playing with each other's under the table.

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He moved his hand up to my thighs and pressed it with a lot of love. We looked in to each other's eyes. We both were hot. We finished our drinks and have ordered for another one. His elbow was touching to my boobs and I was feeling excited. I also moved my hand under the table and touched her cock.

It was in fully erected position. Light in the restaurant was dim and there was romantic music running in slow voice. This romantic atmosphere and sexy talks were enough to make both of us horny. He was moving his hand on my thighs and his cock was under my grip. One hand of both of us was on the table holding our drinks.

We looked around. nobody was noticing us specially. There was not much rush and most of the peoples were with their family. Few young pairs were also sitting in other corners of the hall. I have opened zip of his trouser. He surprised. He: what you are doing? Me: nothing. I am just checking my instrument. He: Somebody will see this.

Me: do not worry. No body will notice this and I will take care. I removed his cock from his trouser through hole of his underwear. Now his naked, hot, long and strong cock was between my palms under the table in a public place when many people were sitting around.

I am an adventures girl and I enjoy secret sexual act in between public. I did this kind of acts many times in my life and nobody could notice that what I am doing. He kept table napkin ready on the table so that we can use them in case of need. Table cloth were covering the table about 50%from the top and it was difficult for others sitting there mom caught fucking compeers daughters husband real father teen bailey brookes home alone know what is going on under the table.

He also moved his hands towards my knee and pulled my short skirt up. I had helped him lifting my ass. Now his fingers were on my panty but I knew that it was difficult for him to touch my pussy directly with his fingers under my panty.


He was moving his fingers on my panty which was little wet by that time. I have widen my legs little to allow his fingers to move freely on my pussy over my panty. Once or twice, he tried to enter his finger in to my panty from side cut but it was very full sex stories xxxx dp story 1080 odia sex stories and it was difficult angle for him to reach his fingers up to my pussy from side of my panty.

He understood this and he was now moving his fingers on my pussy lips with my panty on. One hand of each of us was busy under the table and we were sipping our drinks with other hands. We were talking to each other in slow voice. Me: How you feel dear? He: Julee!! You are wonderful girl. You know it very well how to take advantage in every situation to enjoy. I am feeling great. What you feel? I am not able to touch your love place directly.

Me: does not matter. I am enjoying fully with your fingers on panty. Did you do like this with Anju any time? He: No! We cannot meet outside. I go every time to her bed room whenever we get a chance and we finish it in a hurry every time because we get very short time for it.

Me: Her pussy must be tighter than my pussy because you are the only person to fuck her and that is too 4/5 times in a month. He: Not like that. I could not notice much difference between both of yours. The only difference is you keep it clean shaven all the time and Anju keep her pussy hairs small trimmed.

But why you are asking this? Me: Just I want to know. Not any specific reason. Do you enjoy with her? He looked in to my eyes and said. Julee.! I love you and I enjoy with you. We will be married couple in future and will leave our past behind after marriage. Me: Do not be so serious on this matter. I am just asking. How she looks? He: she is beautiful but not more than you. Me: she must be beautiful because you like her and fuck her.

Normal girl will not get a chance to have your cock. We both smiled. I pulled down his cock foreskin and moving my thumb on tip of his cock holding it tight teen self anal toy and daddy duddy chums brother i cant believe i let my beau talk me my palms. His cock head was little wet because of his pre-cum and my thumb was moving very smoothly on his wet cock head.

He was moving his middle finger on my panty very skill fully between my pussy lips and I was continuing to release juices out of my pussy. Me: Hey! Did Anju know about me? He: yes! She knows everything. I told her about you. Me: do you like if we see and meet each other?

He: why not? Next time when you come to my house, I will take you to her home. Daughter sitting on dads lap O.K. Suddenly, the waiter appeared on our table and wanted to know whether we need anything. We stopped movement of our hands but our hands remained on our target. We did not move our hands even the waiter standing near our table. We ordered for dinner and waiter moved away by saying that food will be on our table in next minuet.

Our hands were playing with each other's sex instruments and our eyes were going close in pleasure. I was near finishing on rubbing my bf's finger between my pussy lips over my panty.

He understood this by my reaction as I was tightening and widening my legs with movements of his finger.

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I stopped blonde takes a load to the face activities on his cock. Now his cock was under my tight grip and I was not moving my hand on it because I was near finishing and wanted to experience a good and strong orgasm in public.

Suddenly. I finished.I experienced a lovely orgasm. I controlled my voice from coming out of my mouth in pleasure.

He understood it and stopped moving his finger. I have tightened my legs and his hand was between my legs under grip. Now, I wanted to give a good hand job to my lover and I started to stroke his cock in such a way that my hand movement was limited and nobody in restaurant could notice that what is going on under the table.

Even movement of my hand was limited but I was giving hard strokes to his cock with tight grip and was doing up. down. up. Down.

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After some time I could feel that he is near throwing his cum fire and then he whispered in my ears to stop it. Me: what happened? He: I am near finish and I do not want to spread my cum under the table. Let me go to washroom to finish. I have smiled and said. should I come with you to help you in finishing.

He too smiled and said. Thanks! It is gent's washroom and I will help myself. I moved my gorgeous teen maya kendricks fucked doggystyle in the car from his cock and I could notice that he pushed his erected cock in his trouser with great difficulty because of length of his erected cock. He stood up and went to washroom. I have adjusted my skirt and was waiting for him. The food was already on our table when he returned and I could notice a great satisfaction on his face.

We were eating our food after a great satisfaction by hand job to each other. I wanted to reach home early because my uncle was having a plan to go to Mumbai by late night bus. Me: Hey!! I have an idea!! Can we not do it together with Anju? He: you mean group sex? Three myself enjoying myself playing dress up tube porn us? Me: yes!! It will be a fun. One boy and two girls. He: I do not know whether Anju will accept this proposal or not.

Me: you just talk to her. I am sure she will agree to it. What about you, do you agree? He: I will agree to everything what you say but I even never thought about this. Me: I am also like you. We all three will be doing this first time and I am sure that everybody will enjoy.

He: I will talk to Anju and will decide accordingly. Then we discussed other things while finishing our food. He went to his home by dropping me at my home. My parents were sitting in drawing room watching T.V.

and waiting for my uncle to come down with his luggage. I said good night to them and went towards staircase for my bed room. When I was entering to my bed room, I saw my uncle coming out from his room fully dressed and with a small suitcase in his hand.

The time was 10.00 pm and he supposed to catch the bus leaving at 11.30. He also saw me and smiled. Then he entered in my bed room and locked the door form inside. I understood that he want a quick fuck before leaving for Mumbai.

I smiled to see him locking the door. I was also wishing a fuck after a hand job of my boyfriend. Here, I wish to mention that we had quick sex many a times earlier too when someone is around in next room or at other corner of the home. We do it having most of the clothes on, in the kitchen, bathroom, and roof top and even in office. We do it so fast and finish it in a short time and nobody could notice that what we did in last 1 minute.

He hugged me tight and put his lips on my lips. While we involved in deep kiss, his cock stood up to say hello to my pussy. I was already wet and become more wet by his deep kiss. We finished deep kissing and he pulled out my wet panty from my legs. He also pulled out his long, strong, thick and hot cock from his trouser by opening the zip. Then he pulled out a condom from his pocket and wear it on his erected cock.

I was standing near the bed and he asked me to turn and put both of my hands on the bed by bending my back.


My skirt was still covering some part of my ass when I was in that position. He folded over my skirt from my naked ass and now my pussy was clearly visible to him from behind. I have spread my legs little bit to take a perfect position for a quick fuck.

He did not waste time and pushed his cock in to my pussy form back and started to stroke hard right from first stroke. We wanted to finish it as early as possible because of short of time and he was doing his cock in.

out. in with a great speed. He was having his full cloths on and I too was having all the cloths on except my panty. He was doing fucking speedily by holding my ass. He was fucking. fucking. and fucking. I was near my climax and he was fucking me hard like a mad man. I was enjoying and moaning in pleasure. oh dear. I love you. yes. yes. fuck me.

oh. Oh. aah. I reached to my destination and he was continuing fucking me. There was a little fucking sound when he was pushing his cock hard and stroking my pussy. He was fucking me continuously without any stoppage and I was receiving second fuck after experiencing first orgasm very early.

I was near second finish and he was doing in and out. in and out. Suddenly, he he hugged me tight from my back and I too finished second time. He was lying on me from back holding me tight and his cock was dancing up and down in my pussy.

I understood that he was firing his cum in condom. We were remained in that position for some time and then he pulled his cock out of my pussy. He removed condom from his cock and I took his cock in my mouth to clean it by sucking. I sucked his cum from his cock and cleaned it nicely. He went to bathroom to flush away cum filled condom and I had cleaned my pussy with a hand towel. He came from bathroom and kissed me. I said. Have a nice journey dear.

He said thanks and took his suitcase. We both come down and my dad stood up to drop him up to bus stand. He said bye - bye to me and my mom and went out with my father to catch his bus. My mom went to her bedroom and I went to my buda ka xxx story sex stories. I sleep without changing my cloths after a wonderful and satisfying fucking by uncle.

One week later, my bf informed me that Anju is ready for a group sex but we have to wait for the right time and chance. We got that chance very soon. After two days, Anju, her in-laws and her husband were supposed to go to one of their relatives' home for a function but Anju told to her in-laws that she is not feeling well and she cannot go along with them.

Their program was for full day and Anju did inform to my dormida por el culo tube porn on his mobile. I received call on my mobile from my bf that he is coming to pick me up. We were at Two raunchy lassies and one big rod pornstars and big tits place where we entered secretly by back door and nobody could notice us.

All curtains were down at her house so that no one can notice any activity in the home. She was a slim and beautiful lady. Her boobs were seems to be smaller than mine and her round ass was very sexy. She knew our purpose and she was in great shy. She was smiling but keeping her face down all the time in shy. Anju went to the kitchen to bring some cold drinks for us.

I too went to the kitchen behind her to talk to her. I hugged her in the kitchen and said. You are looking too sexy Anju., she could not speak. I told her that we all three are good friends and our things will remain between three of us only.

Anju: You too are very beautiful Julee. I know that you both are in love and will be getting married soon. Me: Yes! But I do not have any objection in your relationship with him. I am happy that he keeps both of us happy. Are you ready for a beautiful experience? Anju: yes! But I did not do it before.

This is first time and I am feeling shy. Me: This is first time for me as well and for our partner. Do not be shy. We will enjoy a lot. She smiled and we both went to Anju's bedroom with glasses of cold drinks where my bf was waiting for us.

I and Anju were sitting on the same breathtaking gang bang with euro lovely bitches and he was sitting on a chair and we were sipping cold drinks. I put one hand on Anju's nymphos chantelle fox sexy tattooed and pierced english model just wants to fuck blissedxxx new seri like a friend.

I moved my hand little down and touched one of his boobs. It was hard. I signaled to my bf to go out and we finished our cold drinks. We put empty glasses on the table and my bf moved out of the room. I hugged Anju and put my lips on her lips. Her lips were so soft and juicy.

She also started to co-operate in kissing. I was moving my hands on her sexy body over her cloths and her eyes went close in pleasure.

First, I removed her Sari, than her blouse and than her petticoat. She was standing before me in her bra and panty only. She was looking really very sexy in her undergarments. Her eyes were closed. I told her to open her eyes and do not shy. She has story bf 19 yer xxxx her eyes and I could see a very sexy lady in her eyes. Now, she started to undressed me and was kissing me all over my body. I was completely naked and I pulled out her bra and panty.

Now we both were standing naked hugging each other very tight. My boobs were pressing her hard boobs. I moved my hands towards her lovely, round and stiff ass. Her ass was also little smaller than me but in very good shape. I moved my middle finger in her ass creek and she took hold of my finger in between her ass creek. She was also playing with my ass by pressing it.

We both have spread our legs little to adjust our position and now our pussies were meeting together. We were kissing; pressing each other's boobs/ass and was rubbing our pussies together. Both of our pussies were started to become wet with our juices. We moved on the bed and we were lying naked on the bed facing each other. Her boobs were hard and sexy. Her pussy was very lovely with very small trimmed hair. We were so much in love and sex that we both forget that my bf is also there around.

Now I know that he was watching us from the door of the bed room. He entered in bed room and joined us in sex. He was lying on the bed between us and I and Anju had made him naked within no time.

His erected cock was in front of both ladies and we took charge of it. She was sucking his cock and I was sucking his balls. Both of his hands were on both of our lovely pussies and his fingers were playing with our clits. This was the first experience of group sex for three of us and we were enjoying from whatever knowledge we were having about sex.

He was fucking me and I hot lesbian orgy with delicious sex bombs sucking Anju's pussy and after some time we changed our position and his cock was in Anju's pussy.

Anju was giving me a kiss and his one hand was playing with my pussy. We again changed our position and he was in between us. His cock was meeting my boobs and Anju's boobs were giving massage to his ass and my lips were locked with Anju's lips.

We all three were feeling very hot and wanted a good fuck. Anju was lying on the bed on her back and I was in doggy position above her. My mouth was reaching to her pussy and I was sucking her pussy juices. My bf was fucking me from behind like a dog.

I was too hot already and I finished very soon and gripped his cock in to my pussy very hard. He understood that I am finished and he started to amauter puremature perfect milf brandi love fucked from behind Anju in the same doggy position. I was standing over Anju with my legs on her sides and facing my bf who is fucking to Anju. He was touching his lips to my pussy with his every cock stroke in Anju's pussy.

It was continue for some time and Anju and my bf both finished at same time. We all three were lying naked on the bed after a good fuck and we all were breathing hard like we just finished a long race. I could notice that my bf was feeling more tired after fucking two sexy ladies. Anju moved on me and said. Now we are friends and I want to fuck your pussy with my boobs.

I surprised. I never thought it before. Me: can you do it? I will love to be fucked by your boobs. My bf did not understand what we were talking. He was just watching us. Anju moved down between my legs and put one of her boob on my pussy. It was great feeling. Her lovely, hard boob on sexy pussy.

She took her boob in to her hand and pressed it. Her nipples become longer and harder. Then he put her boob on my pussy lips and started to rub it on my pussy. Now her nipple was moving between my pussy lips touching my clits.

Oh my god. what a pleasure I felt that time. My pussy was being fucked by boob? I never thought it before. My pussy has started to releasing juices again with pussy - boob fucking. She could also insert her boob nipple in to my pussy and I felt that a small child is fucking me with his small cock. It was a great fucking experience, first time in my life. She increased her speed and I was in heaven. I experienced a strong and great orgasm fucking/masturbating by boob.

In the mean time, my bf was become ready once again with his erected cock for another round of fucking. He fucked us one by one again and we all three were in more than satisfaction with a great group fucking. Really, Anju was very sexy, co-operative and supportive in sex with me and my boyfriend.

She is getting from my boyfriend what she cannot get from her husband. I thought to have many more groups fucking with my bf and Anju, but it was not possible till date as she is a married lady staying with family. However, she received good fucking from my boyfriend as and when they get a chance for fucking.

I was still hopeful to have a fuck with Anju whether it is with my bf or lesbian sex between us. She is very lovely sexy lady. Julee