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Naughty teens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray sperm everywhere
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To be honest, yes, I am a woman.


I turned 18 last month, and I wanted to say this is my first story. So, if it IS bad, it's my fault. But I will try to make it as explicit as possible without giving away too much. But anyway, thanks so much for reading it, even if you read a paragraph.

It started when I was swimming in my backyard. I was showing off my nice in-ground pool to everyone around me - that is - the people in my neighborhood.

I had on my tight, pink bikini, that was in fact, super tight. It gave me enough cleavage to please almost anyone. I looked over to my neighbors house, I saw no one outside looking at me, which indeed, did make me feel awkward.

After a few minutes of acting like someone was watching me, yes, most of us girls do this, I looked over to my neighbors backyard deck once more, and saw a man - looking about in his mid 40's, reading a newspaper while sitting in a white, glossy chair, drinking coffee. As soon as I saw that, I immediately blushed and made a splash of water. "Hey, I'm your new neighbor!" I screamed as loud I could, which was even hard to do with water surrounding my chest.

The old guy looked over to me through the wood and yelled back, "Well, hey there! Nice to meet she watches her hubby fucks her mom, youngin. What's your name?" He mysteriously looked around, as if he were suspecting to see someone else outside with me.

"Yeah, my name is Ella. I moved here about a month ago. Do you have any kids?" "Actually, I do, Hun. I have a boy who lives here. He's twenty. And k hd exotick ebony teen armani monae sucks and fucks big dick old might you be?" "Eighteen. Am I able to meet him?" He pushed his reading glasses up towards his nose, turned to a glass door, and yelled in, "Justin, go to the neighbors house.

Ella wants to meet you!" Embarassed, I waited about ten minutes. A young man looks over my black gate, and stares for a second. It was actually kind of pleasant. I walked over to the black gate, and opened it for him. I noticed he had no shirt on, but really nice abs, and was holding a blue towel with some green swim trunks on. This boy was too handsome to hang with me. I don't think poorly of myself, I just know who my type of people are.

We swam without talking for a minute. He broke out of his shell by asking what my name was. "Ella," I answered. "Ahh." We had a lengthy conversation. I tried not to get to mischievous with his dad sitting horizontally above us. Justin talked about his family, career goals, dreams, and asked me about mine.

I told him some things no one knows about me, I felt as tough I could trust him well. I obviously didn't tell him I hadn't told these things to anyone else. A crackling door slam frightens us and we turn around to see that Justin's dad was gone. I turned around to look back at justin to feel our lips touch. I didn't mean to, but I happened to open my eyes during the kiss, to see his gentle eyelids closed, and his visibly flawless skin.

He touched my neck just under my hair.

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"I have to go now," he says after gently letting our lips seperate. "Oh, okay, when can you come over again?" I ask him. Our faces were so close. "Hour or so." He left with a sheer tremble and his pale face bright red. Did he think I didn't like the kiss? Was I a bad kisser?

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Did he not like the kiss? Or did he think he wasn't a great kisser? Those thoughts traveled and sunk into my mind. I sat on my bed for hours thinking. I mean, my parents were on a business trip. What's the worst that could happen?

I am an only child, and does that make him think I'm stuck up or something? I know I'm not. Even though out in the pool I probably sounded like one. I heard a knock on the front door.

The sound echoed through the hallway and into my room. I looked out of my bedroom window to the front of my door. It was Justin!

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I was so relieved. I ran to the door and opened it.

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He walked in and grabbed me, pushed me to the wall next to my stairs, put his fingers through mine, and kissed me. After a few seconds, though, it was more like a wild French kiss. He started running his big fingers up an down my body. I could tell he was getting hot. He grabbed my left boob in his hand, and fondled it like a ball. "Have I ever told you that you're beautiful?" He asked.

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I giggled, "No, we met today." He turned me around, untied my bikini top, turned me back aroun to face him, and threw my top on the floor. He sucked my brown nipple and slowly pulled my bottoms off from my sides. He kissed his way down my stomach to my 'v' line. He licked and kissed that area for an extra few seconds. I have to say, I have never been more turned on. He pushes me to sit down on the bottom of my stairs, sucking, licking, and fingering me. I came super fast.

I moaned all I had could. TO BE CONTINUED. The next part will be here within the next couple of days. Thanks for reading. I would appreciate what you though about it in the comments and be truthful about the rating please. Thanks again. I julia ann justine hunt xxxstory you will read my next one!