Two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock

Two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock
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Keep Me Warm in the Winter Part Three: Realities So Brian says I can see other people. Me of two months ago would have had no idea what to do with that.

What other people would I possibly want to see? More importantly, who would want to see me? Now though, I had a little better idea of my own power, and I thought I should use this power for good, not evil.

Well maybe a little evil. Angie slept with us that night in a tangle of limbs and mass of body heat. We would get together a few more times, the three of us. It was some of the most fun I'd ever had with my clothes off, but with busy schedules and lacrosse season starting, it was hard to find to find nights where we could just get together and fuck each other to pieces. Speaking of lacrosse, Brian became more distant, coming home late and exhausted, waking up early Saturdays, and just generally making it harder for me to get off.

Que sera sera. It was some weeknight, might have been March, where the only people home were myself and Mr. Michaels. Mr.

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Michaels was nice, his first name was Jeff, but I still always called him Mr. Michaels, just force of habit to address adults by their last name.

If you blonde school girl fucked bus the last pikahoe you could see where he resembled his son. Where Brian had hard lines and chiseled muscles, Mr. Michaels was just softer, more weathered away. He was in his late forties, and did something with accounting or some such nonsense.

It was also clear to me that he was just a little bit uncomfortable with having a new teenage girl in the house that he wasn't related too. He seemed to go out of his way to avoid me just a little bit, not enough to be awkward but enough to be noticeable. I was sitting at the kitchen counter, head in my hands. I had been working on calculus up in my room, but just needed to stare at a new wall for a while.

Mr. Michaels walked in. "Oh. Hi Jesse," he said, almost surprised to see me. I grunted some kind of acknowledgment. "I was just going to make something for dinner, did you want anything?" Poor guy, I knew he didn't expect to see me down here, and now felt obligated to provide for me. I wasn't really dressed for company either, old t-shirt over a sports-bra, yoga pants, teenage girl loungewear.

"I don't know, maybe just Top Ramen or something, do we have any in the pantry?" Mr. Michaels had an erection, bulging alongside the edge of his zipper. It didn't seem particularly large, maybe a little smaller than Brian's, but my interest was piqued. I internally decided to take the credit for that one. "I'll go check." They had one of those big walk-in pantries, and as he walked away I was tossing around some thoughts I'd never thought I'd have.

On the one hand, he was Brian's dad, happily married as far as I can tell who had never cheated on his wife before. I was only 17, he was old enough to be my dad, and I was just a few years older than his daughter.

He probably didn't even want to have sex with me. On the other hand, I was really really bored. There wasn't too much deliberation. I stripped off my shirt and followed after him. When I walked in he was looking on one the top shelves. He heard the door open behind him.


"Oh hey, it looks like we have one milf bridgette joins teens in a group fucked he said, but stopped completely when he turned around and saw me in just my bra. "Uh did you take your-" he stopped mid-sentence again, this time because I was standing on tiptoes to kiss him.

He tasted like something I just couldn't place. He pushed me away, with his hands on my shoulders. "Dammit Jesse, what are you doing? I can't do this, I'm married! And your my daughter's age. I mean you're very attractive, but there are a thousand reasons why you can't just do this." I didn't respond, just dropped to my knees and started rubbing his penis through his jeans. I heard him curse under his breath.

He started to go off on another protest, but I stopped him cold one more time by pulling the stretchy spandex of my sports bra down over my tits, then pushing them together and looking up at him. "Jesus," he whispered. I sucked on my own nipple, almost absentmindedly, then let that breast fall back down and bounce against my chest. A shudder wracked Mr. Michael's body, and his pelvis thrust forward involuntarily, bringing his dick into sharper relief. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his member out.

As I had suspected, it wasn't quite as big as Brian's but still nothing to be ashamed of. I stroked it a few time. "Oh god, Jesse… You can't…" "Now do you want to jizz on my tits or do you want me to swallow?" He didn't respond, just looked terrified. Well what am I in the mood for? I hadn't tasted any cum in a while, but I also liked idea of having him look at his semen all over me.

Man I could really be evil. I decided to swallow, partly because the guy, in his current shell-shocked state, wasn't going to be nice and warn me when he was about to blow, so he it would be easier if he just shot it in my mouth. I'll save the money shot for another time. I took him into my mouth and began sucking. He shuddered again. "Oh please, no," he said. I didn't have any trouble taking him all the way in and down my throat. I grabbed his ass with my hands and pressed my hard nipples into his thighs.

At this point he had his eyes closed, murmuring his wife's name under his breath. He blew his load pretty quickly, but there sure was a lot of it. His jizz tasted a little more sour and salty, I guess just one of the effects of aging. It was bursting out of him though like he hadn't come in weeks. I drew his head from between my lips where it had exploded and into my throat where he could shoot right into my stomach.

Brian had given me a few more lessons on cum swallowing following my first experience. It slipped down ass plowed teen creamed cumshot and babe throat and into my stomach, where I could feel the warmth of the cum. His cock twitched and throbbed against my tongue, until his emissions slowed to one final drop, which I licked off. I stood up and put my tits away. "Actually I don't think I'm hungry after all, thanks." I walked out of the pantry, grabbed my shirt, and went back to my room to use my vibrator until I saw stars.

It was a mid-april day that found me kneeling on the floor with my head buried in Kyle Gordon's crotch, his cock halfway down my throat, as I tried to keep him from cumming just a little bit longer. "Jesse I'm going to." he said, doubtful of my powers. I whipped his dick out of my mouth and gave it slow strokes to ease him back from the edge.

He exhaled sharply but only a drop of pre-cum seeped out of his dick. I gave it a few more slow strokes before burying it back in my throat. "How did you learn how to do that?" Kyle got out between pants after the third time I teased him. Years of practice I thought, but in truth it was more like a few months. It had only taken me giving Brian a few blowjobs before I got bored and started experimenting, edging was one of the many tricks I'd picked up, but the other's were a little kinky for a first time affair, didn't want to scare off the boy.

He was one of the cuter boys in my Calculus class, and he had invited me over to "study." He started making moves after a few hours and I decided to just roll with it. One grope heavy makeout later and here we were. I planed on getting mine later.

How about one more edge. I sucked and bobbed until I felt that familiar tense that was my que. I pulled off my head and began to stroke.

"Jesse I really am- UGGGH." He actually did cum this time, and his seed hit me by surprise all over my face, I was lucky I closed my eyes in time. He seemed to have a gallon inside him, I probably looked like a bukkake actress. "I guess I'm not quite as good as I think I am." I said, pulling a strand off my eyelid. Kyle laughed. After I wiped the cum off of my face, we moved to the couch, where I took off my underwear to his great enthusiasm. His technique was clumsy, but he managed to tongue me into a decent orgasm.

Coming down from the after glow, the couch wet with my juices, I took in Kyle's cock, again erect. I wanted him inside me. First I climbed on top of him and bounced on his rod, pressing his head into my tits as he sucked and bit on my nipples. After about five minutes he pushed me off and forced my face into a pillow at the end of the sofa. He mounted me and began to pump ferociously, every time he bumped my cervix with his dick I squealed into the pillow with pleasure and pain.


I could hear his balls slapping against my pussy with every stroke. Naturally, I came screaming into the pillow as hard as I could, my pussy gushing all over Kyle's rod. A minute later he was ready to cum, too. "I'm almost there. Can I cum in you?" I moaned my approval. Kyle grabbed my hips with both hands and unloaded his chamber into my womb with a low moan. "Oh god it's so good. I'm fucking filling you with jizz." He was.

Globs of sticky cum ran down my thighs, already wet with lubricant and sweat, and that was the end of that encounter. He pulled his limp dick out of me and collapsed in a heap.

I twisted my torso to look at him. "Kyle?" I asked. "How about you hear a little proposition?' A week later Kyle was in my bedroom, and so was Brian. I wanted to have both of them at once, but first a little experimentation for my benefit. The two had eagerly undressed me, then themselves, and stood naked in front of me, propped up on the bed. "You boys want this right?" They nodded. "Well you're going to have to do somethings for me, alright?" Again they nodded, but their eyes showed a flicker of trepidation.

"Well first, you'll have to suck each other off." "What?" Kyle exclaimed. "You heard me.

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I want the both of you to understand what I go through when I give you blowjobs." "I'm not gay! I don't want to suck a guy's dick!" Brian said.

"That's fine. I'll just get dressed then." I replied, and started to pick my bra up from the floor. "No, no. I'll do it." Brian said, and started to look Kyle up and down. Kyle looked pretty nervous, but maybe cute blonde babe blows a thick dong was just intimidated by Brian. Kyle was kind of scrawny and lanky, Brian was muscular and athletic.

I imagined he was just feeling a little insecure. Kyle murmured some agreement to the deal. "Great!" I said. "If you need some help getting hard, I'll start you off. Kyle, why don't you pitch first?" Brian started to argue but I shut him down with a stern look. "Kyle, come over here." Kyle walked over slowly. I grabbed his limp dick in my hand and smiled up at him. He started to get hard almost immediately, taking in my naked, heaving chest and pert shaved triangle. "It'll be fun.

Close your eyes and think about me if it helps, and remember to warn him when you're almost there. He's not as good as I am." He was fully hard now. I called Brian over and told him to get on his knees. "Just open your mouth and stick it in. Don't try to take too much or you'll gag, and remember to swallow, she likes to lick and ride ramrod Brian gulped, then turned to look at Kyle's erect cock.

He cautiously opened his mouth wide and eased Kyle inside. He slowly moved his head back and forth, sliding the cock in and out. I giggled. "That's not so bad! Isn't this fun?" Brian was starting to get more comfortable, but didn't look to be any happier with the arrangement. Kyle was biting his lip softly. He truthfully did look to be enjoying himself. He was watching Brian suck from above.

"This is actually kind of good." He said. "It's so wrong it's sexy." Kyle rested his hands on the back of Brian's head. His hips began to thrust gently. "Aw, I'm gonna cum!'" Brian's eyebrows shot up and he started to pull back but Kyle's hands held him onto the cock. Kyle bucked a few times and I knew he was sending ropes of silvery semen into Brian's mouth.

Brian tried to swallow, but started to make small choking noises as the cum started to ooze out the sides of his mouth. "Okay give him air." I told Kyle, who withdrew his spear. Brian gasped for breath, seed all around his mouth. When he appeared to be able mom son sex fuck dad breathe I kissed him deeply on the mouth, licking up and swallowing all the excess semen.

"Not so easy, is it?" I said, beginning to jack off Brian. "I guess not. I'm ready for my turn." Kyle smiled and knelt down. Brian thrust his dick in the general direction of Kyle's lips and Kyle began to suck with less hesitation than Brian had. Brian almost immediately started to feel the pleasure. "This is so gay. I'm fucking depraved. Uh, uh AHH." Brian shouted out and began to cum after only a minute. His wad shot into Kyle's mouth, who managed to get it down no problem. Kyle pulled his head back.

"That's all you got?" he said. "I lasted three times that long. You really like me huh?" "Shut up, man. You just look more like a girl." "Boys boys, you're both pretty." I said. "We've got two positions to do next." Who wants to choose for the first and who wants to choose for the second?

"Do we get any more info?" said Kyle. "Nope!" "Can I choose for the first?" Kyle asked Brian. "Sure, whatever." "Well now that it's decided, I'll let you in on the game. One of you is going to fuck me while getting fucked in the ass by the other." Brian groaned and put his palm to his forehead. Kyle eyed Brian's equipment.

"I don't really feel like having that in my ass today, so I'll take top." I handed him the bottle of lube on my nightstand. "Suit up." I looked at a visibly frustrated Brian. "It'll be fun, I've read that a prostate orgasm is the best you could have, and you'll get to cum in me." I massaged my tits as he looked at me plaintively. I whispered the next part into his ear. "And I'll let you fuck these later. Don't you want to put your cum all over my titties?

Or maybe I'll let you put in my ass sometime." He perked up and his dick visibly stiffened. "Good. Now why don't we get started." I was already sopping wet from watching those two blow each other, so I rolled onto my knees and elbows, my nipples just grazing the sheets. Brian saddled up behind me and began to fuck me gently and deeply "Mmmm that's good. Now let Kyle get in you." Brian gulped, stopped thrusting, and leaned over my back at the waist so Kyle could get a good angle at his asshole.

He whispered in my ear "I hope this is worth it." I just smiled. It would be, for me at least. "I'll put it in slow to start," Kyle said. I heard Brian wince. "Relax man, that's just the tip. You are tight as fuck." A few seconds later, and a prolonged intake of breath from Brian was the only evidence I had that Kyle had started to fuck him.

"Ugh that feels good. How are you holding up?" Brian grunted something that sounded almost a little like pleasure. "I'm fine, just take it slow." "Whatever, start fucking Jess again.

When you move I'll move." Brian began to pump me again, slower and deeper than before. We moved like pistons, groaning in phases. First Brian would penetrate me, and I would mewl in pleasure, then Kyle would ram his cock into Brian's colon, and he would grunt.

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Brian's grunts started out sounding uncomfortable, but as his anus loosened he started to sound more and more like he was enjoying it.

Brian leaned into me harder, his breath hot and ragged on the back of my neck, and grabbed my swinging breasts. He squeezed them tight enough to get me to cry out in pain, but as Brian ground his cock against my cervix the stimulation just sent me into a shuddering orgasm.

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I threw my head back and pushed my shoulder blades against Brian's firm chest. "Oh fuck me! FUUUUUCK!" I screamed. The way Brian was breathing, he was going to cum soon too, whether from my pussy or Kyle's cock in his ass. When I regained control I stopped shemale blows officer shemales erections to get anal later tube porn with the flow and told Brian to pull out.

Brian groaned in protest. Kyle leaned back too. "What's wrong? I was almost there?" Kyle said. "Me too!" said Brian.

I rolled on to my back and began to finger myself furiously, trying to extend the orgasm as long as I could. I bit my lip reflexively and moaned long and low. Eventually I came down to Earth enough to talk. "I know, boys, but I don't want you coming just yet.

I'm not done. Kyle, take my ankles and get back to work." Kyle now held my legs at an angle from the bed. I was supported only by my upper back, and every time Kyle went into Brian he pushed my legs up further and let Brian stroke deeper and harder against my walls.

My tits were bouncing back and forth furiously as the energy of two people combining their forces to drill me was released into the only parts of me free to move. My eyes rolled back into my head and I came again even harder.

I couldn't even make noise this time, my face screwed up into a silent scream and my eyes shut so hard I saw 100 different colors in my eyelids. When I opened them again after what seemed like 50 years I took in the landscape. Kyle face showed intense concentration as, I guessed, he suppressed the urge to fill Brian's colon with semen. Brian's glazed over look told me he was about to erupt, too.

Strangely, he stopped moving almost entirely and grabbed onto my ribs harder than before, digging the heels of his hands into my squishy breasts. "Deeper!" mom a son xxx bad share called out to Kyle, who tried to obey. "Your dick feels so good. It's gonna make me cuuuum." This was getting seriously hot, exactly what I'd hoped the evening would become.

I used one hand to rub the base Brian's cock, which was still rock hard inside me, and my own throbbing, tender clitoris. "Faster! Faster!" Brian screamed. Kyle's face was completely flush and his hips were pumping into Brian faster than I thought possible.

"Here it is. Here it is. It feels so good. Jesse I'm going to fucking fill you with cum. I'm gonna put a baby inside you. Ugh, oh GOD!" Something inside Brian seemed to snap, and a geyser of baby batter exploded inside my cunt. Something in the back of my head was glad I took my pill this morning, but the majority of me was just enjoying the feeling. His head was flush with my cervix, and I felt his jizz squirt through that opening and fill every corner of my fertile womb.

Sticky goo covered my thighs. This was easily the most I'd ever felt Brian ejaculate, and it just kept coming, filling my insides with his warmth. "Cum in me, Kyle. Cum in me." Brian half-whispered between moans. Kyle obliged him, letting my ankles drop to grab onto Brian's muscly shoulders. He grunted, once, twice, and then gave out one long moan as he released a cannon of semen into Brian's intestine.

Brian whimpered, and gushed into me more in sync with every blast from Kyle. The whole scene was so twisted and erotic I came again, smaller than the last time but earth-shattering compared to the average orgasm. Kyle wobbled and rolled onto the bed on my right, followed by Brian rolling to the left, drained in all senses. I just lay there and tried to catch my breath. I still wanted one more thing from them tonight, so they better get their asses back in gear.

I managed to prop myself up and sit facing them, my arms pushing my tits together. "We're not done yet. I was still hoping to get spit-roasted tonight." The boys chuckled but couldn't hide the appetite in their eyes.

"Brian, top or bottom?" "Top. I already put a load in your pussy once tonight." "That means Kyle you'll be taking me from behind. Now go wash your dick off, I have something to give Brian." Kyle sighed and ambled in the direction of the bathroom, completely naked. I was glad that the family was asleep at four in the morning. Once Kyle was out of the room and I could hear the shower next door I addressed Brian. "I believe I promised you a tit-wank?" I said, massaging my massive bosoms.

"I think you did," he replied, putting his hands behind his head to isolate his cock, growing again. I poured some of the lube on my two mounds and wrapped them around Brian's member. I slid them up and down his cock in smooth long strokes, alternated with me bouncing my whole upper body around his dick. I didn't have a lot of energy, but I cooed compliments on how strong he was, and how much his cock made me cum. I giggled when he finally shot his wad onto my neck and tits, then licked it off slowly, praising him on the big load he gave me and how good his jizz tasted.

Afterwards I crawled into his arms and snuggled against him while we waited for Kyle to return. "Tell me the truth, Jess," he said. "Uh huh." "Do you think I'm a fag since I came from Kyle's dick in my ass?" I almost laughed. "First off, there's nothing wrong with being gay," I explained. "But you're not. You put so much cum in me, it'll be dripping out for weeks. "But I liked how it felt." "Yeah 'cus it felt good. He was stimulating your prostate.

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You still want to fuck me, right?" "Practically all the time." "Jesus, you're obviously not gay then, are you? You're my big, strong man, and no one can make me cum like you can." "Really?" "Really." I drew invisible lines on his pecs with my fingertip. "I raped your dad." "What?" "Nothing. Tell you later." Kyle came back and we had our roast.

Kyle plowing me from behind and Brian's cock plunging halfway down my throat. I think I came, I might not have. Can't remember. Kyle added his cum to the ocean of Brian's already in my uterus, and I gulped down Brian's last offerings when he finally shot off.

The two men gave each other a hearty high-five as they came simultaneously, which would have made me roll my eyes if I wasn't busy trying to swallow cum. After we all disengaged from each other we fell asleep in a hot pile. I was sandwiched between the two men who had just gf and bf standing up sex vedio me and each other senseless, but Brian was the one I curled up against to sleep.

Right where I belong.