Gemma minx and amber hahn strapon fun

Gemma minx and amber hahn strapon fun
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Shiann was a beautiful young woman, 17yrs old, 36C cup size and a sweet little ass. One night on her way to Club Envy, she passed by Treyvon. Treyvon was a handsome young man, 2yrs her elder.

They began conversating for a while until she realized that he was checking her out. She broke the conversation off and walked into the club to meet up with her girlfriends. Treyvon was ready to give up trying to get her into his bed. He followed her into the club and watched her throughout the night. A few hours later, while leavimg the club, Treyvon ran into a drunken Kinky blonde bint has her ass drilled stumbling around on the sidewalk.

He figured that this would be the perfect oppurtunity to get into her pants. With his aid, Shiann stumbled into Treyvon's Honda Element. Still in a semi-drunken haze, Shiann thought that he was taking her home. Little did she know however, she was in for a huge treat.

Once they pulled into his driveway, he guided her through the front door and sat her down on the couch in his living room.

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He disappeared into the kitchen for a moment reappearing with a glass of lemon water. He wasted no time caressing her and taking in the smell and taste of her body. He tenderly layed kiss after kiss on her neck. Despite how nice that felt, Shiann knew what he wanted and she wasn't ready to give it to him. She quickly tried to get up and leave but Treyvon gently grabbed her waist and sat her back down, whispering sweet and flirty things into her ear.

With every word he whispered, he layed a kiss on her neck and slightly revealed chest. Despite how wrong she knew this was, Sister help brother in home couldnt rip herself from Treyvon's kisses and words.

Soon Treyvon began loosening her teal silk blouse. Shiann simply allowed him to do as he pleased. She allowed her blouse to fall off of her as he showered the newly revealed parts of flesh with layer after layer of kisses.

At his prodding, Shiann stood up as he undid her black pencil skirt and placed more kisses on her calves and thighs. She then sat back down on the couch and he unclasped the hooks on her teal lace bra and began caressing, kissing, licking, biting and finally sucking on her 36C breasts.

His touch felt heavenly to her bare skin and she encouraged him more and more, letting low sighs of pleasure escape her tiny quivering lips.

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Around this time, Treyvon began fingering Shiann's tight little pussy. She was in pure bliss. After bringing her to her first orgasm, Treyvon hungrily forced his head into her panties and began feasting on her pussy like a lion feasts on a carcass.

He licked up all of her juices like a thirsty dog. He sucked and nibbled on her hard, tender clit until she was on the brink of another huge orgasm. He continued to devour her until her juices flooded his nose and mouth.

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Before Treyvon came up for air, he drank every last drop of her and cleaned her with his tongue. He came out from her panties just long enough to see her beautiful face longing for more.

He then dove into her again. Once his large carpet-like tongue entered into her pussy, she let out a long moan of sheer pleasure as she gripped his head and forced him in as far as she could make him go.

Moments later, Shiann was coming yet again in another body racking orgasm. She collapsed across the couch, spent from the intense orgasms she just experienced.


Lovingly, Treyvon carried Shiann up the stairs into his bedroom and laid her limp body on his bed. He allowed her to catch her breath and to get ready for what was still in-store.

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Treyvon disappeared into his closet, quickly reappearing in nothing more than a pair of black silk boxers that clearly displayed a nice sized bulge. He slowly walked over to Shiann who was now coming back down to reality. He stopped in front of where she was sitting and removed his boxers. Upon doing so, Treyvon's semi-hard penis smacked Shiann in the face.

As he stood there patiently, Shiann timidly kept looking between Fat guy with slim girl slowly growing penis and his handsome face unsure what to do. She was so nervous. Despite her nervousness however, Treyvon's penis progressively increased to its full size until it was touching Shiann's quivering lips.

Shiann looked up at Treyvon once more just to get confirmation of the task that he wouldnt her to do. "suck my cock" he commanded. Shiann looked at him with pleading eyes before she grasped the base of his shaft and slowly wrapped her tiny mouth around his cock. She was frightened and ashamed of herself. Nevertheless, Shiann sucked Treyvon's cock ever so passionately and slowly. He let out a low moan of pleasure and soon began stroking into her mouth. Inch after engorged inch found its into her tiny mouth.

She soon got into the groove and was able to meet each of his strokes with her mouth. Before long though, Treyvon came in her mouth. She choked and gagged. She tried to remove the cock but Treyvon grabbed her head and forced his cum into her mouth. "swallow it and enjoy" he laughed After about five minutes of swallowing cum, Shiann fell over euro brunette lesbians in high heels licking the bed coughing up cum.

This was the most horrifying experience of her life and Treyvon was only beginning. He layed Shiann on her back and stroked her cheek while he jerked his cock until he was fully erect. He then positioned himself at the entrance of her wet, pink pussy. Shiann was afraid of how big he was and didnt want to feel him. Slowly, he inserted his cock into her fiery furnace and she let out a long cry of pleasure and pain.

As much as she mother son xxx ebony sote huye want this, her body betrayed her and began enjoying him. With each stroke, Treyvon slid deeper into her. She let out moan after moan as Treyvon's penis slid in and out of her. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. He began picking up his pace. Shiann released herself to the sexual needs that only Treyvon has ever fulfilled.

She began to match his strokes and met each one of his strokes. Soon she started asking for him to go even deeper. Before long, another mind-blowing orgasm rushed through Shiann's aching body and exploded out her pussy.

Around the same time, Treyvon also had an orgasm and shot load after massive load into Shiann's steamy little pussy. After his last load, Treyvon pulled out and Shiann cleaned off his cock with her tongue.

He then turned her over and made her get on all fours. Once again she came back down to reality. "please no anal Treyvon!" she pleaded Her desperate pleading began to turn Treyvon on even more as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her small asshole. He reached over to the nearby nightstand and removed a tube of KY and squirted a glob on his finger and slowly massaged the lube around her anus until she was smooth.

He then inserted himself into her and she screamed. He decided to take it easy on her. Instead of continuing with his invasion of her, he stopped and allowed her body to get acclimated to his size before he continued.

After he felt her asshole close over his cock, he slowly inched further into her. Shiann let out squeal after squeal as she felt Treyvon's massive member explore her ass. Treyvon kept plowing Shiann's ass harder and deeper until he was to the hilt. Before long Shiann felt Treyvon's massive ballsack slap her pussy. The pain hurt so much but for some reason Shiann was on the brink of yet another orgasm.

Aubreyamps masturbation scene is fingerliking good stiptese and sologirl her orgasm subsided, Shiann collapsed onto the bed and passed out from exhaustion. Treyvon pulled out and released his last load all over Shiann's limp body and then he too fell asleep next to her.

A few hours later, Treyvon woke up and showered. Shiann was still sleep on the bed when Treyvon came out the bathroom. He went to the closet and left her one of his robes and a towel & rag set. He left the house and ran to the nearby supermarket and picked up some breakfast items.


When he returned, Treyvon gathered Shiann's clothes and began washing them. He then started cooking breakfast. When Shiann finally did appear, she was surprised to find a huge breakfast spread, eggs with cheese, grits, sausage, thinly sliced steaks, crispy bacon, huge fluffy pancakes, french toast, as well as an assortment of fruits.

When Treyvon finally stopped preparing the food, he noticed how stunning Shiann was. Her vanilla white skin and auburn hair complimented the red silk robe she was covered in. Shiann walked over to the bar and sat down as Treyvon served her a plate of breakfast and a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

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Treyvon accompanied Shiann at the bar and they both began talking about everything under the sun. If you didnt know any better, you would have never guessed that the two of them had just fucked all night long nor that they had just met the night before.