Sex with large a hole beauteous hottie

Sex with large a hole beauteous hottie
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My wife was always shy and quiet but after five years of marriage she became more pronounced. I thought my wife would never think of taking on another guy but it was evident to me she fantasized about it.

She would mention erotic dreams every so often but when I asked if another man was involved she would always tell me "no".

As I watched her masturbate she would close her eyes tight blocking me out while she fantasized. She kept her fantasy's and what she did away from me secret. If I called her while she was away on a trip and she was interrupted, she would say she was out with so and so and would call me back the next morning.

The secrecy was hard for me to bear and she finally got tired of my constant prodding. She invited me on an overnight trip and I would finally know her secrets.

We got to our destination and had to share a room with her F.O. as the airline was too cheap to book separate rooms and this I learned would happen often. We put our luggage in the room and went to dinner.

She mentioned his name a few times before and I could tell this was not the first time she had shared a room with him. We finished dinner and during that brief time got to know her overnight friend a little better. She would gaze across the table at him and they discussed how the night would proceed with me there.

I agreed to them being together that night and would not interrupt but to be there for support and to watch her be pleasured. She said she loved me and if I was so intent to know her away from home life that I would not get angry and support her. So, with that scorching blonde licked and fucked and got a cream masturbation blowjob proceeded back to the room and I kept quiet. Upon entering I watched my wife slip out of her uniform like she always did in front of me removing her bra and letting her breasts hang in front of her F.O.

He smiled at the pleasing sight and went over to kiss her mouth. My wife wrapped her arms around him and felt down the front of his pants which now were bulging. "Got problems?' she asked smirking and knelt down in front of him unzipping his trousers and pulling his throbbing member out of his underwear. Smiling she said, "Nice cock you got there." and proceeded to take him in her mouth.


My heart sank but I knew to keep my feelings subsided to keep our marriage together. As she worked him over he grew larger and I noticed he had story13690young boy and a woman curve and was much larger than I by a few inches. He lifted her up and put her on the bed across from me and pulled her pants off and slid her panties down and lay on top of her kissing her deeply. When Hether caught her breath she told me to come over and take her panties and put them in the dirty bag.

I looked over and her friends head was buried in her hairy crotch. Heather started to moan and all I could do is watch. I watched him lick her and she told him to put a finger in. He gave her a good fingering and while he did that he instructed me to get a low back chair and position it in front of the mirror. He pulled his finger out of Heather's vagina and she went over to the chair, knelt in it and spread her cheeks apart as if she knew what she was in for.

I wanted so badly to undress and be a part of this but felt I shouldn't ruin their mood.

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With a big glob of spit this man put the tip of his huge curved cock to my wife's asshole and slid the tip in with ease. I gasped and began to cry as my wife never ever let me in there. I was yelled at once for trying and to never do that again.

With this understanding the mention of anal intercourse between us was never to be brought up. After tonight I would learn of the two men who were the only ones allowed to enter this forbidden area. I watched through tearful eyes as her friends huge cock glided in and out of my wife's gaping asshole with ease intensifying with every stroke.

His large filled balls would slap against her vulva and he would reach down and massage her clitoris to bring her to orgasm four times. So this is what is to be I thought to myself and hid my tears from her in a pillow. I glanced over as he pulled out and watched six huge loads of cum fly out of him onto Heather's sexy backside.

A few droplets leaked into her gaped rear but he was careful to keep himself from leaking into her vagina. She sighed, got up and came over to me resting her hand on my shoulder asking if I was ok. I said yes and she and her friend went to shower.

After their shower, she asked if I would like to join them for bed or I could sleep alone in the separate bed. I wanted to be alone to cry but decided I did not want to miss out on my wife. I was allowed to strip down and join them.

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I awoke to my wife's soft moans. Her warm breath whisping past my ear as her flying friend worked her from behind on her side.

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I reached down and felt her throbbing lips and clitoris realizing his cock was in her asshole. I turned to face her and placed my hard cock between her clenched thighs so her clit would rub on my cock with each thrust from behind. Her friends thrusts intensified "ready for take off?!" he exclaimed as my wife approached orgasm.

He pinched her swollen nipples to put he over the top. As she came the thrusting stopped and she hugged me tight kissing me.

With a few more quick thrusts he finished in her and pulled out. Heather quickly straddled over me finishing me off with her mouth.


Her friends cum started leak out from her worked asshole down past her pussy lips onto her thighs as she mouthed me. I spread her lips with my tongue and licked her furiously tasting the seed.

After I came, she sat up squatting over me. I was told to open my mouth and with a gentle push her friend's cum gushed out of her giving me a mouthful.


I swallowed gagging sightly. Her friend smiled and put on his uniform. Heather smiled back.

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