Milf sucking off an inexperienced young guy

Milf sucking off an inexperienced young guy
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN CHAP. 19 FAMILY FUN TIME, by Janice Hi everyone, this is Janice speaking. I'm the mom, you know. And no, I am NOT doing something I'm not supposed to. Cassie Lee knew I didn't have to go to work today, so she gave me the diary she's been keeping, like I suggested, and wanted me to read it today. She wants to know if I think she could be a good writer, and she also wants to know if she made any silly mistakes in writing about becoming a Real Woman.

You know, about S-E-X, she said. I love her to death, you know, and not just like a Mom. Since we made her a Real Woman, she has been my and Oriental masseuse fucked on the massage table lover. She enjoys that, and so do we. So today I read it all.

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She is just such a marvelous child, isn't she? Or rather, I should say, a marvelous Real Woman of age 13, 7th grade. Actually, she's developing a stunning body, and those tits and her butt are so succulent. That's the best word for them. My husband and I both think so. I thought we'd do a special thing for Cassie tonight. Her writing has gotten me horny. He's coming home an hour before her since she has a school project she's helping with after school.

We're planning a new treat. LATER, WHEN CASSIE COMES HOME "C'mon upstairs, honey," I yell. We're in the bathroom upstairs and it's six o'clock. She comes bouncing in and there I am in tshirt and shorts, no shoes, sitting at her Daddy's knees while he's sitting on the toilet seat.

He has no clothes on, his delicious hard dick is in my hand and I have a girl-razor. I can tell she's a little startled, especially with me having my leg-shaving razor in my hand.

"Daddy's starting to get a little hairy again on his scrotum. Want to help me shave him real clean?" She dropped her books "Of course, Janice. But wow, I've never shaved anything before!" I told her I'd teach her. She's starting to get pubic hair anyway, so now is as xxx storys h d full new xxx 2019 h d a time as ever.

And learning on her Daddy will make it more fun for all of us, so I just go ahead and plunge in. "C'mon, crouch down beside me, honey.

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One way to do this is to get everything wet. That makes the hair come off easier. Why don't you kneel down here and make everything wet for Daddy?" Well, Cassie Lee knew exactly what I was talking about. She laid her lips right on the tip and gave a tight, sucky kiss that he likes, and then she slid her mouth down on him as far as she can take it. I love watching her do this, and I know she likes it, too. I know she enjoys it as much as I do.

"Do his balls, too, honey," I said, "get them real wet." "Yum, tentacle-time," she said with a big grin, and spent the next couple of minutes stroking his cock while her mouth did everything possible with his nuts. She's excellent at oral sex now, and I'm not kidding, he stayed his hardest the whole time. (Well, duh!!) I even sex with hot legal age teenager adorable gal in with some cocksucking while my girl had his balls.


"Be as sloppy with your spit as you want, baby," he said. "That'll get it real wet all over. Watch Mommy." I let some spit drip when I pulled it out of my mouth, then I licked that glob all around the knob. I spit on the shaft and then just used my lips to rub that all around. Cassie licked the shaft too and spit on it, and then worked up a big glob in her mouth and spit it out on his nuts.

"Oooh, that's good, honey, real gooey is just fine," he said. I made it a point to let Cassie see me have spit strings from my tongue to Daddy's cock, and then she started doing that, too, to show us she was learning.

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Such a sexy girl, my Cassie Lee. I reached down to her and held my spitty-wet tongue out to her, and she licked it like a little puppy. I just love that girl!!! "You girls have got me soaked pretty good. How 'bout let's move on to the shaving now?" I showed her how to hold the razor and how to be soft with it.

We started on the flat space above his dick. She held it down and out of the way while I started. "Let me, Mommy," and so I gave her the razor and she handled it like a pro, shaving with smooth strokes and then swishing it off in the little bowl of water nearby.

I let her continue while I went off to the kitchen. "Good work, Cassie," said her father. When I got back, the only parts left to shave were his balls. I said, "Here, take this and rub his balls." I handed her the towel with ice cubes in it, and as she rubbed, I explained. "Men's balls hang outside because body temperature is too hot for the testicles to grow and keep the swimmers alive for whenever they're needed. But when it gets a little chillier, that ole scrotum scrunches up to force the balls back in closer to the body for its warmth.

You can see Daddy's is smaller now, and tighter. That's what's going to make it easier to shave. I don't think you've ever seen it that small before. Pretty cool, huh?" She super dirty talking white woman loves bbc down and kissed each side. "Golly, I can hardly even feel his balls!" I said, "Yep, when they get cold, they try to hide inside." My daughter made short work of shaving his nuts.

He was hairless pretty quickly and we sat back and admired our work. He looked at his watch. "Uh, ladies, how about we retire for the evening, even though it is only seven pm and even though Cassie Lee hasn't even done any homework?

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We can set the alarm clock for six in the morning. That'll let her catch up." I seconded the notion and we followed that naked man into the bedroom and our kingsize bed. He plopped down on his back.

Cassie looked at me. "I think Daddy wants us to undress each other," I said, and so we did, slowly, the way he likes it. Of course there was some kissing going on, and lots of rubbing. At one point, Cassie said, "Daddy, don't jack off too much, we wanna play with it too." Cassie has only a tiny bit of wispy pubic hair; her breasts are starting to develop.

I wasn't sure, but I petite college babe plays for her tight pussy think she'd ever fucked him yet when he was so completely shaved like this. It was going to be a special treat.

She jumped him on the bed, crawled right on top and spread flat, kissing his nipples, sucking like she wanted to give him hickeys. She was scrunching her crotch around on his stomach, his dick was between their bellies. Daddy surprised her then locked his legs around her and quickly rolled her over so HE was on top.

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That led to giggles. He quickly raised her knees up and spread her legs. I was behind him now on the bed, just watching. "Put it in me, Daddy." I watched as he rubbed spit on the end and just slid the whole thing smoothly in her pussy, all seven inches. She actually bucked her hips into him, gave out a huge UMMMMMM as it went in. "Now you get something special, baby," he said, hovering above her. He stroked several times and then left it plunged in all the way, his pubic bone square on hers.

Started sora aoi debut happy glucky in a circle with his hips, he knew this was hitting right on her clit. Cassie started moaning right away, and I couldn't keep my own hand away from my clit.

"I want you to come, come hard, Cassie, come for me," he said leaning down to her ear as he ground away on her, skin-to-skin. She pulled his head down and started kissing him with her mouth wide open, and her hands came around grabbing his butt, squeezing, and her uh uhs began, her breathing changed. I know by now that when she's getting ready to orgasm, she makes these breathy noises like a steam train chugging uh uh uh uh.

He had the pressure going down on her clit, it didn't take long, and then all of a sudden she gave out this long HUUUUNNNHHHH and arched her back and pulled his head down by her neck.

Her body just shook and vibrated, once, twice and it was clear she was getting that fabulous electric charge going through her body. "OOOOHHHH&hellip.DADDDDEEEE……" she managed to gasp. And then she collapsed, arms around his neck. He pulled back then, his dick halfway out, and stroked in and out several times as much for his pleasure fucking her as for the feeling he knew he was giving Cassie Lee.

A minute later, he slid out of her and rolled over beside her. I'd been finger-fucking myself, and now it was my turn. I climbed on, sat on his dick and slid its slickness into me. He put his hands on my hips "Cassie's in LaLa land, babe, now it's our turn." I leaned over him so he could suck my tits and then started driving up and down.


We both knew it wasn't going to take us long. We knew each other's rhythms. Cassie came back down from outer space, turned her head to look at us and moved her head onto his shoulder. I tried to shift slightly so she could have one titty and him one. I think she was still all daze-y and float-y because she just let it bounce in her face. Anyway, I liked doing that to both of them.

I was rubbing and stepbro gives valentina a dick down to remember on his smooth pubic skin and then pistoning up and down and I could tell he was getting ready because his breathing changed just like Cassie's, that steam train thing.

I closed my eyes to concentrate on my timing, and just as he started ejaculating in me, I hit my stride with that warm cream spurting inside me. I let out a big WHOOOOOO and gasped for air as my body went into orgasm overdrive. If you're not a woman, you can't imagine what a terrific feeling this is, an orgasm. It takes over your whole body -- you tremble and vibrate like a tuning fork, and then this warm feeling flows all over, comes right out both up and down from your belly and makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud, or you're in a fog bank and don't know up from down.

Cassie was all back now, watching intently, her cheek snuggled up against her Daddy's. She knew we'd brought it off together again. We often manage to do this.


It's the best. Next to fucking the hell out of my husband, doing it to my daughter is the next best thing. I couldn't hold myself up over him. I plopped down, complete crotch-to-chest contact, laid my head on his other shoulder. He put his arms around both of us as we snuggled tight against him. "Let's sleep, girls, let's just sleep…"