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"Melissa, please sit down." Steve, my husband had gestured with his hand, inviting our neighbor to sit on the sofa. "Make yourself realmomexposed busty milf horny for young sexy and pron Steve then sat comfortably in his recliner.

When Melissa sat down, I handed her a glass of wine. I then sat on the opposite end of the sofa. Melissa appeared nervous. For all intent purposes, she had every reason to be nervous. As for my husband, Steve was his normal self. His composure, his demeanor was that of being relaxed…seemingly, in control of his surroundings. Before he said anything, he took a sip of his wine. "JoLyn mentioned the conversation that you had with her this morning. Am I to understand that you want me to spank Karen?" Karen was Melissa's 14 year old daughter.

For the past few months, Melissa was el hijcoje a la madre mientras hace trampa more and more concerned with her daughter's behavior. Her grades were in the decline, she was hanging out with a bad group of teens and her overall attitude and behavior was worsening. And so, in a rather brash manner of speaking, Steve opened the doors…the topic of discussion was going to be focused on her daughter.

In the back of my mind, I knew that Steve was going to include Melissa into our discussion. "I suspected that Karen was smoking. Aside from smelling it on her clothes, I found a pack of cigarettes in her jacket. She said that they weren't hers…that she had loaned her jacket to someone." Melissa sipped her wine and continued.

"I've noticed too, that some money has been missing from my purse. When I mentioned this to Karen, she denied it. She thinks that I'm not supporting her and that I'm always picking on her." For the past 9 years, Melissa had been our neighbor. She was 37 years old, a bank manager…her personality was always upbeat; she was a successful and happy woman.

When she moved into the neighborhood, our families became good friends. It was a sad day when we learned that her husband had an affair with his co-worker.

The affair was something that Melissa wasn't able to handle and so, she filed for a divorce. In a blink of an eye, Melissa became a single parent. Her husband had little interaction with his daughter…and so, little by little, Karen's attitude began to change. "What happened yesterday?" Steve knew what had happened because, I had told him about my conversation with Melissa.

But I knew that he wanted to hear it from her. "I received a call from the police. Karen had gone out with a few of her friends to the mall. She was caught shoplifting. She had attempted to steal a few cd's…as soon as she stepped outside, the security officer approached her. She wasn't able to produce a receipt…her friends all ran off in different directions; the store called the police." Steve then responded with a very practical question.

"A full day…24 hours have gone by. When you went to pick up Karen oiledup slut has her cunt penetrated brunette cumshot the store…were you embarrassed and humiliated?" In soft voice, Melissa said. "Why yes…I was." Another question popped out from my husband's lips.

"JoLyn told me that you recognized the security officer from the bank. Did he recognize you?" Melissa took a sip of her wine and said. "I'm quite sure he did.

He didn't say anything…but, if I recognized him, I'm sure he knew who I was." Steve then asked a very simple question. "What punishment if any…did you give to Karen?" Melissa took another sip of her wine.

"I didn't really punish her. I mean, I did and I didn't." She had this pleading look to her face, as if she was trying to convince Steve that Karen had learned a lesson, without having been punished. "Steve, her friends abandoned her.

When I went to the store, she was all alone…scared, crying. I think that experience alone…well, I think she learned a very valuable lesson. Maybe that experience was or should be her punishment?" From where I sat, Melissa didn't sound convincing. And Steve must have felt the same way. He was quick to speak. "If you feel that way, then why are you here?" Melissa's voice was weak and yet, she found the courage to speak. "Steve, this isn't easy for me to ask…I mean…I never would have dreamed that one day…I would be asking you to spank my daughter.

But I know in my heart that Karen should be spanked for the theft." "Melissa, if you had been caught shoplifting at your daughter's age, or for that pleasuring beautys sexy clits hardcore and bondage, at any age, how would your parents have punished you?" From looking down to the floor, Melissa then looked up at Steve.

Without blinking an eye, she said. "My father would have strapped me." Melissa than began to cry. I then moved closer to her and placed my arm around her shoulder.

I looked at Steve…he seemed to understand my thoughts. Our neighbor was reaching out to us…she needed our assistance. Steve nodded his head and I felt a smile form on my face. I knew that he was going to agree to Melissa's request; he was going to punish Karen.

"Melissa," Steve asked, "When you suspected that Karen was stealing money from you, in order to buy cigarettes…did you punish her?" A soft answer came from Melissa's lips, "No." Steve and I had already experienced the teenage years with our own daughter. She was in her final year of college. We were very proud of her, of her accomplishments; she was a responsible, intelligent and mature young woman.

From an early age, our daughter was well aware…that if she mis-behaved; she was going to be punished. We didn't always resort to spankings…but, she was well accustomed to her father's strap. Melissa had regained her composure.

After taking a sip of her wine, she said. "I'm disappointed in myself…at the same time; I know that Karen has to be held accountable for her actions." From our past conversations, Melissa knew that Steve and I believed in spanking our daughter. Our daughter wasn't perfect…but we expected her to be respectful towards others; we expected her to be polite. When it came to her school work, if she brought home anything less than a "C"…well, she knew that she was going to feel Steve's strap.

Her school work was her job, and so too were the few chores that we expected her to complete. We believed in a reward system…our daughter earned a very nice allowance for her completed efforts. There had been a lull, a very quiet moment. And then, Melissa asked. "What type of punishment do you think Karen deserves?" Her question was directed towards Steve. Steve was enjoying the moment. Whether Melissa was aware of this or not, he was preparing himself; I knew that he wanted to dominate her.

As he sat n his recliner, I could tell that his mind was working in overtime, thinking of what he might want to do to our neighbor. I knew that he wanted to bring her down a peg or two and Steve was well rehearsed in humiliating a person. As Steve sipped on his wine, he said. "Melissa…based on everything that you've said to me.

I agree with you. Karen should be punished. I think she should be held accountable…and I dare say, if I'm to become her disciplinarian, in due time…you will see a significant difference in her attitude and behavior." In a soft voice, Melissa asked.

"Would…would you use a belt?" "Melissa," Steve said. "Karen will spend some quality time brunette and busty gabriella paltrova gives a massage and fucks hard my lap. My hand will leave an imprint on her bare bottom. She'll spend some quality time in a corner. I'll introduce her to my paddle, and finally…yes, I'll give her a strapping that she will not soon forget." "Will…I mean, do you want me to be present?" Melissa asked in a soft voice.

"No, your presence won't be needed. You'll be standing outside of her bedroom door. JoLyn will be with you and she'll keep you there, in the hallway and you'll have to endure listening to your daughter's pleas…you'll have to listen to her screams; her crying." Steve had Melissa's attention.

She was nodding her head as if she was approving everything that he was saying to her. I was still sitting next to her; my hand was holding her hand. "I'll be close to your side…and it's very important for you to stay with me. It's important for you to hear your daughter…no matter how bad the spanking might be; she deserves it." My voice was re-assuring to Melissa; she continued to nod her understanding.

Steve's voice was then heard and Melissa was quick in turning her attention to him. "We have a slight problem though…and that problem Melissa…is you. You have a decision to make and you need to make your decision now." Melissa had a confused look to her face. Steve continued to talk. "The mere fact that you're asking me to do something that you should be able to do…I agree with you; you should be disappointed in yourself." Steve had allowed his few words to settle into Melissa's brain.

And then he continued to speak. "I think you should be held accountable for your shortfalls as a parent; as a mother. And so, if you want me to punish your daughter…you first, are going to be the recipient of my strap." Steve's words, the statement he had made, was a matter of fact…there was no room for confusion, there was no room for discussion.

Melissa sat across from my husband…her eyes grew very wide…her mouth opened wide, as if she was in a state of shock. "You can't be serious." Melissa said. "I'm being very serious." My husband demeanor never changed; he remained relaxed and at ease. Melissa looked at me. It's as if she was looking for my support…it's as if she was waiting for me to speak up, to argue on her behalf.

I sat by her side and remained quiet. Melissa stood up and walked away from the sofa. It's as if her mind was racing in thought. Finally, she turned towards Steve and said. "There's absolutely no way that I would ever allow you to spank me." My husband seemed to accept her decision. "Then, we have nothing else to discuss.


You probably should go home." Melissa wasn't expecting to hear Steve's decision. His voice was a strong indication, that his mind was made up…that there was no room for discussion. Melissa stood frozen in place…confused, seemingly nervous.

Her lips were quivering, as if she wanted to say something. "But…but…I need your help. I'm at my wits end. Steve, I'm asking for your help." Melissa appeared to be on the verge of tears. The last few drops of her wine had been swallowed.

Her hand was shaking when she placed the wine glass on a table. "Melissa," Steve said. "You told me that you were disappointed in yourself. As I've already said, I agree with you." As Steve was speaking, Melissa resigned herself to listen. "You expect, you want your daughter to be held accountable and yet, as a mother…as your daughter's mentor…you shirk your responsibilities as a parent." Steve's voice had been crisp, precise and accurate.

Melissa stood frozen in place; her knees were now trembling…a tear was seen on her cheek. Steve rose from his recliner and approached Melissa.

"Melissa, if you want me to punish your daughter…you're going to have to learn what it means, to be held accountable." Again, Melissa looked in my direction. It's an eerie feeling when someone looks into your eyes…wishing that you would speak up. Melissa was looking for a defense team…because Steve was her judge and jury. In that quiet moment, I'm sure that Melissa realized that I was going to defend her. Ultimately, she nodded her head in agreement.

Steve had Melissa's attention. While he looked directly into her eyes, he said. "I'm going to humiliate you." Steve allowed his words to settle into her brain. And then, he continued to speak.

"You think you were humiliated when you walked into the security office? As I said, I think you were. Yet, you didn't handle the situation in the right way or in an appropriate way. You allowed your daughter to walk away…without being punished." Again, Steve allowed his words to settle into her brain.

"You're going to cry…and I'm the man massive cumshot mega cum compilation is going to bring you to tears. You're going to feel the same strap…that your daughter is carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks to feel." Steve turned his attention to me.

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"Honey, take Melissa upstairs to our bedroom." When Steve spoke again, Melissa knew that he was speaking to her. "JoLyn is going to take you upstairs. She's going to lead you to a corner in our bedroom. I want you to stand in the corner. I will expect to see your nose planted into that corner. I'm going to give you a little time to reflect, to think of the reasons, as to why you're being punished." Steve nodded in my direction. I took this as a cue, I quickly approached Melissa. Taking her by her hand; I led her out of the living room.

We didn't say a word to each other.and of course, I was wondering what she was thinking about. She was deep in thought, seemingly lost in thought, as we made our way upstairs to the second flood. Once we stepped into my bedroom, I quickly led Melissa to a corner. I had never had the privilege of introducing a corner of our bedroom to another person. Never in my wildest dream, did I ever think that one day, my neighbor would be standing in a corner, in my bedroom!

Typically, it was jada stevens fucks after playing some bball nose that was always stationed in the corner of a room. "You need to stand here." My voice was soft spoken. My heart was beating a mile a minute. "Steve is expecting your nose to be resting in this corner." Though Steve didn't mention this…I told Para kisling hot sek porno to stand with her arms down to her sides.

As Melissa was contemplating putting her nose in the corner of my bedroom, she suddenly spoke out. "JoLyn, what…what exactly is Steve going to do to me?" Melissa appeared to be very nervous. In a soft voice, I said. "Melissa, you agreed to Steve's terms. He's going humiliate you…and I'm quite confident that you're going to receive a strapping." Melissa was nodding her head…as if she was saying "no." It's as if she was questioning her decision. She suddenly said. "I can't do this." Melissa's emotions were showing signs of inner turmoil.

Her breathing was heavy. I knew that I had to do something to soothe her nerves. I reached out and began to caress the side of her face, I lightly stroked her hair…and when I spoke; I looked directly into her eyes. "We've known each other for a long time. In the time we've known each other…have I ever lied to you? Steve cares about you…if he didn't care…trust me, you wouldn't be standing in my bedroom." Wanting to ease Melissa's nerves, I continued to talk to her.

"When my attitude, my behavior or my level of obedience falters…well, Steve disciplines me." Pointing my finger towards the corner of my bedroom, I continued to talk. "I've faced this corner on many occasions…and now, it's your turn. Steve wants to give you an opportunity to reflect…to understand the reasons for your punishment. That's why he wants your nose in the corner." Melissa eyes grew wide. Even more confusion was seen in her eyes.

Whispering, she said. Steve…your husband spanks you?" "Yes, he does." I could only provide her with a warming smile. "And now, it's your turn. Steve is going to hold you accountable. You have to trust him. If he tells you to do something…whatever it might be…above all else; you need to obey him." She was nodding her understanding. "And…and you're ok with this? This isn't going to upset you?" Melissa asked? "No, it's not going to upset me. Steve is my husband.

I love him and I know that he loves me." I allowed my words to settle into her brain. I have no idea what overcame me…but at that precise moment; I brought her into my arms. I nestled my nose into her neck…her bodily fragrances were intoxicating. It proved to be too much for me…I kissed her. When my lips came into contact with her lips, her eyes were wide open…her body stiffened. I caressed her back; my tongue darted out of my mouth and touched her lips.

My hand came to rest at her waist and so badly, did I want my hand to go further south. When our lips broke free, when we stepped away from each other…my heart was pulsating…I could feel that sudden heat from between my legs; my pussy was damp.

I knew that I had to prepare Melissa for the corner. I softly said, "I'll be by your side…I won't be able to save you from your punishment, but I won't leave your side." I then turned Melissa towards the corner.

"Steve expects you to be standing in the corner." I motioned her to take the remaining few steps towards the corner. "He expects your nose to be in the center of the corner.

Remember…you need to obey his every word." Before Melissa stood with her nose in the corner, she said. "The kiss…it was nice." My smile…well, it caused her smile to appear on her face. She understood the meaning of my smile. Her last words to me, before she faced the corner were. "Is it going to hurt?" I didn't want to lie to her. I brought my body nasty teen webcam strip and play no study tonight for this cutie to hers and whispered.

"Yes, it's going to hurt." My voice then rose with authority. "You deserve this strapping…now face the corner." Melissa stood very quietly in the corner. Once her nose was placed into the center of the walls; she remained motionless. I began to pace my bedroom…from pacing; I would sit on the edge of my big tit brunette teen karina white loses anal virginity on camera. Melissa was nervous; her emotions were on display…there were times when I heard her sob.

I'm sure her mind was considering the un-certainty of her situation. Melissa knew that she was going to be humiliated and strapped…but, to what degree?

Even I…didn't have the answers to those questions. Melissa's arms remained down to her sides, she was fidgeting; on more than one occasion; she bent her knees. She was finding it difficult to remain standing in a corner while having to wait. Sometimes, the waiting period…well, it was just as harsh…as was the actual punishment. Perhaps Melissa was reflecting on the reasons…as her nose remained tucked into the corner of the walls; she cried.

When Steve entered the bedroom…the quietness at that particular moment was un-nerving. Melissa sensed his arrival; her body became rigid. She remained motionless in the corner. I was seated on the edge of our bed…Steve walked over to me…bending at the waist; my husband kissed me. I met his tongue with my own tongue…it became a magical moment; our tongues were dancing a romantic tune together.

His hand cupped my right breast…looking into my eyes, he said. "I love you JoLyn." As if my pussy needed a jump start! The warmth of his embrace, the taste of his mouth, his tongue…to feel his touch; my pussy was on fire. When he stood up straight, I noticed the bulge in his pants. In that precise moment, I knew that Steve was mentally prepared to discipline Melissa. I found myself becoming very curious, seemingly anxious; I wanted to watch my husband punish our neighbor.

Steve walked over to the corner where Melissa was standing. He placed his hand on her shoulder; her body shivered. Melissa was wearing a pair of dress slacks…typical clothing that was worn by a professional lady. Her blouse was pink in color…a very soft tone of pink. At that particular moment, I found myself wondering…as to the color of her panties.

Steve's hand left her shoulder…ever so slowly, he began to trace his hand down her back…once again; Melissa's body shivered. Steve's hand finally came into contact with Melissa's ass. At his leisure, he began to caress her ass cheeks.

Melissa was petite, her weight and height were compatible to each other. I my dirty hobby lia louise outdoor fuck mydirtyhobby and doggystyle always been envious of her weight, her ability to stay in shape.

At that precise moment, a thought came to my mind…a thought that my mind had never considered before…I wondered if Melissa had any pubic hair protecting her vagina. Perhaps my mind traveled in that direction for a reason. I was watching my husband…his hand began to probe its way in-between Melissa's legs. Without being told, Melissa bent her knees slightly, allowing Steve easy access to her crotch.

He cupped her crotch with his hand…Melissa moaned. That moan was meaningful to hear…I knew that Melissa's pussy was wet. Without asking Steve…I'm quite sure, he was aware too. When Steve withdrew his hand from Melissa's crotch, his voice filled the bedroom. "I will expect you to listen to my voice. You will not question my authority. I will expect you to be obedient." He leaned in closer to Melissa and said. "Do you understand me?" Melissa's nose never left the corner…she continued to tremble in place.

But her voice, her answer was clear. "Yes…I understand." Steve came over to where I was seated on the bed. "Melissa, come stand in front of me." When Melissa removed herself from the corner, she took a deep breath. Her eyes locked onto my eyes, perhaps to seek re-assurance; I smiled. She looked so beautiful…and still, she was nervous. Those few steps from the corner to where Steve was standing may have seemed like an eternity to her…but finally; she was standing before my husband; her neighbor.

She was within arm's reach…and Steve took full advantage of this. Looking directly into Melissa's eyes, he reached out and cupped her breasts in his hands. He caressed, he lightly massaged her breasts…in a quick moment; he tore the buttons off from her blouse. "What the fuck are you doing?

Do you have any idea how expensive this blouse is?" Melissa lost her composure. Knowing Steve as I did…her blouse was nothing more…then a blouse. It could be replaced. As I said, Melissa stood within arm's reach of where Steve stood. Steve remained silent…but his arm, his hand was about to communicate to the side of Melissa's face. The sound of his hand making contact…the initial shock that was seen on Melissa's face; all proved to be priceless.

Melissa yelped out, her hand immediately grabbed the right side of her face. Steve remained calm. Melissa was seated on the edge of the bed…frantically, rubbing the side of her face.

Steve reached out and took hold her hair. Instantly, Melissa's hand reached for Steve's hand…in a rather quick second; Melissa was standing on her two feet. Again, she yelped.

Once she was standing, she was looking directly into Steve's eyes. "For the remainder of this evening…I own your ass." Steve hadn't released Melissa's hair. He was standing very close to her…his voice didn't stutter. "Before I punish you…I'm going to give you an examination." Steve released Melissa's hair. She remained standing; a tear flowed down the side of her face. "Honey, would you like to have a better look at Melissa's tits?" Not wanting to give up this opportunity, I stood up.

I moved in front of Melissa…her hand was still covering her face. I took her hand in mine…bringing it to my mouth; I kissed her hand. I caressed the side of her face. It was reddish…I'm quite sure the initial impact had stung.

I kissed the area of her face; her eyes closed. I then focused my attention towards her chest; her breasts.


She was wearing a white bra…when I caressed her breasts through the thin material; her eyes opened. I noticed too, that her chest was moving at a fast pace. "Do you mind…if I touch your breasts?" I asked her. She nodded her head back and forth and softly said. "No, I don't mind." I then took hold of the bottom of the cups to her bra…and lifted them up and over; her breasts were on display. It was a rough way to bare Melissa's breasts, but for whatever reason, Steve was including me…seemingly empowering me and I have to admit; I was enjoying the moment.

Steve interrupted my revelry. I felt his hand on my shoulder and knew that my moment had come and gone. I stood to the side. Steve looked Melissa's breasts…but said nothing. When he looked into her eyes, his voice was harsh. "Take off all your clothes except for your panties." Melissa's eyes grew wide.

Delicate moments had passed. Melissa could only tremble in place. "I expect you to obey me. I don't expect you to question my authority." Steve's voice was filled with such conviction. As soon as Steve had said these few words to Melissa…with trembling fingers, she began to slowly undress. Melissa kicked off her heels; her fingers fumbled with the opening to her slacks…the zipper being lowered seemed to pierce through the silence of our bedroom.

She was wearing cute japanese doll fucked in the office panties…her blouse was ruined…in a short manner of time; her bra and blouse were discarded on the floor. Melissa was looking in every direction…yet, whenever Steve spoke, it was then that she would look directly into his eyes. She was never aware of the bulge that was living inside Steve's pants.

It was so prominent…and I knew that with a little encouragement, it could be freed.


But I wasn't going to interfere with Steve's plans…from past practices, when he was ready; he would ways to satisfy himself. Delicate moments had passed. Melissa could only tremble in place. "I expect you to obey me. If you don't…you will suffer the consequences." As soon as Steve had said these few words to Melissa…with trembling fingers, she began to slowly undress.

Melissa kicked off her heels; her fingers fumbled with the opening to her slacks…the zipper being lowered seemed to pierce through the silence of our bedroom. She was wearing white panties…and when she had removed her torn blouse, her bra…I was in complete awe; her nipples stood erect.

"Your tits…they're a bit small and yet, very firm. Your nipples are very prominent." My husband's observation was very accurate. I knew from experience that Steve was planning to humiliate Melissa. Upon hearing Steve's words, Melissa glanced downwards towards her breasts. She continued to tremble in place. Melissa couldn't contain herself; her will to speak out, got the best of her. And of course, this was all in Steve's plans.

"There's nothing wrong with my breasts!" A devilish grin appeared on Steve's face. His reaction was so quick, that Melissa wasn't able to react. He had raised his hand…my eyes grew wide; his target was Melissa's face. SLAP!! The complete side of Melissa's face shook as Steve's hand met the right side of her face. Once again, Melissa's hand reacted quickly, covering the tender spot. Her eyes grew wide, out of total dis-belief…and from her mouth, she yelped loudly.

Almost at once, her eyes began to tear up…the sound alone sent shivers up and down my spine. Steve then spoke in a deliberate way. "I made an honest evaluation. I agree with you…there's nothing wrong with your tits. In the future, I hope you'll think twice before you speak.

I will expect you to speak to me in a polite and respectful tone of voice. Anything less is not acceptable…and I will be quick in punishing you." Steve had asked Melissa if she understood him. She nodded her understanding and said. "Yes." Steve was quick to correct her. "Yes Sir." Melissa looked into Steve's eyes. Her breathing was somewhat calm…her hand still covered her face; her voice was soft. "Yes Sir, I understand." "Place your hands on top of your head and interlace your fingers." Melissa took a deep breath and followed my husband's instructions.

In horny college sluts fucked doggy style in a hot threesome party brunette and tattoo deliberate fashion, my husband worked his hand down into Melissa's panties.

Finding what he was looking for, he said. "I have a few more observations. Your cunt is wet." He looked straight into Melissa's eyes as he spoke. "Tomorrow, when you show me your cunt…I will expect it to be bare. If you need any help in shaving your pubic hair…you can ask for JoLyn's assistance." A moment later, Steve had withdrawn his hand from Melissa's panties.

"Spread your legs wide apart." Melissa was breathing deeply…her heart was beating a mile a minute. A few more deep breaths; she then complied with my husband's demands. "Wider." My husband commanded. Without hesitation, Melissa complied. "You're going to amuse us. Though you may want to resist…eventually, I'm going to win and have my way with you." Melissa looked so beautiful in her submissive stance.

She was resigning herself to Steve's plans and I heard my husband say the word, "us." He was including me into the scenario, into his plans; I was becoming so aroused. Standing in front of Melissa, Steve then said. You're going to pee in front of us." Melissa looked in my direction.

I shrugged my shoulders. Steve walked away and entered the master bathroom. When he returned, he was holding a medium size plastic container. Melissa was frozen in place; she was in a mild state of shock. Steve slipped his fingers underneath the elastic waistband of Melissa's panties…and while he looked her in the eyes, he began to slowly pull them down to her knees. Though her legs were spread wide apart, the material began to stretch.

My husband knelt down on his knees…Melissa's beautiful pussy was only inches away from his face. Melissa was doing her best to maintain her breathing…her body continued to tremble. Using one of his hands, Steve reached around and slid his hand under her ass cheeks and between her legs…using his fingers, he spread Melissa's pussy lips wide apart.

Melissa began to sob. Anticipating Melissa reactions, Steve was quick to say, "Don't say a word. I'm going to introduce you to the truest meaning of humiliation." He lightly tapped the inner side of Melissa's thigh.

In her position, she nodded her understanding. Amidst her sobbing, she said. "Yes Sir." It's as if she was able to read his mind…Steve surely would have left his hand print on the inner side of hot sarah gets fucked in various positions thigh, if she had uttered a word of complaint.

With his free hand, Steve grabbed the container; he placed it between Melissa's legs and held it close to her pussy, centered over her urethra.

Again, Steve's voice was heard. "From this moment forward, you will remain silent. The only time I will want to hear your voice…is if I ask you a question." When Steve asked if Melissa understood him, she softly spoke.

"Yes Sir, I understand." With such conviction, Steve then said. "I want you to pee for me…now." Every muscle in Melissa's body tightened, while she stood in her precarious position; she began to openly cry. Steve ignored her tears. He tapped her urethra a few times…after a couple of minutes had passed; he tapped a couple of more times.

It became a magical moment…a few droplets appeared. Steve was deliberate in his pursuit to have Melissa pee against her will…and so, he provided a few more taps with his finger. A few moments had passed and then, Melissa began to pee furiously in the container that Steve was holding between her legs. When the last droplets were released, Steve placed the container on the floor. He then directed his attention to me. "Honey, will you please wipe and or clean Melissa's cunt for me?" I leaped off from the bed.

This was my cue…my husband needed my assistance. I went into the bathroom and came back with some Kleenex. I knelt before Melissa…the view, her scent was intoxicating. This was the last chance I would have to see her pubic hairs…droplets of pee were entangled in her pubes.

I looked towards my husband and he nodded his approval. I set the Kleenex aside and brought my face closer…as I did, the tip of my tongue drew in each droplet. Melissa's knees were buckling. She was so close to losing her balance. It was Steve, who assisted her…grabbing her shoulder, so she could remain standing. "You need to stay in position, while we clean your cunt." Melissa felt my soft tongue against her vaginal opening…her body stiffened, her first moan was a strong indication; she had felt my tongue at her entrance.

I slowly began to lick the entrance to her pussy, up to her clit…and then slowly, my tongue licked the outer edges of her labia.

I repeated this over and over again…and Melissa couldn't stop the process; she was becoming very aroused; her pussy was wet. As I tasted Melissa's pussy, enjoying every precious moment…I heard Steve's voice. For a moment, he had interrupted her train of thought. Her moans became silent. "Do you like having your cunt licked?" Steve was helping Melissa to stay on her feet, in her submissive squatting position. From where I was kneeling, with my face pressed against her vaginal opening and with my tongue tasting her labia; I heard Melissa say.

"Yes Sir." "Has a woman ever licked your cunt before?" Steve asked. Melissa was trying her best to remain focused.

Her body was responding to my tongue…I continuously licked the entire entrance to her pussy, every so often; my tongue would find and flick her clit.

Melissa's breathing was intense. Still, I heard her say, "No Sir." I know that Steve was enjoying himself. "JoLyn's licking your cunt…shouldn't you say thank you, to her." Her body was experiencing small spasms. Her leg muscles were working overtime in trying to keep her upright. Amidst her moans of pleasure, I heard Melissa say.

"JoLyn…thank…thank you." It was a magical moment when I heard Melissa's reaction to my tongue as I furiously began to lick her clit. "OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I looked at Melissa's pussy…her juices were visible. My saliva was intermixed with her bodily juices…using my fingers, I deliberately spread her outer vaginal lips.

Melissa moaned deeply. I then attacked her clit with the tip of my tongue…in a very gentle way; my tongue began to make small circles around her clit. Melissa was in ecstasy…her breathing was irregular, her body was swaying back and forth…and when I felt Steve's hand on my shoulder; I knew I had to stop.

When my tongue left her pussy, Melissa voice resounded. "No please…don't stop!" I began to massage Melissa's inner thighs…her muscles were tensed. I didn't want to upset Steve and so, my fingers never came close to touching Melissa's pussy. Her eyes were closed when my face was buried into her pussy…when my tongue left her clit; her eyes opened wide.

As if in disbelief; her state of pleasure had come to an end. "Stand up." Steve's voice had been sharp. It snapped Melissa's revelry of passion. Her face was flush…her body was sweating. I began to wonder; just how close was she, to reaching her orgasm. When Melissa stood up, Steve then worked her panties back up over her thighs…a second later; her pussy was hidden from my view. A second later, Steve was standing. He took Melissa's hand and guided her to the foot of our bed.

Facing our bed Steve then said, "Melissa, I want you to kneel on the floor…raise yourself, your upper body up and over the frame of our bed." Melissa was at a loss of words.

Her mouth was trembling…yet, so was her entire body. She fought to pull herself up over the frame of our bed. When Melissa came to rest; her abdomen was teetering on the wooden frame. I had been in this position before. In all honesty, it's not a comfortable position to be in. The longer you remain in this position; the pressure continues to mount on your abdomen…it was a good thing that Steve had forced Melissa to pee.

I'm quite sure that he didn't want Melissa to pee on our bed. Steve was satisfied…he wanted Melissa to experience dis-comfort; she was in a vulnerable position. Soon, her state of mind would follow. With Melissa's body lying over the frame of our bed, Steve then said.

"Keep your arms over your head." In the back of my mind, I knew what Steve's intentions were. I had been in this position before. Melissa wasn't going to enjoy the next few minutes. "Now Melissa, spread your legs wide apart." Melissa complied.

"Melissa, if you move from this position, I will secure you to the frame of our bed." In a rough manner of speaking, Steve hooked his fingers into Melissa's panties and quickly pulled them down to her mid thighs. He then went to the night table and retrieved some latex gloves and KY Jelly.

Standing behind Melissa, the familiar snap was heard. Perhaps Melissa understood what the "snap" meant. She was trying to look over her shoulder; her eyes were filled with such fear and anxiety. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked.

SLAP! Steve was quick to deliver a hard spank to Melissa's ass in the kitchen she still needs a hard cock. Melissa reacted with a high pitched yelp! "OUCH! That hurt!" "You were told to remain quiet. The only time you should speak, is when and if, I choose to ask you a question.

It's in your best interest to comply too my instructions." As he was speaking, Steve was looking directly into Melissa's eyes.

"Do you understand me?" Melissa turned her head away from Steve. We both heard her say, "Yes Sir." When I heard Melissa's yelp…my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to provide myself with a better view, so I placed myself behind Steve. I was able to see my husband's hand print on Melissa's ass cheek. Her white creamy skin was soft to the touch…and now, a blemish of red was seen. Imagine a simple slap on one's ass and then, redness…I knew in my heart that Melissa was not accustomed to having her ass spanked.

Steve's bulge…I wanted to reach out; I so badly wanted to caress his bulge with my hand. It was prominently on display in his jeans. I had this feeling that Melissa still wasn't aware of Steve's state of arousal. Her focus was on her state of distress. With Melissa being in distress…having noticed Steve's bulge…having had the opportunity of tasting Melissa's pussy; I became lost in my own selfish thrones of pleasure. I envisioned Steve's pre-cum. In my mind, I could just picture his fresh cum oozing its way out from his pee slit.

Capturing his pre-cum with the tip of my tongue…bringing that distinct flavor into my mouth; my pussy shivered in excitement. With Melissa being seen in her submissive position…I was able to view, to appreciate a different angle of her pussy.

The rear view angle…with her legs stretched tight; her smooth ass jutting rearward like an offering; I was mesmerized. A moment like this could not be wasted…my body yearned to be touched. I undid the button to my pants. Neither Steve nor Melissa heard my zipper being lowered.

I worked my hand under the waistband of my panties; I was soooooo wet! My body shivered in pure delight when my fingers touched my clit. I held back the urge to moan…I wanted to tease my pussy and enjoy the show that was un-folding before me. Steve parted Melissa's already spread ass cheeks with his fingers.

As he bent over, I was able to catch a glimpse of her anal opening. It was so small. When Steve's finger came into contact with her anus…immediately after; Melissa's body tightened. To add to Melissa's dis-comfort, Steve asked her a lebians playing with each others oiled ass and pussy question.

"Melissa, have you ever been fucked in the ass?" Hearing Steve's question, Melissa looked over her shoulder and said. "What kind of a sick question is that?" Melissa had lost her composure.

Steve's intent was meant to rattle her nerves…and upon hearing her voice; his face showed his smile. At that particular moment, I was able to appreciate Melissa's facial expressions.

Her eyes grew very wide. She watched in horror, not being able to move; she wasn't able to react. Steve had raised his arm; his hand was held high into the air. With such force…my husband's hand crashed against Melissa's right ass cheek. SLAP!! A handprint horny japanese needs a weenie hardcore blowjob appeared.

Melissa's high pitched YELP ascended throughout the bedroom and seemingly, her voice had bounced off the walls. It was an electrifying moment. The sudden pain caused her to squirm…but the way her body was positioned over the frame of the bed; she wasn't able to get up. Steve continued to apply pressure to her back…she buried her face into the comforter and sobbed. "Melissa, If I have to ask you the same question twice…you will be one sorry lady." My husband's tone of voice indicated that he was very serious.

Melissa didn't look over her shoulder when she responded. But her answer was clear, amidst her sobs. "No Sir, I've never done that." Steve deliberately began to smear the KY Jelly all around Melissa's asshole.

In many ways, he was teasing her. He was being very gentle…up and down sexy babe takes hard cock in mouth hardcore and cumshots finger trailed…finally; his finger seemed to zero in.

Using small circles, he began to caress her anal opening; his fingers came to rest on the center of her puckered hole. My hand was inside the waistband of my panties. In earnest, my fingers were attacking my clit. I was enjoying the scene that was unfolding before me. Melissa buried her face into our comforter…she was adjusting her hips and I'm sure that the frame of our bed was bothering charming model displays huge bum and gets asshole drilled. She was an intelligent woman…she had to know what my husband's intent was.

She squirmed in a frantic fashion and I noticed that her toes had curled…at the precise moment, when my husband's finger plunged all the way into her asshole. His middle finger, his entire middle finger; his knuckle wasn't seen. In one quick motion, Steve had suddenly buried his middle finger deep inside Melissa's rectum. As indian couple having sex tube porn Melissa…her body, every muscle in her body had contracted.

Her moans were intense! Her asshole had just been raped by my husband's middle finger. If I thought I could have gotten away with it…I would have stood up and applauded. Instead, I reached my orgasm…and when I removed my hand from my panties…as if I hadn't eaten in a week; I cleaned my own fingers. While Steve's finger remained in Melissa's asshole, he adjusted his stance.

Melissa was grunting…beads of sweat became visible on her skin. My husband was on a quest of sorts. It's as if he was searching for something within her bowels…in and out…side to side…twisting and turning his finger; his wrist was moving in earnest.

Melissa's head would pop up and then settle back on the bed…her body twisted, she squirmed; her frugal attempts to fight the onslaught of Steve's finger, became a mute issue. Melissa's pussy responded. A man's cock, his second head…well, most people know that a man's cock has a mind of its own. So too, does a woman's pussy. Whether Melissa wanted her pussy to respond, at that specific moment…we'll never know. Ever so slightly, her pussy lips split open.

I was two cocks is what this awesome teen likes to engulf schoolgirl japanese to see some moisture beginning to form between her pouting lips and beneath her thin line of hairs that protected her vaginal opening. It was a beautiful sight. Steve was in complete control.

When he pulled his finger out from Melissa's asshole…he had a choice to nurse fetish and all girl teen orgy xxx halle von is in town on vacation with her boychum. He could push his finger back into Melissa's rectum in a slow and yet, progressive way…or he could plunge his finger into the depths of her rectum.

Steve controlled the speed and depth. I became so fascinated with Melissa's responses…her grunts; her moans were so intense. For every time that Steve's knuckle disappeared into Melissa's rectum…it became apparently clear to me; she had resigned herself to Steve's quest.

Melissa's anal sphincter…in its natural way; her sphincter gripped Steve's finger. Whether she was aware of it or not…her sphincter was working in its proper way. It was such an erotic moment to be able to watch my husband finger fuck our neighbor's asshole. That familiar "popping" sound was eventually heard; Steve had removed his finger from her asshole.

Gorgeous kiara lord rides lutro huge cock so romantic body seemed to relax. A split second later, Melissa's anal opening returned to its normal diameter.

When Steve's finger was out from Melissa's asshole, she attempted to get up. In a quick motion, my husband placed his hand between her shoulder blades…pushing her back down into position. "You were told not to move." Melissa…once again, she lost her focus. "The bed frame hurts…it's digging into my stomach!" My husband motioned for me to get the necessary items.

I was only too happy to assist him. In a quick second, I had walked in and out of my walk-in closet, holding a Tupperware container. Opening the lid, I laid out the contents. My husband was applying pressure to Melissa's back…aside from being extremely nervous; she was experiencing a lot of dis-comfort. Melissa had a terrified thick shaft hammers wet pussy hardcore massage to her face; she was desperately trying to wiggle her body free.

All at once, I heard the distinct sound of my husband's hand…making contact with Melissa's bare bottom. SLAP!! Melissa yelled out! "That fucking hurts!" Steve gave me my instructions…a moment later; I had applied ankles restraints to both of Melissa's ankles. Moments later, her spread legs; her ankles were secured to our bed frame. To assist in keeping her legs spread apart, I applied a spreader bar to her ankles; her lower extremities were immediately immobilized.

It had been too simple…and as I busied myself in applying the handcuffs to her wrists…I came to the realization that Melissa had never experienced bondage before. As with anyone who is unfamiliar with bondage…once Melissa's wrists were secured to our bed frame; she fought the restraints.

She tried in earnest to escape…but to no avail; she could only cry in despair. When she became tired of crying…her other means of defense was to use profanity. "You bastards! Let me up. I'm not playing this game anymore. You both are sick people!" Steve allowed her to talk…he allowed her a moment to get her point of view across.

And then, Melissa's screams…her vulgarity became a muffled after-thought; he had applied a ball gag to her mouth. It took awhile, but eventually Melissa came to the realization that she was powerless. With her head buried into the comforter…she wept. Steve was standing behind her; his voice was calm. "You were told not to move. You were told to remain silent." Upon hearing Steve's voice, she was trying her best to look behind her shoulders.

Her eyes said it all…she was scared…perhaps the better word would be; terrified. Steve had retrieved the Lexan paddle. Sexy brunette impaled on dick hardcore and massage hated that paddle.

It was made of a hard plastic resin and so, it was less porous than wood. The paddle had a smooth surface, which allowed for greater contact with the skin because there would be less air trapped in between the paddle surface and the ass cheek.

Two dudes fuck one lovely girlie pornstar and hardcore took great measures prior to using the paddle…and when Melissa felt the cool water being sprayed on her ass; her eyes lit up. She had no idea what was about to happen. When the paddle would land on Melissa's ass cheeks, Steve wanted the paddle to stick to her rear-end, therefore; he made sure her ass was very wet. Steve tapped the Lexan paddle lightly on Melissa's bottom.

"This moment…is going to become a very memorable occasion for you. You're going to learn self-discipline. You're going to learn to obey and not to question my authority. You're samantha parker sucks cock and spreads her legs on the table to learn what accountability means." The next few words were directed at me.

"Honey, remove the ball gag. I want to hear Melissa's screams…I don't want anything to interfere with the volume of her distress." And so, I removed the ball gag from her mouth. Melissa's body stiffened when she felt the paddle. Truth be known, she had no idea what type of paddle it was. All at once, Steve raised the paddle high into the air and brought it down hard…right across the middle of Melissa's bottom.

Swish…TWACK! I'm quite sure that Melissa felt a hot line of fire across her bottom. She gasped in agony, but didn't scream out. I knew from personal experience, that the paddle feels like a line of needles stabbing into one's bottom.

Steve noticed Melissa's facial expressions…he was certain that she had truly felt the results of the paddle. Steve paused a few seconds and then once again, he raised the Lexan paddle high into the air. He brought it down again…just as hard as the first stroke. Swish…TWACK! "Oooowwwww!!" Melissa wasn't able to contain herself.

The paddle struck another line of fire across her ass. I notice that her fingers clawed into our comforter. Steve raised the paddle again, higher this time, and brought it down again…I sensed that he used more of his strength. His aim was lower, the less protected area of one's bottom…just before where Melissa's thighs began. SWISH…TWACK!! Melissa's voice resonated through our bedroom. "Yeeeooow!!" I'm quite sure that her bottom felt like it was on fire.

Even after only three strokes, the Lexan can truly capture your attention. "Please…please," she cried out. I moved to the front of the bed…her eyes were watering.

Steve remained at the foot of the bed. "In everyone's life, there comes a time when you're held accountable for your actions. It's your turn Melissa." And with those few words being said, Steve raised the paddle high into the air. Melissa was straining to look over her shoulder…her teary eyes were pleading with him.

Steve brought the paddle down hard. Swish…Twack! A new stinging blotch was at a slightly lower angle than the other strokes. Melissa was devastated…she let out a long screeching noise. Her body was withering in the bonds…seemingly; she was trying to suppress the pain. And then, the flood gates opened…Melissa was crying.

"Honey, go downstairs and get your cell phone." I had no idea what Steve's motive was, but too; I wasn't about to question him. I ran out of the bedroom, quickly returning with my cell phone in hand. "Call Melissa's cell phone and let me know when you hear her message." I was fumbling through my contacts; I knew what Steve's intentions were.

When I signaled to him that I had dialed her number and her answering machine was about to pick up the call; he raised his arm high into the air. Pointing at him at the exact time when her cell phone would be recording; his arm and the paddle slammed into Melissa's bottom. Swish…Twack!! Melissa's scream was loud, piercing…her ass cheeks were turning to a brilliant color of red, intermixed with blue. Steve wanted her to have a lasting account of the punishment…the sound of the paddle making contact with her ass, along with her scream…provided this.

The pain was settling in…Melissa continued to cry. Her body was trembling…she was no longer trying to free herself from the bonds. Steve then asked Melissa a question. "Is my paddle getting through to you? Are you going to be respectful and obedient?" Amidst her tears, Melissa spoke up and said. "Yes Sir. I'll be obedient. I'll be more respectful towards you." "We'll see about that." Steve said. "You've got three more swats to endure. That's only before you go downstairs for your strapping.

When you misbehave in this household; I will hold you accountable." Upon hearing Steve's words, his explanation…without question; I could relate. Melissa was learning a very valuable lesson. Melissa could have protested, but she remained silent. Her head was pressed against our comforter. Her face was distorted; she gritted her teeth. Tears were rolling down the side of her face…for a small fraction of time; I found myself envious of her.

Swish…Twack!! Swish…Twack!! Swish…Twack!! Steve brought down the paddle three times in quick succession. Three very hard diagonal strokes across Melissa's fleshy bare bottom. Just as quickly as the paddle made contact…three new brightly red patches formed across her bottom. She cried out with each stroke…if it wasn't for the bonds holding her in place; Melissa would have fallen off our bed.

She screamed out, "No more…ohhhhh please no more!" She burst into tears…heartfelt tears. If she had any fight left in her…it was gone. Hot tears ran from her gushing eye and down to her mouth. She began to mutter, just how sorry she was…how wrong she's been. "I want to be a better mother…I want to be better behaved." She said…in-between loud tearful sobs. I could see from Steve's reactions; his smile…he was very pleased with his handiwork.

When a person cried as a result of a spanking…it was a reflection that the person had been properly punished. When Steve placed the paddle on the bureau…having mentioned the basement, I knew that there were more tears to come.

Steve remained active in his pursuit to humiliate Melissa. As he was putting on a fresh latex glove on his hand, he told me to apply some cold cream to her ass cheeks. When I started the application, Melissa was still sobbing. I was very careful…her ass was very, very warm to the touch. Uma strapon fucked by her husbands sis ridges from where the paddle made contact to her ass had formed…my hands gently traveled over them.

I made sure that her inner thighs were covered in the cream…and I couldn't help myself; I brushed her exposed pussy with my fingers. When Steve stood behind Melissa…I knew that he no longer needed my assistance. He coated his latex glove with a large amount of KY Jelly. At first, I thought he was going to try and fit his fist into her rectum…but I quickly came to the realization that he was only going to finger fuck her asshole.

Instead of his middle finger…Steve used 2 of his fingers. It's an amazing thing to see, to witness…against Melissa's own free will, amidst her deep grunts and moans; my fingers teased my clit…as my husband raped our neighbor's asshole.

Whenever Steve's fingers were embedded into Melissa's asshole, he would work his wrist in circular motions. He was relentless in his pursuit in finger fucking her ass.

Just as he had done with using only one of his fingers; he was in control of the speed and tempo. Melissa never uttered a word of complaint…in fact, at some point it seemed as if she was swaying her hips…as if she was welcoming my husband's assault on her asshole.

When Steve removed his fingers out from Melissa's rectum…the true reason for his exploration came to light. His gloved hand, his two fingers were smeared with her shit. It was a true indication that Steve's finger's had been deep in her rectum. He stood to her side and as if Melissa had felt his presence, she looked into his direction. When he showed Melissa his soiled fingers; she openly cried. Steve went into the bathroom to wash his hands.

He had instructed me to clean her dirty hole. Taking a lot of Kleenex…Melissa cried in earnest as I wiped her darkened hole clean. I heard a clank of metal coming from the bathroom. When Steve returned holding a stainless steel speculum, I knew that Melissa's ordeal was to continue. Steve stood by the side of the bed; he wanted Melissa to see the contraption.

"I'm going to use this device to inspect the inside of your rectum." Steve put on a fresh pair of latex gloves. He then applied the KY over the speculum's jaws…a quick second later; he touched it to her crinkled pink asshole.

"Honey, come over here and spread Melissa's ass cheeks for me." My hand was still inside my pants; my panties. Immediately, I stood by my husband's hands were trembling…her beautiful reddened ass cheeks, the ridges from the paddle; my fingernails found their place within her ass crack.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart…the flood gates of my pussy opened up; I felt my orgasm come to life. Spreading Melissa's ass cheeks…my first attempt didn't please my husband. "Wider!" He said. And so, my fingers, my fingernails…amidst the lubrication, I clamped my fingers into the cleft of Melissa's ass cheeks and spread her ass even wider than before.

She groaned deeply. My husband was quick in his movements. He slowly inserted the speculum with the handles sideways…then pushed it all the way in. He then rotated the handles downward; he slowly squeezed the petals open…within a second, Melissa's rectum had been dilated.

Steve then twisted the retention nut down tight…holding her pink insides captive for inspection. Melissa's moans were intense. From experience alone, I knew that she felt violated…her anus was open for the world to see. Her body was sweating and quivering in her bonds. Steve went over to the nightstand and returned with a small penlight and a dental mirror.

He proceeded to insert the mirror jessor jela sex xxx story com inside her now-gaping asshole. The light provided the illumination and Steve was able to inspect all her inner surfaces with the help of the mirror. Whenever the mirror touched the sides of her anus and rectum…she squirmed and twisted her body. It was a fascinating moment. Steve had allowed me to see the insides of Melissa's rectum.

When I reached out to touch her ass…when I ran my finger around her rectum, when I noticed Melissa's reactions; I became so incessantly aroused.

I spit into her anal opening…and I watched my saliva disappear into her asshole. At Melissa's expense…Steve and I kissed. A very passionate kiss…our tongues were dancing together and I took this opportunity to caress his bulge. Steve's hands gripped my breasts…he ran his hand down the length of my body; his hand easily gained access into my pants and panties. "Can I do anything to relieve this?" As I asked my question, my hand was massaging his bulge.

"You're going to be the reason for my orgasm…but it's going to have to wait." He kissed me again. He removed his hand from my pants, from my panties…he inhaled my juices; I reached another orgasm! Steve then undid the speculum and slid it out from Melissa's rectum.

An amazing thing was then observed…her anus snapped back to its normal size. With a motion of his hand, I knew that Steve was giving me permission to wipe the excess KY Jelly from between her ass cheeks. Melissa had heard our small conversation; she was straining her head to see over her shoulders. Steve turned his attention to Melissa. "We're going to release you from your bonds. You have a choice to make.

I will expect you to turn over on your back…you can make yourself comfortable on our bed. I want you to drape your legs, your knees over the side of the bed. If you fail to obey me; I will secure you to the frame of our bed." Melissa nodded her understanding. She had been placed in a very uncomfortable position.

With the spreader bar having been removed, her ankle and hand fat dude bangs pregnant wife and cm like never before removed; she simply obeyed my husband.

I noticed the marks of the bed frame against her stomach…it appeared to be very red and tender. A few moments later, Melissa had positioned herself on the bed…her legs hanged over the side of the mattress. In the process of positioning herself on the bed…Melissa showed me her smile. "I'm sorry that I called you a bastard." "That's ok." I caressed the side of her face. Steve went to the bathroom and when he returned to the side of the bed, he was holding another shiny speculum.

"I heard your apology. I think you're beginning to learn but I dare say; you have a lot more to endure." As Melissa lay on our bed, Steve asked her if she understood his meaning. In a soft voice she said. "Yes Sir." "I want you to raise your knees on the edge of the bed…spread your legs as wide apart as you can." Steve wasn't content and so, he told me to assist her in spreading her legs wide apart.

"JoLyn, keep her legs apart as wide as you can." Steve then proceeded to lubricate the new shiny speculum and I watched in awe as he closed the jaws. He knelt down; right between Melissa's legs. When he got into this position, Melissa closed her eyes. Before he inserted the jaws of the speculum into Melissa's pussy, he said. "You're going to learn that you can't hide anything from me." And so, Steve twisted and pushed the jaws of the speculum into Melissa's wet pussy…he pushed it in as far as it would go.

He rotated the handles down and then he began to squeeze the handles. Melissa squirmed, against her will…her pussy was opening up; I was able to see her cervix all the way up at the end of her vaginal canal. Throughout this entire moment, her moans were intense. She never uttered a word of complaint. Steve had reached for a long cotton swab…in an instant, he inserted it in between the jaws of the speculum, right in the middle of the wide hole. He began to probe around her inner surfaces…then finally, he left the swab inside with the wooden stick protruding.

I kept pressure on Melissa's legs…I wanted them to remain open so that I could enjoy the scene. Steve then slipped the speculum out of Melissa's pussy…he was careful not to dislodge the swab. Melissa's inner pussy lips closed around the swab, but her outer lips were puffy and flushed. Within a moment or two, I could tell that Melissa was becoming aroused. I watched intently as Steve spread her outer lips to examine Melissa's clitoris with his fingers…he was careful to roll it in a gentle way between his thumb and forefinger.

Against Melissa's will…her clitoris became erect. Steve also was applying pressure to Melissa's urethra, stretching the opening…moving it around…you could see in her eyes; she wanted to pee.

Steve was in complete control…he was watching Melissa's every move. He wanted her to have that feeling, of having to pee…but I knew; he wouldn't bring her to that point. While using the fingers of one hand…Steve delicately grasped the end of the swab stick…in a very slow way, he began to draw it out of Melissa's pussy…twirling it around and moving it slightly back and forth.

Melissa couldn't fight the stimulation…her body was tense, her moans were sincere; my own pussy was throbbing! I knew what Steve's intentions were. He was well aware that with some sexual stimulation, the body's senses are heightened, thus increasing the effect of physical pain. "You can let go of her legs. Take her down to the basement." It was an order, an instruction and Steve's voice was again, filled with conviction. The swab stick was left in Melissa's pussy…if she was feeling any sexual enjoyment from the swab, it all ended in a quick second.

Melissa's eyes opened upon hearing Steve's voice. This much I knew, Melissa's punishment was going to continue in the basement. As I helped her off from the bed and onto her feet, she had a worried look to her face.

She knew that something un-pleasant was going to happen in the basement. You could see her look of concern…as soon as we were in the hallway; she was asking me one question after another." "It's not over is it?" She asked. At the top of the stairs, I turned and faced her.

"No, it's not over." She cupped her face in her hands and cried. Hearing her cry didn't bother me. It's part of the experience; she needed to express her emotions. I then took one of her arms and led her downstairs. Who would have ever guessed that at some point in my life, I would be leading my neighbor through my home, down into the basement…so that my husband could give her a proper strapping?

Our journey to the basement was quick. Reaching the bottom of the steps to the basement, having turned on some lights…I couldn't help but notice Melissa's body. She was standing…looking in every direction…no doubt, she was confused and worried, perhaps even scared.

She was covering her pussy with one of her hands, her other hand was covering her breasts. "Melissa, don't cover your body with your hands.

Put your arms down. Don't ever hide your body from Steve." My voice had been sharp. So sharp in fact, when she looked into my eyes, she complied with my instruction. For that specific moment, I felt empowered. I then led her into the far reaches of the basement. The room we stepped into was chilly and Melissa was feeling the chill; she shivered in place. As she was looking around the room, I grabbed her by her arm and hustled her over to a strange piece of furniture.

The strange piece of furniture was a "spanking bench". That's what Steve called it. He had purchased it from an antique dealer. As you approached it, it looked like an old fashioned school desk. It was about 3 ½" high, with the flat top angled down about 45degrees away from the front.

It had a bar near the floor on the opposite side where the top angles downward. On the front side there was a raised area, like a church kneeler, about 6" off the floor…wooden pegs stuck out to the sides on the support legs about halfway up. On more than one occasion, I had experienced the bench.

Because I had been secured to the bench on numerous occasions…Steve knew that I wouldn't have any issues or problems in securing Melissa to the bench. When I looked at Melissa, I couldn't help but notice how hard her nipples had become. She stood frozen in place…I didn't hesitate; I leaned forward and brought her right nipple into my mouth. When I looked into her eyes; I noticed her passion; her state of pleasure. As I caressed her nipple with my tongue…as I sucked deeply on her nipple; her eyes closed.

Her moans were intense. From one nipple to the next; I massaged her nipples with my tongue. When I released his nipple from my mouth…looking into her eyes; I was drawn to kiss her lips. When my tongue touched her lips…her mouth parted; our tongues formed a strong union. When our lips parted, I told her it was time.

"I need to position you on the bench." She didn't put up a fight when I positioned her near the edge of the bench…when I pushed her shoulders down. I noticed that her nipples were now flat on its surface. Her head was looking to the right, to the left; she wasn't sure what to do.

I took her arms and extended them all the way forward. It became an easy task to strap her hands to the bar near the floor. I came around to her backside and hooked her knees behind the wooden pegs. At last, I strapped her ankles to the kneeler part near the floor. From the side profile, Melissa's body looked like a "Z". Her ass was high in the air. Her head and shoulders were lower than hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock ass.

Her arms were extended out and down in front of her…as if she was making a dive. Her bare feet were off from the floor. A person who was about to be spanked on the bench, shouldn't have any leverage to squirm, kick or resist the punishment.

The last thing I did…I placed a strap across her back, which held her down to the table. Melissa was totally immobilized…and soon, she would be at the mercy of Steve. It took me no more than 3 minutes to secure her to the bench. I took a moment to look at my neighbor…and she was trying to find me, but I was standing behind her. Steve joined me and together, we were enjoying the view.

Eventually, Steve went to a special cabinet, returning to where I was standing; he produced a small jar and opened it. "Honey, spread Melissa's ass cheeks wide open." I was only too happy to comply with my husband's wishes. When Melissa felt my hands on your ass cheeks, as my fingernails dug into the cleft of her ass crack…as I opened her ass up; she moaned.

Steve slipped a ginger suppository in Melissa's rectum. "I've just given you a ginger suppository…in time; it will cause an irritable, burning sensation. You'll feel this sensation in your rectum and anus. Try as you might, you won't be able to expel it." I'm not sure if Melissa had heard Steve's voice, or his explanation. She was struggling in her binds; she was crying helplessly. Steve then took me in his arms and again, his tongue broke through my lips.

His hands were all over my body…I knew what he needed…but Steve was in control of the moment. If he wanted to fuck me…if he wanted to have me suck his cock…all he would have to do is ask.

In knew that he was going to eventually find relief…he would choose either myself, or Melissa. Or together, we would satisfy my husband's sexual appetite. As I was massaging his cock through his pants…I so badly wanted him to fuck me. Melissa was moaning…groaning in dis-comfort. She was really beginning to squirm as the ginger suppository took effect.

From where I was standing, from my angle…you could tell that she was trying to push something out from her asshole. The suppository was melting inside her rectum. She wiggled and squirmed…as much as she could do against the restraints; she provided us with a perfect picture of her split open ass cheeks and pussy lips. She began to beg and plead…the burning sensation was too much for her to bear.

Steve went to a cupboard and produced a 2" wide, well-oiled black strap with a wooden handle. He flexed it…he took a few practice swings, causing a whirring sound as it sliced through the air. Steve stood to the left of Melissa…he held out the strap and measured the distance to be sure the end of the strap would cover both of her ass cheeks.

It was such a moment to remember. I can still recall the little goose bumps on Melissa's ass cheeks. "You will count out each stroke and if you fail to count a stroke…we will start at the very beginning." A smile was felt on my face. Again, my husband was including me in the scenario.

Melissa felt the coolness of the leather against her ass cheeks…she was quivering with fear and anticipation. Steve raised his arm, the strap was lifted high into the air…I held my breath…and then the sound…WHISS…and Steve brought the strap down upon Melissa's ass. A loud CRACKKKKK! She screamed out. Melissa began to thrash around trying desperately to escape from her bonds…but, there teen evelin stone gets doggystyled by delivery boy no escape!

A few moments has passed when Steve spoke. "You failed to count out the stroke and so, we will start over." The same approach was then applied. Steve had raised his arm high into the air…the strap came down with such strength. CRACKKKKK! Melissa's head rose and her voice was heard; she screamed out in agony.

The leather strap…there was no question in my mind; the marks of her paddling had been re-energized. "ONE!" She screamed out, breathing hard. CRAAACCCCKKKK!!! "Two!!" Melissa's voice rose in pain.

Steve's arm was resting. He waited till Melissa's scream had subsided. Once again, his arm was raised high into the air. The SWOOOOSH of the strap cut through the air. CRRRAAAACCCCKKK!!! Melissa's voice, the agony heard within her voice, she screamed out, "Three!!!" Melissa's body was trembling.

I went to the front of the bench…tears were rolling down her cheeks. Steve was preparing his arm…I was in awe…my pussy was extremely wet; her scream filled the room. CRRRAAACCCKKK!!!! "Four!!!" Melissa's ass was under assault…she began to wiggle her ass in a frantic way. There was no denying it…Steve was enjoying himself; his bulge was still prominent.

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Steve continued with the strapping…and for each time the strap connected with Melissa's ass; she screamed in agony.

When Steve struck the inner side of her thighs…Melissa's screams were that much more intense. Yet, she never missed a count. At some point, I felt as if she had resigned herself to the punishment. The strap had done its damage…her inner thighs were reddened; her ass was slightly blistering. After Melissa had screamed out the number 15…Steve approached her. He caressed her ass cheeks and thighs…he was deliberate in spreading her ass cheeks apart and moving them in all directions.

"I see no signs of severe injuries." Steve's proclamation meant that Melissa's punishment wasn't over. Steve took his stance and once again, big tits blonde teen bathroom and playfellows comrades sister these slutty teenager gals arm was raised high into the air.

CRRAAACCCKKK!!!! Melissa screamed out in pain. Yet, she didn't forget to mention the count. Melissa blurted out "Thirty!!" Tears were running down her face. Her ass cheeks and thighs were bruised. Some people would say that Melissa had endured a very severe strapping. In Steve's mind, she had earned the punishment.

Steve placed the strap on a table. He stood back and admired his handiwork. "Your ass is very warm to the touch." As he was speaking, he began to caress and knead her ass cheeks. "You're not marked for life…but surely, in the days ahead; you're going to feel this punishment." Steve then walked to a cabinet and removed a jar of cold cream.

He began to massage the cream all over her reddened, swollen ass cheeks. From her lower back downwards, Steve kneaded the cold cream into her burning skin. He worked his hands down towards her thighs where the strap had hit randomly. At one point, Steve had asked me to spread Melissa's ass cheeks apart…in doing so; he massaged the soothing cream into her ass crack…and over her exposed and still pulsating anus. I gripped her ass cheeks hard…my fingernails were embedded into her skin…I was intentionally squeezing Melissa's inflamed skin; I wanted to punish her even more.

Both Steve and I then saw an amazing thing…some of the melted ginger suppository was leaking from her asshole. Aside from this, we both noticed that Melissa's pussy was wet. One never knows…she could have reached an orgasm during the strapping. Underneath the spanking bench…we saw droplets of urine. So many things were seen…and so, we both knew that Melissa had suffered enough.

Once again, Steve went to the cabinet…this time, he retrieved two tampons. Extracting the tampon from its wrapper…he bent down and spread open Melissa's pussy…slowly he worked the end of the applicator inside her inner lips…pushing it all the way in. He withdrew the tube and straightened the string so it hung vertically between her legs. Melissa knew what was happening…and her face turned beet red.

The second tampon…well, Steve lubricated the applicator and with a generous amount of KY Jelly, he pushed it right up and into Melissa's rectum. After sliding the applicator out, he made sure the white string hung free and vertical between her legs. Together, Steve and I untangled Melissa's body from the spanking bench.

We both helped her out from the exposed and awkward position. She wasn't crying…but once she was free, her hands immediately went to her ass cheeks. She was in a state of shock…she could feel the welts, the many ridges that kinky czech cutie stretches her yummy vagina to the unusual strap had caused. We led Melissa back to our bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Steve directed her to bend over the side of the bed.

"Spread your legs wide apart." Once she had complied, Steve pulled first on the tampon string that emanating from Melissa's asshole, then the one in her pussy. As the tampons plopped out, he placed them both in the trash can. "Go sit on the toilet and expel the suppository…once you've done that; take a quick shower." Melissa straightened herself up and walked over to the bathroom.

I was standing by the door. "The door stays open." Melissa blushed furiously as both Steve and I stood in the doorway…but she was quick to squat over the toilet…a few seconds went by and then the explosion from her ass greeted the water in the toilet.

The suppository remnants quickly left her body…and we could hear a strong yellow stream of pee hitting the toilet bowl. When Melissa stepped out from the shower…she looked like a new woman. Her glow had returned to her face…the warm water had done its magic.

Stepping into our bedroom, she immediately saw Steve lying on our bed; he was naked. His cock was standing tall. Melissa didn't argue or put up a fight…maybe in the back of her mind, she knew that at some point; she was going to have to say thank you to Steve. It was a beautiful moment when Melissa…in a very careful way, she placed herself on our bed. She took Steve's cock in her hands…she began to stroke it…at long last; she inhaled his cock into the far reaches of her throat.

Her head began bobbing up and down, the sucking sounds were intoxicating. Within 10 minutes, Melissa's throat muscles had swallowed every drop of Steve's sperm. Steve was out of breath by the time his orgasm had sub-sided. Melissa than thanked Steve…she also looked in my direction and thanked me.

"It was painful…and yet, I deserved it. If ever I need to be punished again…I hope you'll provide me with one." I joined Steve and Melissa on the bed. I knew that Steve had another load of cum in his balls. I wanted him to fill my pussy with his cock, with his sperm. "Melissa, you deserved the strapping…you also took your punishment well." He then kissed her on her mouth…it was a magical moment, watching as her mouth opened; she accepted my husband's tongue into her mouth.

When the kiss broke, Steve said. "Tomorrow evening…you and Karen are invited over for dinner. After dinner, I'll bring Karen upstairs to our bedroom and this punishment will be repeated." The words that I had hoped to hear came true. Melissa asked Steve, "Sir, may I watch?" The answer that she was hoping for…he gave to her. He smiled and nodded his approval.