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Giant boobs woman banged in local store for a few bucks
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The clink of chains from high above is the first evidence of a presence in the dungeon. Dray, currently out hunting isn't there to watch the black leather clad man slowly descending down the chains supporting the bone cage from the ceiling.

He never would have found the small opening if Raven hadn't shown him exactly where to look. Breathing steadily he lowers himself hand over hand, his black booted ankles twisted in the chain to provide control.

The chain swings more and more as he gets lower, his movements causing the chain to swing like a giant pendulum. The ankle length black leather jacket he wears billows out from his body exposing a chiselled chest under a fitted shirt and gleaming hilts at his belt.

Finally reaching the cage, he squats to peer over the edge and judges the distance to the ground. His dark hair is waxed into a mohawk running the length of his head easily standing 2 inches high. Ice blue eyes narrow in a face set with hard features and a strong jaw line, flashing as he calculates.

Reaching to his waist, he moves his jacket aside to remove a coiled leather whip. Eyeing the floor he skilfully flicks the end to curl around the chain. Breathing deeply he swings silently to the floor landing in a half kneel, hand resting on the belt of blades as his eyes sharply peer around the room to ascertain he remains alone.

Rising slowly he relaxes as he looks around the room and deftly uncoils the whip to coil it back on his belt, raising an eyebrow in curiosity at the table of instruments he nods his head in silent approval. Looking to the two exits of the room he frowns as he tries to recall Raven's instructions.

Moving to exit through through one arch he changes his mind and spins to move quickly through the large stone arch and into to the awaiting darkness. The walls close in, the roof becoming lower until he travels through tunnels. The occasional fairie light along the walls lights the passage with an eerie low glow, still leaving large gaps between lit areas where the darkness and shadows seem to broil ominously.

The walls gradually change from rough hewn rock to carefully laid stone work, the lights begin to become more sparse as a soft orange glow becomes the light source. Kneeling down he trails a finger over the softly glowing mushrooms of an odd rusty orange colour,he grins as the light pulses at his touch. Rising again he continues along the passage, occasionally turning here and there as he comes across intersections.

Quickly realising he has taken the wrong exit from Dray's lair he attempts to retrace his steps. Coming across a large opening in the tunnels, he frowns as he looks around knowing he hadn't passed this before.

In the centre of the opening is a large stone statue in the magnificent muscled form of a minotaur. Several different passages lead off this cavern, and Andrew hesitates as he tries to decide which direction to take. The ground shaking is the first warning and then a deep bellowing roar which echoes and rings as though emitting from every tunnel, fills the sensualclub erica vieira chat dreamcam around him.

His eyes drawn back to the statue, he shakes his head with a muttered, " Surely not." As another shaking bellow echoes around him, he takes his chances and moves swiftly down a random tunnel. The beast scents the air, its huge hairy muzzle turned into the gentle breeze that drifts along it's tunnels.

The minotaur's pulse speeds up at the prospect of his beloved master delivering him another female. The creature slowly stands male escort feasting on two sweet pussies out its muscled form, a creation of myth he stands almost 9 ft tall.

Muscled legs with thick strong calfs, a set of abs that ripple as he moves lead to rock hard perfectly formed pecs that glisten bronze in the light of the low burning fire. He shakes his head to two sexy ladies enjoyed hot foursome in the jail cell his fur, the great head of a bull furred in a rich mahogany, his horns rising sharp and proud nearly a foot from his head.

As the thought of another succulent female turns in his mind, his muzzle begins drooling in anticipation while the first stirrings of arousal fire in his loins, turning the rather small organ into a rapidly growing monster of its own. Moving intently, the minotaur weaves through the labyrinth of tunnels, the scent slowly growing stronger.

Pausing beside a small spring leaking down the stone wall, he scents again, shaking his head in anger at realising that it is a male in his home, not a female to take his pleasure with before feasting on. Huffing and grinding his horns on the wall in preparation of hunting another meal, the beast pays no heed to the small black scorpion that runs along the wall and down it's horn.

Turning the minotaur moves more slowly down the tunnel, knowing every twist and turn, having had many many years to explore since Dray had saved it and given him this home. The scorpion moves to the sensitive bull ear and knowing this will have a spectacular result, the evil little bugger quivers in anticipation. The strike comes quickly, the arachnid swiftly leaping from its victim to the shadows of safety, barely dodging loose falling stones when the minotaur's bellow shakes the tunnel.

The feeling of being followed is confirmed when the beast behind him bellows again and this time the echo is increased to the air around him vibrating.


Moving as fast as he can Andrew rounds another bend in the tunnel and skids to a stop as a wall greets him. Pulse beating fast in his ears, he quickly searches the wall and ascertains there is no way through, turning he moves to retrace his steps but his breath leaves him in a startled gasp as the origins of the bellowing roar comes into view.

Its eyes blaze red and the horns gleam sharply in the low light, the creature breathes heavily, chest rising and falling rapidly. Andrews eyes drop lower and widen in shock as he swallows hard and reaches for his blades, drawing one in each hand very ready to fight this thing to death.

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The minotaur advances several steps and like to a train wreck, Andrew's eyes are drawn again to the monstrous cock of the beast as it bobs with the movement. A thick clear fluid leaks from the tip that is easily the size of an apple. The cock looks surprisingly human apart from its sheer size and colour, the girth easily 5~6 inches in diameter, the long rapidly hardening length is over a foot and rages a deep purple colour, veins throbbing visibly with the minotaurs rapid pulse.

Andrew drops into a ready stance, in no way willing to find out if the beast has gender preferences. With a deafening roar the lust crazed minotaur sweet hottie ivy aura fucking away for satisfaction forward, arms outstretched to grab Andrew.

The blades slash swiftly, cutting deep across the beast's chest in a spurt of hot blood, that sprays across Andrew's face. The wounds barely cause the creature to hesitate, with an angry roar it grabs Andrew in a bone crushing hold with one arm and swipes the blades from his struggling form.

Hoisting Andrew several feet in the air the minotaur bellows loud and raging in his face, spittle flecking his cheek. Struggling to breath, Andrew fights to no avail, the beast merely turns him and pushes him roughly against the wall.


Cold stone meets Andrew's cheek but he barely feels it as with a strong tug his leather jacket is torn from his shoulders, quickly followed by the belt with his weapons. Struggling with all his strength, Andrew is no match for the minotaur, not only in strength but in experience too, with no females of its species, the minotaur is cursed to forever rape elven and human women for release of its constant sexual tension. With the potent poison of the scorpion flowing through its veins the beast no longer cares for the sex of it's victim, merely driven by a mindless hunger to pound it''s throbbing member into something tight and warm.

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The minotaur presses into cheats back, humping against the struggling man, no screams to turn it on, but nina elle sarah jessie yoga time the more stronger frame will survive longer Trying to push back from the wall, Andrew shudders in revulsion at the feel of the heated rock hard shaft rubbing painfully against his rear and back.

Praying the minotaur is satisfied with a quick dry hump, a small surprised "oomph" falls from his lips as the creature grabs his pants at either hip and with a strong tug, splits his pants from his body.

Andrew resumes struggling harder, knowing very well where this is headed. The feel of the minotaur's strong calloused hands on his hips forcing him still causes the first drop of fear to course through him, which rapidly increases at the feel of the beast's cock pressing against his ass cheeks. Warm sticky pre-cum floods onto his pale curving flesh as the beast quivers with anticipation, its breath hot on Andrew's nape.

The oozing head slowly pushes between the mounds of Andrew's ass, pre-cum lubeing his tiny dark star. The shaft feels smooth almost velvet like despite its almost burning heat, Andrew notices this in a moment of time that almost seems to freeze, before crashing back to reality as the beast thrusts roughly into Andrew's tight anus.

Despite himself Andrew screams, the pain rippling up his body as his ass muscles contract and tighten trying to dispel the intruding shaft. With a roar the minotaur thrusts again, this time several inches of length sinking into Andrew. As Andrew cries out and still attempts to fight, the minotaur finally loses control and with a massive shudder, pulls back till almost exiting Andrew's obscenely stretched little hole. Pounding Andrew into the wall, a full half of the massive cock sinks into Andrew, the minotaur doesn't pause, but begins to pull back and thrust, in and out, in and out, time after time.

The pre-cum pouring from skyrim dragon whore like big fat man and big fat dick tube porn shaft easily lubricating Andrew's dark hole enough for smooth sliding and leaking down Andrew's thighs in small streams of blood tinged fluid. Dark pleasure roars through the minotaur's mind and body, its hips pistoning in a virtual blur as it rams its turgid shaft harder and faster into the tight ass of the feebly struggling man. Feeling his balls start to get heavy and his shaft thickening even more, the creature's claws dig sharply into the humans hips as he struggles to delay his orgasm.

Andrew's eyes widen as he feels the invading cock get even harder inside his abused orifice, groaning at the pain wrecking his body.

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Barely able to raise his head let alone continue his struggling, Andrew gives a final scream as the minotaur gives a last breaking thrust and bellows as he erupts spurt after spurt of hot thick cum deep inside Andrew's abused body.

Staying sunken deep inside Andrew's, the minotaur gives a shudder as the last drops leave its twitching cock. Slowly pulling out the minotaur looks down to watch his long thick shaft slowly pulling out of the bruised, torn hole of the human, with an audible "pop" the muscle staying stretched wide open and the thick white cum of the beast pouring out of the gaping hole, to rush down Andrew's thighs and splash on the floor.

Tracing a slow finger around the torn rim of Andrew's ass, the bull lifts his finger to his tongue, shaking his head he decides quickly. Dropping the human to the floor he grabs one arm, even as the puny man struggles weakly, and moving swiftly the minotaur drags Andrew through the tunnels seeking Dray, after all if he was going to eat the human, then he should be scorched to hide that nasty man taste.

As the minotaur drags him roughly along the ground Andrew's last thought before finally passing out was that next time, Raven could come to his place.