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Experienced blonde milf velicity von gets cumshot mature
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Conversations in this story is separated by abetween one or more people so i hope u in joy As I stand on the battlefield looking at the blood on my gauntlets I take solace in knowing that the blood is not mine. As I hear the usual battle cry it snaps me from my daze I look up to see a horde of enemies coming towards me.

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I smile as I hear the shrieking of the shivian dragon as it lies down a wall of flames in front of me stopping moms college lesbian friend seduces her daughter right behind her back enemies in there wake.

As my army of paladins come to my side, my king are you ok, yes thank you for asking but there is at least 400 enemies beyond that wall of flames and there is only 100 of us to stop them no matter PALADINS ON ME I yell I want a perfect circle around me, I want your shields over lapping each other and weapons up the enemy will not take us tonight.

Before I could get the words out of me mouth sure enough we were being rushed with enemies from all directions but we were ready. My army was well trained and they didn't give an inch as the onslaught of enemies attack I cant help but smile as we slaughtered every one of them, hunny stop queen Luna laughs over my shoulder your going to give the young prince false ideas of a king, Ok my beautiful queen I will stop, Dad can i ask you a question, Sure William whats up, how did you and mom meet, I don't know if you are ready for that story buddy it gets pretty naughty, hunny just tell him the story he is going to learn it some time, alright William you win, Luna laughs and leaves she looks over her shoulder and tells me not to leave anything out as she walks away.

I turn my attention to William as I close the door. This story goes back to when i was younger than you.


when I meet your mother dad use to take me down to this bakery on Main Street called Mama's fresh breads I was eight or nine. I can still smell the bread from outside the building and when i got inside there was this beautiful little lady with fiery red hair holding a broom sweeping the floor of the bakery, was it mama, yes son it was mama now let me finish, she looked so beautiful in her emerald green dress and her piercing green eyes. Now king William the king you are named after went behind the counter to talk to the owner and his wife.

The owner owed the king an awful lot of money more money than they could pay back so the king made a deal to trade there daughter and the king would clear there debt. After a lot of crying they agreed and the king pini ki and rakes blupikcher xxxxbf vido there crying frightened child back to the castle. But after a week or two she started to see the good in the palace and the two of us were put on chores together the same ones you now have cleaning the throne, cooking, mopping, sweeping, and laundry me and Luna slowly became best friends.

then when we got into our teens dad started giving us different duties I had to start learning my royal duties like politics how to best help the kingdom and dad even let me sit in on military meetings so I could learn about the battlefield and how best to control it now Luna was the first female to control anything over five guards but your mom was in control of all the guards in the kingdom.

Then when I was about thirty the king William and queen Madison died of a heart attack which left the throne empty. Even though I was only a prince I was in control of the kingdom then just after the passing of the king the stuart passed me the last will and testament of king William.

It read dear prince Lucian I leave the throne to queen Madison then to you my son i have been keeping secrets from you for your best interest. The reason I took young Luna was not because of debt it was an arrangement marriage the agreement is under my mattress not even your mother knew. The only one I told was Luna that is why I put her on all your chores so you guys could hopefully become closer and not force what cold be a beautiful relationship im sorry I couldn't tell you sooner I love you son now take your throne marry that beautiful woman in public that is important and hopefully the two of you together can run the kingdom better than your father ever could good luck and best of wishes King William.

I cried for hours after reading that letter for multiple reasons losing mom and dad being lied too and wondering if I was ready thats when I realized there was a metal arm around my shoulder with watering eyes I looked up to see a smiling Luna. She looked beautiful dressed in the kings colours. I looked up you knew this entire time, yes your dad made me promise I wanted to tell you for so long but I couldn't. Please russian teen first anal the worst part is now that ive cracked the law of chastity i me its because i love you that I couldn't tell you and when you are ready to propose I promise I will say yes, yeah it will take some time getting things sorted out thank you for always being there Luna, it has been my pleasure Prince Lucian.

It took all year to go through mom and dads things, paperwork and get settle in I decided to grab a few guards I can trust and we went to the jewelry store and picked up the most expensive and beautiful ruby surrounded with diamonds on a silver band then went back to the castle I told the stuart to go get the captain as I was down on one knee in front of the huge open double doors with the sunset behind me.

She comes down the steps her eyes widen as she sees the ring in my hand and the sunset at my back she started to run towards me I couldn't even ask her to marry me when she said yes. I picked her up and gave her a kiss as I spun her around as the whole palace cheered and clapped. Three months later we had our big extravagant wedding then we went to bed in the master bedroom I got undressed and hopped in bed while your mom took a shower, I don't know if is should tell you the rest, no mom said not to leave anything out, ok ok she comes out of the shower bare naked her big breasts jiggling as she walks over and pulls the blankets off of me and the bed.

Thats when she sees the instant hard on I had for her she gasps as she jumps in bed that thing is Fucking huge she said as starts sucking my cock then she begins straddling my waist. She took my dick in her hands and guides it to her pussy and I slowly enter her. Inch by inch she goes faster and faster till she is Fucking the whole length of my royal sceptre as im sucking on her tits.

Then as we are having sex her body starts to shake uncontrollably then the next thing. I know liquid is running down my thighs. Your mom had an orgasim all over my dick she rolls off of me onto her back looks and me and says screw me anyway you want as Luna sticks her ass in the air.

So I got behind her took my cock and put it at the entrance of her ass and asked her if she was sure. Then looks at me biting her lip and shakes her head so I stuck my royal sceptre up her ass and it slid right in easily so I grabbed her by the waist and started Fucking her as hard as I could.

Till Luna was ready for round two then I pulled my dick out of her ass and put it back in her wet pussy and continue to fuck her and she is moaning oh god over and over till i came inside her pussy multiple times we had sex all night long that night we even watched the sun rise it's actually the night you were conceived now good night son, hay dad one more question, yeah son how does a prince find a woman, well to be honest your mom was not my fist the king thought I should have experience before marriage and thats when he got me my own chamber maid and i was was around your age when I got mine, can I have a chamber maid, I will think about it tomorrow my son now good night.

As I leave my sons room I turn the corner to see my beautiful wife with her hands down her underwear playing with herself in the hallway she looks at me that was one hot story I felt like I was sent back in time, yeah that was one hot night, yes it was, hay hunny were you serious about getting him a chamber maid, yeah I have one in mind why whats wrong, oh nothing but I was thinking just in case u were thinking about it that Vanessa might be a good pick for his sexy adorable girl sucks and fucks man hardcore massage, thats funny you should bring her up because I was thinking the same thing they are around the same age but he needs to know the rules and so does she and besides she has the second biggest tits next to yours of course as she laughs at me well go get her and bring her into our room, ooo I will be back your majesty.

I go to the master bedroom waiting for my queen and maid to get back when they come thru the door my wife sat on the bed. Vanessa was looking scared, its ok Vanessa you are not here for us I tell her as her look goes from scared to confused. We want you to become a chamber made for prince William, you want me to pleasure the prince, yes we do if you are interested all your chores change.

The only thing you have to do is clean his room, pleasure him, and you will shower together if you are interested, yes I am that sounds wonderful I would love too, great but there are rules in the bedroom you must fallow or we will behead you I could tell we were starting to worry her, ok what are the rules, he can also eat your pussy if he desires and the only holes he can fuck is your mouth and your ass absolutely no pussy Fucking because if he knocks you up I will behead you myself.

As my queen wraps her hand around my waist and says with a smile I will even be the one to hold you down oh and not a word of what you do in the bedroom leaves that room, so do you still want to be his chamber maid, yes yes I do, ok go tell prince William that the king wants him in my room the strip naked and get ready for him.

Vanessa leaves and five min later a tired prince walks in. I just got to sleep Vanessa said you wanted to see me so what do u want dad, I will take your tone as being tired I got you a chamber, maid really who, me and your mom decided on Vanessa because we see the way you stare at her body, wow thanks mom and dad, your welcome but there are a few rules you must follow one you cannot put your dick inside her pussy but you can go down on her but if you get her pregnant I will behead her and your mom will make you watch.

Ass and mouth only and you do not talk about it outside your bedroom she will clean your room and wash you in the shower do u understand, yes dad thank you, don't thank me yet you have a few things to learn, like what, hunny do you want to do the honours, sure my king as Luna gets stark naked in front of our son come her boy its time you learn.

When it comes to tits you want to suck on the nipples and flick it with your tongue then put your fingers down her and rub the outside of her pussy. If you decide to go down on her you can suck right here this nub or stick your tongue inside but thats up to you never and I mean never stick your dick in here until you are married am I clear, yes dad, ok beautiful turn around this is her ass hole you can put your dick here or in her mouth but if you do put it in her ass use the butter in your night stand it will go in easier clear, yes dad I got it Ok go to bed son, night dad, night boy have fun.

--- asian slut seduced to suck and ride long cock William --- As I returned to my room I shut the door and Vanessa is lying on top of my bed completely naked im looking at her body up and down her beautiful big breasts small waist and a great hips made her look like an hourglass she gets off the bed and kneels down in front of me pulls down my pants and starts sucking my nine inch cock and she took all of it.

It was the most amazing thing I ever felt then my knees felt week and I could feel pressure building in my groin. I tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't she just kept going then I felt like I was going to explode.

I thought i peed in her moth but white stuff came out instead Vanessa told me it was an orgasim and she swallowed my cum. As she reaches into my night stand and pulls out some soft butter rubs it all over my cock till im hard again. Is the young prince ready for round two, yes of course are you going to do thay thing with your mouth again, no she chuckles we are going to do something different she says as she stands up bends over puts some butter in her ass, my ass is yours young prince.

So I get up close and put my dick deep inside her ass all the way to my ball sack now what, put your hands on my waist and pull out but not all the way and shove it back in again and just keep doing that till you cum again.

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So I did as she told me too so I started Fucking her up the ass doggy style. She starts moaning faster faster so I pick up the pace more and more till I can't hold on any longer and I cam inside her ass and her juices ran down our legs. Where did the water come from, Vanessa laughs its not water I also had an orgasim.

Don't worry I will wash the sheets after your morning blowjob, morning what, you know that thing I do with my mouth, oh ok then lets get some sleep I said as she lies down in my bed she cuddles up next to me lying her head on my chest I can feel her breasts on my ribs as we fall asleep.

I wake up to this weird feeling and when I open my eyes a naked Vanessa is sucking my cock so hard I cum in her mouth. As the king opens the door time to get up son oh sorry see you at breakfast. Vanessa laughs, but to be fair we weren't hiding anything it was his idea, so true now lets get ready for breakfast.

As we sit down for breakfast the king looks at me how was last night, trick one boy for a lot of lovely bitches you told us not to say anything to anyone part of the deal remember, luna bust out laughing he got you there my king, just making sure the prince remembers ALL the rules my queen so what are you doing after breakfast boy, first my chores then a shower and maybe hit the market unless you have anything else in mind, yes actually, I do chores are for children your a man now you will be spending the next three years learning about politics and four learning about military strategy how does that sound, sounds great when do I start, today after breakfast take Vanessa busty mom brandi love pleasuring teen sluts pussy on sofa young old and pornstars get showered, my king if I may, yes Vanessa what is it, my new chores were not really specified to me last night.

Ok its your job to clean the sheets make his bad sweep and mop his floor and keep the wood on his bed polished every Saturday and the bathroom every Sunday or as you see fit and you know the rest, thank you my king, as we finish breakfast We excuse ourselves and I stand up to head to the closet in my room to get a change of clothes and a few towels and I noticed a second closet in my room so I open it up and its full of Vanessa's clothing mostly maid outfits and a few town outfits.

As I close the doors there is Vanessa leaning against my closet find anything you like she says with a smile, not really I only where clothes that make my eyes pop, oh my god you are too funny prince William, please in here im just William, of course im still trying to adjust to my new role now lets go, go where the royal showers are connected to the royal bedrooms as I walk over and pull the candlestick hanging on the wall and the book case opens up to a secret hallway, cool I always thought the castle had shared showers, I laughed hell no royalty needs to do everything separate from the help or you look week to the other kingdoms, oh I didn't know that, well anyway its not much farther now as our feet reach the bottom of the staircase we reach two double doors we enter the big square room soaps, shampoos, and conditioners along one wall a huge bathtub built into the floor against the other wall that kind of resembles a hot tub but twice as big and three supe hot girlfriend working on my cock deep, William how does the water come from the roof, well the system in the wall sucks the water against the wall purify it and pulls it up and out the top to look like a waterfall, cool its so amazing in here, yeah and the water is heated in the roof so the water is always warm but not to hot now I got a question do you want me to kick out the four maids till we're done or can they stay, I prefer that we're alone but I don't mind, OK MAIDS LISTEN UP anything that happens in this room from now on stays in this room no one is to say anything am I clear.

In unison from all the maids YES PRINCE WILLIAM. With a giggle the four maids come to help me undress and I send two maids to undress Vanessa I sit down on the chair with a major boner she gets naked the maids go back to there corners of the room and a beautiful Vanessa walks my way kneels in front of me looks up lets deal with this first as she start sucking on my cock ad the maids watch in awe as she stands up straddles my waist facing me and puts my cock deep in her ass and fucks me till I cant handle it anymore she quickly gets off of me and jerks me off till I cum all over her tits and stomach she stands up covered in cum we look around and the maids are all fingering themselves I hear from the corner of the room prince if i may, yes what is it, can we have a taste of your cum, I don't know thats up to Vanessa, sure I don't see why not but one at a time.

As I watch them one by one line up to lick my cum off her body the last one also brings a towel for the left over cum then we hop in the water get washed and get out then me and dad went to do boring politics the military part was my favourite but dad insists that sometimes they are one in the same. When I went into my bedroom it was so clean you could see yourself in most of the room. Then me and Vanessa get changed into civilian clothing.

I grab my dual swords with the family crest and pass Vanessa a dagger just in case and we head to the town square about five min walk from the house. As we are walking past redhead having some solo fun fingering hotgvibe back alley we can hear fighting from the back of the building. I draw one of my swords and lean up against the back of the building and look around the corner to see a shop keeper getting robbed by two men.

I dash around the building taking one of them by surprise I grab his forehead with one hand and hold my sword to his neck with the other. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW or I cut his throat open right here, how do you think you can get away with murder little man, easy I'm prince William still want to take that chance.

As I stair into the eyes of the other two a sudden look of worry cover there faces as they apologize get up and run away. I release the other kicking him into a wall knocking him out when two guards come around the corner HAULT CITIZEN.

I turn around to see Garth and Logan looking at me with swords and shields drawn, oh I'm so my prince we didn't know it was you as they lowered there weapons what happened here, we don't know three men jumped this shop keep and we heard the noise and came running, Logan helped up the shop keep what happened here, three men came from the thieves guild they tried to rob me when I caught them red handed we fought all the way out the back door and they were winning till my grand son the prince showed up and knocked one of them out, prince what do you want us to do with him, take the man and us to the castle dungeon I want to interrogate him yes sir.

As Logan and Garth load up the unconscious man in the back of the truck with me and Vanessa we head back to the castle. Standing at the doors with his arms crossed in an angry king get inside he snarled we need to talk. As he puts his massive hand on the back of my neck giving it a hard squeeze to let me know he was angry we enter the throne room he its in the royal throne tell me what happened boy. So I told him, wait wait he called you grandson, yeah why, what was the name of the store, Mama's breads or something like that you know the one you always take me too y, because Mama's fresh breads is owned by your mothers parents what you did was both good and bad, what do you mean, by saving them you put yourself in danger.

Then a guard comes up your majesty and prince the prisoner is awake, thank you we will be right down and you do not tell your mother, as me and dad alisha the bouncy bunny chocolate big boobs down to the dungeon where the guards are beating the crap out of him I will take the lead you watch and learn boy. We know you are working with thieves guild but who do you work for, FUCK YOU, the king nods and the guards punch him again.

WHO DO YOU WORK FOR, FUCK YOU and your son too, the king nods they punch him again let him starve we will see how he likes that come boy I need you for something. As we leave the dungeon where are we going the armoury it's going to be a long night if I am correct the thieves guild is coming tonight we need to be ready tell your mom that we need the fighters guild paladins we need them, yes dad.


I run off to tell mom almost everything about our journey and what happened and she gave me thirty gold coins to hire the fighters guild. I run to pay both guilds and through secret tunnels leading to the palace dungeon thirty paladins came to help i hid Vanessa in the royal showers in my room and we waited for the ambush. Three hours go by when we hear the paladins yell attack guards surround the the thieves that entered the castle it was twenty to ten in a stand off.

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The paladins easily kill nine of them. When the king ordered the guards to keep the youngest one alive. He hauled him down into the prison and throws him face first into the cell door and holds his head there. WHO DO YOU GUYS WORK FOR, fuck you, you know I'm a patient king I will clear my schedule just to fuck the both of you up, go for it the two of us won't talk, ok I'm going to ask you again if you don't tell me everything I want to hear I will cut off a finger and ask you the same question again.

When you run out of fingers and toes I will cut uff your prick so im going to ask you again who do you work for, FUCK YOU, wrong answer boy take a finger, yes dad hold still its a big knife if I slip I might take more than one as I approach the kid freaks out, wait wait I will tell you, start speaking worm, we all work for the man in the cell. Why do you think ten men came for him, one more question where is your hide out, FUCK YOU I wouldn't sell out my brothers, ok fuck it were going to stick him like a stuffed pig boy I want to see his intestines on the floor.

So I stab him from one side of his stomach and pull all the way to the other side and watch as he desperately tries to hold it in but soon bleeds to death, guards get him out out his cell break his arms legs in four different places each and his back too throw him out the front door oh and send some maids to clean this mess.

Dismiss the paladins its over. Come on boy lets get washed up im sure the queen and Vanessa are worried about us, ok dad im covered in blood anyway and its not even mine.

We chuckle as we leave the dungeon then mom comes running up are you guys ok, yeah mom were good the bloods not ours, ok well go shower up I need to take care of your father, yes mother as I walk down to the showers Vanessa sees me covered in blood an starts to ask a million questions. Wow wow wow stop im fine and none of this blood is mine now wash me up and fuck me.

I strip out of my armour and clothes and the maids bring them upstairs to get cleaned. I stepped under the waterfall to get clean and Vanessa gets to work sucking my cock I bend her over the edge spread her legs and fuck her lucky guy having a good time at the lake pt 7 the ass like a rabid animal after about thirty minutes I cream inside her ass.

After we clean up we head upstairs for something to eat