Foxy kodi gets nailed in the classroom

Foxy kodi gets nailed in the classroom
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Her hair is a long, flowing auburn. Her 4'11" body is slim and alluring. She has small breasts and her ass is small but very firm and beautifully rounded. She has a quiet, sweet, yet mature way about her. And the sweetest smile I've ever seen. She is my 16 year old stepdaughter, Michelle, and I am in love. On a cool Fall Saturday afternoon, I sit in my bedroom on the window seat, staring out at the bright day.

My wife is away for the weekend on business.

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and I am losing my mind. My feelings for Michelle have been growing for months. I don't know what triggered them, but they are so powerful now that I almost shake with the intensity of them, whenever she is near. Michelle knows there is something wrong with me.

I odia xxx bulu pichar story my wife does too. I avoid both of them lately. I have to. There is a knock on the door. "Yes?" "Dad?" "Come on in." "Hi Dad." "Hi Sweets. What's up?" She has a concerned look on her lovely face. "What's wrong Dad?

I mean, you don't talk to me much lately. Did I do something?" Ahhh, the pit of my stomach churns. My palms start to sweat. All unbearably familiar to me now. "Oh no Michelle! Really it's just me." "Is there anything I can do?" "Not really honey. It's something I just need to, sort of, work out." She stands in the doorway, in a pair of hiking shorts and a cropped tee-shirt. God, she is beautiful. My heart is pounding. Oh, please make it stop! After what close up with redhead slut getting cunt and ass fisted like minutes, she says, "Daddy?" very quietly.

"Yes honey?" I turn my gaze back to the window. "I think I know what's wrong." No. She can't. I lower my face into my hands. "No honey, I don't think so." She pauses. How can she not hear my heart trying to break out of my chest?

I hear her take in a long breath. Then she says it. "You have class i com xxxn vedios for me." just like that. A cold, shaking, sweating, nausea hits me like a hammer.

I can't move. Can't speak. If I were to have a heart attack right now, all of my problems would cease. "Daddy?" again, very quietly. "I. Ennie and kari eating each other pussy sorry.

Are you mad?" How do I answer? What do I say? My mind is spinning like a top out of control. I slowly turn around. She is staring at me with such a naughty teen kat dior fuck and squirt on the couch, concerned look that I want to cry. "Oh honey. I don't know what to say. I." She interrupts. "Am I right?" she almost whispers. Oh God, oh God.

I feel the words leave my mouth like traitors. They flee from me like trapped animals that have finally found a way out of their cage. "Yes. Yes honey, you're right." Am I breathing? What have I done? I close my eyes and my head moves back. I let out a long sigh. Michelle moves over to the edge of the bed and slowly sits down. I hear her quietly say "I knew it." I open my eyes and look at her. She is looking back at me. I don't know what I expected to see, but this is not it.

That soft, sweet smile is caressing her lips. And there are tears running down her cheeks. I instinctively move to comfort my crying stepdaughter. As I sit next to her she throws her arms around me, buries her head against my neck and shoulder, and starts sobbing. I hold her and start rocking her the way I always have. "Daddy, I love you.

Oh I love you! I love you!" she whispers as her sobbing subsides. "I've loved you for so long. I can't stand it any more! And you love me!" She pulls back and looks at me again.

She is still smiling, eyes shimmering, staring right into mine. She closes her eyes and moves her tranny fucks husband as wife watches toward mine.

I am shaking like a leaf as I close my own eyes and meet her gentle kiss. This kiss is like nothing I have ever felt. Our lips touch, and part slightly.

Our toungs lightly touch. A sweet moan escapes from Michelle as she sags in my arms. I respond with my own. I feel the texture of her soft lips on mine. The heat of her breath. Nothing else exists. Time halts. There is true perfection in this moment. I pull away and see her face. I swear that she is glowing with the softest light possible. Her skin and lips are like two kinds of rose.

One the color of a late sunset, the other like a deep, red wine. A smile breaks across my own face now. Thoughts of anything but Michelle are gone. Lightyears away. I kiss her forehead. Her flushed cheeks. She tilts her head back, panting, as I kiss her neck.

Her hair smells like a field of flowers as I nuzzle into her. She pulls away from me and stands up. She stands unmoving for unending moments. She is the most beautiful creature in existence. Suddenly a look of serious intention takes over her face. She begins lifting her tshirt up from the bottom edge.

With her shirt off, I once again feel an incredible knot tighten in my stomach. I am breathing like a man at the summit of Mt. Everest. Yet the mounts I am fixated on are not that tall. My sweet stepdaughter, my little girl, my darling, is presenting me with the first of many gifts to come. I have never before seen such sexual beauty. Her wineglass sized breasts are high on her chest.

They are shaped like sloping cones, with small, pink protruding white girls with round butts rock mia malkova perfect ass bubble butt that turn skyward.

Her skin is lightly tanned and the contrast between that and her white breasts is stunning. I stand up and move slowly toward her. When I reach her, I once again take her face in my hands and give her a gentle lingering kiss.

She starts to sag again, and I quickly grasp her slim waist to keep her from falling. We both smile and laugh sweetly. My eyes move down and I reach up to cup her left breast. The heat and tiny weight of it in my hand is indescribable! I reach up and cup the other one. We stand like this for a moment, then Michelle wraps her arms around me and kisses me on the mouth. This is no gentle caress of lips.

She is hungry now. As am I. I pull my sweet angel to me and we kiss violently, small maons and groans escaping both of us. I pick her up and I carry her through the open door to her bedroom. She rests like a feather in my arms, hers clasped around my neck, our eyes never parting.

I throw her onto her bed and she lets out a suprised squeal, sounding so much like the woman-child that she is. I grin and climb onto the bed, straddling Michelle. Her breasts are lying widely seperated but pointing defiantly up and out. Her tiny nipples are an angry pink, begging to be tasted. I bend down and british fake agent bangs deep throat blonde my open mouth around the right one.

My baby arches her back and pushes up into me, moaning sweetly. I feel her hands on my head, slipping her fingers through my hair. I start to suckle and flick her stiff nipple, moving my lips and tounge around until her breast is glistening with my saliva. I move to her other small beautiful tit and do the same.

All the while my hands are grasping her arching, wriggling waist. I begin kissing and tounging my way down her taut, flat belly. Michelle lays back with her arms over her head.

Her chest and belly heave with each heavy breath. When I reach the top of her shorts, I sit back up. I unsnap the button at the top and pull down the zipper. Michelle lifts her ass off the bed and helps me pull them off, along with her little panties. I have been hard since before sucking on her tits, oozing precum. Now, as I see her lying completely naked on her bed, I feel I might ejaculate in my jeans right then.

Can this happen to a sexually experienced 36 year old? I lean back and squeeze my eyes tight, breathing deeply, fighting off the rushing train of orgasm. "Daddy?" she says, sounding worried. "What's wrong? Are you Ok?" "Yes baby" I say.

"I'm better than Ok. I'm perfect!" "I want this so bad" she says. "I don't care about anything. I just want you to love me." I lean down again, and take her head in my hands and kiss her passionately.

"I love you so much. More than you can know." She lets out a half moan, half whimper and pulls me hard down onto her in a desperate embrace. While in her embrace, I whisper, "Michelle?" "Yes" "Are you a virgin?" "Yes Daddy. I've had a couple of boyfriends and we messed around some, but never anything else." Ahhh my sweet, beautiful Michelle. "I'm going to make love to you my angel.

Do you know what that means?" "Yes Daddy. I want it. I know all about it. Some of my girlfriends have done it. We talk. And there's sex ed at school." "Are you worried?" "Just a little nervous. But I can't wait! I need you! I've dreamed of it. with you!" Ahhh God, yes. Me too my tiny angel. I once again sit back.

I take her legs in my large hands and start to move them up and apart. She watches me intently. I lie down on the bed in front of her, with my head hovering over her abdomen.

Again I have to fight not to explode right then. The sight of my delicate Michelle's spray of fine, light auburn hair, surrounding her inflamed pussy lips is almost more than I can take. My pants are soaked! My heart is racing. I am almost delerious. I slide down a little more, and lower my head. I hesitate for a sceond and take in the aroma. A light, musky, salt-air smell, like no other.

I glance up and see her head craning forward, watching me with the most intent, sensual stare I have ever seen. I take the tip of my tounge and lightly stroke it from the bottom of her lips to the top. I hear her inhale heavily, then let out a long, high pitched sigh.

My hands are holding her thighs and I feel them quiver. I start pushing harder with my tounge, pushing into her slit. Her wetness spills onto my tounge. My God! I'm tasting my little angel Michelle's sex!

She tastes like honey. Like Salt. I feel as if I'm sipping nectar from the most precious flower imaginable. I look up again to see her head thrown back, arms over her head, hands entwined in her own hair. I release her legs and use my fingers to spread her lips. My darling's engorged clit is fully exposed.

It's as big and georgeous as her nipples. I flick my tounge over it. Michelle bucks her hips up violently and pulls back, with a squeal. "Oh God!" she almost shouts. I pull her back down and hold her. I start flicking and sucking on her stiff nub.

She bucks and squirms, shouting now. "Ohhh. Oooo. Ahhh. Ohhhh Myyyy God!" She bucks up and stays there, letting out a long, drawn out scream. An incredible flood of fluid gushes over my tounge and lips. I lean up and look at her, smiling. Her eyes are wide, mouth open. "I take it that was your first orgasm?" "Y.Y.Yes!" she manages to pant out. I climb up and lay down next to her. I pull her over onto her side and hold her against me.

I can feel her shaking still. I reach down between her legs and press my finger between her swollen, soaked lips. I begin to massage and work one finger into her, very slowly. She starts to move her hips in rythim with my stroking.

I hear her start to cry.

She whispers into my ear, "You're making me a woman, Daddy. I am so happy! This feels sooo good!" "Oh my baby. I am so in love with you Michelle. I want this to be right for you." "It's right Daddy. Oh sooo right." she sniffles a little. I can hear the love and joy in her voice. "I want you now. I'm going to take you." I whisper. "I know. I'm yours Daddy. Always." I stand up next to the bed.

I'm 6'2" tall and in very good physical shape. Some would say I was handsome, in a rugged sort of way. I always took myself to be pretty ordinary. Michelle looked at me like I was a God. I pulled my tshirt off and started to unzip my jeans. "Stop Daddy." I froze. Michelle got up and stood next to me. "Let me." she said. I put my arm around her waist.

She finished unzipping, and my jeans fell to the floor. My erection was now a huge, bulging curve in my tight briefs. Michelle took her tiny hand and gently grasped me through the damp fabric. I shuddered and nearly fell down at her touch. I groaned and sipped air through clenched teeth, making a hissing sound. "Is that good?" she said. "Whooo. That's.really.

good" I managed to hiss out. "You're wet." "Yea. Men drip precum when they get really sexually excited." "Do I sexually excite you?" said my sweetie,in a low voice.

Her tone was now that horny skyla novea gets big tits oiled up pornstars hardcore a young woman. "Haha! Ohhh Yes!" I chuckled. "Extremely." "Hmmm. You really are wet." as she slowly rubbed me through my briefs. "Take them off" I said. "She stepped back and kneeled down in front of me. My God.

The sight of that made my head spin for the hundredth time in the last hour. She reached up and slowly worked the waistband down, first exposing some pubic hair. I'm not naturally very hairy, and my wife likes me to keep my pubic hair trimmed pretty close. Finally, Michelle pulled them down fully. As my hard penis bounced out, she said "Oh!". It was throbbing and bouncing all on it's own. A little drip of precum forming at the clean, circumsized tip. "How big is it Daddy?" she asked, staring.

"Just shy of 8" honey." She was still for a few moments, then she took it in her hand. "Ahhh good God." I hissed.

My sweet little Michelle held it in a grip that didn't make it close to all the way around. "I know what to do." She looked up at me. I looked down in stunned, quivering anticipation. She gently pressed her closed lips against the head. Her mouth opened slightly and kissed the tip. As she pulled back, a streamer of precum trailed away with her. She looked at it and moved forward again.

This time, she opened her mouth fully, and engulfed my aching shaft.

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"Oh.My.God!. Michelle. That's. Incredible!" She slowly moved her head and started to suck a little. I pulled out immediately. "What's wrong Daddy!" "Nothing sweetie! I am just so close to cumming, I can barely hold on." I pulled her up by the shoulders and guided her to the bed. "I want to make love to you now." "Oh Daddy, Yes! Now!" "Lie back on the bed." I kneeled in front of her and raised her legs, once again almost overwhelmed by the sight of her glistening, pink pussy.

Michelle's pussy. My stepdaughter's beautiful pussy. I leaned forward onto my outstreched arms. Staring into Michelle's beautiful eyes, I touched the head of my cock to her silky lips. "Michelle." I whispered. "Daddy." she said. I pressed harder, and the incredible happened.

I was in my lover's pussy. My daughter, my lover, my angel. The head popped in and Michelle let out a little gasp. "Daddy.

You're in me. At last. You're making love to me!" she said in a dreamy, sultry voice. "Honey, I'm going to push harder. It may hurt." "I know." she said, and pushed up against me. It was time. I began making little strokes, penetrating a little deeper each time, when I knew I was at the point. "Honey. Here we go." I said.

"I'm yours. I give it to xnx mobi com story sex sunny leone. I love you Daddy." I couldn't hold back the emotion. The tears came.

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I pushed. She let out a tiny squeak, and we were one. I was slightly over half way in. I held still and watched her, adoring her, weeping quietly.

"Daddy." "Yes my angel." "That hardly hurt at all." "Oh God." I said, smiling, kissing her. I pulled out a little and thrust again. "That feels good." she said. "I feel full. Such a good fullness. Of you." she smiled up at me. I began moving a little harder. "Daddy. I want your cock all the way in me. Push it in."she said breathlessly. I pushed, harder with each thrust. I felt her back wall, and I was almost there. Her tiny vagina had expanded to take all of me.

I pressed again and felt my balls press against her ass. "I'm all the way in you." The feeling of being deep inside of my 16 year old stepdaughter, who I have been steadily falling in love with, was beyond words. I leaned in and we kissed. A long, deep, probing kiss. "Fuck me Daddy." she whispered. "Fuck me please!" "Aahhh Michelle" I whispered back.

"I will fuck you now." "Long." thrust, "Deep." thrust, "Loving you." thrust. I started riding my daughter. Her small legs were starting to kick into the air with cowgirl angelica kitten riding blowjob long boner thrust.

I watched in amazement at the sight of her little tits giggling, and my huge, aching erection pounding her little cunt. She started to moan continuously now. Louder and louder, her head tipped back, her hips thrusting up to meet me. "Ohhh Daddy!. My love. Fuck me. Fuck your little girl." "Ahhh yes! Michelle, my love.I fuck you my little girl. My little lover." I was pounding hard and fast. All of a sudden she stiffened, with her pelvis pressed up hard into mine.

"Daddy!" in a breathless, harsh giant joy for hunks lesbian and college. "I'm.CUMMING!!!" at the top of her lungs! She began to spasm in a frenzy. Thrusting, writhing, screaming.

I kept pounding, within seconds of my own epiphany. "Go baby! I yelled. "That's it! That's IT! I love you!" "Daddy! Daddy! Daddeeeee!" It went on. Finally, at the peak of her screaming, I filled my stepdaughter. "Ohhh GOD! Michelle!" with each explosive spasm.

"Michelle!." "Daddy! Fill me up!" "Michelle!." pump, "Michelle!." thrust, "Michelle!." stream after stream, "Michelle!." a final slam, "Michelle!. Ahhhhhhh." We finally lay, crying gently in each others arms. Kissing, caressing. We lay there, staring at each other for a long time. "I want to wash your body now. In the shower." I told her. "I would love you to wash me Daddy." I pulled out of my daughters tight pussy, and was greeted with an amazing amount of both our cum.

It was tinged with only the slightest amount of red. The sheets would need a major washing. As we walked to the bathroom. I stared at her tiny ass. Cum was visible running down the inside of her thighs, almost to her calves.

Just before we got in the shower, I turned her around and pulled her to me. We kissed passionately and long.

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"I think things are going to be fine now baby, don't you?" I smiled. "Oh yes Daddy.

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Better than fine, Perfect!"