Women let loose with a stripper strippers and housewife

Women let loose with a stripper strippers and housewife
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When I was 7, I received my first spanking. I had done some fairly innocuous child-like thing, perhaps forgetting to put my toys away properly, or I had perhaps made a mess. My mother explained what I had done wrong, and then told me I was going to be punished for it. She put me over her knee and swatted me a few times on the rear before releasing me and hugging me and telling me she loved me and it had hurt her more than me. The memory of that my dirty hobby hot kinky me gefesselt geblasen has been ingrained in my mind.

4 years after that day, my father was killed in a car accident. It was a tragic event that caused grief to everyone that had known him. He was a great man, and will forever be my role model. His death caused my mother to go into a fit of depression, and she eventually committed suicide, amid a mountain of debt and unpaid bills. My father had been the principal earner in the household, and we hadn't been able to survive without him.

I was placed in the care of my aunt, my mother's sister, some 10 years younger than she.

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In fact, as my mother had had me at a young age, my aunt was only 12 years older than I. I was 12, she was 24.


However, being sterile herself, she was very happy to provide for me. She had just graduated law school, and begun the busy life of a big-city lawyer.

Not a lot of time for me, but that was ok; I was used to taking care of myself. One thing she anya olsens giving a hot closet deep throat blowjob hardcore bigcock not differ on from my mother was her methods of discipline.

As she told me the day I moved in, spankings were very normal, and she was not at all reluctant to administer them. I must have been spanked fifteen times in the first month I was there, getting used to her particular rules. This was not entirely accidental. As I matured, I began to enjoy being spanked. I found it wonderful to have that much attention lavished upon me, especially as I was not used to it. Having a mother that was too depressed to care for me and an aunt that spent so much of her day working, I had very little attention.

I enjoyed the feeling of being pulled into my aunt's lap, pushed over her knee, and spanked. My aunt, unlike my mother, insisted on pulling my pants down and smacking me on my underwear-covered bottom. I didn't mind this particularly. One day, I was doing laundry, as I had completely run out of underwear. I loaded the machine but accidentally put far too much soap in. Figuring it would all just wash away anyway, I started the machine.

An hour later when I went to check on it, to my horror I discovered that soap bubbles had built up and escaped the machine, covering the floor in white suds. I ran to tell my aunt what had happened, already knowing what my fate would be. Sure enough, upon seeing the mess, her face turned a little red and she told me to meet her in the living room. I trudged over to her and hung my head. "Jason, you know what you have done wrong. It was silly of you to start the machine without removing some of the soap." She said.

"I know Auntie, I'm sorry." "You will be spanked for this, and make sure it never happens again." "Yes Auntie." I said, as I moved towards her. She motioned towards my pants. I undid my belt, but as I started to undo the button I remembered why I had needed to do laundry so bad. "Auntie? I'm…I'm not wearing any underwear." I stammered. She looked momentarily surprised, then recovered.

"Very well, today you will receive a bare bottom spanking then." "Yes Auntie," I said, and undid my pants. I waited for a second. She looked me in the eyes. "You've just earned yourself an extra fifteen whacks mister.

Hurry up!" I wanted to protest, but decided it was better for me to keep my mouth shut. I slid my pants off, and stood there. "Shirt too." My aunt barked at me. I wondered why, but did as she asked. I stood there naked, my little cock free to be looked at. And look she did. I wondered why she spent so long staring at it. I didn't think there was anything special about it.

A little peach fuzz was growing above it, and it had started getting bigger. I was well acquainted with the changes my body was undergoing. I had just started reading about puberty, and sex. I had started masturbating recently. My only fear was one of those random boners that sometimes happened to me! My aunt motioned hardcore fuck for a tight slit hole homemade and blowjob me kerala saree village girl fucking come closer.

I did, and she pulled me across her lap as normal. She began spanking me, and I quickly forgot about an erection. It hurt a lot more than normal. She could see this and intermittently spanked me and rubbed my bottom to soothe it. The rubbing felt good. Really good actually, and I began to really enjoy it. She spanked me a few more times, and then shifted slightly.

As she did so, her legs opened slightly, and my cock found its way in between them. I could feel her nylon-covered legs, and as she spanked me and I wriggled, my cock rubbed on them. It felt very nice.

As she started rubbing my bottom again, I felt myself becoming erect. I panicked. "Please stop," I said. My aunt smacked me harder. "Why?" she asked, and rubbed my bottom. "Does it hurt? Do you realize what you've done?" "I do, I do!" I said. By now I was at full attention, and as she massaged my bottom and I wriggled, I felt myself begin to approach orgasm. "Very well," said my aunt. She resumed her rubbing of my bottom. Suddenly I realized what my predicament was. If I stayed where I was, I would have an orgasm.

If I got up, she would see I had an erection. I took the lesser of two evils. I stood up. The look of shock on her face when she saw I was sporting a stiffy was priceless. I pulled my pants and shirt on, and walked away, meaning to go straight to my bedroom and play with myself. And I did. I jacked off furiously thinking about the feeling of her nylons and her hand on my bottom. As I approached orgasm, I heard my door open. My aunt was standing there, with her hands on her hips.

She was pissed. "Jason!" She screamed, "The point of a spanking is not so you can enjoy yourself! It's so you can be punished. I guess I wasn't hitting you hard enough. Come here!" With that, she sat down on the edge of my bed, and pulled me into her lap again. Again my cock was nestled between her legs, and she started bringing her hand down on my bottom with real force.

It really hurt. But it still felt really good. I couldn't hold on, and I came, all over her stockings. She stopped hitting me.

I lay there embarrassed, but also feeling really good. Eventually she sighed and pushed me off her lap. I was made to stand in the corner, with my hands over my head, while she cleaned herself off.

She removed her stockings, and as she did, I caught a flash of panties up her skirt. I found myself becoming hard again. She looked over and saw what was happening. "I suppose I can't get mad at you for this. You're a twelve year old boy, and this is normal, right?" She grinned. "I hope you've learned your lesson for the day.

Now I suppose you can go back to playing with yourself." With that she stood up and walked out the door. She paused in the doorway. "Tell you what: you can play with yourself on two conditions. One, you have to stay where you are, you're still being punished. Two, I get to watch. I didn't mind her watching, as it meant more attention for me.

I immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking. She sat down on my bed again and watched closely. She sighed a little. "You're going so fast. You won't enjoy it at all at that speed. Slow down a little" I groaned, because it felt so good, but heeded her advice and slowed down.

Within a couple minutes I had already lasted longer than ever before. I guess she was right. I was enjoying myself, but I needed a release. I sped up.

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"Slow down again, tease yourself!" She commanded. "But Auntie, I want to cum!" I said. "No, slow yourself down." She said. Again, reluctantly I slowed down. I continued like this for a few more minutes. I could tell she was really enjoying watching me. I felt myself approach orgasm. "Please Auntie, I'm so close," I moaned.


"Not yet," she said, "Trust me". I groaned but slowed down even more, focusing on the shaft instead of the head.

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I stroked again for a few more minutes. "Alright," my aunt said. I sped up quickly, before realizing that wasn't what she was talking about. She crooked a finger at me. "Come here," she said. I approached her and she lay me down in her lap, face up.

She grabbed a hold of my penis and started stroking me. Now THAT felt good. "Ohhh Auntie I'm close!" I said. "Not yet!" she said, again, but kept her pace. I felt like I was going to explode. "Please, Auntie, please," I begged, "Please let me cum." She said nothing but kept stroking. I did everything in my power to keep myself from cumming.

I started to squirm. "Alright baby, cum for me. Cum for Auntie." I did as she commanded. I came all over my chest, over her hand, over her arm, and I think some went all hot sexy story storys download way up and hit her on the blouse. She kept stroking until every last drop was out of me. I lay there in her lap, glowing.

She smiled down at me. When I recovered, I leaned up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She patted my bottom as I got up and wordlessly slipped out of my room. I knew that I was going to have to earn myself another spanking!