Soaked lesbian babes munching on wet pussy

Soaked lesbian babes munching on wet pussy
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"One for 'Gangster Squad'," Martin Wauters told the man at the ticket window in the local movie theater. After a long work week, he was happy to finally unwind and enjoy a movie on this cold January night.

He grabbed his ticket, went past the concession stand and headed for theater five. Once he walked in, he saw a packed theater.

Little did he know, he had the final ticket before the room was sold out. "I guess I'm not the only one excited for this," he whispered to himself as he walked up the steps, searching for a seat. He looked around and could not find an open seat. He almost turned around to look again when he saw an empty seat in the upper corner. There were two seats set apart from the hacked video of schoolgirl orgasming for the first time and one was occupied by a woman in a pink hoodie.

He figured that she was with but he had no choice but to approach her and find out. "Is this seat taken?" he asked the woman. "Nope," she quietly said.

"Take a seat." "Thanks," he said as he sat down. Martin looked over at the woman and made a double-take. He was unsure at first if he recognized her or not but quickly realized exactly who it was. "Excuse me…are you Anna Kendrick?" he asked. The girl looked over at her with a very serious face, making him uncomfortable as she stared at him.

She quickly changed from an angry look to a cheerful smile and nodded. She extended her hand and he quickly grasped it for a shake.

"My name's Martin. What are you doing in Philadelphia?" he whispered. "Promotional crap, I needed a break," she whispered back. They quieted down as the movie began.

The opening credits began to roll and the lead actors name popped up…Ryan Gosling.


It only took a few seconds before Martin's mind went to a tweet he had read earlier in the week; a tweet from the beautiful brunette sitting next to him about masturbating during movies starring the actor. "You going to keep your hands on the armrest the whole time?" he whispered to her. "I'll try but I won't make any promises," she whispered back, followed by a giggle. The movie went on for about an hour and Martin would occasionally look over at the actress, not to see if she would keep her promise but just to admire her beauty.

Half way through the movie, he looked down and noticed that her arm was no longer on the armrest. He looked at her face and saw her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted with a look of pure joy on her face. Slowly, his eyes wandered down until he saw something that almost caused his heart to stop.

Anna was leaning back on the chair, the belt and zipper of her jeans undone. Her left hand had disappeared under the darkness of her panties. She was doing it; she was masturbating while Martin looked on.

Nervously, he tried to keep his head pointed forward while his eyes remained locked on the shocking action happening next to him. He did not want her to notice he was watching in fear that she might stop the show. Martin's eyes went back to her face and, with the little bit he could see, he could tell that she was in heaven. He could start to hear her breath heavier although held back to not draw attention to herself while doing her seemingly favorite activity. Suddenly, Martin saw her hand reappear on the armrest but could still hear her breathing heavy.

Thinking she was done, he looked over at her only to find that she was far from done. She had pulled her panties down enough to give him a full on view of her trimmed pussy being attacked by her opposite hand. He looked back curvy sweetie plays with a toy girlfriend hardcore her face and their eyes met as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm.

She had to do her best to prevent her body from shaking out of the seat. She grabbed onto Martin's arm with her soaking wet left hand and squeezed as the feeling began to subside. After taking a few minutes to relax, Anna quietly dressed herself back up while never looking away from Martin.

Once her jeans were fixed up, she smiled before turning her attention back to the movie. For the first few minutes, she would lightly nibble and suck each of her fingers so she could taste the result of her hard work. She was exhausted so she grabbed Martin's arm again, rested her head on his shoulder and watched the rest of the movie.

Once the movie was over and the theater was mostly empty, the two people in the back of the theater got up and walked out.

Anna kept her arm around Martin's the whole time, trying two girls get to please one another keep the fact that she was walking funny from being too obvious.

The orgasm she had experienced was massive to the point that her panties were completely soaked and her legs were trembling a bit. By the time they made it to the lobby, she was back to normal but still refused to let go. "I don't think I need to ask if you enjoyed the movie or not," Martin asked. "Clearly not, it sucked," she said with a smile.

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"I thought that tweet was a joke…clearly I was wrong," he said as they walked down the sidewalk. "Honestly I wasn't going to do that but you brought it up and it was all I could think about. I was wet from the time you sat down until…well, I'm technically still wet," she said pressing her hand against the back of her jeans and hearing a soft squishing sound. "The time I sat down? The movie didn't start for a few minutes after nubiles casting teen pussy dripping with jizz he responded, slightly confused.

"I know," she said, grabbing at his arm tighter and smiling. Martin smiled back before realizing that they were about to reach his apartment. "Well, here's my place.

Are you going to be okay to walk to your hotel?" he asked. "Yeah, it's right around the block," she said before hugging her new friend. "Thanks for a fun night." She started to walk away when she stopped in her tracks and turned back around. "I'm not leaving Philly until tomorrow afternoon; do you want to get breakfast?" "Sure, sounds like a plan," he said.

"Okay, I'll meet you right here at nine?" she asked.

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"Of course," he said before grabbing her by the head and giving her a short kiss on the lips, leaving the girl with a huge smile on her face.

Martin quickly changed into more comfortable clothes and relaxed on the couch, turning the television on. About a half hour later, as he was about to doze off, he heard a soft knock on his front door. He got up and answered it, finding nobody in the hallway. He looked around before closing the door. He was about to sit down when another knock occurred. He ran to the door and again saw nothing. "Am I going insane?" he asked himself out loud. "Maybe!" a familiar feminine voice shouted out from seemingly nowhere.

Martin looked around until he saw Anna walk around the corner. He was simultaneously happy and confused to see her again so quickly.

"You look good in sweatpants," she said as she walked past him and entered his apartment. "And you look good in a pair of jeans and a pink round ass naughty teen twerks and sucks huge horny cock hardcore and blowjob a backpack. Are you on your way to high school?" he responded with a chuckle. "Cute," she said as she took the backpack off and sat on the couch.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were heading home," he asked as he sat next to her. "I got home and changed out of those soaked panties, lay down in bed and couldn't stop thinking about you," she said as she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss.

"You're too cute," he said, leaning in for another kiss but being stopped. "Don't get too romantic on me, I'm not that kind of girl," she said, pulling her backpack up onto her lap.

"What kind of girl are you then?" he asked. Anna unzipped the backpack and reached in. "This kind…close your eyes," she said in a sex xxx secs vidmatexxx storys voice.

Martin closed his eyes and waited for her to continue. "Open your eyes!" When Martin opened his eyes, he opened them big at the surprise in front of him. Anna, with a shit-eating grin on her face, held a leather dog leash in one hand and a shiny set of handcuffs in the other.

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"What the…?" he said with his jaw hanging open. "You want to know why I really showed up here. Because I want to be your bitch tonight!" she said before grabbing at the zipper to her hoodie. She started pulling it down but stopped. "Where's your bathroom?" she asked, throwing him off a bit.

Martin pointed behind him and Anna, still holding the leash and cuffs, happily skipped off to the bathroom. While she was in there, he looked around trying to figure out if this was possibly a dream, maybe even a coma fantasy. There was no way that this could have actually been happening. He pinched himself to check…and it was reality.

"Come here, I want to show you something!" Anna yelled out from behind the door. Martin got up and went to the door. He opened it up and saw something that almost caused his penis to explode.

He looked down and saw Anna, completely naked and on all fours; the leash around her neck and the handcuffs dangling from her mouth. She tried her best to look like a dog, even wiggling her ass and growling as Martin was frozen in shock. Anna grabbed the end of the leash and handed it to him. He grabbed it and started walking her towards the couch again. She sat down like a dog in front of the couch while he sat down.

She smiled and dropped the cuffs on his lap before turning around and putting her hands behind her back. She looked over her shoulder and showed him the cutest smile. He locked her hands together behind her back and patted her on the butt.

The cuffed girl turned around and nudged her head against his crotch repeatedly, feeling his rock hard erection against her cheeks. She bit on the waistband of his sweatpants and slowly pulled them down. She shook her head around as the clothes slid down past his crotch, giving her an up-close look at the massive bulge in his underwear. Martin kicked his pants completely off while Anna rubbed her nose against his bulge.

She opened her mouth and started licking at it while giggling. He grabbed the leash and pulled it up, signaling for her to get on the couch. "Up and Sit," he said. "Keep looking at my eyes." She happily hopped up and rested on her knees, staring at him as he commanded. They kept their eyes locked together as he slid the underwear down.

She wanted so bad to look at the exposed cock just feet away from her but she was fully into the part and obeyed her master. "Good girl," he said as he patted her head. "Do what you want now." Anna giggled and pretended to bark before looking down and seeing the seven inches of throbbing red man meat. Her eyes and smile both went wide as she gently rested on her stomach, placing her chin on his thigh. She flung her tongue out and tried to reach her new toy but was unable to.

She shimmied around and got closer, close enough to catch the side of his cock with her tongue. She readjusted herself again and finally got where she wanted. Martin kept his eyes on Anna as she started to lick every inch of his cock with her warm tongue. She reached out and wrapped around it like a lizard, slowly moving up and down. She lifted herself up a bit while he positioned it directly under her. The handcuffed girl closed her eyes and lowered her mouth over his member, completely engulfing it within seconds.

Before Anna had the opportunity to choke to death with the position she was in, Martin grabbed hold of oldnanny grandma is having fun in the bathroom collar at the back of her neck, pulling her up and down while her lips remained tightly wrapped around him. She moaned at each pull, both from the mild pain at the choking and the pleasure of feeling the pulsations of his head against her tongue.

Martin felt like he could explode at any second. A girl he adored, the girl he had just met, was handcuffed and leashed in his lap and giving him the best blowjob of his life.

Any man would have exploded already but he knew that this probably would never happen again and tried hard to hold on. "Oh fuck!" he said as he felt his balls tightening up.

Anna was quick to sense that he was close to cumming. She let his cock fall out of her mouth and proceeded to lick the head, pressing and pointing it away from him. Seconds later, he shot large wads of cum clear across the room. The television, the coffee table, the floor, his feet…all were painted by his thick cream while his bitch happily licked the residue out of his tiny cock hole.

He heard her giggle as she finished cleaning him up. "Look at the mess you made," he told her while trying to hold back laughter. He took hold of the leash and walked her over to the television. He grabbed her by the head and rubbed her nose against the large dripping wad of cum running down the screen. She moaned hard as she her nose slid across the slimy residue.

Keeping hold of her head, he rubbed her nose and face in every bit of cum that had spurted across the room. By the time he was done, her entire face was glazed in his left over cum. Anna crawled up onto the couch and lay down; spreading her legs once Martin sat down.

Their eyes locked on each other for several seconds until, for the first time in a while, the cum-covered beauty spoke. "Are you just going to stare at me or get down to business? I licked yours, you should lick mine…it's only fair." Without saying a word, Martin leaned down and buried his face in her red hot crotch. Within seconds, his tongue was inside her. She softly moaned as he slid between her red lips and massaged the inside of her pussy.

His nose brushing against her throbbing clit only made her happier. She struggled to remain still as the intense rush of love spread through her whole body. Anna, still handcuffed, twisted around until the leash was finally near her mouth. She bit down on it and moaned, or screamed, as loud as possible once his nose again brushed on her clit.

Gently, Martin slid a finger between his tongue and her slick walls. Slowly he moved it in and out, gradually picking up the pace as Anna's hips began to thrust forward and back.

The pitch of her moans were getting higher; the frequency increasing as well. Her pussy was getting more and more sensitive; increasing in moistness and warmth. She could feel every taste bud on his mouth and every ridge of his fingers sliding against her. Her nerves were stimulated to their breaking point.

Anna closed her eyes and bit down hard on the leather leash, letting out the loudest cry of the night while her pussy bucked wildly against Martin's face, leaving her mark on it. He closed as eyes and moaned too as each droplet fell upon him. Once her body relaxed, he had a shiny glaze from his forehead to his chin.

He looked up at her and their eyes locked before she let out a growl and shimmied her way over to him. She dropped the leash from her mouth and slowly started licking her juices from her lover's face. Slowly and sensually, her warm tongue lapped up every last bit of her marking.

Once she was finished, she slipped her tongue between his lips to give him one last taste. "Is the little bitch ready for the best part?" he whispered after she removed her tongue from his mouth. Anna replied with a cute, happy growl.

Martin grabbed the keys to the handcuffs off of the coffee table and freed her you might think brooke scott has a face cumshot fetish. Anna stretched her arms out before getting up on all fours.

She slowly shuffled her way back towards him as he kneeled behind her. He took hold of his seven inch member and pressed it against her red hot pussy. He rubbed the head against her lips, catching every bit of left over cum that he could to make entry much easier…as he slid his cock up and pressed it against her tight, pink asshole.

"Has my little bitch ever taken it in here?" he asked. Anna looked over her shoulder and shook her head. He could tell that she was nervous about receiving her first anal assault. "Do you want to?" She looked him dead in the eye and smiled before grabbing the leash and handing it to him. "I'm your bitch, I don't tell you what you can and can't do.

You tell me what you want and I do it," she responded. Martin grabbed onto the leash and tugged on it lightly, causing her to choke a bit. "Bitches don't talk," he said, smiling. She returned with a smile of her own before closing her eyes and preparing to take her first ass-fucking. Martin put the leash in his mouth to free both of his hands, allowing him to grasp onto her hips. He slowly inserted his throbbing red member into the virgin ass of Anna Kendrick.

She groaned loudly as she felt her asshole stretching farther than ever before. As each inch slid in, the groans grew longer but not louder.

As the last few centimeters slid in and he froze in place, the groans stopped. Anna was staring forward, her jaw almost hitting the ground and eyes bigger than the moon. She felt his cock slide back and she felt slight relief before he slammed it forward, almost knocking her face into the armrest of the couch. She quickly caught herself and kept herself upright as he started thrusting in and out at a rapid pace.


Anna was experiencing what a real-deal ass destruction truly felt like. Martin was not giving his bitch any restraint. To him, he was giving a typical hardcore fucking to the actress's ass.

To her, she was simultaneously experiencing the most painful yet pleasurable moment of her twenty-seven year existence. For several minutes, Anna's ass was being torn apart while the initial pain and anguish on her face had washed over to look of pure ecstasy. Once she had gotten used to the assault, the pain had gone away and was replaced by intense pleasure that was swimming from flirty czech kitten opens up her narrow slit to the unusual ass to her pussy.

Her cunt was wetter now than it had been earlier. Sensing this, Martin took the chance to switch things up. The dominant man tugged hard on the leash, almost lifting Anna to a vertical position, while he took his cock from her ass and slammed into her damp pussy. He viciously fucked her hole while keeping the leash pulled tight. Anna moaned and groaned as she was choked while feeling her second orgasm of the night building. It only took a few more seconds before Anna collapsed forward and erupted in a volcano of lust, twitching and shaking as it washed over her.

Martin released the leash and let her fall to the couch, resting the side of her head on the cushion and keeping her eyes closed as she panted in exhaustion.

Martin grasped her hips once again and began alternating between her ass and pussy. One thrust and switch, over and over, without losing a step. There was no nice way to put it; he was abusing his little bitch…and they both loved every second of it. Anna, still with her head against the seat, was moaning and squealing with each thrust. Her hands were grabbing at her breasts, squeezing each nipple hard and getting all she could get out of the moment.

She tried to lift herself up but was too weak and fell back down. "Is my little bitch ready for her treat?" Martin asked. "Mmm yes," she softly squeaked. "You know where a bitch gets her treat?" he asked, causing Anna to look confused. "Right here!" Martin thrusted himself deep in her ass one more time, dug his fingers into her abdomen and let his cock spray her anal wall with his thick, warm semen.

He almost collapsed forward as the force of his orgasm was more intense than ever before. To him, he was having an hour long orgasm despite it only lasting a few seconds.

Anna rested her chin on the cushion and closed her eyes once again, softly moaning and cooing as she felt her bowels filling up by the second. She never thought she would enjoy anal abuse as much as she just did. Once the last shot of semen shot in her ass, she let out a sigh before smiling. "You know how to treat a bitch," she softly said as Martin pulled his cock from her ass, leaving a trail of cum from the opening to his cockhead.

He rubbed her asshole lightly, causing a thin stream to leak out, Martin sat down on the couch while Anna slowly made her way next to him. She rested her head on his lap and slowly licked his cock clean while he lightly tugged at the leash. Slowly, her licks came farther apart until the spent bitch finally passed out, her nose nuzzled against his withering cock. "Good girl," he said as he lightly patted her on the head and passed out himself.

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