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Stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european
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Back to the writing and as always thanks for keeping up with the series. Ever get that waking up in a strange place feeling? I woke up groggy to a poster of some punk band and a body next to me breathing. It takes me a second to realize that I'm still at Katy's place and she's still asleep. She's facing away from me and still naked from our fuck fest earlier.

It slams into me like a train that I have no clue what time it is and I still haven't been home yet. I lurch out of bed and scramble for my pants and get my phone out, only been here 2 hours. One text, its Liz asking where the hell I am. I pull myself all the way out of bed to hear Katy stirring from the bed; I pull my jeans on and head to the rest of the trailer to find the bathroom. As soon as I get into the kitchen living room area and am greeted by an older woman in maybe her late thirties, shoulder length brown hair, curvy but in the slightly overweight or out of shape category with nothing on but a bathrobe and some ugly slippers.

"Well who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my home," the woman asks me with a lit cigarette in her mouth. "I'm Guy, I'm here with Katy and I need to find the bathroom," I reply wishing I had remembered a shirt. She looks me up and down and points to the end of the trailer. I head past her through the living room and into probably the worst smelling bathroom outside of a truck stop I've ever been in. I put toilet paper on my hand to get the lid up and piss. As soon as it hits the water the bathroom door opens and there is the woman again staring at my penis.

"So that's what was making Katy scream earlier, you know how to use that thing on a grown woman kid," she says staring at me from the doorway. I shrug and finish peeing, she backs out of the doorway and I quickly retreat back to Katy's bedroom.

As soon as I get the door closed I see Katy sitting on her bed pulling her bra on. "You met mom," She asks getting dressed. "Yeah, and apparently she wants me to take a turn with her," I chuckle pulling my shirt out of the pile of clothes and finish getting dressed. I see Katy isn't finding it very funny and drop the subject while we finish getting dressed. I grab up my school bag and head hot mature runa fucks like an angel of Katy's room and from there get out of the trailer as quickly as I can before her Mom decides to talk to me again.

I'm almost five feet out the door when I hear the yelling behind me start up, Katy and her Mom screaming at each other as loudly as possible.

Something in me is screaming just keep walking and get the fuck out of here but I decide to hang out and see if things calm down. I set my bag down and lean next to the shitty yellow Datsun parked next to the trailer. In true fight fashion it just gets louder and more violent sounding as time goes on.

After about ten minutes the door flies open and Katy stomps out of the trailer and slams the door behind her before sitting down on the porch. "Seriously, you want me to get you a towel and some fight advice before you go back in there," I ask Katy from the front begging for orgasm bdsm and bondage power play did you ever wonder what happens when a the car. "Fuck, you're still here," she looks up to me from the porch," I'm about to kill that bitch.

She wants to know if I'll fuck one of her boyfriends so she can get him to buy her booze tonight." I shake my head at the thought, drunken slob mom offers up daughter for alcohol. It sounds like a bad Jerry Springer episode.

I start to think about what to do, I know what I could do but then again trailer fires don't really end well. After a few minutes I get a plan together. "Go back inside and grab 2 bags, school and a big one for clothes," I tell Katy standing her up from the steps," I need to get something from inside." Katy just shrugs and heads back inside with me right behind her. I look around but don't see Katy's Mom; I whip out my cell phone and start snapping pictures with the camera.

A couple of pics of trash, alcohol and just the bathroom in one shot are all I think I'll need. Katy steps out of her room with her bags as we head out grabs the car keys off the wall. We load up in the Datsun and peel out of the trailer park. We drive in silence before I give Katy directions to my parent's home and let her pick. Katy pulls into a parking lot behind the movie theater and turns the car off, quickly gets out and sits down on the hood.

I get out and walk around to the front of the car. "Okay Guy, what the fuck are you doing," Katy asks confused.

"Solving your problem," I state plainly. "Why? You got a girlfriend, apparently you got girls who will fuck you so why help me," Katy asks again," What the fuck are we doing here?" "Well I should ask you that, you parked here," I look around the parking lot, the sun is going down and dinner should be ready soon. I pull my phone out and text Mom asking her to set an extra plate.

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I look at Katy again, same black and green tripp shorts and a long sleeve black and blue shirt with a t-shirt over it. More than that I look at her face, I see she's scared and doesn't know what is going on. Her nerves have lost the adrenaline from fighting with her mom and she's scared. I cover the few feet between us and lift her head and mouth to mine. She tastes a little salty and doesn't react at first but after a second Katy wraps her arms up into my coat poor fellow lets wicked buddy to drill his exgf for money around my body.

I'm calm as she breaks the kiss and shakes her head. "You want to know why still," I ask Katy. She shakes her head and we get back in the car and head to my home. As soon as I get out the car I see my dad standing in the doorway with his arms folded. I take a deep breath and walk up to the front door with Katy.

"Hey Dad, this is Katy, Katy this is my Father Mr. Donnelly," I say introducing Katy to my father. "Hi Katy, I need to talk to my son so go inside please," my dad replies stepping aside so Katy can enter. Katy looks at me then ducks inside the house, I can see her try to figure out what to say to mom as dad closes the door.

I set my bag down incase this gets bad. "So you're dating Korinna, and you bring this, girl Katy home with you tonight," Dad starts in," Now I'm just wondering what my son is getting himself into.

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I need a really good explanation here." "Dad, I'm just doing the right thing here, Katy is in some bad trouble and if I was in trouble you'd want me to go where it's safest right, I brought her here," I tell my dad. "Okay and this tells me nothing about why she's here, if she has problems then take her to her parents," Dad counters.


"Alright but just look at these," I take my phone out and pull up the pictures," This is her home, I was helping Liz's friend Natsuko and her brother and his problem and they introduced me to Katy. Katy said she'd get me home and that is what I walked into. I met her mom who in a matter of minutes propositioned me then tried to whore out her own daughter for alcohol. I had her grab her some clothes and wanted to talk to you about letting her stay here and maybe you can get her some help.

She lives in a hell hole with a demon for a Mom!" I finish my exclamation and settle down, Dad starts flipping through the pictures. It takes him a few minutes to get through them all but once he's done he takes my phone and heads inside the house.

I follow Dad inside as he goes through the living room and into the kitchen with mom. Kay and Liz are giving me the 'what did you do' look when Dad comes back out of the kitchen a couple minutes later and motions us to come eat. We get to sit in the awkward silence for a few minutes and eat before someone decides to break the silence, thank god it's Mom. "Katy you can stay in either the Liz's Bedroom or we can take the fold out bed in my office out and you can sleep there," Mom offers pleasantly.

"Ummm stay? I mean you're place is nice but I could get in some shi- errrr trouble with my Mom," Katy stumbles over the words. "Katy, my boy knows bad when he sees it, you want to go back to that then busty blonde woman sucks off and ass fucked in the cab pornstars big dick can't stop you," Mom replies," but my husband and his boy know what it's like.

You can go back and eat shit OR you can take the hand up and say thank you." I'm stunned, Mom swore, Liz is petrified, Dad is eating and Katy doesn't know what to do but nod her head and keep eating. Dinner gets done and Dad decides to take Mom and Katy back to the trailer to return her Mom's car and get the last of her stuff. Katy looks nervous but Dad has his game face on for this and Mom is driving as they head off.

"You are such a fucking asshole for a boyfriend," Liz tells me as soon as they're out of the driveway. "Excuse me but what the fuck are you talking about," I ask. "You fuck Kori and half my close friends, and then you decide to date Kori, now you bring home your new girlfriend to live with you.

Are you seriously fucked up enough to think Kori will be fine with this," Liz barks at me.


I think for a second and grab my phone to update Kori on my night. I get a response after a few minutes saying she's fine and that she's okay with Katy living here as long as I'm still her boyfriend.

I tell her of course but we should talk more about it Saturday. I turn back to Liz with a smile on my face. "Guess you're still the only one with the problem sis," I tell her still smiling. "You're a pig," Liz retorts shoving past me and heading to her room. I head to my room and hop on my computer, nothing new on any of my usual sites. Kori pops on and tells me about the meltdown that Liz is having with her through text messages.

I ask Korinna what she thinks about it and get 'silence' for a few minutes then a simple reply 'she's jealous'.

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Liz jealous, either Kori is right on the money or really far off. I shoot mom a text asking if everything is okay, she tells me the cops are involved and she's been looking around for a Cops camera crew. I figure they're gonna be a while so I head down the hall to Liz's room.

"Liz can I come in for a sec," I ask leaning in the doorway. Liz is laying on her back sprawled out on her bed texting with her phone, a loose pink t-shirt and some grey cotton shorts.

"What do you want," she asks not even looking at me. "The morning Kori and I missed first period was because we had sex in Tracy's car," I tell her sitting down on her bed," I don't really know how it happened but it did and we were really happy with it.

I figured you should know since it's been making you jealous that I've been paying attention to your friends and none to you." "What the fuck are you talking about," Liz exclaims bolting up from the bed. "Well we figure, Kori and I, is that you're jealous cause I'm not having sex with you but I am with some of your friends," I tell her trying to keep from grinning my ass off. "I'm not jealous that you're fucking my friends," Liz starts," I'm pissed because now it's not just hot indian couple reenu sachin romanctic sex indiancouple amateursex friends but other people at school.

I have to listen to people blonde and brunette babes nasty way sex about how you're such a badass now and you've got women hanging all over you and now people think I'm the weird one." I can't take it anymore and I start chuckling, after a few second Liz joins me.

We sit there having a real moment of just enjoying it. Finally we settle down and I can hear her get serious when she starts talking again. "So when we were having sex was it any good," Liz just asks me with no warning. "Honestly I don't think we had sex, I think I was turned into a dildo with a pulse by your friends," I reply," besides I know you've been with other guys, why not just ask them?" "Well you've been with some of my friends and I figure you'd be able to tell me if I was any good like Kori seems to be," Liz says pulling her feet in to sit legs crossed.

"Kori is really good, but honestly you and I really didn't have sex. I was tied up and cute asian chick is playing with a pink toy folded and you had help from the girls, plus you'd been drinking," I tell her pulling my leg up underneath me. "Well I'm not now, we can do it now if you want," Liz says leaning toward me on the bed. "Okay, strip down then," I tell her taking my shirt off.

Liz looks puzzled for a second but starts pulling off her clothes. We get stripped down to just my boxer briefs and Liz in her grey panties. I pull myself all the way onto the bed and sitting up on my knees I pull her legs out forcing her to lay down on her back. I take her heels and put them in the air pulling her panties straight up and off her body, throwing them on the floor.

Liz parts her legs and starts to lower them to the bed as I lower my face down and start kissing the inside of her thighs lightly. Liz smiles a little and closes her eyes as I place my tongue on her slit. I slowly work my tongue up and down her slit, as I reach her clit Liz tenses up and starts pawing at the bed but as soon as I reach her hole she lowers her hips and starts pushing her pussy deeper onto my tongue.

I lower my body all the way down on Liz's bed and bury my tongue onto her clit, lightly humming into her pussy. Liz clenches up and starts thrashing around so I wrap my arms under her thighs and around her pelvis to hold her in place while I start licking faster. I glance up to see her moaning and nearly rending one of her pillows in half with her hands. I feel her body clench up for her orgasm and tighten my grip on her hips and speed up my tongue moving in circles around her clit.

Loudly Liz screams into her pillow, biting down on it with her teeth. I slow down my tongue lashing of her clit as she starts to come down from her orgasm. As soon as she's done I pull my head up from her pussy and roll off the bed. I hear her breathing heavily as I quickly dart back to my room and get into my locked drawer at my computer desk.


It takes less than a minute to dig out the condoms I bought when I started dating Heather and rip the box open to get one out and get back into Liz's room. I see her still on her bed and as soon as she sees the condom she waves me to her while sitting up on her bed.

I get over to her and tear the wrapper open as Liz pulls my boxer briefs down sarah loves playing up the black on blonde my hips, my cock bounces out of my shorts. "Shit that thing is bigger than I remember," Liz gasps taking the condom out of my hand.

I chuckle as Liz rolls the condom onto my cock all the way to the base, I've never had one on before and it feels like my dick is wrapped in a sausage casing.

I watch Liz back up the bed and I crawl up between her legs, taking my cock in my hands I rub the head up and down Liz's slit till I find the hole. As soon as I get lined up with Liz I pull her legs up onto my shoulders and push my cock deep into my stepsister's pussy. It's tight but that's about all I get from with the condom as reach the base of my cock inside Liz's pussy. Liz is breathing heavily with her eyes closed as I pull back half way and push slowly back in.

I start working in and out of Liz at a methodical pace; I feel her squeezing down on me as much as she can. Suddenly I see Liz's phone go off, it's Mom calling. I watch her hand lunge for the phone and answer the call. "Yeah Mom," Liz answers pushing her legs off my shoulders and around my hips. Liz reaches her hand down and pushes my chest away from her; I keep myself inside her pussy and bring my knees under us pulling her ass off the bed.

She's only answering in yes and no with me inside her. I start to get bored and slowly start moving inside her. As soon as I start moving Liz starts to shake her head no, I smile and grabbing her hips with my hands start thrusting half my cock in and out of her pussy as quickly as I can.

Liz starts biting her knuckle to keep from moaning into the phone with our mom. "Okay mom I gotta go I don't know what Guy is doing in the living room," Liz blurts out ending the call. Liz starts moaning loud as I'm hammering in and out of her pussy, I look down at where we're connected and see her pussy juice on the condom.

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting close and look to see Liz's b cup breasts moving from the hammering in her pussy, Liz wraps her legs around my hips and back clamping down with her legs and squeezing me with her pussy. I feel my orgasm rising fast and don't stop thrusting as I reach my peak and empty my balls into the condom inside Liz.

My vision is blurry while I finish cumming and Liz is lying on her bed weakly when I pull out from her. I sit down on the edge of the bed and pull the condom off and dump it in Liz's trash then proceed to get dressed again. After a few minutes Liz starts moving and gets her own clothes on then stumble out of the room and into the bathroom, I hear the shower kick on. I head back to my bed room and send another text off to Korinna telling her Liz will be fine.

She replies with a kissy face and I smile at the pure craziness of the situation. After about another half hour Liz is out of the shower when Dad, Mom and Katy arrive back at the house with the last of Katy's clothes. I get into the living room to see my Dad carrying a garbage bag of clothes with Mom and Katy's hands empty.

As soon as she sees me Mom walks right up to me and hugs me like she did the first time I was a baby. "You okay Guy," she asks keeping me next to her. "Yeah Mom, I'm fine," I tell her hugging her back confused. "That place was a hole and you're such a good boy to help her out of there," Mom tells me still hugging me.

I let her keep hugging me till she let's go after about a few minutes. Dad simply nods to me and hauls Katy's 'bag' back to Liz's room. It's about nine thirty at night when everyone gets settled down. Dad doesn't want to talk about what fuck me before i go with tiffany fox but Mom is all over the questions.

As soon as Katy's mom figured out Katy was leaving apparently she signed some emancipation forms in front of a cop and then threw a bottle at the officer when he tried to tell her it needed to be done in a court. Mom said that Katy new pashtfilm jawarger xxx porn gonna be living with us and as long as she followed the rules there wouldn't be any problem getting custody of her. Liz freezes at the thought but amazingly keeps her mouth shut.

We all turn in that night exhausted and I'm lying in bed when I hear my door open. I sit up and look from the bed to see Katy in a big t-shirt with her naked legs sticking out. "Hey hero, can I lay here for a bit," Katy asks after closing the door. "Katy I'm really tired from today and need to sleep," Fetish bitch gets fucked up her ass in rough sex session tell her from my pillow.

"No not that, just need to relax for a bit," Katy says crawling into bed and resting her head on my chest. "Okay but you need to be out before Dad wakes up," I tell her wrapping my arm around her head and neck.

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She warms up in my bed quickly and we doze off to sleep. My last thought being let Dad find me, I died after a hat trick. I am really sorry about the delay on the story I posted what was going on at part 6. If you PM me please reply when I write you back. It's just weird to have a one sided conversation.