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Patak kar jabardasti choda xxx
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Fbailey story number 604 My Sister Loves Incest Threesomes Mom took my sister Trudy into her room for a talk so of course I laid down on the floor in my room with my ear right up to the heating duct.

That way I could hear everything that they said. Mom said, "Stella called me. She thinks that you are a bad influence on her daughter. What's going on between you two?" Trudy replied, "Fern is my sex slave and I let her brother fuck her.

Why?" Mom giggled and sad, "You are really something. How on Earth did you manage to do that." Trudy replied, "Just lucky, I guess.

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You see Fern is very submissive and her brother is very horny. Besides I like to watch them fuck. Incest is great. I would prefer to watch threesomes though." Mom said, "Then how come you don't let your brother fuck you?" Trudy laughed and said, "It's simple I don't have a sister for him to fuck.

I like threesomes. Remember?" Mom asked, "What if I join you two? Then there would be three of us." Trudy asked, "You would let him fuck you?" Mom said, "Hey, I get horny too. Besides I was brought up with three brothers." Trudy shouted out, "You let your brothers fuck you!" Mom said, "Not so loud.

Your brother has big ears." Trudy said, "As long as he gets to fuck you, I'm in." Mom said, "What if you invited Fern over? Then he could fuck her too." Trudy said, "What if you invited her mother and brother over for dinner? Then we could have an incest orgy with four girls and two boys. Maybe we could fuck their brains out for once." +++++ That evening Mom invited Stella, Fern, and Bob to dinner.

After we had eaten and the dishes were washed Mom made an announcement. "Stella, I invited you over so that our sons could fuck you. Get naked, bitch." Trudy said, "Oh my God, Mom you have a sex slave too.

How cool is that?" Mom shouted, "Stella, I gave you an order bitch, don't make me punish you." Stella started to cry as she undressed in front of us. She was totally humiliated and it excited me.

Her blouse came off first letting her son and I see her in her bra. Her breasts were large and they were heaving under her stress. Her skirt came off next and she looked might fine in her panties. They were a lavender color and made of nylon that clung to her every fold. They formed a rather nice camel toe around her puffy pussy. Mom nodded for her to continue so Stella reached behind herself to unhook her bra.

She slipped her arms out of her straps and just let it hang on her large breasts for a moment before pulling it off. Her breasts were even bigger out of that bra and her nipples and areolas were much darker than I had expected…almost black…or rather a keiran lee plowing on august ames shaved pussy naturalttis and brunette chocolate brown.

Finally she hooked her thumbs in the side waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them down her hips in slow motion. She was better than a stripper that I had seen in a movie.

When she turned around I could see her dark brown asshole winking at me. Her moist slit was right below it.

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Then she stood up and turned to face me. Stella did not shave her pussy and I loved her thick light brown fur. It matched her shoulder length hair perfectly. Then she just stood there at attention with her arms to her sides.

Mom said, "On your hands and knees bitch, my son is going to fuck that pussy of yours first. Then your own son will get to fuck the hole that he came out of." I would have preferred to lose my virginity with my sister but as long as Stella was naked and ready…so was I.

My cock didn't care where he went, as long it was in a girl somewhere. I stripped off my clothes rather quickly and got down behind Stella. I held the head of my cock up to her wet pussy lips and pushed it in.


Stella let out a soft moan as if she enjoyed it. She held herself up as I rammed into her. I tried to slow down and make it last but I just couldn't. It was over with all too quickly. I sat off to one side as Bob got behind his mother and pushed his eager cock into her. I was amazed at how floppy Stella's tits were. They were big, they were soft, and they almost hung to the floor.

I wondered if her nipples would get rug burn. I watched Bob slam into his mother's ass over and over again. It seemed like he was taking forever but in reality he was fucking her just as fast as I had.

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When he finished Mom said, "Now eat my pussy bitch." Mom was just as naked as Stella was. Trudy and Fern were also naked and they were sitting on the edge of the couch next to Mom. Stella was going to give us all a climax in one way or another. She crawled over and buried her face in Mom's crotch. I bbw lisa jones pussy play tube porn stared at Mom's tits.

They were perfect, they were a good C-cup, and they were no where near as saggy as Stella's were. Mom took forever to achieve her orgasm before Stella moved over to her own daughter's pussy.

My sister was right…watching incest was great. I liked it when Bob fucked his mother but I really liked it when she ate her daughter's pussy to orgasm. God that woman could eat pussy. Fern cried out her orgasm and Stella was right in my sister's crotch. Mom said, "Stella is a closet nymphomaniac.

I used to let my husband fuck her all the time. In fact Bob and Fern just might be your brother and sister. Now isn't that a hoot?" Trudy said, "I think Fern is a nymphomaniac too. She loves it when I tell her to let her brother fuck her. She can't go a whole day without tasting my pussy either." Mom said, "Like mother, like daughter." I could only smile thinking of what she had just said because Trudy was just like mother in many ways.

I did not wait to be asked…Stella was in my sister's crotch so I pushed Mom back and slipped my cock into her as I sucked on one of her nipples. Bob took no time at all to get right next to me and push his sister back.

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Then he entered her pussy and we matched stroke for stroke. Halfway through we swapped pussies and I got to cum in Fern.


Three down and just my sister's pussy to go. That was a turning point in my life. Bob and I had four women to fuck anytime that we wanted too. His mother and sister became ours to use constantly. They really were nymphomaniacs. I did fuck my mother and sister a couple of times a week but it was Fern that I wanted all the time. Eventually I had her move into my bedroom so that we could sleep together. Then when she turned eighteen, I married her. Satisfying her has become a slight problem ever since Bob went off to college.

Well, I might have to give up fucking my mother and sister to please my wife. Damn it! The End My Sister Loves Incest Threesomes 604