Hawt playgirl is in love with lechery

Hawt playgirl is in love with lechery
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As Riley and I started the ride back my mind trailed to the night I had sex with gene's mum, and how much of a mistake it was. I really hated Tiffany for using her psych skills to get in my head. Right about then my trance was broken by Riley's voice, "we don't have all day hurry up", now broken form my trance I put more force into the pedals and quickly caught up so I was just behind Riley, it was at this moment I noticed that her short shorts had risen up so the a little check was showing, Aresult of climbing the hill we the steep hill we were on.

When we reached the top riley slowed down so she was beside me and blonde pregnant babe continue on mycyka com a cheeky smirk on her face muttered "cheeky prev aren't you max" under her breath then took off round the corner.

The race was on! When we reached home we rode straight into the garage and hung on bikes back on the rack then proceeded inside where we were greeted by mum " where were you 3 all this time" Riley looked at me and said " we were talking to izzy about jobs and stuff"(which was part true) just as Izzy came down the stairs looking agitated.

Mum took that as a sign that no one wanted her and didn't bother asking instead said " Riley did u decide where you wanted to go for dinner" "um yeah, max and I thought we should go to the star since it's my 18th didn't we max" to which I replied with a slight nod, the star was an expensive restaurant on the other side of town that Ashley had gone to with a few of her boyfriends, "well u guys should go get changed into something nice and I'll call gene and Tiffany before they leave".

I went down the hallway to my room and looked through my closet for something to wear, I pulled out a of number I shirts and shorts since it was still warm out, I went into my bathroom and held a pair of shorts and shirt in front of me, that's when I noticed I had muscle now, my arms were no longer like hand rails and I had a slight line of a 6 pack, " how, I've never been to a jym".

At that moment Izzy appeared from round the corner "cause you been having sex a lot so you might as well have been", she was wearing a black dress that hugged her body to just above her knees and exposed her chest leaving a fair dolly leigh alura jensen in my step daughters bf of cleavage exposed, " like my dress" she said with a smile then dropped down to her knees and grabbed my aching dick through my boxes before pulling them down around my ankles.

"Holy shit you're tits are awesome" I said with a smile "wanna touch 'em" Izzy replied.

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She wrapped her hand around the base of my dick and licked all the way up my shaft and wrapped her tounge round the knob of my stick " oh shit Izzy" I moaned, then she took all 9 inches of meat into her mouth and furiously bobbed up and down my whole shaft. I reached my right hand down to her chest and slid my hand over her double D tits bulging from her dress and with my left hand on the back of her hand forced myself deeper down her throat, she gaged so I I let her up for air then forced her back down my shaft " holy fuck Izzy don't stop!" Just then she took me deep down her throat, so far that I could see a little bulge on her neck then she started moving her tounge from side to side in her mouth" Izzy I'm gonna cum soon" With that her tounge moved faster on my shaft and I brought both hands to the back of her head and pulled her down on my dick savoring a luscious snatch pornstar and hardcore hard as I could until none of my shaft could be seen and shot 13 ropes of jizz past her uvula and down her throat" OH FUCK!.

FUCK!. HOLY SHIT IZZY!" I yelled while in ecstasy. She pulled off, stood up, fixed her hair and cleaned her mouth then said "yum salty, my room midnight" And left my room. After a few minutes of coming back from the dead after that epic blowjob from Izzy, I picked out a pair of red shorts and a dark grey and black shirt, I sat of my bed and slipped on my vans then left for the living room.

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When I opened the door I was met with a view of pure beauty. Riley was standing there with her hands behind her back and a smile on her face " Riley. You're beautiful" I said, she was wearing a backless light blue dress that went down below her knees, she was obviously wearing some kind of bra that kept he breasts up so they looked like a D cup instead of the usual C. Her blonde hair was in a pony tail that draped over her right shoulder and she still had the daffodil from earlier in their day in its origanal spot above her right ear.

" thank you max" she said as she wrapped her arms round my neck a gave me a long kiss before we headed out to the living room, as I turned I saw Ashley disappear into the living room with a look of jealousy, hate and disappointment on her face "There's my birthday girl" mum said as we entered the living room, Ashley sunk to the couch looking like she would burst into tears as Izzy eyeballed her from across the room, unlike the other girls, Ashley was wearing a dress that didn't expose her cleavage but still hugged her perfect ass, "God that ass is good" I said to myself, I slapped myself to forget what I just said and forced myself to remember what she did to me, but part of me just wanted to leave that in the past and get at that ass.

My thought was broken as mum said "Gene and Tiffany will meet us there, we should get going", Mum was wearing a similar dress to Izzy but without a push up bra and showing much less cleavage.

We packed into mums car and headed past the cinema where I had first sucked Ashley's tits, "fuck man pull yourself together" I said in my head, it was a 15 minute car ride to the resultant, when we got there Gene and Tiffany were already seachle rompen el cula la cachetona for us in the car park.

" "hello Gene" I said as I walked up to her and gave her a hug "hi Max how have you been?" "Yeah pretty good" I said looking at Riley as she giggled. Gene was wearing the same thing as Ashley and Tiffany was wearing a black skirt with a blue and white stripped singlet, which was a relief, no cock teases today. Besides Izzy, Riley and Ashley. We waited a couple of minutes to be seated, we were put on a table with 8 seats, Riley sat at one coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore blowjob on the side and motioned for me to set next to her, Izzy took the seat to my right, mum sat across from Riley, Gene sat across from me, Tiffany sat opposite a multi orgasmic squirting babe just keeps on cumming unhappy Izzy and an upset Ashley got stuck between Izzy and Tiffany, at that moment I knew it was gonna be a long night.

Tiffany imeadiatly sensed something wrong with Ashley and started digging into her as she did with me a week ago, "it's ok you can tell me I'm a physchiatrist" she said "please just leave me alone" Ashley said in an annoyed voice. As the quiz went on Ashley and Izzy got more and more frustrated until Izzy snapped "mind your own business and leave her alone" "Isabella!" Mum said with a stern face "but mum" she argued "no buts Izzy stop being rude and wipe that additude".

Izzy just opened up her menu as did everyone else. The rest of the night at the reastulrant seemed to last forever.


When we finally got home it was nearly 9 o'clock, everyone disappeared off to there rooms to get changed. Everyone except Riley and I, I looked into her deep green eyes until she could resist no more and latched onto my lips and explored my mouth with her tongue only breaking the kiss to say "max I want, I need you", but we were forced apart by the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs, Riley went up to her room and I went to mine left with a raging hard on.

After I took care of my problem I went back out to find all but Ashley watching Riley's favourite show. Izzy had changed into a white tank top and black leggings though and obviously wasn't wearing a bra as he big tits were half hanging out the sides of her tank top as she lay on the couch "holy fuck" I thought to my self and felt a twitching in my pants. Mum was wearing a night gown and her red dressing gown that made her look sexier then I had ever seen and Riley was wearing a greenish brown pyjama top with shorts that were so short that her ass cheeks spilled from the leg holes.

I sat down next to her and she noticed the tent in my shorts, she put her head on my lap to hide it from mum. After the show finished mum said "I'm going to bed good night" she siad wth a yawn and headed upstaris Leaving Myself, Izzy rae hart mature amp huge dildo fullhd Riley alone.

Riley straddled me as soon as mum left and stuck her toungue into my mouth. "Remember max, midnight" Izzy said and headed up stairs, not long after Riley got off me and headed for the stairs "later babe" and disappeared, so I got up and went to bed as well. When I reached my door I heard what I thought was crying coming from inside my room, I opened the door and sure enough there was Ashley, huddled up in the corner of my room wearing a black sports bra and shorts.

"Ash" I said and walked over to her "I'm sorry max" she said looking up at me with tears streaming from her green eyes.


"What happened" I said sitting down brunette ex girlfriend delilah blue sucking dick and banged to her and putting my arm around her, "He found out, someone told him I cheated on him" A little shocked and disturbed I asked "does he know who with?" "No, your safe" "What about you" I asked knowing slightly where this was going, "what did he do ash?" She lowered her legs to reveal a bruise the size of a fist on the left side of her ribs, I was filled with anger as I looked at the purple and blue bruise she had, "he hit me max" and she burst into tears again.

I lifted her up and sat her on the bed "I'm telling Izzy that he hit you" she nodded and lay down, I stripped down to my boxes and got into bed with her and held her tight, until we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at 11:59pm and got out of bed making sure not to disturb Ashley and went up to Izzy's room. " what the fuck" I said as I opened the door and got an instant hard, Riley had Izzy strapped to her bed completely naked and was fucking her with a giant dildo. "About time" Riley said as she plunged the dildo deep into Izzy's pussy causing a loud moan, then she flicked a switch and it started spinning inside her "oh fuck I'm gonna cum" she screamed "Did I give you permission to cum" I said pulling down my boxes.

I walked over to her and grabed what was basically a drilldo from Riley's hand and pushed it in then out a few times "I'm gonna cum" Izzy srceamed as she started to squeal so I pulled it out "max what are doing!" She said in an annoyed and angry voice "did I say you could cum?" and slapped her pussy a few times which almost sent her over the edge. I stuck the dildo back in and pulled it back out straight away " please max please let me cum, "Riley suck her tits" I said, then I lifted up her plevis and stuck the dildo under her arse hole then pushed down on her pelvis and forced it into her hole the I rammed my dick deep into her pussy and smashed it against her cervix, "now you can cum" I said as she started shaking uncontrollably, the sounds of her scream mixed with the feel of the rotating dildo in her butt against my dick and her pussy clamping down on me sent me over the edge, I came for at least 30 seconds shooting 18 ropes of cum into her.

"Holy shit max you fucked her unconscious" Riley said as she stopped rubbing Izzy's tits. "And now it your turn" I said with a still hard dick, she squealed as I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall to fuck her from behind with my hands over hers, "yes max fuck me fuck me hard" she said In between moans as her legs started to buckle. I forced her to the ground and put a pillow under her pelvis to lift her butt in the air then covered her hands with mine so she couldn't move then started fucking he g-spot like a wild animal "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" she squealed out as she came hard on my dick and I shot my second load into her.

"I love you" I moaned into her ear as I continued to fill her, "I love you too" she said as she fell asleep. I got up off her and untied Izzy from her bonds, I removed the still spinning dildo from her ass then picked up Riley and i lay her down next to Izzy, I then got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote "Izzy I need to tell you something about Ash" then put my boxes back on and mr plus mr plus bangs nia thikk hardcore and creampie back down to Ashley.