Hot college marvelous amazing girls hardcore reality

Hot college marvelous amazing girls hardcore reality
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I will come to the main point I am a slut. I am a 32-year-old female nasty cock sucking cum slut mom of two and not by the true definition a regular fucking whore. By that, I mean I will suck and/or fuck anything male, female, young or old, animal or snake like, even lost souls sleeping under bridges (every city seems to have them) and free of charge.

All of my stories are true. They are real and a few possibly embellished a little to add effect. Most to all of what you will read consist of incest, animal sex, and interracial sex.

Some violent sex, piss drinking, gangbanging, a touch of necrophilia, and a many other categories of good ole America whore sex. Be WARNED If you do not like please do not read. First My Grandparents; Chapter 1: My parents trusted me to an extent but they did not trust me with other people at all, especially strangers. There was no way they were going to leave their young daughter home alone while they were away on a business trip to North Carolina checking on beef cattle auctions.

Tasty cougar amber jewell gets wet and ready fact that I was already sixteen did not faze them at all.

The perfect solution came in my grandparents who always complained they did not get to spend enough time with "their little girl." Yes, even at sixteen they knew if I had the chance, I would fuck or suck most any person or thing within 20 miles of our farm especially our nigger farm hands. However, for me, I could not have been more excited.

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You see, my grandparents had been the objects of my sexual curiously ever since puberty. For now fuck everyone else, I would have a full week to work out the best way to seduce the elderly couple.


I considered both hot and sexy even at their old age of seventy something. My first step was somehow to observe the two in their bedroom. It wasn't easy for me to wait until the house was quiet and dark, in anticipation, my pussy was wet then I slipped down the hall to her grandparents' bedroom. Once there, I had slowly opened the door. On my very first spy mission, I wasn't sure why I got so lucky but I certainly did.

My grandmother on their bed was on her knees her old sloppy cunt filled with gramps cock, like the fucking whore she probably was. Her large, sagging breasts almost touched the bed but never got the chance. My sexy old grandfather was fucking my grandmother so quickly that my grandmother's breasts just continued to rock and buck to the motions.

My grandmother was making wonderful sounds, encouraging her husband to fuck her harder. My grandfather was grunting with the rhythm of his cock. Both of them were pale and victoria tiffani big cocks make victoria excited of their body parts were saggy and on the other side of slender but to me this made the scene even more erotic.

I was getting wet just watching them. Still in the hallway, my fingers were now buried deep inside my wet pussy as I watched my grandparents fucking. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to join in. Never the less, I was a smart girl. I knew the best way to go about seducing my grandparents was to take them on separately.

Because I had more time with my grandmother during the day while my grandfather worked outside, I began my plan with her. Standing at the stove, my grandmother hummed to herself. I was extremely turned on by the way my grandmother's large breasts strained against the material of her blouse. Taking a deep breath, I began my deviate scheme and set up my seduction. "Grandma, could I ask you a question?" "Of course dear, honey, what is it?" "Well, it's kind of embarrassing." "Don't be silly.

We can talk about anything.

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Let's go into the living room and have a nice chat on the couch." "Okay," I said, as I followed her staring at her fat ass that only added to me being horny all the way to the living room. "Now, tell me, honey. What's your embarrassing question?" "Well, It's about sex." "Oh. Well, sex is a natural occurrence between two people. Surely, you've heard that, though." "Yes. I guess I am old enough now, Grandma. That's the thing see am I'm old enough?" "Old enough, for what?" Am I really old enough to have sex grandma?" Dear, age has nothing to do with it." "I do masturbate all the time thinking about you and gramps." "You.

. You do? "Yes. I do.


I get very horny. I get horny thinking a lot about you." "Really, about me, I don't know if that's natural enough." "Grandma, will you teach me how to have sex?" "Teach you?" "Show me." "Show you? Honey, I'm not sure I know what you mean." "I want to have sex. And I want you to teach me and I want it to be with you." "But. . I'm your grandmother." "I know, and I trust you, and love you, will you let me pleasure you, or at least try?" The silence was exactly what I was waiting for.

My grandmother was very still now, watching me. I knew exactly why my grandmother was so quiet. She was intrigued and from what I could tell, grandma was turned on. I took nasty big ass hoes scene black booty productions gamble and slowly, I moved closer to my grandmother. Eventually, I put my lips on hers and moved my tongue inside, sucking my grandmother's tongue into my mouth.

I could tell with the flickering of my tongue in her mouth that she had false teeth, yuck! Though hesitant, I did not care and did not stop. My grandmother slowly began to respond. Now, I really did not care as I allowed my hands to move to my grandmother's large breast, and I began to massage the huge tits through her shirt.

On purpose and pulling away, I heard my grandmother's small noise of protest but I just smiled at her. Keeping my eyes locked on my grandmother's, I began to unbutton her blouse. Her chest rose as she began to pant but she made no move to pull away, or to stop me. Fucking great! I had her. Eventually, I was able to view my grandmother's huge naked breasts.

The very sight of them caused me to moan. When I took one into my mouth and began sucking roughly on a nipple, it was my grandmother's turn moaned. My fingers went to my granddaughter's other tit so to keep my lips on her sensitive nipples "Oh God, dear that feels so wonderful. Please, please don't stop." I had no intention on stopping as I was in ecstasy just by feasting on my grandmother's large breasts.

My hands, however, needed to move on. With my grandmother's help, I got my hand underneath the old hag's skirt.

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Once I made contact with my grandmother's panty-covered pussy, I heard the sharp intake of breath. Thrilled by that encouragement, I left my grandmother's breasts and knelt on the floor in front of the couch, squeezing in between my grandmother's varicose veined legs; I pulled her panties down over her knees and slid them off.

We both sighed in delight when I spread her legs and my mouth finally made contact with old woman's hairy wet pussy. I was surprised to at how large her pussy lips were. She was extremely wet as I lapped at her cunt juices as if quenching my thirst, my thirst for my grandmother's cunt. Using my tongue and fingers of one hand, I was capable of giving my grandmother one orgasm after another orgasm my other hand buried in my own pussy. I was in fucking heaven.

"Honey. . Oh God. . Don't stop. . Eat my pussy. . Eat your grandma's pussy with your sweet wet tongue. . Oh yes." We both came together. I looked up at my grandmother's half-closed eyes and smile. That made me smile as I rested my head on my grandmother's knee. Later that afternoon we had time to do a sixty-nine and suck each other off in her bed.

When we finished my grandmother was spent. Mission accomplished, now, grandpa. The next day, I couldn't have been happier when my grandmother had some errands to run in town. Though I sent her off with a deep tongue kiss and a little fondling, I could not wait for my grandmother to be out the door. A sudden thunderstorm kept my grandfather inside that afternoon which worked even better to my plans.

Bidding her time, I found my grandfather sitting on the very couch where I ate my grandmother out the day before. Smiling, I sat beside my granddad. "I have a problem, Grandpa." "What is it, honey?" "Well, it's kind of embarrassing." "You don't need to feel embarrassed with me.

What's your problem?" "I want to have sex." "You. . What?" "I want to have sex. And I want you to do it with me." Once again, the silence gave away everything to me. Pouting and pretending to be looking down, I was really looking for and saw some action in my granddaddy's pants. He shifted to try to hide it but I stopped that quickly enough by laying a hand on his erection, which was quite impressive and hard. "Dear?" "Will you fuck me, Grandpa?" Since he seemed so speechless, I took the chance to solve that problem by quickly removing my clothes before straddling him.

Taking his hands, I placed them on my pert breasts. Instantly, his fingers began working them. I let my head fall back on a moan before reaching for cassie right masturbating on sapphix young and teen grandfather's zipper.

I was working things so fast he really did not have time to hesitate and question anything. Undoing his pants I reached in and I stroked my granddaddy's hard cock, loving the size of it, it filled my hand, my pussy was dripping wet in anticipation of is fucking me.

Raising myself on my knees, Misty regan beverly bliss pamela jennings in vintage porn site theclassicporn slowly lowered myself onto my grandfather's huge cock. "Yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me, Grandpa. Fuck your horny granddaughter. Oh, yes! Your cock is so hard in me and it feels so good.


Fuck me, Grandpa! Fuck meeeeeeee!" He did just that, grabbing my ass to plunge himself even deeper to his granddaughter's hot pussy.

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Bucking in rhythm with me, my grandfather lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth biting and causing me to yell even louder. I loved it. I could not believe how hard my orgasms were, and my grandfather was not far behind. I got off grandpa's lap and knelt down between his legs lapping up all of his cum and my pussy juices. I made sure gramps was totally happy and clean, as now we were both out of breath.

I looked up and smiled at him and he thanked me for such a good fuck and cock-cleaning job. Later that afternoon and before grandmother returned gramps was cleaning in the pigpen. I walked in and he turned and asked me to give him a hand. I did more than that, I stripped off my cloths and entered the filthy pen where I dropped to my knees in front of him. I unbuckled his pants and they dropped to the dirty floor.

I pulled down his underwear and stroked his cock. With my jerking him, his cock was hard now. Hard enough that I turned and bent over on my knees. He knelt behind me and in the filth, and with the pigs running around us he fucked me like there was no tomorrow. At one point with both my hands being in the pig slop, urine and feces I lost my balance with gramps fucking me so hard I slid forward landing face down in this mess.

My face from my nose down landed in the slop and with no way to avoid it, I had this crap in my nose and mouth. I was so fucking turned on my all this that I told my gramps not to stop as I laid there in all this filth and slime spitting shit from my mouth as he began to fuck me harder and harder.

I knew that gramps to was turned on by these new slutty events. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out rolling me over on my back in the pig waste and slime he forced me to suck his cock while he came in load after load after load of hot cum.

Although I covered in pig feces, urine, slime, and filth and flies landing all over my body, I now found a new sexual outlet. I had a least several orgasms. My dreams had more then come true. As of now, I was to be a filthy pig cum slut whore for my gramps. All I could think about was how good it would be when all asian babes lusty wang sampling japanese and hardcore of us could be together.