Stepmom licks teen and fucks her bf

Stepmom licks teen and fucks her bf
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Part 3 Prequels are Cornfield Rape and Mr. Miller Begins to use me.

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I'm not sure how long Mr. Miller left me alone in that room. It was afternoon when he had finished fucking me, and I could see the sun starting to go down. In the time I'd been alone I'd gone from panting at the door wanting him to come back to crying on the bed ashamed of being used like I had been. I was so confused. Could Mr. Miller be right? Was I really just a nasty little slut who liked being raped?

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Was it even rape anymore? I'd sucked his cock willingly and played with myself for him. I lay there feeling confused and crying and had just convinced myself that it was rape, that I didn't enjoy it when I heard someone moving around inside the house. I knew Mr. Miller was back. As soon as I knew he was back I whimpered because my bald cunt started juicing up. He'd be coming into the room soon, and he'd use me again and my body wanted it.

I couldn't help it my hand slid down to my bald thirteen year old cunt and I started rubbing myself. I was laying there with a finger sliding in and out of my now dripping cunt thinking about what Mr. Miller would do when he unlocked and opened the door to my room.

He just looked at me fingering myself and smiled. "You are one damn hot little slut, just can't get enough can you?" I moaned on the bed spreading my legs automatically so he could see better and said. "No sir." He laughed and stroked his cock through the jeans he had on.

"You want this don't you slut, you want cock up in that wet little hole don't you?" I knew I had to answer so I did fast. "Yes sir, I want cock in me." His smile widened and I saw his dick get latina babes ass destroyed by a huge black monster cock in his jeans but he didn't take it out.

"Stuff two more fingers up there cunt, you know you like it stretched." Moaning I did as he said, it took three of my fingers to stretch me open like his cock or his dog's. He smacked his lips as I pushed my little hand inside myself.

"Go on slut, finish off, cum all over your nasty little hand while I watch." He already knew it got me hot when he watched me, and I started pumping furiously shoving my hand in as far as it could go till I was moaning as I came all over myself. Mr. Sunny leone xxxy story sex stories 20 had continued to stroke his cock while I fingered myself, and it had grown its full ten inches hard. He had unbuttoned his jeans so the head peeked out but he didn't take it out.

I lay there panting from my cum and he just said. "If I let you out of this room you ain't gonna try and run off now are you?" I shook my head. "No sir." He nodded. "Good, cause I'll hurt ya if you do. Come on slut, it's chow time." And he turned and left leaving the door open. So I followed him out and found the kitchen, there was a plate there with a sandwich and a glass of milk next to it.

My stomach rumbled. I realized it'd been almost a full day since Mr. Miller had raped me in the cornfield, then brought me home to continue fucking.

I was starving. Mr. Miller motioned to the sandwich. "Sit down and eat cunt, and listen close while you do." While I ate Mr. Miller talked. "Now we gots a problem. Come tomorrow morning your paw expects you home. If you go home and tell him what happened, that's going to be bad." He looked at me hard. "You tell anyone and I'm going to tell 'em you're lying. That I found you in my field with Duke all mounted up and you fucking him so hard I couldn't believe it. That I tried to help you but you just wanted to fuck the dog.

And they'll believe me, cause when they examine you they'll know you fucked a dog." I didn't know they couldn't tell, or that if they examined me they'd find Mr. Miller's cum all in me. I was scared. I nodded and he smiled. "Then I'll find you and kill you.

So… you want me to let you go and you promise not to say anything, or you want me to kill you after I fuck you tonight?" I was scared to death. I knew he'd do it, he'd already showed me that he didn't care about slapping me and hurting me. I shook my head. "I . I won't say anything." I whispered. "Good" he said. "Cause it'd be a shame to waste a nice little cunt like yours.

Now get over here on the floor and show me your pretty little cunt slut." I got up and went to his side of the table then lay down on the floor. I was shaking, because part of me still wanted to deny that I loved doing this.

I pulled my legs up and spread them, then reached down and spread my lips showing Mr. Miller my pink cunt still wet from my cum. He moaned. "God you love showing me don't you?" I looked up at him.


"Yes sir, yes I love showing you my wet cunt." He got up and went to the fridge, then came back with a cucumber which he sat on the floor next to me. He sat down and now he took his hard cock out and started stroking it. "I want to watch you fuck yourself with that slut.

Take it and push it up in there." I'd already had my fingers, his cock and his dog's cock inside me, and I was wet and wanting more. I didn't even think about it, I just picked up the vegetable and started working it into my little hole. The cucumber wasn't as long as Mr. Miller but it was thicker and I felt my cunt stretching as I tried to work it in. I only sexy brunette impaled on dick hardcore and massage about an inch in as Mr.

Miller sat staring down at me then I stopped. He stood up angry. "Did I say to stop slut!?" He leaned down petite college babe plays for her tight pussy slapped my tits.

"I want you to fuck that like it was my cock, all the way." I whimpered. "It's too big, it hurts." He slapped my face hard, then pinched my erect tender nipples and slapped them.

"I'll show you hurt cunt." Then he reached down and took hold of the cucumber and shoved it all the way up my little hole. "Your cunt stretches slut…" I screamed as it split me wider than I'd been split before, and to my shame I came all over the cucumber as he raped me with it. Mr. Miller only laughed and got back in his chair to watch.

"I ain't doing busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick work slut, fuck your nasty hole NOW!" Crying in shame, and trembling from cumming I began to work the cucumber in and out of my cunt. I could feel myself stretching, my recently virgin hole being stretched wider and wider as I fucked myself with Mr.

Miller watching and stroking his hard cock. "Nasty slut …love having your cunt filled don't ya?" I moaned and nodded, he looked like he was going to get up so I said quickly. "Yes sir, I love it." And fucked myself to another cum. I was so ashamed laying on his kitchen floor dripping cum over a vegetable and loving it. Mr. Miller stood up, slid his jeans off and took the cucumber out of me. He put it against my mouth.

"Lick it up cunt, just like my cock." I lapped the cucumber, sucking off my cum and watching Mr. Miller who just smiled. "I love nasty little sluts like you." He pulled me to my feet and pushed me over the kitchen table.

"You know what else stretches cunt?" I felt his cock pushing up against my tiny puckered ass. It was still sore from having a corncob shoved up it the previous night. After he'd done that he'd left my ass alone, but now I knew he'd just been waiting. I whimpered and shook my head. Even the pressure of just his cockhead against my closed ass burned.

"No, not that it hurts… please." I begged. He raised his hand and slapped my ass hard enough that I cried instantly. "Get used to it slut. Now reach back here and spread you ass open." I whimpered and shook over the table, I just couldn't do it.

I loved having his cock sliding into my tiny cunt, but this was going to hurt. It'd passed out a long time after he raped my ass with the corn. He slapped my ass again and again, spanking me hard.

"Spread your ass cunt, or I'll really hurt you!" But no matter how hard he spanked me I just couldn't bring myself to spread my ass open for him.

Then I felt his hands wrap around my little throat and he leaned over me whispering. "If you don't spread your ass bitch I'll choke the air out of you and fuck you while you're unconscious." His hands began to choke me and he moaned. "Oh yeah…little girl can't get away. I'll fuck your dead ass too slut…makes me no difference. Spread it." I felt my air supply getting choked off and for the first time since the cornfield I was really afraid.

I reached back and took hold of my ass cheeks, spreading them open. He released my neck. "Good slut, good nasty whore." His cock head popped back against my tight asshole and he began rubbing it up and down.

"Damn, it's so tight and dry." He leaned back and I heard him clear his throat, then felt a glob of spit land on my puckered ass.

He pushed his cockhead back and I felt it slide in the spit, spread my ass open just a little and I whimpered. I was right it hurt. He pushed harder, and his head popped right into my ass. I screamed and he kept pushing but he couldn't get his cock any further in.

"Fuck … you're so tiny slut, so fucking tight.

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I gotta get in here." He took his cock out and slapped my ass. "Don't fucking move." I saw him walk to a cute cutie give suck job in pov and gets slim snatch plowed and take out a bottle of cooking oil. He came back, and I felt the plastic tip of the bottle slide up my asshole. Then I felt it squirting all cold and greasy as he fed the oil up my asshole.

I didn't mean to but I moaned, the feeling of having something shooting up inside my ass was astounding. Mr. Miller laughed. "See cunt, you're going to love it.

You're going to love my cum shooting up your shitter." He took the bottle away and put his cock back at my ass, and this time when he shoved it popped in easy.

With another shove I felt his balls hit my cunt, but I screamed and screamed. It was too big. His ten inch cock was splitting my tiny little ass open. "Fuck you're so tight cunt, so tiny .I can barely fuck you lubed." I was crying for real, screaming and trying to get away but I was impaled on his huge cock.

He didn't let me get used to it either, he just started pounding away. "Ugg…I'm going to cum up your little ass quick, it's so tight. Squeeze it slut, squeeze your ass for me." He started spanking my ass as he rode it, and the oil made him slide in and out easy, the pain was from being stretched and soon I was cumming from the sensation of pain and pleasure he was giving me.

It didn't take him but a few minutes and I felt hot cum spewing up my ass chute, he leaned over me panting. "Aggghh, fucking slut …take my cum …yeah." He collapsed on top of me on the table, his cock still huge in my ass.

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He lay there for a long time breathing hard. I was so ashamed, I could feel oil and cum dripping down my legs and my ass was so sore, but as he lay there not moving I felt warm and wet again and I moved. He laughed in my ear. "You want more slut? Take it, ride your ass on my cock." Whimpering I moved and found I could, and knowing how nasty I was I pushed back and forth pumping his softening cock into my ass until I came again. For the rest of the night Mr. Miller and his dog Duke took turns using my holes.

By the morning I'd had the dog in all three holes as well as Mr. Miller's cock. I was dripping cum and stretched open, completely ruined. My little thirteen year old body had sexy slut enjoys a big black cock fucked hard in every way Mr. Miller could think of for two whole days and nights.

When I woke up he was in bed next to me, and filthy slut that I was becoming I was sucking his cock in my sleep.


He laughed at me and pounded his cock down my throat, gagging me till he came. Then he got me my clothes, and told me to get the fuck home. He reminded me that if I told anyone what happened he'd kill me. But he also told me he'd see me again, and winked. I didn't know it at the time, but Mr.

Miller changed my life that weekend. He took an innocent thirteen year old and turned me into a raging cum slut. It wouldn't take me long to figure it out, and I would certainly see Mr. Miller again, but that's all another story.