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Sexy piss fetish hottie plays in urine tube porn
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Ashleigh awoke abruptly and laid in her California king-sized bed, staring at the ceiling for a moment or two, relaxing her breathing. Listening to her husband's soft snores also helped ease her mind. "That was one Hell of a nightmare." she thought to herself, then grimaced at her own childishness. Raising herself slowly, as to not jostle Robert, she crept silently off of her side of the bed and, holding on to the wrought iron headboard for balance, slipped her tiny feet into her satin, ballerina style slippers.

She padded across the plush, cream colored carpeting, into the long hallway and into the nearly entirely chrome kitchen. Ashleigh rarely, if ever, cooked but she still had to have the best and the most modern appliances. Ashleigh had to have the best of everything. Ashleigh was spoiled senseless and not one bit ashamed of it. At twenty-two years of age, she had never had to work or fight for anything in her life, and considering her newlywed husband owned multiple law firms, it was doubtful she ever would.

Besides, if things didn't work out with her and her new husband, daddy would always take care of her until she found mature upskirt tight panties volume 1 tube porn suitable, rich husband.

After a few sips of water, she made a face and poured the rest into the sink, opting instead for half a glass of Moscato. Sitting down at the kitchen bar, she lost herself in thought again. She thought of Robert again and smirked at how he was basically just her long-term sugar daddy.

At almost twenty years her senior, everyone else knew exactly what he was as well but she didn't care. "If you can get it, flaunt it!", she thought and smirked again, a facial expression that was nearly permanent, alternating only with a look of disdain that she gave nearly everyone and a big smile when she got what she wanted.

However, this did nothing to diminish her attractiveness and she knew it. At five foot one and one hundred and three pounds, she was slender and curvy in all the right places. Since she was so petite, her breasts weren't incredibly large, only a B cup, but they were firm and perky, her small pink nipples pointing outwards perfectly.

She had a flat stomach wiith slightly wider hips than she would have liked and an athletic rear that was round and tight but still soft to the touch.

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Thinking of her body, she stretched out a leg from short, silk robe, pointed her toes and admired it. It was toned and shapely from numerous hours a week with her personal trainer. She only wished that her skin tone could be slightly darker, but running her french tipped fingernails through her stylishly cut, shoulder length, ruby colored hair reminded her of why that couldn't be.

"At least I don't have those hideous freckles." she thought to herself for comfort. She still turned the heads of all the men at her husband's dinner parties in her push up bra and Herves Leger bandage dress. She chuckled as she thought of how all of the other trophy wives immediately disliked her. Sipping the last of her wine, she glanced at the kitchen wall clock and decided to go on back to bed.

She had been in the kitchen for at least thirty minutes. She would have to be careful not to wake her husband, since it was 4:00 and he would have to be up and out for work in a couple of hours. Opening the bedroom door quietly, she made her way through the darkness, being careful not to bump new xxx filam story ebony sex stories anything.

Settling back into bed, she had the urge to show her new hubby some affection. Snuggling against him and throwing her arm around him, she started to drift back off to sleep.and then she realized something was wrong. "What is that smell?" she wondered, putting her nose more into Robert's neck. It was a completely different smell, a completely different cologne. Robert always smelled of Armani and aftershave, this smelled like.AXE? Hairy lesbian babes brigitte and avalon make love Ashleigh ran her hand down and over the arm of her 'husband', noting that the muscles were bigger and bulkier than they should have been and panic struck her.

She leaped up, but she was too late. The stranger in her bed caught her by the throat and threw her back down on her back, effectively cutting off her air supply at the same time. As Ashleigh flailed and kicked, but to no avail, the man forced one of her arms upwards and repositioned himself in one, swift move so that his knee was on her throat. When he had her pinned, he clicked her wrist into a pair of handcuffs and then locked the other side into one of the thick, ornate designs in the headboard.

Ashleigh was no longer fighting at this point, she just wanted to breathe. Her head was throbbing, her lungs were on fire and her entire body was screaming for oxygen, when, mercifully, he removed his weight off of her windpipe. Every ragged breath she took in felt like it was laced with crushed glass. Sobbing and gasping for air, her other arm was ripped away from her and attached to the headboard in the same fashion.

She then felt the bed shift, and breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he was leaving. Instead, he flipped the switch for the overhead light, leaving her blinded.

She turned her head and blinking back tears, opened her eyes.

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Propped up in the corner was Robert, her husband, his eyes open and vacant, his throat slit from ear to ear. Ashleigh screamed, her blood frozen in her veins, her heart somewhere in her stomach. "Holy shit.Robert!" she half cried, half whispered. Then she raised her eyes to the man and was immediately brought to reality by his smile and the malicious glint in his cold, blue eyes. "If you want our money, there's a safe in Robert's office, the code is 286-" the man strode to her in three, quick steps and promptly hit her.

Hard. "I don't want your fuckin' money, bitch!" valerie luxe works off her fine assblk growled "I want to show you what happens to snobby, little cunts.

Or, actually, I want to show you what happens to the cunts of snobby, little cunts.". At this, he laughed, presumably at his own wit, Ashleigh thought. Right now, her skin was crawling, her ears were ringing, her head was pounding, her lungs were still burning, she was restrained and her husband was dead in the corner of their bedroom. "How can this get any worse?" she cried inside her own mind. She just hoped that she would live. Her only hope was that someone would come by the house when Robert didn't show up for work in the morning.

She still had a few more hours to get through. The man then turned away from her and pulled a black, nondescript duffel bag out from under the nightstand. He slammed the bag down onto the nightstand, knocking the Tiffany lamp to the floor. He then flashed Ashleigh the coldest, cruelest, most evil smile she had ever seen outside of a movie. "I have to keep him talking" she thought frantically, "if I keep him talking, it will take up more time.".

"Why did you kill Robert?" she implored. "Was he the target or am I? I don't understand.". "Of course you're the 'target', you stupid bitch. Did you think you could always flaunt yourself in front of everybody beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang look down on everyone other than your little, rich friends and husband and turn your nose up at them without someone bringing you down a few notches?

That's what you need, you know. You need to be knocked off of your high horse, maybe you need some common dick in your mouth. Maybe that will help you out!". She was taken aback. He was practically shaking from anger, screaming at her, so close to her face that spit had hit her.

Maybe she deserved this from some people, but she didn't think she had ever even seen this man before. "Th-th-then why did you kill Robert?" she asked in a tiny voice. His entire stance changed.

He shrugged and said in a nonchalant tone "It was nothing personal. While it may have been fun to bind and gag him and make him watch his hot, young wife being fucked like a street whore, I have better plans for him. It definitely wasn't done to hurt you, even though you're so in love with him." his voice was dripping with sarcasm there "you're incapable of loving anyone or anything other than money and yourself.

We'll see if you don't appreciate more than that before the day is over.". Ashleigh's mouth opened and closed to say something, but nothing came to her mind. She couldn't argue with that, she just never had anyone tell her that to her face before. The last twenty minutes had been the worst minutes of her life.


It was the first time she had, sexy blonde fucking in purple fencenet lingerie anyone put their hands around her throat, the first time she had been restrained, the first time she had been hit and certainly the first time she was around death so near. She knew it was only going to get worse.

The man unzipped his duffel bag and gave her a wide grin. "I have goodies for you, Ashleigh. Don't you just love presents?". The man began pulling items out of his bag, but Ashleigh couldn't see what the items were. Her view was obstructed by the thick, fluffy pillows on either side of her. She took this time to study him through her fear and slowly increasing dread. He was tall, at least she thought he was, it was hard to tell with her laying down.

He was wide-chested, extremely muscular from what she felt of his arms, and deeply tanned. She thought of the feel of his hands on her and remembered that they were heavily calloused. His nearly buzz-cut hair was a deep, dark brown, black away from the light. He had a strong jawline, covered with short, stubbly hairs, a thick nose that looked as if it had been broken once or twice and small, beady, dark eyes that flickered dangerously when he looked in her direction.

At the moment, he was completely ignoring her, softly humming a tune while extracting items, looking at them closely, and then, dissatisfied, putting them back and pulling something else out.

Reality struck Ashleigh. "My God, I'm tied up and trapped with a homicidal maniac that just killed my husband!" she thought frantically. At this, she began to twist her body and attempt to make her hands small enough to slide through the handcuffs. It was no good, the madman had fastened them on her wrists so tight, they felt like they were drawing blood everytime she twisted her tiny fists.

The man looked up quickly at the sudden movement and turned his body towards her, reaching out and bouncing her skull off of the headboard once, twice, three times.

Black dots danced in front of her eyes. "Don't struggle, bitch. There will be plenty of reason for that later. Right now, I want you as docile as a fuckin' lamb, you understand me?!".

It sounded as if he were speaking underwater to Ashleigh, but she mutely nodded. He smiled at her assent. When he finished laying out his assortment of 'goodies' where Ashleigh couldn't see them, he approached her once more.

"Spread your legs." he demanded in a slightly softer tone. She blinked and complied. He stared down at her for a moment, appraising his prize.

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From the way his jeans tightened, she could tell he was pleased and it made her feel sick. He slowly untied the sash to her satin robe, painstakingly so, and opened it so that the fabric fell on either side of her body, leaving her in only her short, silky nightgown. He ran his rough palm from her knee to the inside of her very inner thigh and she instinctively closed her legs together. He paused and contemplated the situation, then suddenly dug his fingers painfully into hot asian mature double penetrated then drilled in asshole muscles in her thighs, and wrenched them back apart.

He then taunted her in a deep, menacing tone "What's the matter Ashleigh? I'm just looking. I thought you liked when people looked?" he dug his fingers into her flesh harder, "keep them apart.". She whimpered and her back arched and her muscles tensed from the pain this man was inflicting on her.

He let go and her muscles finally released. She kept her thighs spread. He leaned over and plucked an item from the floor and brought it up to the bed. It was a rather large hunting knife. Ashleigh noticed the drying blood on the blade and her Moscato nearly came back up. "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die!", she screamed shrilly inside of her head. With that thought, came the tears, fat drops that ran down her cheeks and wouldn't stop. The stranger smirked at her "Oh, stop your blubbering, you pitiful, little bitch.

I'm group group girl and boys going to stab you yet.". He raised the knife in both hands and made to plunge the blade into her abdomen, changing it's course at the last moment. He laughed out loud at her scream and the fruitless quarter turn of her body. The knife instead made contact with the straps of her nightgown, easily slicing through the fabric.

He dropped the knife to the mattress, pointing towards her side, she noted with apprehension, and tugged the nightgown down over her legs and off of her body. She was now clad only in her pink panties, mother son xxx ebony sote huye made entirely of lace.

She felt so completely exposed and embarrassed. Shamed at not being able to cover herself, she covered the only thing she could. Turning her head, she buried her face in the pillow to her right and sobbed. The stranger's eyes perused her body, gleaming with anticipation. He took in her small, firm breasts, perfectly pink nipples, delicate collar-bone, her flat, toned stomach and the shadows between ribs not quite seen.

Ashleigh removed her face from the damp pillow to breathe and was met with the cool gaze of the psychotic man in her home. He smiled sardonically at the shape she was in. Pieces of her normally perfect, red hair were stuck to her face from her tears, her eyes were red and puffy, her lips quivering. His eyes reflected his pleasure at seeing such a bitchy, well-off woman reduced to nothing but a pathetic, sniveling mess. He forced his fingers through the small holes in the lace of her panties and pulled hard, effectively ripping them.

He repeated the process once more and the panties were gone, revealing the most private part of her body. Like the rest of her, her cunt was small, the pink barely visible past her outer pussy lips. He ran a single finger over the delicate flesh and traced it to her bare, smooth mound. He raised his hand and brought it down hard, causing Ashleigh's eyes to snap open and for her to squeal. If she kept her eyes squeezed shut, she could imagine that none of this was actually happening.

The man forced a large, dry finger inside of her and twirled it slightly, testing her tightness and causing a mewling sound to erupt from her lips. It was uncomfortable, humilating and something she had to endure if she wanted to live through the day.

He pressed his finger further into her pussy, up to his knuckle and continued his slow rotation, forcing it in and out while his breathing grew heavier. She swivelled her hips, attempting to dislodge his digit from deep inside of her but he gripped the side of her ass, holding her in place as he continued his assault.

He suddenly raised up on his knees and simultaneously pulled down the zipper on his jeans and forced them down along with his boxers. Ashleigh lifted her head up and opened her eyes quickly at the sound of his zipper, just in time to witness his erection spring free. He gripped his dick in his hand and directed it towards her defenseless cunt while holding her left leg in the crook of his arm. "Stop!" she cried through her tears, "Please don't do that, please! Please.".

She had only ever been with Robert, he was the only one who could afford it. She gave it to him enough to keep him satisfied, but considering that he was always working and usually tired, it didn't happen very often. She refused anything other than handjobs and vaginal intercourse. Now she didn't have the choice of refusing anything. The fiend curled his lip up distastefully, but other than that, ignored her completely.

He positioned himself against her cunt lips and pressed forward slowly, wrapping his arms around her thighs tightly. She gasped at the intrusion, feeling every inch of him filling her and hating her body for accomodating him, stretching around his thick cock.

She cried harder and begged him once more "Please stop! I don't want this! I don't want-" she began sobbing too intensely to continue. He responded by pulling out.and slamming himself back into her, all of him.

He continued to do this, fucking her hard and fast, insensitive to the searing pain that radiated through her lower abdomen with every thrust. She tried to push him out with her pussy muscles, but succeeded only in making him pierce her more violently. He was concerned only with the feel of her tight cunt squeezing his dick, the feel of her velvety lips against him each time he pulled out and the slickness of her pussy walls.

After what felt like an eternity to Ashleigh, he finally thrusted one, last time and stilled. She felt the warm dp german rodox porn 2019 that he released inside of her and then he slowly pulled out, almost reluctantly. She allowed her body to relax, hoping that the ordeal was over.

The man removed himself from the mattress, leaving her exhausted and trembling, her chest heaving with silent sobs. He rummaged again through the black, canvas duffel bag, pulling out items once more and placing them out of her line of vision. He exited the room and remained gone for a few moments. When he returned, he had Robert's vintage brandy in his hand.

He tilted it towards Robert's body and took a long swig out of the bottle. He wiped a spilled drop off of the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and offered the bottle to her with a smile. Ashleigh narrowed her eyes and shook her head forcibly. This psycho disgusted her, he terrified her, hurt her and made her blood boil all at once. He swallowed a few more gulps of the aged liquor and slammed the bottle down on the dresser, beside Robert. He approached the bed once more and sat next to Ashleigh.

He reached over and trailed his hand lightly down her restrained body, starting at her collarbone and making his way down and over her tight stomach, and down to her inner thighs. He traced back up her inner thigh to her mound and rested his hand there. He then, without warning, deftly twisted her legs and lower half to the side, leaving her arms and chest straight but putting her in an awkward, uncomfortable position.

He pushed his dick back through the folds of her already sore, well-used pussy. He stroked once or twice inside of her and then pulled out, his cock well coated from his own cum. He then positioned himself against her tightly pursed asshole. Ashleigh's eyes grew huge and she cried frantically "Please don't put it there! Anywhere else!

Anywhere!". He responded in a flat tone, "I'll be gentle." and with that, pressed himself forward. He put his weight down on her hip and the side of her ass, holding her in the position she was in, giving him easy access to her holes. He pushed through the elastic ring in the entrance of her ass, forcing himself deeper and deeper until he was, at last, balls deep in her bowels.

Once he opened her up, he fucked her harder, pulling out and ramming himself back in, causing his balls to slap sharply against her ass cheek. She shrieked and screamed, attempted to move her body from his the best she could and clenched her muscles, trying to slow his assault on her body. Beads of pain-induced sweat began to raise on her skin, reacting to the burning in her hole, the burning of the muscles being stretched tight from the position she was in and the sharp ache in her intestines.

The madman continued to slam himself mercilessly into her, taking his pleasure the way he wanted it. He forced himself as deep as he could go and stilled, emptying himself inside of her. He pulled out of Ashleigh, slightly quicker this time around and climbed off of the bed, ignoring her completely. She noticed streaks of blood, her blood, on his dick.

She straightened her body out, pressed her thighs as tight together as she could manage and bawled. He reappeared almost immediately, with his hand behind his back and a delighted expression on his face.

"Time for your 'goodies', Ashleigh." he stated, pulling out a rather large dildo from where it was concealed behind his back. "It's pink.your favorite color, right?". With that, he once again lifted himself onto the furniture she was being forced to inhabit. She closed her eyes briefly, not bothering to respond. When she re-opened them, she glanced at the ornate, wall clock hanging in the bedroom. It was 6:37, she had maybe another hour and a half until someone would maybe come check on Robert.

She could only pray that if someone did come for them, she wouldn't be trapped in such a vulnerable position as this one. She was desperate to keep at least a shred of dignity. Her webcam amateur bate tube porn were wrenched apart by the stranger and kept that way. He held the large, rubber dong to her cunt lips and then hesitated. He dropped her leg and then reached over the side of the bed, bringing back up a small bottle of lubricant.

He squeezed a small bit into the palm of his hand and rubbed it around the head of the 'toy'. Then satisfied, he re-positioned his hand, so that the dildo was once again pressed against her vagina. He pushed harder and then forced the wide rubber into her. Ashleigh screamed and bucked her hips, trying to prevent him from violating her further.

She was stretched so tight, the entrance to her pussy felt as if it were on fire. He rotated the object slightly, slowly fucking her deeper with sex stacy cash xxx com. When it was all the way inside of her, he held it there. All she felt was the burning, stretching sensation, driving her mad with agony. With her pussy stuffed, he used his free hand to pick up the bottle of lube and let a few drops fall on to her asshole.

He shoved his cock in, hard, while using his free hand to prevent the force from pushing the dildo out. He fucked her raw and already injured asshole roughly, no slow approach this time.

Ashleigh felt as if she were being torn apart. She had never been this miserable or this full. Sweat dripped from her brow and her face contorted as she tried to hold on in screams, while pulling on her restraints. He continued his fast, even rhythm and used his palm to move the toy around inside of her cunt at the same time. This time when he came, he gripped her ass tightly and groaned, stilling immediately.

She could feel him twitch in her hypersensitive hole. As she had come to expect at this point, he rolled away from her immediately and yanked his jeans back to his waist. Ashleigh felt the dildo slowly inching itself out of her and didn't even react when she felt the weight of it land on the mattress. She was so tired.

She hadn't been able to feel her arms for the past couple of hours, her body was ravaged and sore, everywhere. She wished that this was all a nightmare that she could wake up from, or, at the very least, she wished that she could simply drift xxxxx blu adult crox vedo. Away from this man forever.

She was brought back to her body by the feeling of the dildo being shoved back into her cunt. She wearily opened her eyes and saw that he was holding a roll of duct tape and that there was something else on the bed between her legs, something black. She couldn't tell what it was. She closed her eyes again. She was powerless to stop anything he wanted to do, she was better off just accepting whatever he did to her.

She felt something prod against her used, lower hole and she opened her eyes once more. Ashleigh at least wanted to know what was going on. "I don't like surprises.", she vaguely remembered. Seeing that her eyes were open, the savage held up a black, slightly bullet shaped object, with a flared base, that was only slightly smaller than the one in her pussy gata gostosa do site se mostrando na webcam waved it at her.

Then he smiled and Ashleigh barely even registered the malice in his expression. She simply closed her eyes once more. He pressed the plug against her hole until the tip was in and wiggled, twirled and rotated it until it was in all the way, using only his cum for lubricant. She heard him rip a piece off of the roll, then felt the tape on her skin and knew that it was used to hold in the 'toys'. He ripped off another and another, until the dildo and the plug were held securely inside of her body.

She registered the pain, but didn't react to it. Her body was completely full. She gazed down at her abdomen and noted that her lower belly was swollen. She yong hotty was screwed out side striptease and hardcore noticed that the man was gone. She hadn't felt his weight shift off of the bed. She glanced at the wall clock once again and read it with dull eyes.

It was 7:21. Much to her dismay, the man returned a moment later, his eyes bright. He held out his palm towards her. Nestled in them were three binder clips, taken from Robert's office. He reached Ashleigh and stroked her breasts, one at a time. He alternated between rubbing, pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers. Once one was hard, he squeezed the clip and opened it, attaching it to her nipple.

Her body bucked involuntarily, but she remained quiet. He repeated the process on the other. This time, as the clip bit into her nipple, she whimpered.

He traced his familiar route over her body, reaching her battered and abused cunt. He moved his body to follow his hand and once he reached his destination, pulled her lips apart to view her clit. He stroked it with one finger, rubbing it up and down and then flicking the tip of his finger across it quickly. It was the first time her clit had been touched in those three and a half hours of Hell and she could feel her abdomen tightening in response, confusing and outraging her.

How dare her body like this? Both of her holes were stretched and full and she had been viciously raped for hours. She refused to let this man make her orgasm. She could feel her body reaching, but before she could grasp it, she felt the sharp, unyielding pinch of the third clip on her most sensitive part.

She howled in response and her hips bucked desperately in an attempt to remove it. All of her nerve endings protested loudly. The sudden pain in those three places reawakened the pain in the rest of her body. Ashleigh watched him come closer to her, with apprehension. She really didn't know what was left for him to do to her. She waited for him to pull the hunting knife back out, but he surprised her by straddling her chest with shocking agility.

He pulled his cock through his zipper and forced her head upwards by her hair, effectively pulling her mouth to his dick. "I'm going to fuck your mouth now. If I feel any teeth, I will reunite you with your husband.", he warned Ashleigh. "I-I.don't know how to do.that.", she admitted in a small voice. The maniac jerked her hair backwards and looked her in the face. She kept her eyes lowered, refusing to meet his. "You've never done this?" he inquired in a mildly surprised tone.

Ashleigh shook her head the best she could with his hold on her hair. He mused aloud. "Huh. I figured you for one of those stuck-up girls in high school who wouldn't let their boyfriends get past a blow-job.".

He thought for a moment and then gripped her jaw, squeezing it hard enough to force her teeth apart and ensuring that they stayed that way. "Put out your tongue and keep it there.", he commanded. She complied. He pulled her mouth back up to his cock and rubbed the head down the length of her tongue. She tasted herself there and cringed in disgust. "Open your mouth wider." he said, through ragged breaths.

She did and he put just the tip of his dick in her pretty, pink mouth before telling her "Wrap your lips around your teeth.". She was confused for a moment, but once she did so, he pushed half of himself into her mouth. She squeezed her eyes shut, repulsed by the strange, new texture on jade russell gets a guy to deposit a huge loa tongue and the mixture of bodily flavors in her mouth.

He slowly inserted one or two more inches before shoving the rest of himself inside of her throat. He held his dick there, relishing the feel of her throat swallowing and convulsing around him. For the second time that day, Ashleigh couldn't breathe. She tried to pull herself away from him but succeeded only in making him pull her closer. Her lungs began to burn, but then he pulled out of her mouth, allowing her to suck in air before he re-entered.

He slowly fucked her mouth, pulling out only once more before he came, to slap her face with his rigid dick. When it was time, he quickly withdrew his cock and shot on her face, but not before a hot spurt hit her tongue. He had now conquered all of her orifices.

"The look suits a little cock-sucking whore like you.", he told her, not unkindly. Instead of leaving her side, he merely turned his head towards the corner. "It's really not fair for Robert to have to watch you fuck and suck someone else for hours, when he himself has never even felt your mouth. Don't you think?". Ashleigh stared at the man mutely, her eyes wide, her pain and the feeling of his cum on her face momentarily forgotten.

She hoped with all her might that he was not implying what she thought he was. He stood up and tucked himself back into his jeans, before he turned back towards her and, producing a key from his pocket, unlocked one of the cuffs from the headboard, letting her arm fall.

Ashleigh moved it until sharp pins and needles chased away the numbness in her limb. He made his way around the bed, and reaching the other cuff, unlocked it. He then flipped her over and swiftly locked one of the empty cuffs around her other wrist. When she was restrained securely, with both arms cuffed behind her back, he unlocked the useless handcuff and removed it from her body.

He straightened and, grabbing the knife, the lube and the duct tape on the way to his bag, tossed all four items inside. He returned to her and picked her up easily, one arm around her shoulders, the other around the backs of her knees. She didn't resist. He carried her across the room and dropped her on her knees in front of Robert. She lost her balance on impact and fell forward on the sex tubidy bigass fucked com. The man pulled her up by her arms and she was then staring into Robert's dead eyes.

Up close, his wound was even more gruesome. His neck was practically severed, the only thing keeping his head forward was the wall behind him. Ashleigh gagged and dry-heaved, the sight combined with the concentrated smell of death was too much for her stomach to handle.

As she did so, she noticed blood on the carpet, leading to the master bathroom, which was closed. "Robert must have awakened while I was in the kitchen, went to the bathroom and was then killed." she reasoned, and then realized with a sinking feeling "This man was going to hide until Robert went to work.

He really did only want me.". Ashleigh began sobbing again, crying for Robert, crying for herself and crying over the guilt she felt. "Stop your crying, you little bitch.", commanded the man in a cold voice. Ashleigh sucked back sobs, but the tears continued to run down her face. He kneeled in front of Robert's dead body and tugged his pajama bottom's down to around his thighs.

He then stepped away. "Look Ashleigh, he's already stiff for you.", he mocked. Ashleigh tried not to look, but she couldn't help it. "Did you know, Ashleigh, that if you sever a main artery, like say, the jugular and then position the corpse upright, that gravity will push the blood downwards and keep a dick hard, even before full rigor-mortis? Crazy how shit works.". She remained silent, her tears falling steadily.

"Now what I want you to do is give him what you've never given him before. Suck him like the cock-sucking whore you've proven to be.". Ashleigh stared at him, horrified, and shook her head vigorously. "No." she said in a hoarse whisper, and then clearer "No.".

The psycho's eyes glinted dangerously. "You're telling me 'no'? You're mistaken, you don't have the option of telling me 'no' you fuckin' bitch!". He crouched down behind her and whispered in her ear "You will do whatever the fuck I tell you to do, when I tell you to fuckin' do it.". Then he pushed her head into the crotch of Robert. She shook her head and tried to force herself back up, but on her knees, with her arms bound behind sex stories in ebony dubbing, she couldn't do much.

"Open your mouth.". She refused and he struck her in the jaw, hard. She squeezed her eyes shut and bared the pain until he did it again and then she relented. As soon as her lips parted, he shoved her mouth on Robert's dick. Unable to hold herself up, she fell mouth first onto his cock when the man gave her head a hard push. Once Robert's cool, dry dick was in her mouth, he let her go. Ashleigh swivelled her shoulders and screamed around him in horror and disgust, her stomach heaving.

The man was obviously enjoying the show. He reached over and slapped her ass, jostling the objects still inside of her.

She stilled, took a deep breath through her nose and concentrated on raising herself up. She was nearly off of Robert's dick when the nameless man thrust her head downwards once more and then tore off the tape holding the dildo inside of her. He pulled out the toy and let it fall to the ground, swiftly entering her.

She groaned in misery around Robert and the man shoved her head downwards, all the way, impaling her throat with Robert's cock and holding her head there while he fucked her even harder than he had before. She couldn't breathe again. He had a firm hold on her head as he mercilessly pounded her pussy. Dots danced before her eyes and her thoughts grew fuzzy. She was being suffocated by her dead husband's dick. The slapping sounds of his balls against her flesh had begun to fade out when he finally shot off inside of her and then flipped her over on her back.

Ashleigh turned over on her side, coughing, sputtering and gasping in as much oxygen as she could. She was still on her side, coughing, with tears streaming down her face when the nameless man wordlessly removed the tape holding the plug inside of her.

She felt him pull it out of her slowly, but didn't react. She didn't even fight when he turned her to face him and then lifted her to her feet. She avoided his eyes as he walked her backwards, Ashleigh felt her foot bump into Roberts leg and her stomach dropped once more. The man kicked her legs out from under her, bringing her to her knees. As she landed, she noticed Robert's legs on either side of her.

He pushed her backwards, scraping her knees raw on the carpet until she felt her arms press against her husband's torso. She cringed and shut her eyes tight, she didn't want to know what else he had planned for her, although she had a sinking suspicion already.

The brute gripped her by the hips and hoisted her body up, raising her enough for her to feel Robert's cock pressed against her abused hole. "You've never given your husband your ass, have you?" inquired the man in a cold, yet amused tone, "I think it's about time that you did.". With that, he pushed her down slowly, allowing her to feel every inch of Robert as his cold, stiff dick pierced her asshole. When he was completely sheathed, the man spread and lifted Ashleigh's legs, causing the weight of her body to drive Robert even deeper inside of her.

She gasped and was half sobbing from disgust when he rammed into her pussy and joined her husband inside of her. He lifted her hips off of Robert and pulled out slightly as he did so, then pushed her back down on Robert's cock as he thrusted inside of her. He continued this perverse threesome, making her ride her husband's dick deep into her ass while he fucked her, deeper still, in her pussy.


The degradation she felt outweighed the pain, even though both of her holes were already sore and tortured from hours of abuse. Without warning, the man dropped her hips, causing Robert to impale her quickly.

No longer concerned with raising her up and down to ride Robert, he instead positioned his hand over her mound and used his thumb to quickly stroke her clit, as he continued to grind inside of her stretched hole. He fingered her clit in rhythm to his strokes, rubbing it faster as his thrusts grew frenzied.

She could feel the pressure growing inside of her, her orgasm not caring about the circumstances or who was causing it. Ashleigh's hips began to buck against her will, matching his thrusts and causing Robert's dick to rub against her insides at the same time. He continued to fuck her hard, pounding into her as he relentlessly rubbed her most sensitive part.

He leaned forward and bit her nipple, the sudden sensation causing her orgasm to erupt within her. She whimpered and stilled, her legs trembling as she came hard. The man pressed deep into her, held himself there and came as well. The man calmly withdrew himself from her and lifted Ashleigh off of Robert's dick, dropping her unceremoniously to the floor, where she again rolled onto her side and curled into the fetal position.

He stood and picked up the discarded dildo and plug from where they laid on the floor and walked over to his bag and tossed them back in. He surveyed the room, making sure there was nothing left of his. He didn't care about the handcuffs, they were being put to good use. He slung his bag over his shoulder and stood in the doorway of the bedroom for a moment, studying the once haughty woman, now curled up on the floor like a beaten dog.

She was now a weak, snivelling, pitiful, humiliated, well fucked mess. The man smoothly reached into his bag and pulled out the silenced 9mm glock, brought especially for this. He took aim and uttered his final farewell. "Later, princess.". She turned towards him but before she could focus, she was already gone.

"What a shame," he thought, gazing at the crumpled form on the floor "she was finally unpretentious.".

It's not like she had recognized him, but it was still crucial to ensure she bdsm sub cherry doll gets tied up spoke. He dropped the weapon back into his duffel bag and made his way through the house, whistling softly to himself.

He was still whistling as he exited the front door. He knew he would be a suspect, being recently fired and all. They would want DNA samples, fingerprints and the works. "But," he thought, climbing into his pick-up truck with the magnetic sign on the side, "I'll be long gone by then.". J. R Wright Professional Lawn Service (305)838-7557