Teen amateur wanking cock in classroom reality

Teen amateur wanking cock in classroom reality
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Christopher stood over Keri, drunk, naked and with the last couple drops of cum still dripping out of his deflated cock. His belt buckle was in his hand and the belt wrapped three times around his fist.

He had already given Keri three lashings on her bare ass as she lay face down, naked on the bed crying. "I'm sorry Chris. I'm sorry. Please stop." Chris gave her three more. One more on her red ass cheeks and two raising red welts on her back.

What had Keri done to deserve this? Chris had just violently face fucked her but she had failed to swallow all of his cum like she had been told to do. Some of it had escaped her mouth and dripped down onto her chin sending Christopher into a rage. "You stupid cunt, the next time I tell you to swallow, you had better do it right. Do you fuckin' understand me?" When Chris got drunk he got abusive to his wife of six months and he was getting drunk more and more often lately.

Keri was a sweet girl and I do mean girl. She had met Christopher when she was 17 and she ran away and married him just after her 18th birthday. They had only dated for a few months and he was nice to her while teenies poke dudes anus with enormous belt cocks and ejaculate sperm monstercock and squirting did. That's not to say that he didn't take her virginity on their second date even though she had said no, but she enjoyed it and he took the time to make sure that she had an orgasm.

After that they fucked or he got a blowjob on every date. She never saw him drunk while they were dating. A couple beers but never drunk. Keri was 18 and a cute little thing. 5'4" tall, 115 pounds and small c-cup tits that had just the perfect shape. She had short blond hair and matching pubic hair. Chris was 25. 6"1" and weighed 190. He had light brown hair almost to his shoulders and liked to keep his pubic hair shaved off.

He had been a football star and still kept his darkly tanned body in great shape.


he was a strong party stud and had fucked more girls and women that he could keep track of but he had decided that he wanted Keri with him full time to do her any time he wanted so he set out to make her his. He had no intention of being faithful to her but wanted her to be in his control to do with as he pleased. About two weeks after the wedding was the first time that he got shit faced and slapped her around when he wanted to ass fuck her for the first time black dick going deep in horny milf she had said no.

He slapped her, ripped her clothes, undressing her and fucked his thick seven inch manhood deep up the her ass without any lube, making her cry out in pain. After he had come deep in her rectum he grabbed her by the hair and forced her to suck his slimy shaft clean. Then he threw her on the bed and went out to the nearest bar for more drinking and to find another slut to fuck.

When he returned about 2AM he used his belt on her for the first time and screamed at her never to say no to him again, about anything. Keri thought about leaving him and going home but she had had such a fight with her parents when she said she was going with Chris that she was sure that they would not welcome her home. When he was sober he fucked her often and hard but she liked that.

Her self-esteem was so low that she believed that Christopher was right about her and all she was good for was to cook, clean and be his fuck toy, so she stayed. The next Sunday Chris invited his friend Bill over to watch the football game. During the first half they had Keri bring them snacks and 4 beers each so they were starting to feel no pain. Their team was doing badly and the score at half time was 28 to 3 for the other team.

The guys were not happy. Chris told Keri to get them more beer. When she brought it in Chris grabbed her and ripped her blouse open. He twisted her arm behind her and forced her to her knees in front busty oriental vixen has her pussy slammed Bill. "Bill needs some cheering up. Get down there and suck him off and do it good." Keri was sure that with Chris being this drunk he would have no qualms about hurting her if she refused so she reached for Bill's zipper.

When Bill's cock was out of his pants Chris grabber her by the hair and forced her face to his crotch. She put her lips to the head of it. Bill's cock was the first that Keri had ever touched other than Christopher's.

As she opened her mouth Chris pushed the back of her head and forced it all the way down onto him, burying him deep into her throat. Keri had been throat fucked by Chris often enough now that she only gagged a little. Chris took a handful of her hair and lifted and forcefully pushed her head up and down on Bill's cock till he filled her mouth with his cum.

Then he turned her around and standing in front of her used her mouth to get himself off too. Chris slapped her tits several times and told her to go to their room and wait for him. With her head down and crying Keri ran to the bedroom. Their relationship continued like this for several more months.

During this time Chris forced her to fuck and suck about a dozen more guys. One was his 53 year old boss so that he could get a pay raise and one time it was with three guys at once. He always told them that she liked it rough and encouraged them to treat her like a dirty slut. She seldom went out without Chris. When they went out he enjoyed playing with her tits in front of strangers and pulling up her skirt showing them that he made her go out without any underwear. He would pull it up and give her cheeks a hard slap making people who heard it turn and look.

She was so embarrassed she just wished that he never took her out. The only time he let her go out by herself was to go grocery shopping, which he hated to do. One day Keri was standing in the grocery check-out line with her head down crying. Along with the groceries she had three six packs of beer that Christopher had told her to get for that night's poker game that he had invited three of his friends to.

She knew how the night would end up. The young man that was behind her saw that she was crying.

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He gently touched her on the shoulder and asked. "Miss, are you OK?" Keri jumped and pulled away at the touch. He asked her again if she was OK. "Ya, I guess so" Keri replied and wiped the tears from her eyes. "There's a coffee shop next door. Let me buy you a coffee and you can calm down a little." Keri hung her head and said OK.

When the coffee was ordered Darrin introduced himself and Keri returned the gesture. Darrin saw that she did grandma with bushy cunt enjoys his hard cock have a wedding ring on her finger. Christopher had never bought her one. He did not want to spend any money on something as useless as that. Darrin asked what was bothering her and she replied that she was just having a bad day.

Keri was wearing a short sleeve blouse and Darrin could see bruises on both of her pale white upper arms. "Would you like to talk about it?" Darrin asked.

"No. I have to be going. Thanks for the coffee.

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I do feel better now." He gave her his phone number and told her to call any time she wanted to talk, any time. Keri picked up her grocery bags a headed for home.

That night's poker game turned out just as Keri had expected. They played for a little while and drank the beer she had bought. Then she had been fucked and abused by all four men. She was fucked in all of her holes and had to suck every cock clean after they had finished with her. She was come on, pissed on and slapped around for more than an hour.

She was even fucked in both her cunt and her ass hole with a beer bottle. She was called every filthy name in the book and then told to clean up the mess including licking up all the beer and cum that had been spilled on the floor.

When Chris finally came to bed her pushed her away telling her that she was too much of a mess to touch. Two days later French jessie volt likes big black cocks bigblackcock and monstercock dialed Darrin's phone number.

"I'm going to the grocery store today. Would you like to buy me another cup of coffee?" They picked a time and met at the coffee shop. "I would like to talk to someone about my life. Do you feel like listening?" Darrin said he would like that very much but that they should probably do it somewhere more private. He said that he only lived about a block away and asked if she would like to go there to talk.

Keri hesitated. She actually was thinking that she might get raped and beaten by this man too. She did not trust anyone right now. Finally she said yes. They sat in Darrin's living room and Keri told him about her life, that she was married, that her husband abused her sexually, physically and emotionally.

She told him about Chris forcing her to have nasty abusive sex with other men and that he had said that he would really hurt her bad if she ever tried to leave him. She started to cry.


Darrin went to her and put his arms around her and held her to his chest, not trying anything sexual. After she calmed down they talked about what could be done. They decided that she should watch and listen and look for anything that might put Chris in a bad position and let her get away.

Keri went home. On the way out she took Darrin's hand and gave him a gentle little kiss on the cheek. "Thank you." Over the next couple of weeks things were the same at Keri's house. The only thing that helped was that almost every day she got to call and talk to Darrin. He helped her get thru the bad times. He had to admit to himself that her stories of the sexual abuse that she went thru made his cock stir.

Then the big day came. Keri called and said that she thought she had something. They arranged to meet the next day. Keri got to Darrin's house and had a plastic grocery bag in her hand. I was looking around the house and found this tape of Chris fucking and abusing a young girl.

She put it in and played it for Darrin. While it played she sat next to him and cuddled up.

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"Is that good?" she asked. "You bet." "Darrin, would you fuck me?" Darrin had been waiting for his chance to take Keri to bed but did not want to push things and scare her off. He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

For the next forty minutes they made gentle passionate love in his bed. Darrin had noticed black and blue marks all over her body; especially big ones were covering her tits so he was very careful not to cause her any pain.

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After he had finally filled her with his cum, she slid down and opened her mouth. Darrin told her that she did not have to do that unless she wanted to. She didn't hesitate taking his cum covered cock deep in her mouth and sucking it clean. Keri fell asleep and while she slept, he made a copy of the tape. After a little while he woke her knowing that she had to get home before Christopher did and told her to put the tape back where she had found it so Chris did not find out that it was missing.

Over the next week Darrin researched the girl in the tape. He found out her name and that she was fourteen years old. He sent the tape to the police along with information about the girl and Christopher. A few days later, Chris was arrested and charged with statutory rape.

Because of his prior record the bail was set so high that he could not raise it. He would stay in jail till his case came to court. Keri was happier than she had been for a long long time as she moved in with Darrin. They planned to be nicolle bexley hot teen latina beach blowjob for the foreseeable future.

After one month, the evening news show said that a judge had thrown the tape out as evidence and that because there was no other evidence and the girl would not testify, Christopher was to be released the next day.

What was to happen to Keri now? 0210