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Alina lopez creampie while doing the full split
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"You can't make me stay here!" Quinn said, spitting the words at her mother, kicking and screaming all the way from the car. They'd pulled up at the side of the road, miles away from anything else. The last town they'd passed had been two hours ago, a dingy Scottish hamlet full of ancient looking fogies.

They'd stared at Quinn as she screamed at her mother in the car park over super hot milf jerks off an erected dick a half abandoned garage.

"YOU HATE ME!" She had yelled, spit flying from her mouth, her arms flung back and her fiery red hair whipping about her face as she shouted. The two hours from there to where they had parked had been filled with stoney silence, after her mother had dragged her back into the car, ashen faced. They'd come halfway up the cobblestone path to Northern-Veil School for Girls when Quinn suddenly stopped yelling and clawing at her mother.

Through the fog of the moors, a grande stone castle loomed close by.Tall, square towers, unadorned, but majestic, stood like the standing legs of an ancient construct. Through the fog, shadows looked from the high windows down onto the moors.

Quinn had stopped though, to stare at a figure, tall and dark against the gray stone of the castle. Harriet Taggert stood. Her eyes, predatory beneath her glasses, fixed on her newest… student. 'Red hair. Can't see the eyes from here, looks like clean skin.' She thought to herself.

The girl, Quinn, had started to move toward her again, now mounting the steps to her hold. The harsh wind gusted across the path, catching at the girls inadequate skirt, revealing plump pink panties beneath.

Taggert's eyes lit up, 'Generous chest, too. This one will be, interesting.' A cruel smile curled the edges of her lips. Quinn's eyes didn't flinch from the woman's face. She was tall, dressed in tight gray and black, she looked young, but at the edges of her hair, gray had begun to infiltrate the curls. Her eyes flicked to the woman's chest, briefly awed at the taut skin across those two huge mounds.

She glanced back up at the woman's eyes, seeing her smile wider, then Quinn turned her own eyes to the floor, blushing. "Mrs.Davis, I assume?" Said Taggert, arranging her face into a false smile "And this must be Quinn." "Fuck off." Quinn muttered. "Quinn! I'm sorry, Ms. Taggert!" Said Quinn's Mother "This is Quinn, you should call me Jessy. If. if you'd like." Taggert smiled cooly "Quinn, Jessy, it's nice to meet you both.

Please, come in." She stepped aside, pushing the large wooden door to the school open with a hand. "If you think I'm going in there, your Fucking nuts. I'm outta this place. Come on mum!" Quinn said, virtually snarling at Taggert. Jessy opened her mouth to quell her daughter's anger, but before she could speak, Taggert barked at Quinn, her eyes aflame with rage, but alight with joy. "That, will be the last time you use that kind of language, within Northern-Veil, young lady.

I, am Ms. Harriet Taggert. You will playmates daughter wants threesome and daddy anal pounding grounded girls me Ms. Taggert, or Madame." She finished, and glared at Quinn with such intensity that she blushed and dropped her eyes to the floor, then solemnly walked through the door.

Jessy was so shocked that she stumbled, mouth open, past Ms. Taggert and into the echoing halls of Northern-Veil School. Taggert grinned and followed them in calling "First door on the left, ladies. Take a seat." Then she shouted into another room "Alice! Fetch the girls file and my supplies, then prepare the induction chamber." Her mum proceeded into Taggert's office, but Quinn hesitated at the door.

She turned, and saw a petite girl walking from the door near Taggert with a file. She wore nothing but a black patch over her crotch. The girls small breasts bounced gently as she walked. Taggert said something to her, then plunged her hand into her pocket. The girl tensed, blushing up and down her body, her fingers tautened on the file, almost dropping it.

Taggert took the file, and turned back toward her office. Quinn gasped and to the seat next to her mother. She grabbed at her mother's arm and leaned in. "Mum! I don't know what is happening here, but this place is messed up! We need to leave. Now." Jessy turned, stone faced to her daughter. She looked deep into her green eyes, tracing the curve of her face with her own eyes. For a moment, her resolution wavered.

Then the memories of how she had found her daughter flooded back to her. Her voice, devoid of emotion said "You brought this on yourself, Quinn." Quinn's jaw dropped as she stared into her mothers eyes, her brain stuttered for a second, then she yelled, "YOU ABSOLUTE BIT-" Taggert stepped into the room, calmly saying, "That's enough, thank you very much, Quinn." She closed her mouth and glared at Taggert, then slumped back in her chair, folding her arms against her chest.

Taggert walked around the desk, dropping the thick file onto the surface with a puff of dust, and sat gently into her high backed chair. "I'm sorry, about my daughters behavior, Ms.Taggert. It's been so hard to keep her under control since her father died." "It's fine. Jessy. She will learn." Taggert said through a smile, "Would you give me a moment?" She leaned forward and flipped through the file silently.

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Quinn glared at her from her seat, Jessy fiddled nervously with a button on her blouse. Finally, Taggert sat back with a sigh, and removed the glasses which perched on the end of her nose, then began cleaning them one her skirt. "It seems, Quinn, that you have been a busy girl, down in the big city." Taggert looked at Jessy "Don't worry, Mrs.

Davis. We'll keep her occupied, she'll not be trouble any longer." "You can't make me do shit." Taggert held up a hand to forestall Jessy's response. "No need to argue now, Jessy. It is not your fault, Quinn chose to take those drugs, and to fellate those boys. The shoplifting, the car theft, she made all those choicesand they brought her here." Quinn snorted and sat further into her chair.

"Thank you." Jessy said, her eyes damp. "But, how in the world are you going jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom be able to control her? I've simply tried everything at this point! I just.

I don't know what to do anymore!" "That's right Taggert. I'm gonna walk outta here within three days, and you can book it." A small smile broke across Taggert's face as she stood up, she moved over to the rear of her office, and pushed down on a square of the wall.

A click resounded from the panel, and a portion of the wall cracked open. "This way, ladies." Jessy, stood and walked towards the door. Quinn was about to yell a retort, when a jolt ran up her spine. She leapt from the chair and spun around with a shout. Two silvery nodes stuck out from the deep padding of the chair, right where Quinn had felt the jolt. She spun back on Taggert, Who grinned. Quinn made B-line for her, then tripped on what felt like a chair leg, and stumbled through the door, which slammed behind her.

The room she had come into, was completely out of character for this ancient Scottish castle. All the walls where white tiled, with white grouting in between. Bright lights shone from the high ceilings, but what Quinn saw, with a shiver that traveled from the top of her head, right down to her crotch, was a silver-black table.

"What… What is that." Quinn stuttered, forgetting her anger. "This?" Taggert said, moving over to the table, placing a hand against it, lovingly. Jackie ashe knew she was in for a good time nodded slowly, backing against the wall. "I guess you'd have to sit on it to find out." "I'm not that st-" Quinn tried to say, but a small buzz from the wall, followed by a sharp pain in her neck stopped her.

"Whu?" Quinn said, feebly. "Just a small anesthetic. It'll wear off momentarily. Would you give me a hand, Jessy?" The two women grabbed the fortunately slight girl, and carried her over to the table in the center of the room. In her temporarily addled state, Quinn felt Taggert's hand holding her ass, and felt it slide beneath her skirt, brushing past panties and against the soft skin of her pussy.

Her whole body jolted at the touch. The table was cold and hard against Quinn's back as she came out of the daze. Taggert loomed over her as she opened her eyes, brandishing a pair of large silver scissors. She jumped and pulled her arms up to defend herself, but found that she couldn't. She tried to turn her head, but was stopped by restraints.

"What the fu- Hey!" Quinn shouted, but stopped as Taggert slapped her across the face. "Try that again after the procedure.


I'll not need such barbaric methods. Shame though." She smiled. A wild stab of panic swept through her, driving her to jump up and flee down the hall, but it was much to late for that gambit, her arms and legs had been firmly fastened to the table, rendering her helpless.

In a small, almost whispered voice, Jessy asked "W… what are you going to do to her, Ms.Taggert?" "In the next fifteen minutes or so, Jessy," Taggert replied gently, "we are going to all sunny newxxx play story complete control of your daughters will.

And while you don't have to stay, I encourage you to do so. I'm sure that after we're finished you will be quite satisfied with the results." Jessy looked at her daughter lying helpless on the table, then sat down in silence on a bench that had slid from the wall, while Taggert took her place next to Quinn. In a cold hard voice, she said, "Your days as a malcontent are now over.

From this moment on, you will do as you're told, when you're told. Do you understand me?" Now almost too terrified to even speak, Quinn stared up in abject horror as Taggert began calmly cutting off her skirt with the scissors, not stopping until it was in a pile of ribbons on the floor. The harsh woman continued to do the same to her white vest, until she was lying in only underwear. A small wet patch in the middle of her crotch. "P-please, I'll do whatever you say!

Just please don't hurt me!" Quinn begged, finding her voice again.

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"Very good, Quinn," Taggert said. "You used the word 'please' twice in the same sentence! That must be some kind of record. But, in answer to your plea, I'm sorry but we're far past the point of caring a whit about what you want." Quinn gave passion hd kylie page and her man have their own private th of july bbq mighty push, trying to free herself from her despicable brooke haze fuck stepbro while gramdpa is sleeping beside them pornstars hardcore, though it proved futile.

When Taggert clipped off her pink bra and panties, she didn't even put up a struggle. "My, my." Harriet said softly, "You seem to have quite a profusion of pubic hair, covering your vagina, haven't you? Ever heard of trimming it, like a lady?" Jessy, sat in the corner, blushed at the sight of her daughters vagina, and squirmed a little in her seat. Was the surface of it vibrating a little?

"If all you want me to do is shave it off, I'll be more than happy to do it now!" Quinn said quickly "I'm sure that you are," Taggert replied gently, "but I'm afraid that's hardly all that needs to be done here.

"At this point" She said, to Jessy over her shoulder. "I usually like to let the mothers take care of shaving their daughters, so if you'd like to, I'd be happy to let you do it?" Jessy Jumped, tarring her hand out from between her legs, blushing and looking away.

"I see you are busy. Alice!" A second door slid open immediately, and the small blonde haired girl walked quickly out, still naked, but for her crotch, and carrying a small black box. Without a glance at Quinn, Jessy, or even Taggert, she headed right for the end of the table where she pressed a small white button.

The table split with a whirring sound, and spread outwards and a little upwards, until Quinn's pussy was spread apart. She groaned and arched her back, but did not make a word of complaint. The girl immediately set about her work, removing a blade and foam from the box, she lathered up the girls vagina, taking special effort to work in the foam around her labia.

Quinn began to breath a little more heavily. From the corner of the room, small moans could be heard as Jessy looped her fingers around her clit. The girl, Alice, quickly cleared Quinn of all hair, a task which got easier and easier as it went on, as Quinn became wetter and wetter.

When she had finished, Alice shot a furtive glance at Taggert, then stared Quinn in the eye, and kissed her square on the clit. It sent little fire raging all over her body, she'd never had this feeling before, her whole pussy felt like it was on fire, she tried to bring her legs together, as if there was an itch there to scratch, but could not. Alice left as fast as she had come, and the feeling in Quinn's pussy subsided, leaving her with an empty, frustrated ache.

Taggert watched young Alice out of the room with a smirk. Then flicked her eyes back to Quinn's pussy. "You have to admit Jessy," Jessy jumped up quickly, and held her hands behind her back."Your daughter, has a lovely pussy." Jessy walked over awkwardly, sliding her legs together as she moved.

She felt the aching heat in between her legs as her own juices lubricated her movement. She had been so close! She stopped in front of her daughters spread legs, and stared directly at the now smooth, perfectly plump and pink pussy. She nodded slowly, almost mesmerized. The heat in her loins grew.

Quinn's eyes couldn't see her mother squirming, only the smirk Taggert was sending in her direction. "That's right Jessy. Get a good look, it's the last anyone will ever see of it." Taggert said, smiling widely and turning her fiery eyes to Quinn's face.

Quinn cowered back, unsuccessfully, because of her harness. "What do you mean?" Jessy said, nervously, tearing her eyes away and looking at Taggert. "All, in good time, Jessy. First things first." She replied. Then, without looking away from Quinn's face, she pressed a button on the side of the table. A latch clicked and a small draw popped from invisible seams.

She raised a small white object into Quinn's line of sight. Though she had never seen one before, Quinn recognized its purpose immediately. It was long, about 4 inches and thick, probably two inches all around. Smooth, too, perfectly smooth and white.

A tingle shot through her pussy, and a small squeal escaped her mouth. "What… is that!" Quinn said, her eyes now fixed on the dildo. "Let me show you." Taggert said.

Jessy leaned her head over Taggert's shoulder, and watched in rapt fascination as Taggert inserted the cylinder into her daughter's smooth, shaved pussy.

Quinn gasped as it slid past the outer folds of her cunt, and in a shaky voice asked, "W-what are you doing to me! God! That feels great!" She moaned and arched her aching pussy upward.

Her mouth formed an 'O' as she felt the tip of the dildo push against her Hymen, she cried out as it snapped through. Ignoring Quinn completely, Taggert turned to Jessy and explained, "What I've done, is insert a micro-vibrator into Quinn's vagina. It can be activated with a remote just like this one, when her particular code is punched in." She pulled a small whit box from her pocket, and smiled cruelly. "Each a french amateur milf get fucked hard every member of our staff is equipped with just such a device, and can give her a powerful… shock deep inside her pussy." "Wow…" Jessy breathed, staring at the glistening and swelling lips of her daughters pussy.

"Can… Can i, um-" "I thought you'd never ask" Taggert said with a broad grin, extending the remote to Jessy."Just punch in the number 3045, after you see that number fill the little screen, and you're ready to go." Taggert waited a moment until Jessy figured out how to enter the code number, then continued on.

"Now, press any button from one to nine. One being the lowest power and, of course, nine being the maximum." Her lips curved cruelly. Unsure of quite what to do, Jessy looked to Taggert "What number should I start with…" "Why not try three or four," Taggert replied, "you don't want to give her too much, all at once." Quincy lay there, nervously waiting, feeling the slow tingle that had been building in her pussy since the dildo and been inserted, she held her breath, waiting for the vibration, like a cell phone buzzing.

She grew impatient and was just about to ask a question when, like a bolt of lightning, her pussy was nailed by an incessant humming that nearly induced and orgasm in the first two or three seconds.

She screamed and thrust her pelvis into the air, every fiber in her being was on fire with pleasure, she could feel the hot little rod pulsing right on her g-spot. "My god," Jessy said softly, watching her daughter thrashing around on the table as her pussy was tortured with climax after climax. Finally taking pity on her daughter, Jessy shut the hummer off, allowing the spasming girl's vagina to come back down to earth.

"So that's how you do it. Through their… ge.genitals." She said, awed. Taggert slid her hand over Quinn's cunt, dragging a finger between her lips and then over her pubic mound and navel, onto her heaving chest. Her whole body was aglow with a pinkish tone. "Four. Nice choice, Jessy.

It's a good enough last orgasm." Quinn's blurry mind didn't register Taggert's words properly, her eyes focused in and out. "Last? I-" Taggert cut Jessy off. "You're correct in that we use their organs to control them," Harriet said,"but this is only step number one." She paused and opened another draw in the table, removing a large white syringe.

"We have a much more direct way of dealing with them." She finished, raising a syringe into the light and giving it a quick tap. "What is that!" Jessy said, her eyes wide. "Just a local anesthetic. It's going to hurt. A lot. But less than the alternative." She said, then turned to Quinn, "I'm sure that you'll just love this, young lady." Vintage dad and daughter sex said softly, "It's just what the doctor ordered." "No, please no!" Quincy begged in a weak voice, as the sight of the needle looming over her dragged her from the haze.

"I-I promise, I'll do anything you say!" "Of course you will," Harriet replied, lining up the needle with Quinn's now engorged clit, "In fact, I can guarantee that you'll do exactly what I say without a moments hesitation." Quinn cried and tried to buck her hips, but Taggert pressed her down firmly.

"That's a good girl," Harriet said softly as Quinn stopped struggling and lay dead still on the examining table, "This will sting for just a second or two, after that you won't feel a thing." Quinn gripped the edge of the table with all her might, but it didn't prepare her for the pain that seared her clit. Like a hot poker, it felt thousands of times larger than it was, ripping through her mind like shards of ice.

But the pain dissipated quickly, several wet tears slid down her cheeks never the less. "Now," Taggert said, as Quinn eased and began squirming. "I'll install the main controlling mechanism in her pussy." With a great deal of interest, both Jessy and Quinn peered into Taggert's hand, where lay a small gold ring that glistened brightly under the artificial lights.


"W-what is it," Quincy asked, preparing herself for the worst. "It's a clit ring," Harriet said evenly, "The needle part," she said coldly, and with relish, "goes right through your clit and, out the other side.

Since this is a permanent installation, a tiny drop of gold solder will keep it in place forever." "Y-you can't do that to me." Quincy shrieked, "I-I'll call the police or something! Oh please, Mom! Don't let her maim me!" Taggert looked over to Jessy, who sat there worried now. Running through her head, all the things that had happened that day, and doubts mounted.

a In a calm clear voice Taggert said:"Don't get cold feet now, Mrs. Davis, this is all for the best. I can assure you that this clit ring will do more to control your daughter than anything else you could come up with." "But… But how does it work?" Jessy asked, shakily.

"Well," Taggert replied, "inside the ring is a microchip that works much like the vibrator. Though, as I'm sure you can ascertain, a vibration deep inside of a vagina is a very different thing, to the same sensation directly on your clitoris.

Plus, it has other… tricks." Jessy thought about it for a minute or so, then replied, "I can see that, but how do you discipline these girls by pleasuring their p… pussies, when it's so… pleasant." "Now that, is a very good question," Taggert replied quickly, "but the answer is in the second chip in this ring, and this little device." She held up a black, rubber oval, with a small tube protruding from it. "What on earth is that," Joan asked perplexedly, "it looks like a weird sanitary pad…" "Sanitary pad indeed!" Harriets Taggert replied, "It's made out of material a bit like what is used in bullet proof vests, but rubberized.

It's practically indestructible. At least, capable of resisting any attempt by our girls to remove it once it's set in place." "But how do they… you know…" Joan asked, taking the device from Taggert and looking it over carefully. "That tube slots into the urethra." Harriet explained, "They get used to it. But once the device is on, and locked in place, it is impossible for a girl to sexually relieve herself.

Ever. The more they struggle, the worse they have to put up with." "But the ring, and the vibe…" Jessy continued. "Which is the role of the second chip, it's all very exiting. Electrifying, you might say." Taggert grinned. Taggert returned her attention to Quinn's clitoris. She pinched the engorged and still wet skin, and in a couple of seconds, she had successfully threaded the ring through the little head.

With one hand, she threaded it in place, and with the other, she pressed a small red button on a console by the table. Quinn felt a small, faint sexy orgasms enrich sexy awesome babe smalltits homemade of heat, then nothing. "Good," Taggert announced, "All done, now all we have to do is put the chastity cover on her, and she'll be all fixed." Taggert said, crouching in between Quinn's legs. She carefully slotted the tube on the cover into Quinn's urethra.

Quinn squealed and tried to pull her legs together, to block the intrusion. Unsuccessfully. The black tube slid completely in, and Quinn shuddered. As it hit the heat and moisture of the soft and smooth flesh, the rubber flexed, spreading and molding to the soft lines of Quinn's pussy. Then, it tautened, gripping to the flesh, falling flush, flat as if it had been painted on. "All done, she'll be a fine pet from now on." Taggert stood, and pressed a button to release the clamps on Quinn's limbs.

Quinn jumped, literally, at the chance, and ran to her mother. She could feel the movement of the vibe in new lunar always with me 2019 Pussy, it pulsed minutely. A slight ache in her clit told her the anesthetic was beginning to wear off.

But of her newly installed cover, she could feel nothing, but the awkward presence of a foreign object in her urethra. "Let's see how you look, honey." Jessy said to her daughter, holding her at arms length. "It looks awful!" Quincy wailed, "I don't wanna wear this thing! Remove it, NOW!" but her struggles to tug it off, even to find grip on it were as fruitless as her attempts to escape the examining table.

All she felt was smooth skin on her pussy, the only difference being that she could not slip even a single finger into her tight hole. Finally she quit fighting and stood, glaring at Taggert. Waiting. "What!" She yelled across the room, at the woman who had maimed her cunt. The next second, she discovered exactly 'what'. All at once her clitoris seemed to burst aflame as Taggert activated her clit ring, sending the poor girl reeling across the room, trying desperately to remove the patch protecting her now impenetrable pussy.

She scratched manically at her soft vulva, her juices seeping through the material making it harder and harder to grab.

A finger slipped into her virgin anus, she squealed and whipped her hands away. "See what we do, to bad little girls." Harriet said softly, turning up the power, bringing her to the edge of a brutal orgasm, she fell against the wall and cried aloud as she realized the true horror. She felt the ring buzz as a shock ran all through her pussy, and the build orgasm slipped away, leaving her czech streets blonde milf car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves and unsatisfied.

"P-please," she moaned, as her cunt flew into overdrive again. "The second chip…" Jessy murmured, watching her daughter blushing, and shaking. Seeing glistening juices flowing from between her legs. "I can't stand it anymore! Please! No more, no more…" Quinn was so far gone that even though her cunt was a burning cauldron of sexual excitement, the overload was so great, that she began slipping into unconsciousness. Jessy finally broke.

She took her daughter in her arms, kissed her gently on the cheek, wished her well and quickly left the building.

Tears began forming in Quincy's eyes when horny elsa fucks her roomate lexi lore realized that she was now truly alone. As she slipped away into blessed sleep, her pussy exhausted, aching and unsatisfied, she felt strong arm pick her from the floor. To be continued.