Office new girls big tists

Office new girls big tists
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My name is Chase Runyon. I'm 18 years old, but during the time of my first sexual experience, I was 15. At that time, I looked the same as I do now; 5'10, dark brown hair, even darker brown eyes.

I have a slightly athletic build, not scrawny but not muscular per se. At the time that all this happened, I was living with my grandmother in what would be best-described as a small town-community thing.

In truth, I lived in a neighborhood down what I guess would be called a "street" in normal places, but what we around here call "hollars".

It's a looooooong road that comes off the four-lane and stretches way off into the mountains. Anyway, I lived in an area where everyone in our little cluster of houses knew everyone else, and everyone was friends. There was very little to do in our neighborhood that we all hadn't already done at least 1,000 times before.

We could jump on trampolines, maybe wade the creek, even just sit inside and play Xbox. But of all these things, the look me in the eyes when i make you cum in the neighborhood had two favorite things to do: hike, and play hide and seek.

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On the day that I finally sucked my first dick, we decided to do both. There were 5 boys going in total; Me, my cousin Justin, my neighbor Brandon, and his two brothers, Chris and David. Now, David was my point of focus. He was tall, maybe 6'2, and had light brown hair cut short.

His eyes were what they call "hazel", which is hard to describe but very pretty. He was also 17, which was super hot to me. Now, David was important to me because I was just starting to like guys, and he was kinda………flamboyant. Although I guess on some level I always knew he was gay, I never expected him to hit on me like he did that day.

The five of us had seen smoke on the mountains behind our houses, and decided to hike up to see if we could spot the forest fires. Now, Brandon and Justin were both a couple years younger than me, and Chris was a couple years younger than them. Needless curvaceous stepdaughters want to get creampied by their horny fathers say, they were all very enthusiastic, and ran a little ahead of me and David.

David walked a little bit in front of me, which was fine with me because I could watch his perfect round ass bounce with each step. I got distracted for a while by looking around at all the trees; nature fascinates me, so I'm usually no good for conversation on a hike. Anyway, when I finally looked up, I was totally shocked.

Even given that mooning was a pretty common time around here, I've got to say I was really not expecting to see David walking with his ass out. I mean, he was just so nonchalant, just walking along with his big bubble butt just bouncing around behind him, with the waistband of his basketball-shorts forcing his butt into a more perky position.


I was really confused for a bit, but he finally turned around, laughing and smiling. He gave me a wink, said "Nice view, huh?", and stuffed his ass back in his pants. After finally getting over the initial surprise of seeing David's perfect ass completely naked, I began to wonder if he was joking by mooning me, or if he was being sexual, hoping I would catch on.

I was still pondering this when I ran straight into David, who had stopped at a relatively flat place. He turned to me and smiled. "Hey man! I'm gonna stop here and take a break for a bit, I'm getting kinda out of breath." I smiled back at him, a little uncertainly. "Alright, that's cool. Shouldn't you tell Justin and your brothers though?

They may notice you're not around." He laughed, revealing his dazzling white teeth. "Nah man, I already told them. You're welcome to join me if you want. I just gotta catch my breath for a little bit." I was really, really nervous. I mean, David wasn't the hottest guy in the world, but he was definitely cute, and I thought he might have a small crush on me.

Despite being scared shitless, I shrugged and said "Sure, why not? I could sit for a spell." And so we sat, just talking about random things in school and around the neighborhood, nothing important. However, throughout the conversation I kept noticing him pull at his cock, which I guess isn't all that abnormal, except it didn't look like he was rearranging it, it just looked like he was playing with it.

He never missed a beat or acknowledged it at all, though, so I thought maybe it was just my imagination. Anyway, eventually there was a lull in conversation, so I took the opportunity to look around and pretty much just get completely distracted as always. I was looking around, admiring all the trees and birds and that kind of sappy stuff, when I heard a noise, like fabric rubbing on skin.

I looked over toward David, and was completely stunned, not to mention turned on. He turned and grinned at me, with his soft 4 ½ inch dick in his hand, just flopping it around like a weirdo. He only did this for a sexy stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen seconds before shoving it back in his pants, exclaiming "I got ten points!!" I was extremely confused, so my response was something like "uh……whahu??" He grinned again, and explained it to me.

"There's a game that me and my buddies play sometimes. If you flash someone, you get 5 points for one nut, 10 for both nuts, 10 for just a dick, and 25 for all if it together. Then you tally your points at the end of the day and see who won!" This seemed like a really strange game for straight guys to play during their spare time, but I was totally turned on by the sight of David's dick, so I was definitely not going to protest.

So for the rest of the hike home, we continued to flash each other, most of the time going all out with full-package flashes. When we got back to our neighborhood, we found the other three boys laying around on the trampoline, bored and discussing what to do next.

Brandon was suggesting going inside (an option I didn't much care for), when David spoke up with a wonderful idea, saying "Hey, why don't we play hide and seek?" This idea thrilled me, as it presented the perfect opportunity to be alone with David.

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So it was decided that we would all play a couple rounds of hide and seek, and using the completely legitimate method of "1, 2, 3 NOT IT", it was determined that Brandon would be the first to seek. With that, we all took off in different directions, searching for the perfect sexy big boom mom porn to avoid detection.

I spotted the big shed that David's family used to store their bikes and four-wheelers in, and thought it would be the perfect place. I ran up to the small building, pulled the large garage-type door up, and leaped inside, letting the heavy metal door fall shut behind me. I just kinda sat in silence for a bit after that, trying to adjust to the darkness.

I nearly pissed myself when David cleared his throat behind me, just the hint of a laugh in the sound. I whirled around, notably less surprised this time when I noticed his limp cock dangling from over top of his waistband.

He wasted no time with exclamations of "ten points!!" this time, however, as he was advancing towards me, his soft dick swaying back and forth as he walked.

He got face to face with me, and whispered in a deep, husky voice, "You know, there are ways to earn more than 25 points." I was really nervous, but feeling kinda flirty (not to mention extremely turned on), so I responded with, "Oh? And what would those be?" He slowly walked behind me, letting his hand curl around my waist. He then scared the shit out of me by pulling my pants down in one movement, leaving me standing there with my soft 3 ½ inch cock dangling.

I was quickly getting hard, though, my mind racing with the implications of what was about to happen. David noticed me swelling to my full 6 inches, and whispered, "Well, for instance, if I were to jerk you off a bit, that would earn me 30 points." And with that, he slowly started jerking me, pumping my now completely hard dick, making me moan quietly.

When he had me good and horny, he spun me around, revealing his now naked body, as he apparently stripped during all of this. His now hard cock stood at a proud 7 ½ inches, with low hanging balls and a pale red head.

He gave me this intimidating, sexy look and said in a seductive whisper, "You're turn to earn some points babe." And with that I dashed around behind him, taking his dick in my hands and pumping it furiously, soliciting excited moans from David After a while of doing this, I decided to go a bit further. I walked around to his front again, looked him squarely in the eyes, and dropped down to my knees, never breaking eye contact.

I got dangerously close to his cock, my lips only inches from his shaft, and asked "How much is a blowjob worth?" Before he could answer, I plunged down on his dick, engulfing the thick rod of meat in my mouth. Thankfully, I was blessed with having no gag-reflex, and was thus able to swallow David's entire dick.

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He certainly appreciated it, as displayed by his enthusiastic bucking into my mouth. I've always been a fan of rough sex, and being dominated, which is why I was so happy when he grasped my head firmly in his hands, holding it still while he fucked my mouth. I started to choke from his fierce thrusting, but I didn't care.

This was the hottest thing ever to happen to me. He finally pulled his dick out, but he wasn't finished with me yet.

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He pulled my face to his nuts, practically rubbing them on my face. "Suck 'em", he commanded. And I did, gladly I pulled both nuts into my mouth, swirling my tongue around them, sucking on the sensitive skin of his ballsack.


When he had his fill of that, he shoved his cock back in again, moaning ecstatically, occasionally saying things like "Yeah, suck that cock" or "You like that big dick, slut?" Needless today I was incredibly turned on. Eventually I felt his cock tense, felt the thick rod begin to pulse.

He held me down tight has he blew load after load of thick cum down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, making sure that no cum leaked out. When he was spent, he promptly pulled out, shoved his dick in his pants, said "Thanks, see you later", and walked out. Albeit this was certainly not the end I was hoping for, the experience was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me, so I spent the next 15 minutes jacking off.

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When I finally blew my load, I went back outside, hoping that no one had been caught yet.