Erotic chick is gaping soft snatch in close up and climaxing

Erotic chick is gaping soft snatch in close up and climaxing
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When I woke up Saturday morning, I found I was alone in bed. I glanced around the apartment and did not see Melissa anywhere. Then I spotted a note on the nightstand."Went out for a morning run.Shouldn't be long.Love you. Melissa." I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.I had just turned the water on when I heard the door open.

I heard the Melissa come in the front door. "You better not be taking your shower without me!" she said walking toward the bathroom. "Did you forget that we were going to take it together? I stepped out of the bathroom telling her, "I thought you wanted to wait until after we got mom and dad's approval for our new relationship." She looked sexy in her running outfit. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Her t-shirt was probably about a size too big. She couldn't have been wearing a bra because her nipples were clearly outlined.If the fact she wasn't wearing a sports bra wasn't surprising enough her chose of running shorts was even more so.They were bright red and so tight they you could make out the outline of her pussy. Her skin was covered from a light coat of sweet. "That was just for making love silly," she laughed. "We can find other ways to play Bro." I went back into the bathroom and turned the shower off.

Sis was in the kitchen downing a bottle of water to quench her thirst. "I have a few ways in mind," I said with a smile.

"What's with the morning run anyway? We're going to get a workout working in the yard and setting up tables at the folk's house today.

Not to mention the special workout I have in mind for you." She walked up to me guiding my hands to her legs. "I don't think you've really felt these yet.

Not a bit of flab on them is there? I doubt even your special workout would keep them in this kind of shape. Whispering in my ear she told me, "Let me tell you a secret Bro, your little sister gets really horny from her morning runs." I was not surprised the way her tight shorts must have been rubbing her pussy with each stride.

I dropped to my knees and rubbed my hands up and down them feeling the tight muscles in them. I then moved my hands to her waist. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband I pulled her shorts down and she stepped out of them.

My face was now inches from her pussy. My hands cupped her ass and pulled her closer. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating.

"Cat's got your tongue again huh?" She asked. It sure did and with those words my tongue parted her pussy lips and started licking.

Every few licks my tongue would tease her clit. As her breathing grew harder so did my licking. She ran her fingers thru my hair as she started to grind her pussy against my face. "Oh god your tongue feels good bro!" she moaned as I stuck my tongue into her hot wet pussy. "Oh yes!" she yelled. I started fucking her with my tongue.

Her breath started to come in short gasps. "Aaawwww fuuuck!" letting out an ear piercing scream as she started to come. Not saying anything she pulled me to my feet and locked her lips with mine. Our tongues probed each others mouths in the most passionate kiss we had shared yet. We moved toward the bed and she fell on top me.

We broke our kiss and practically tore what little clothes we were still wearing off of each other. She dove for my dick taking its entire length in her mouth.

Her head was a blur as she fucked me with her mouth with the same enthusiasm as I fucked her with my tongue. "Suck it hard Sis!" I begged. Just as I ready to come she came to a stop and slowly pulled her mouth off it. She started licking up and down the length of it occasionally taking the head in her mouth.

Whatever she did the change of pace kept me from shooting my cum down her throat. I reached out taking her leg and pulled it toward me. Sis knew exactly what I wanted and straddled my face.

"I'm glad you're still hungry," she told me lowering her pussy to my face. As she continued the tortuously slow licking of my dick my tongue slowly explored her pussy avoiding the sensitive spots I had discovered moments earlier.

I guess she decided two could play this teasing game as her long licks turned to soft kisses on my dick, balls, and thighs.

Despite the slow teasing i felt that I was soon going to cum. I could tell that Sis was about to cum as well because three some white my mom thigh muscles were starting to tighten. She must have sensed I was ready as well.

Simultaneously she swallowed my dick as I sucked and nibbled on her clit and we both came together. As we laid there recovering, I said, "Geez Sis, that was so intense my balls actually hurt." "I'd be happy to kiss them and make them feel better," she said sympathetically.

"You'd end up with a face full of cum if you did," I warned her. "I'll have to see if you live up to those words another time. Right now we need to get a shower and get over to mom and dad's house." I pulled her to me and we kissed for a few minutes.

We got up and headed toward the shower. I turned the water to the shower on adjusting the temperature so it would be warm enough to be comfortable, but not so hot that we ran out of hot water. I had a feeling that this shower was going to last a while and get pretty hot anyway. We climbed in and started washing each other. We didn't miss a single inch of each others body. After we finished washing, Sis put some shampoo in her hand and started washing my hair.

She pushed me under the spray and rinsed it for me. "I have another fantasy that needs fulfilled and I would bet you have the same one," she told me as she handed me the shampoo. "You're right. I have dreamed about it so many times I've lost count," I told her honestly as I started washing her hair.

She had her eyes closed and played with her breasts as I worked the shampoo into her hair and lightly massaged her scalp. After a few minutes she told me that was good but I had missed some. I poured a little more into my hand and shampooed her thick brown bush of pubic hair. "I'm planning to let my hair grow long again," she informed me. "But only if you're going to help me take care of it." "You've got a deal," I replied with a smile.

She pulled away and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. I reached over to shut the water off for the shower. "Not so fast… did you forget you bought me conditioner too?" she asked. "Make sure you work it in real good." I repeated the process with the conditioner instead of the shampoo.This time I did not miss taking care of her bush.

I could tell she was enjoying my hands working the conditioner into her pubic hair. "I think I know a better way to condition my pussy," she said. Sis then put her arms around my neck and started to wrap one leg behind me.

Knowing what she wanted, I took her ass in my hands and lifted her up. She wrapped her other leg around me locking them together. With two too hot lesbians on casting interview softcore back against the wall, my dick was pressed against her pussy.

Slowly she started sliding up and down. The conditioner had made things very slippery and the juices coming from her pussy made it more so.

Melissa just stared straight into my eyes not saying a word as she worked her pussy against my hard dick. Her speed increased and she added some side to side movement as well. This time there was only soft moaning from each of us as we came again collapsing down to the floor of the shower. The water was now totally cold bringing us back to reality. Looking at the clock, I knew we had to get going soon.

"Sorry Sis, but playtime is over for this morning. We need to get dressed and get going," I told her. "That's okay Bro. we have our whole lives ahead of us for playtime," she said with confidence. When we got in the car and started driving to our parent's house, Melissa made a call on her cell phone.

Speaking into the phone she said, "Hi dad. Mom asked me to call and let you know when we were on our way. Okay, we'll see you in a few. I love you Dad." I reached over horny years old girl getting cum in mouth ran my hand up and down her leg.

"Melissa, I've been thinking about what you said at the airport when you said I should practice what I preach. I'd like to start running with you. Any time I start trying to do anything like exercise to stay in shape I just don't stay motivated. Would you like partner?" I asked. "I'd love that. Since we're going to be partners in everything else let's add morning runs to the list," she said with excitement. "You won't believe how much more energy it gives you to start the day." "I think I found that out already.

Take it easy on me to start, I'm definitely not as good of shape as you," I told her squeezing her thigh and feeling how firm it felt. "I will, but seriously you seem to be in decent shape.

You seem to have a lot of stamina," she said eying the bulge in my pants. "You need to keep that under control for the rest of the day." "Hey that goes of you too," I teased glancing toward her hard nipples.

"Damn, I should have worn a padded bra, but I don't even own one anymore," she cursed. Her eyes lit up as though she had an idea and opened the glove box. Reaching in she pulled out the first aid kit.

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"You should have been a Boy Scout. You're always prepared," she said with a giggle. She looked around and told me, "We better pull into that empty parking lot for a minute." Not sure what she was up too, I did as she asked. I parked the car as she took off her t-shirt. She opened the first aid kit and pulled out two pieces of 4 inch square gauze pad. She lifted one cup of her bra and placed the gauze on her breast before pulling the cup back down.

She repeated the action with the other breast. After putting the t-shirt back on she pulled it tight against her. Looking down, she checked the results. "That seemed to work. Let's go." "What about my problem?" I pointed out looking down at the bulge in my pants.

"Hmmm, I could give you a quick blowjob, but from how that went earlier you stay pretty hard even after you cum." Her eyes lit up again as she looked in the first aid kit. "I've got it!" she announced as she pulled out the scissors from the first aid kit. You could hear the 'snip snip' as she opened and closed the blades as she stared at my lap. "Sis!!!" I hollered. I knew she xxx sex stories story download snyy leon joking but just the thought of it made me cringe.

"It worked though," she said as she glanced down at my crotch. My hard-on was now gone. She leaned over and gave quick peck on the lips. "Okay, we're both ready. Let's get going," she instructed. We were surprised when we arrived to not find our parent's sitting outside enjoying the nice morning as they often did.

As we entered the house the smell of fried bacon in the air explained why.

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"Just in time," said my dad. "I thought we could share a nice family breakfast together." The table was set for four with bacon and fried eggs on each plate.

He went to the refrigerator and pulled out a pitcher of orange juice and set it on the table. Mom was finishing making toast. "Does anyone want a cup of coffee?" she asked. Blowjob shoot cum in mouth up shits creek sans a paddle and I both replied that juice was fine.

"You two really didn't have to go to all this trouble," Melissa said. "Oh nonsense dear," Mom said back. "You two are doing us a great favor by helping out. Your dad and I both hate to admit it but it is getting to be a little to much for us to do this every year.

By the time our guests get here we're too tired to really enjoy it." Looking at Melissa, Mom continued, "I know you're gonna tell me you're watching what you eat, but I don't want you working on an empty stomach and passing out.

If you want there is some fruit salad we got for the cookout. "Spoil yourself this morning Sis," I chimed up.

"You said you like to treat yourself to a real breakfast every few weeks and you did skip your usual breakfast to workout this morning," pointing out to her and trying to keep a straight face. "I didn't realize our new found friendship was going to include you ratting me out to our parents.

I may have to reconsider things," she said smiling sarcastically. Mom noticed it was just playful banter between us but having some fun she asked, "Shawn was there something you should been ratting out about your little sister all these years?" Caught off guard my stomach knotted up.

Melissa came to my rescue and responded, "I promise I've been a good girl and Shawn has been a good boy. I only regret that it has taken us until now to become friends again." She gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "Now let's eat I'm starving." We both dove into our meals enjoying the first home cooked breakfast either of us had eaten in a long time. The rest of the meal was the normal chit chat people exchanged at breakfast.

Melissa surprised me by eating a second helping. When she finished eating I took her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. "Okay Miss Piggy, it's time to get to work," I told her. We picked up our plates taking them to the sink and rinsing them.

Suddenly bolting toward the door she hollered out, "Last one out has to cut the lawn!!!" Knowing that she hated cutting the lawn I maintained a normal pace and headed out side.

While I cut the lawn, Melissa took care of hosing down the patio and cleaning up the the furniture. Once all that was done we set up the tables and chairs. Our dad instructed us where he wanted them set up as he cleaned his grilling area up. That was always his domain and he had insisted on taking care of it himself.

Mom took a break from taking care of the food prep and brought us out some homemade lemonade while we all took a break. With all the major work done I asked if anything else needed to be done. "We did pick up some new flowers that need planted and some other work in the flower bed," she said with sadness in her voice. Like the grill had always been Dad's domain, the flower bed had been Mom's. It must have been difficult for her to ask us and admitting to herself it was getting to be to much work for her.

"Sure Mom, we'll need your expertise to let us know what goes where and whatever else needs to be done," Melissa volunteered. That brought a smile back to Mom's face knowing the flowers were still her baby and Melissa and myself were just doing the grunt work.

We went to work planting the new flowers with Mom pointing out where she wanted the various types. She asked Melissa to trim the dead growth from the existing plants while she went inside to finish some of the kitchen work. I found myself starting to take in the sight of my gorgeous sister as she bent over working on the plants. With the the exception of not having the tight running shorts on she had the same look as when she came in from her morning run and I found myself getting hard remembering the hot sex we had that morning.

Melissa must have noticed it and brought me back to reality. "Snip snip," she said holding up the garden shears. I picked up a small bit of dirt and tossed it at her. She in turn did the same which turned into a playful fight between the two of us. The forgotten memory of doing the same as kids came back to me. "Okay you two," interrupted Dad.

"I see your playfulness with each other is still the same. You did a great job on the flowers and I am sure your mom will be happy with it. She and I still have a few things to do in the kitchen. Why don't cheating blonde dirtbag busted sucking dick on hidden spy camera both get cleaned up a little and relax in the living room." Walking into the house we both looked at each other nervously.

The time had come to let our parents know what our feelings were and how we wanted to be together. After Melissa and I cleaned up we went to the living room.

Melissa sat down on the couch. I started to sit next to her, but instead went over and started fixing Mom and Dad's normal afternoon drink. I mixed them a little stronger than they normally would.

Looking up at Melissa I asked, "Do you want one also Sis?" "You really have to ask?," she said. "Maybe you should have one too." "Actually I'm fine," I replied. I took Melissa her drink then and got Mom and Dad's and set them on the end table next to the loveseat. As I took a seat our parents came into the room. I pointed to their drinks on the end table and they picked them up and sat down next to each other.

Dad spoke up saying, "We really want to thank you both for your help today. We've decided this will be the last Memorial Day cookout we host. It's just become to much for us for us both to handle. You were both kids when this tradition started. It is very special that you are both here for this last one." "You know this really doesn't have to be the last one. Shawn and I blondes licking each other in an orgy already discussed that we could help out every year.

If you need help with the other things we can help with those as well," Melissa offered. "Hey remember when we were little how the two of us would take the snack trays around so everyone could socialize?" she directed at me. "Yea that was actually pretty fun," I said. Forgetting how I am usually uncomfortable around large amounts of people I added, "Let's do that tomorrow." Mom about spilled her drink and dad looked just as shocked. Mom looked at Melissa and said in a demanding but joking voice, "Okay girl spill it.

Where is your brother and who is this guy? Are the police going to be here soon and digging up my flowers?" We all busted up laughing.

As the laughter subsided, Melissa responded, "Come on Mom we may have been cold toward each other for so many years but we would never hurt each other." "We know that dear," mom responded. "You two never even fought that i can recall. Your offer to help is so sweet, but we can't bother you to come every year to help out.

We know you japanese naked game show uncensorednews always break away from work even for the holidays." "As for the two of you serving the guests together again you have remember that most of the guests are getting old," Dad said.

"They've noticed how cold you've been toward each other. We might as well call the paramedics now to invite them because there will be a massive outbreak of heart attacks!" Again the roar of laughter erupted. Mom's comment about Melissa coming back every year opened the conversation to letting them know that Melissa was moving back.

The conversation was about to become much more serious. "Mom and Dad. I have something I'd like to tell you," Melissa said with happiness in her voice.

"I've decided it is time for me to move back." Before she could say anything further Mom and Dad both came over and the three of them embraced. Tears of joy were in everyone's eyes including my own. "That is great sweetheart," Dad said.

"We have some things we've been storing in your room, but it shouldn't be any problem clearing them out. You can stay here as long as you'd like until you get your own place." The moment of truth had arrived. It was time to tell them our plans and how we felt about each other.

Melissa responded, "That is very nice of you to offer but I." Stopping to take my hand in hers she continued, "we have decided." Taking over I said, "We have decided that the two of us would live together." Mom looked sad again asking, "I can see you've gotten along for a these past few days staying together, but isn't Shawn's apartment a bit small for the two of you to share for the month or so for you might need to find a place of your own Melissa?" "You're right Mom," I agreed.

"It is too small. Melissa and I really haven't had a chance to discuss that yet, but it goes without saying we would need a bigger place. We should be able to find pretty nice place we can both call home." I felt her hand squeeze mine lightly as her nervous smile transitioned to a happy one. "Gee, when you put it that way it sounds so permanent.

Your mom and I pretty much gave up that you weren't planning on a new relationship. You've just been content living your current life alone," Dad said looking at me. "We've been alright with that as long as it that is what you're happy with." "But you Melissa." Mom joined in the conversation, "from seeing the renewed interest you've taken in your appearance it's pretty obvious that you want to have someone in your life. What happens then?

Do you kick your brother out? Do you move out leaving him stuck in a place bigger than he's comfortable with?" "You're right Mom I do want a long term relationship again, but Dad you're wrong about Shawn.

He wants one as well. The relationship we both want and have wanted for a long time is with each other," Melissa said with a sigh of relief. The full meaning may not have been apparent yet, but now the words were out there. Attempting to clarify them I placed my other hand over the one's we were holding already. Lesbian pretty chicks know a lot about sex placed her's over mine.

We looked at each other smiling and turned toward our parents. If not for the fact that we were cute blonde teen fucked by you lust in translation it would seem like any other newly engaged couple telling their parents the good news.

"Mom and Dad. Melissa and I are in love with each other," I said to them with sincerely. Looking a little confused as the words were sinking in Dad responded, "Well of course you love each other.

Despite how cold you were toward each other growing up you're still brother and sister." Taking her turn Melissa said, "We do love each other as brother and sister.

We also love each other as a man and woman can love each other, both emotionally and physically." Before they had time to react to that, I added, "Did you ever wonder why we were so cold toward one another? You've said it yourselves that it started when we hit our teens. I think the emotional love has always been there although we were too young to understand it at the time.

When we'd go to the zoo, I'd drag Melissa around showing mature and girls sexy xxxaap story to her with what I knew about the different animals.

Just like a boyfriend would do with a girlfriend. That is how we acted yesterday when we went as well including enjoying a beautiful sunset and the effect it could have on a couple. Melissa continued, "When we hit our teens the attraction became physical for both of us. I could tell Shawn found me attractive. That is what gave me the confidence to start dating.

After dating a few different guys I knew in my heart that it was Shawn I loved. I never acted on those feelings because I didn't know until recently that he felt the same. I kept it to myself all these years because I thought he would hate me if those feelings came out. "That is how it was for me as well with one exception. I never found the same self confidence she did until the other night when she dragged me to Coaches," I said attempting to lighten the tension a bit.

"The other couples there didn't know we were siblings and treated us like a couple. Since I didn't have to put up that wall with Melissa, I was more relaxed." Mom took a sip at her drink which was long gone already and asked, "Why are you telling us this? I mean you could have gone ahead with your plans letting us think it was a simple thing like a brother and sister offering support to each other following your broken marriages and what happened behind closed doors would only be for the two of you to know." "If we had proceeded behind your back and somehow you found out, we know how disappointed you would be with us.

We want to be open with you about it and if either of you feel you can't accept it we won't do it. We would both bury those feelings deep inside of us and act like a brother and sister the remainder of our lives," Melissa replied. "So. you're asking for our approval?" Dad asked in a raised voice.

I didn't sense anger in his question but wanting to convey the strength of our feelings I said in a louder voice, "Yes sir. If this was a conventional relationship I would be asking you for permission to marry your daughter. Melissa and I love each other and want to live together as husband and wife." We all sat in silence for what seemed to be an eternity but in reality was probably less than dude copulates and licks shaved slit hardcore and blowjob minute.

Breaking the silence Mom said, "You know as you were both growing up your father and I discussed many possible situations the two of you might get into and how we would deal with them. No parent ever wants to think it could happen to their children but we thought it best to prepare ourselves. We discussed things like drugs, early pregnancy, getting in trouble with the law, and others.

We've been a fortunate family that nothing like that ever came up. This is a situation we never even imagined or prepared for." "Could you both give your mom and me time to talk privately?" Dad asked. "It shouldn't be long. Maybe if you took a walk around the block together." Melissa and I both thanked them for hearing us out. "Like your mom said we didn't anticipate this situation, but we always agreed that no matter what you came to us to talk about we would listen" Dad said.

Still holding hands we left the house. We walked in silence both reflecting on what we had told them and how they reacted. When we reached the first corner, Melissa looked at me asking, "Well what are you thinking?" "Well they stayed pretty calm about it and didn't kick us out and disown us." I said.

"Come on Shawn, we both knew inside that wouldn't happen. We know our parents well enough that the worse that will happen is they won't be able to accept it and we keep our promise to them that we return to a normal sibling relationship." Melissa responded. "Okay. I think it went pretty good myself. It seemed to be a lot easier than I thought it would be to tell them. I know I have problems saying how I feel most of the time, but when there is something I really believe in very strongly I don't have any problem.

They both know that and I think I expressed things with that same conviction today. Also the way we told them I think helped a lot too." "What do you mean?" Melissa asked. "Did you notice how naturally we took turns telling them things or answering their questions?

I think it demonstrated that both had the same feelings and how strong they are," I explained.


"How about you? What are you thinking?" I asked in return. "I'll keep it simple," she responded pointing to a nearby house with a for sale sign.

"We need to start house hunting." I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her, but since we grew up in this neighborhood and there were sill many people who knew us we had to limit our display of affection. Instead I put arm around her and gave her a quick kiss in her head. As we reached the final corner we recognized one of the old neighbors. He spotted us as well and walked linda muntildeequita se masturba con su consolador the sidewalk greeting us, "Melissa and Shawn.It's so pamela anderson and brett michaels to see you both." I shook his extended hand telling him, "It's nice to see you too Mr.

Burns." "I think you're a bit old to be so formal. Call me Tom." Turning toward the house he hollered, "Honey come out here. Mrs. Burns stepped out of the house onto the porch. Seeing us on the sidewalk she walked toward us opening her arms giving us both a hug.

"Melissa you're looking great. We were so sorry to hear your marriage broke up." "Thank you Mrs. Burns," she answered but was interrupted. "What a I told your brother goes for you too young lady," Tom said in a chastising voice.

"Thank you Donna," Melissa said correcting herself. "They say all things happen for a reason. I truly believe that my marriage ending only means that someone even better is out there for me." "That's the spirit Melissa, many people think its the end of the world when their marriage ends and can't seem to move forward." I knew that comment had been directed at me but withheld a grin or comment.

If only she knew how wrong she was in my case. "We noticed you earlier helping your folks out. Are you going to be at the cookout?" Tom asked.

"Unless something unexpected comes up, We wouldn't miss it Tom," I answered. Donna reminisced, "I remember when you two were little coming around with snacks at the cookout.

You looked so cute together." "They still do," added Tom. "I wish our kids got along and were as friendly to each other as you to seem to be" Thinking quickly before we both burst out laughing Melissa said, "We still have some details to work out with Mom and Dad, so if you'll excuse us, we'll see you tomorrow." As we walked up the driveway our parents were sitting on the porch waiting. Dad held the door for us and motioned us inside.

They followed us inside. Before we took our seats again. Dad stepped toward me taking my hand and shaking it while placing his other hand on my shoulder. "Congratulations Son.


This may be a biased father's opinion but you couldn't have made a better selection for wife than my beautiful daughter." Mom at the same time was giving Melissa a hug and kiss congratulating her and commending her choice. Mom and Dad then swapped places. Mom giving me a hug and kiss and Dad giving Melissa a hug and kiss. They then moved over and sat down together.

Melissa turned to me with a stunned look in her eyes saying, "Shawn, please tell me this is for real and I'm not just dreaming." "I'm pretty sure it's for real Melissa," I told her as I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. "Sit down you two lovebirds," Mom instructed. "We have some planning to do." "What do you mean Mom?" asked Melissa. "Well if you're going to live as husband and wife your dad hot brunette rided a large dick and got facial cum I think you should have a proper ceremony," Mom told us.

"But Mom, you were a legal secretary for so long. I am sure you know we can't legally get married." I pointed out. "There is another way," Mom started to explain.

"I think it was about 15 years ago or so the firm I worked for had a gentleman as a client who was gay.

He knew that he couldn't marry his partner legally so he inquired about having a Commitment Ceremony. We researched the subject and informed him it would not give him any of the legal rights given to married couples but at the same time no laws would be broken if he and his partner had one.

Have either of you ever heard of a Commitment Ceremony?" Melissa spoke up, "Actually this morning I was looking online for ways we could express our love for each other and read about them. Although I felt that you would give us your approval, I never thought you'd be so supportive. I never discussed it with Shawn. We've already expressed our feelings to each other with informal vows last night.

I thought we would just leave it at that." Being somewhat bewildered, I asked, "Would someone please fill me in on what you're talking about?" Melissa turned to me saying, "Honey.

A Commitment Ceremony is almost like an actual wedding. It can be as simple or extravagant as the couple wishes it to be. The only real difference is that it is not considered a legal marriage. There is not marriage license and you don't really need an officiant to preside over it.

Like Mom pointed out gay couples have been doing it for years." Turning to Mom, Melissa asked, "Do you think we should have one? It would just be the four of us. The only other person I would trust to know would be Amy and she lives out of state now.

It would seem so right if you and Dad would witness it." I started to say something, but Dad stopped me. He informed me, "Son, This is now in the hands of the women we love. Our job now is to leave everything to them and help them if asked." "Your dad and I talked about it while the two of you were walking. You're going to need a few things to help you make your new neighbors think you are married.

Melissa you've already changed your name back so that part is taken care of. I think these would help also." Reaching down between the cushions she pulled out a small royal blue box that was extremely faded. Opening it she revealed a set of wedding rings. "They were your grandparent's rings," Mom stated. "They wanted me to give them to one of you when you got married. I guess subconsciously my maternal instinct sensed things might not work out for either of you so I never passed them along." Adding to the discussion, Dad added, "The love and feelings the two of you showed tonight is the same true love that your grandparents had and that your mom and I still have for each other.

We both want to show you are support by passing them on to the two of you knowing that your love will indeed last forever." "Moving on to the next item," Mom continued. "Would tomorrow morning be too soon? We could do it right here in the house. The cookout could be your reception." "Tomorrow would be fine Mom, but we can't tell the guests about this so how could we consider it a reception?" Melissa inquired.

"Working around those lawyers I learned the art of manipulating words around so you could be telling the truth and not revealing the truth. Some of those guys could probably make a murder a candidate for sainthood," Mom said proudly.

"You just leave that part to me." "So now that we know when and where I have a question for you Melissa. I know my wedding gown isn't quite as fancy as the one wore for your wedding. Would you like to wear it tomorrow?" Mom asked. Melissa was at a lose for words. Thru her tears she could only nod yes. Standing up and looking at me Mom directed, "Shawn your bride and I have a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow. Call me old fashioned but I still believe that the bride and groom should not see each other the night before their wedding.

I need you to go home and gather up her things and bring them back. I don't think I need to tell you what you need to do for your part." Turning to Dad she told him, "Let's go outside for a bit and give them some alone time to say goodnight to each other." They were barely out of the room when I took Melissa in my arms kissing her with a tender passion.

We were both crying by the time we broke apart. "It's really happening isn't it?" Melissa making more of a statement than a question. "It sure is," I answered. "Mom is right there are some things I need to take care of. I'll miss you tonight but knowing we'll have the rest of our lives to be together I can handle it. I better get going before Mom kicks me out." "Okay Shawn, I'll miss you too." We came together for one final kiss before I left.

"I'll see you in the morning then," I told her. Melissa whispered in my ear seductively, "I'll be waiting for you my love." I drove back to my apartment in a mixed state of happiness and disbelief. After I arrived I quickly gathered Melissa's things packing them back into her suitcase. Looking around I knew I had to make better plans for us to spend our first night as husband and wife. I started to search online for hotels in the area that had bridal or honeymoon suites.

I knew it was a longshot but I started to make some calls. As I thought most of them were already occupied, but on the fourth call I got lucky. The newlyweds who had booked it received a surprise gift. The couple's parents had gone together booked a cruise for them leaving Sunday evening. The hotel extended the normal checkout time for them, but told me they could have it available by 5:00 PM.

I told them I'd take it asking them if I could get it for Monday and Tuesday night as well. Melissa's flight was scheduled for Wednesday. That was something I needed to talk to her about because I wanted to go with her.

With that out of the way, I got in the car to head to the mall. Our parent's house was on the way so I stopped to drop off Melissa's things. When I arrived there was a strange car in the driveway with out of state plates. Dad met me on the porch to take the suitcase. "Do you have company?" I asked. "Amy's in town. Seems she's having some marital problems. She knew your sister was back also so she called her.

They've always been the best of friends so Melissa asked her over. With a wedding dress out Amy asked what was going on so she was filled in on the secret," Dad informed me. "How did she react?" I asked. "Actually pretty good.

She seemed more happy for the two of you than surprised. Are you okay with Amy knowing? Dad asked. "It seems kind of awkward considering that you and Amy used to see each other." "Actually it is.

I know Amy well enough that she'll be discreet about it. I'm happy that Melissa can now share it with her best friend. Amy's pretty smart I wouldn't be surprised if she had things figured blonde and brunette babes nasty way sex already since she was close to both of us." "She's being a big help.

It's probably good for her and keeping her mind off her own situation," Dad said. "I better get going then. I need to get to the mall and see if it's possible to get a tux on such short notice," I informed him.

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"Wait here a minute. I think I can help you with that," said Dad as he turned to go into the house. Returning a few minutes later he hand me a business card reading 'Ted's Tuxes'. "I've had to use them at the last minute many times. The law firm your mom worked for always used to host short notice black tie events. I don't know why I just never bought one," he seemed to be asking himself. "I took the liberty of calling them. I didn't give them any details as to why you need one.

I'll leave that up to you. Since you're average size they think they should have something in the store already that would fit ramrod enters wet vagina hardcore and blowjob. They're expecting you." "Thanks Dad.

Give the ladies my best." "One more thing Son," he said stopping me. "I think you should consider finding somewhere nice for the two of you to spend tomorrow night. I'm sure you'll find it more romantic than your apartment." "Already have it taken care of Dad." I proceeded to the tuxedo shop and picked out an appropriate one. I opted not a tradition groom's tux with tails so as to not raise any questions. Fortunately they had one on site that fit me decently.

Because Dad had called, they asked one of the seamstress's to come in and handle any required alterations. After about 45 minutes it was ready and I could take it with me. I graciously thanked everyone. As I handed the seamstress a one hundred dollar bill for coming on her day off to take care of me, she said, "That's very generous of you sir.

I wish you and your bride the best of luck." "Thanks," I said. "How did you know?" "I've been doing this long enough to know that about the only thing a man would need a tux for on a Sunday morning would be for wedding. Since you weren't picking a particular style you couldn't be a last minute substitute to be a groomsman. So that would mean you're the groom. Can I take a guess at something else?" she asked. "You seem to be on a roll, so go for it," I told her. "Well seeing that it is a holiday weekend either you or your bride petite teen camgirl fingering show masturbation and privateshow in from out of town.

The two of you probably were a couple from times past or very good friends. When you got together the sparks just flew and those feelings you'd had toward each other just came out." "You are one hundred percent correct. Again thank you very much." I had two more stops to make wanting to get Melissa something special. When I got home started to straighten up things and do the laundry. I didn't know how long I might be gone helping Melissa get things in order and ready for her move back.

While I was waiting for my laundry to finish. I sat down at the computer and wrote what I thought would be appropriate vows. I emailed them to Melissa's phone to get her opinion. Finally I felt that everything I needed to do was finished. Sitting down it really started to sink in that the woman I loved most in life felt the same about me and we were going to be together the remainder of our lives.

My thoughts were interrupted by the buzz of my smart phone letting me know I someone had sent me text message. Melissa: They're perfect Shawn.

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Me: I'm glad you like them. Me: Is Mom keeping you busy? Melissa: She was for awhile. She's baking a cake now. It won't be a traditional cake though. Having Amy here has been a big help. Me: Yea Dad told me she was having some marital problems.

How's she doing? Melissa: Good. I hope it's alright I told her everything. Me: No prob. She can read us both like a book. She'd have figured it out quickly.

Melissa: I think she may have already but won't admit it. Me: Why's that? Melissa: It was her idea that I stay with you when I came back for the holiday Me: I guess I owe her big time then. Melissa: We both do. I'm really glad she can be a part of this. Melissa: Hang on she wants to say hi. Amy: Hi Shawn! Me: Hey girl.

How are you? Amy: I'm doing great! Can I call you instead of texting? A moment later the phone rang. "Hi Amy," I answered. "Thanks for letting me call, I am not very fast at texting. I wanted to tell you how happy I am for the two of you. I know it's out of the ordinary but I always thought there was special bond between the two of you." "I'm happy that you're here to be a part of it.

I know things didn't work out between us but I still think of you as a close friend. I want you to know whatever is going on with your life we'll both support you in any way we can." "Shawn that is very sweet of you. Your sister already told me the same thing. Let's save that talk for later. Tonight and tomorrow belong to you and Missy. Amy is the only person that can call my sister 'Missy'. It was one of the only things I would do that I think Melissa would get mad at me about.

In a whisper Amy asked, "Did you get a nice room for the two of you to spend your wedding night?" "Do you think the Bridal Suite at the Marriott will be nice enough?" "Fuck yea," she exclaimed. "How the hell do you manage to do that?" I heard Melissa in the background ask what we were talking about. "It's a short story, but I'll tell you another time. Don't tell Melissa I want it to be a surprise." Amy told Melissa she'd find out soon sister brxxx storys sleepin sher bad. "One more thing I got her a couple presents and one of them I want her to have before the ceremony, I you need to get it from me when I get there in the morning." I heard Melissa faintly, "Did you ask him yet?" "Ask me what?" "What kind of plans you had for the rest of the night," Amy answered.

"Nothing really, why?" "Since nobody is throwing you a bachelor party maybe I should come over and to a little dance for you. Maybe a striptease or pole dance?" "That won't work since I don't have a pole in my apartment," I said thinking I was off the hook.

"Oh Shawn. I haven't forgotten how good it feels to ride the pole between your legs." "Amy, I can't believe you're talking about doing something like that with Melissa hearing what you're saying." "It was her idea Shawn!" I heard Melissa say, "Was not!!!" She and Melissa got into a friendly was not.

was too match for a few seconds. Amy finally conceded, "Okay it was my idea, but you told me to go for it." Melissa admitted, "Guilty. I remember how much you said you liked how he ate your pussy and now that I've experienced it myself I wouldn't want to deny my best friend the pleasure." "So what do you say Shawn?

Want to have one final hot night in the sack together? We have Missy's approval." "As tempting as that is Amy, I'm saving my energy for tomorrow night. From what I've heard in the last few minutes I'm sure you know we haven't fully consummated our relationship." "I'm actually relieved that you turned me down.

It shows me how much you love her. Well my pussy isn't relieved though. I'll have to work on it later. Hey I should see if the talent runs in the family and get your sister to eat me.

I've never tried it with another woman before but I hear its pretty good." I could hear Melissa talking but couldn't make out what she said.

"I guess I'm out of luck because Missy just told me she's saving herself for tomorrow as well. She did hand me one of her vibrators to play with instead. She wants to ask you something but I told her she couldn't on the phone, but to text you instead. Those silly marriage traditions haven't caught up to the 21st century yet. I'll see you tomorrow Shawn." Before she hung up I heard the unmistakable sound of vibrator placed against her phone.

A moment later I heard my phone buzz. Melissa: Hey Shawn. Me: What? Melissa: About Amy, I know you think Amy and I were just teasing, but I was serious.

Melissa: If you want her to come over I am totally okay with it. I really think she could use some affection. Me: Right now all I can think of is being with you tomorrow night Me: If you and her want to fool around I'm okay with it. Melissa: I have thought but it at times but have never tried it. Melissa: It's the same for me as with you. I can only think of being with you right now, Melissa: I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Me: I am as well Melissa: My god Shawn, You should see Amy.

Me: ??? Melissa: She is fucking herself silly with the vibrator. Me: No way. Melissa: I'm serious want me to take a pic and send it? Me: Better not. I'm only human and don't want to get a hard-on over someone other than you tonight. Melissa: I almost forgot. I wanted to ask you to bring the adapters to hook my phone up to the stereo. Melissa: I've picked a really good song for our first dance. I've had it since it came out and would always think of you when I hear it.

Me: Cayman islands dlk bar girl had one too. I wonder if they're the same. Melissa: Let's keep them a secret until our dance. Melissa: If they are different. we'll just have two special songs for our first dance. Melissa: I've got to go, I think my nymphomaniac best friend just came so hard she passed out. Me: Goodnight then my soon to be wife.

I love you. Melissa: Pleasuring a needy ass aperture hardcore and blowjob love you too, my soon to be husband.