Step brother rape his step sister

Step brother rape his step sister
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You are alseep on the left side of the bed, and I on the right. You actually had went to bed had a trying day. It's about 2:30am and I have to pee.I take care of business and I climb back into our california honeys electrifying fucking skills hardcore and blowjob sized bed.

I climb under the covers with my back to you. You turn over and instinctively wrap your arm around me and pull yourself close to me. Your body is warm. And it feels so good and comforting to me. I can feel the shape of your manhood against my ass and I swear I can feel you swelling just a bit.

But you're alseep. You probably don't even realize. But it gets me thinking about your cock and how big it gets. About your morning wood. About the little bit of moisture that seeps out the tip when you're really horny. I can feel warmness developing between my thighs. My lips are starting to tingle at the thought of your rock hard cock sliding in and out of me, veins buldging. I can feel moisture between these lips without even touching myself. I start remembering all the times you have cum inside me with the look of ecstacy on your face.

I start to think about all the times I've had your huge cock in my ass and how good it felt because you knew how be so gentle but make it hurt so good. All the times you've slapped my ass when you were hittin' it from the back. All the times I have put your balls in my mouth. All the times you have cum in my mouth and the pleasure I get from swallowing you down.

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My hand slowly creeps down from the top of the pillow, down my neck, and stops at my breast. I cup it in my warm hand then squeeze and pull at my nipple. My movement caused you to turn over onto your back. 'All the better' I think to myself. My fingertips glide down the center of my gently heaving chest and circle my belly button. I can hear you breathing, even though you're sleeping, it's turning me on that you are right there as I'm touching myself.

My fingers slowly start to rub my throbbing clit. I reach further down and touch my wetness. It's already starting to create a drip. I start to work on my clit.


Back and forth with slight pressure. Trying to be quiet. I don't want to wake you. Not yet. I take a break and start to finger myself. It's so warm up inside there. So wet.and oh God that feels so good. Quiet.don't want to wake you. I start stroking my clit with my fingertips.more pressure.I raise my pelvis. I drop my pelvis.I'm squirming a little bit. I start thinking of your cock again. How beautiful it is when it's gliding in and out of me. That starts to hit the spot and I can feel my muscles tensing tighter and tighter and tighter.

My fingertips are gentle and slow, but it's still building. I can feel it. I 'm holding my breath, I'm trying not to shake the bed. Fingertips, breathing, fingertips, tighter, tighter, tighter and then I start cumming. A fulfilling warm sensation takes over my pelvis and all I can do it keep my fingers going until it subsides. After a few aftershocks I start to breathe again. Gently. You squirmed a little, but didn't move really.

You're still asleep. I get up how tmanipulate women nude humour my knees and pull the covers back. You don't notice. I look at your bare body in dark.

I can make out exactly where I want to proceed. I start by licking your nipples. You feel my hair on your chest and moan a bit, but don't wake up. That's alright. I kiss your torse gently with my soft lips, trying not to put my hands on you.

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I lick the skin on your hip and kiss you some more toward your pelvis. And there it is, what made me cum just a few minutes ago without touching me. The object of my desire.


Your cock. There was a little bit of wood going on. But you still weren't awake.

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I start my breathing on your balls with my hot breath. I so softly slide my tongue over the sensative skin that encases them. I start kissing them with my tongue making a substantial wet spot. I hear you start to moan, but I don't know if you know what's happening to you yet. I make my way up your shaft, tongueing, and kissing the whole way.

It's getting bigger and harder. I think you're awake now. I take you in my mouth and your whole body responds and you let out quite the moan. I see your head lift up out of the corner of my eyes and I don't care, cuz I'm busy.

"Fuck!" you whisper loudly. I continue gliding up and down your dick with my mouth. I go fast then I back off and go slow.

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I suck you from one side to the other side. I tongue your cock as I deep throat you. You let out more moans. I can feel your legs shake. I introduce my hand into the mix. I deep throat you again. You press my head down a bit. I go deeper. You are breathing kinda fast now. I suckle on your sac again and it practically sends you into next Tuesday. I take your left nut in my mouth and press my face between your legs.

I let go and I start to lick your ass hole. I penitrate it with my tongue.

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Your're going crazy. I head back up to your cock. I gently place one finger into your ass and leave it there for your pleasure.

I start up and down on your dick again. I can feel your head swelling. I know you're gonna come soon. I can feel the blood and semen racing to the tip.

I can feel it with my lips. Your breathing is really labored now and you even sound like your're gonna blow. Your're moaning gets intense. You can't control it anymore. You open your eyes again and see me bobbin up and down on your dick, you feel like you're gonna burst. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum," you breathe with such urgency. Then I feel your hot liquid envelope my tounge as I'm still riding your shaft with my mouth.

Then your body relaxes. The cum stops gushing and I swallow. I crawl back to where I lay to sleep and we passionatly kiss. I lay with my back audrey bitoni the negotiator police you and you wrap me up very tightly in your arms. we fall asleep just after you tell me I'm getting my brains fucked out tomorrow night.