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Cute roxy shaves pussy in shower masturbation amateur
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Ten: The Trap is Set There was a soft knock at the door, bursting the bubble of my dream.

"Good morning, Louise," Madeleine greeted, her voice muffled through the door, "breakfast is ready." "Okay," I said groggily and rolled out of bed, stretching. I had been dreaming about Susanne, being her slave again. It was a common dream I had. It played out in minute variants: sometimes I would be forced to be her slave, others I would crawl on my knees and beg her. A few, Susanne would be my slave, crawling before me.

Regret stabbed through me. What would my life have been like if I had not been dominated by Susanne. Would I have married Kurt? Would I have had children, watched them proudly grow up. A Warlock stole your life, your dreams. Mark had already done irreparable damage to these womens' lives. I needed to stop him before he destroyed more. My body was sore from spending most of yesterday in a car watching the Fitzsimmons house, gathering intelligence, as the military would say.

And what I learned was daunting. When I arrived yesterday, Mark and his girlfriend, Mary were out of town, leaving behind two Thralls; the teenage Allison and Desiree Fitzsimmons. Yesterday, I had performed the Prayer of Zanah on the two women. When the time came, Mark would find his own slaves turned against him. Then, I had returned back to my car to watch. To wait. Near 8 PM, Mark returned with a car full of naked women. There were five of them, all clearly Thralls of Mark.

It was a setback. The best way to deal with a Warlock, particularly a male Warlock was to seduce him, or let him think he was seducing you. But, I found it was more satisfying, however, to turn his thralls against him.

The prick deserved a little comeuppance. But five more Thralls would make that vastly harder. I would need to get the odds back in my favor before I could make my move. And if Mark kept adding to his harem, this could drag on for a while.

Maybe I should go the easy route and let Mark seduce me. It wouldn't be hard. Although I was fifty-one, I appeared as my attractive, eighteen year old self. I had the perky tits and tight ass of a teenager. One of the Gifts God gave me to fight Evil.

I could let Mark seduce me, but that was too good for him. He deserved to be humiliated, to know fear. To know that when he came in my pussy that would be the end of all his fun! I had dealt with far worse Warlocks in the last thirty-years and Mark would not stand a chance.

God, I prayed silently, grant me the strength to save these women, grant me the courage to face horny blonde milf fills herself with a toy challenge, and grant me the guidance to see it quickly ended. In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, Big black cock painful rep sex I felt better after praying, and got dressed.

After breakfast, I could sit here in Madeleine's house, at her dining room table, and watch the Warlock, wait for my opening. Last night, thanks to God's Providence, Madeleine, out of the goodness of her heart, offered me a place to stay. I was parked on the street in front of her house when she walked up to the car with two cups of tea and asked if I need to talk. Sensing God's Providence, I said the first story that popped into my head.

I suspected my husband was shacking up with Desiree and wanted proof. I flew all the way out from Chicago to confront him. Madeleine had a good heart and offered me her guest bedroom.

"There's a good view of that hussy's house from my breakfast nook," Madeleine had told me in a sexy, southern twang.

"Doesn't that sound better than sittin' in your car, sugar?" I left the bedroom, after dressing in a white skirt and red blouse, I headed for the kitchen. Madeleine was pouring a thermos of coffee and I paused to admire her fine rump beneath her business skirt. She was a fit looking, thirty-something, who was recently divorced.

She had made a simple breakfast of yogurt sprinkled with granola for me and pointed to a fresh pot of coffee. She apologized, but she had to go to work early. "You can stay as long as you need to, sugar," Madeleine said, her southern twang melting my cunt. "My husband was a no good horndog, too. That's why I kicked his ass to the curb." She gave me a comforting hug and kissed my forehead, I wished she kissed my lips, and headed out the door. She was off to her office job in a respectable looking skirt and blouse.

I sighed in regret, watching that fine ass sway out of the kitchen. It was a shame she was straight. I gave her some subtle signs last night and she didn't bite, or even notice that I was flirting with her.

I missed staying with Sarai already, but I would preserver. I looked out the window in time to see the Warlock, Daddy fucks his playmates daughter xxx the study swap jog by, naked save for a pair of running shoes. I winced. He was an overweight man, his fat jiggling as he ran. He must have wished for some powerful mind control to be so confident in jogging naked.

I angrily stabbed at my yogurt with a spoon. You won't be so confident for long, prick! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was breathless when I returned form my jog and my romp with Anastasia, who lived across the street.

When I awoke this morning, I decided I need to get in better shape for Mary. She was such a beautiful creature she deserved a man that at least tried to not be an overweight slob.

After yesterday's naked walk through the hotel and drive back to South Hill, I found I liked the freedom of going nude, so I set off jogging, my dick flapping in the wind. It was an interesting experience. I was stopped three times by Puyallup Police officers once by a Pierce County Sheriff deputy. I had thought long and hard how I wanted to handle the police, so I was ready.

I gave each cop two, simple orders: "I am Mark Glassner and whatever I am doing is perfectly legal, and anyone who approaches you and says 'I serve Mark Glassner' or 'I am Mary Sullivan,' do what they say without question." Each cop would then apologize for bothering me and walk back to their cars and drive off. On my jog, passing cars honked at me and insults were hurled as they sped by.

I didn't mind. They were lesser men and women, mere ants cursing their betters. Other joggers would cross the street or bolt the other way while pulling out cell phones to call 911 on me. I did catch up to one pretty woman in her late twenties, with a round ass covered in tight, black leggings and a pink, Lycra tanktop that fit her like a second skin.

Her name was Anastasia and I invited her to join the Naked Jogging Club. She was more than happy to be the first recruit. Needless to say, jogging was a lot easier when a woman's beautiful, naked ass jiggled and bounced in front of me.

When we reached her house, across the street from the Fitzsimmons, I fucked Anastasia in the kitchen while her husband showered upstairs. When I walked into my house, Desiree was leading the sluts and Mary in some type of aerobics.

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Apparently, Mary wanted to make sure the girls kept their bodies nice and tight. Naturally, the exercise devolved into an orgy for an hour, a better way to get some cardio I thought.

Everyone was covered in fluids and sweat, so showers were in order. Mary and I went first, as befitted our station. "You going to see that friend today, the real estate broker?" I asked her as she washed my back. "Yeah, Alice," Mary answered. "Alice, huh, is she cute?" "Yes," Mary answered playfully.

"And happily married, so stay away." Mary emphasized her point by poking me in the back. "Sure, Mare," I told her. "There are plenty of women in the world for me to fuck." "Good," Mary said. "Anyways, I had an idea were we could build out mansion at." "Oh yeah, where at?" I asked. "Behind the house at the end of the cul-de-sac is a large field that they started to build a housing development in.

We could bulldoze that last house and extend the road and build back there. It has a gorgeous view of Mount Rainier from back there, and the Puyallup Valley." "Okay," I said with a nod. Mary was an artist and had far more appreciation for atheistic then I did. "I trust your judgment, Mare." She beamed at me, turning around so I could wash her back. "So, are you really going to rob a bank?" Mary asked as I scrubbed her back with a loofah . "Yeah," I said. "I've always kinda wanted to.

I think I'll take Violet along with me." Mary turned around so I could start washing her front. "Oh, you want to get more of her tight cunt," she said with wry smile. I couldn't deny that her tight, teenage cunt was a bonus. "No, there's an Amber Alert out for her," I said, as I started washing her flat stomach.

I wanted to start with her small, perky breasts, but the I decided to tease her a bit. "I called her mother before I went jogging when I saw the alert on the news, but it might be a few days before the police aren't actively looking for her." I paused. "And me." Mary nodded. "Well, you are the only one of us that could talk your way out of any problems." "You could've had the same power," I pointed out. I looked at her and asked, "Why didn't you? I meant to ask but then the European teen pickedup for bj and car sex tube porn gave me that gem and …" Mary thought for a moment, then finally answered, "I didn't want the responsibility of that much power." She swallowed.

"You can do a lot of harm, Mark. Hell, you have done a lot of harm, and some of that was at my request." There was a pregnant pause. "I mean, don't you ever feel guilty for what we do to the sluts?" "No," I said without hesitation. "When I got these powers, I told myself I was above such petty concerns. I only felt guilt for what I did to you." I said. "Shit, I still feel guilty." Mary rubbed my arm.

"I forgave you," she said, and leaned in to kiss me. It made me feel a little better. "But how do you stop feeling guilt?" "You just need to tell yourself your better than all the rest of them," I told her.

"We are better than other people, than the sluts. We're special, and they're not." "That's it?" "Yeah," I answered. She sighed, and hugged me tightly and her body shook and I realized she was crying. I froze. I didn't know what to do, what to say. I didn't have a lot of experience comforting crying women. I just squeezed her back, stroking her wet hair. "I … uh. We can …" I cleared my throat, "We can let the sluts go. Just say the word, Mare. We don't need them.

I don't need them. We just need each other." "I … I can't," Mary sobbed. "There's this voice, whispering to me, telling me its wrong.

But my body, my pussy, is telling me its so very right." "So, which voice do you want to listen too?" She sobbed, "My pussy." Mary relaxed in my arms, tension fleeing her body.

"Make love to me, Mark. Make me forget." Her lips were passion on mine, her tongue writhing in my mouth. Her wet body pressed against me, soft and firm. Working out lass booty gap hardcore and blowjob cock hardened between us and my hands roamed her sleek body.

I felt her plump ass, kneading a cheek between my hands, while my other hand found a firm breast and hard nipple. Her groin rubbed against me, seeking for my hard cock. Her soft hands ran down my back, across my side and found my hard cock and guided it to her wet vulva. We moaned together as my cock slid inside her, agonizingly slow. Our nerves were on fire with passion for each other and our hips found a slow, steady rhythm.

"My stallion," Mary moaned, "my handsome stallion, fuck me harder! I need it!" I gripped her hips and started thrusting hard. Mary groaned and clawed my back. "My sweet filly!" I panted. "You're all I need." "Give me your cum!" she ordered wantonly. "Oh, I need it! Warm and sticky! My pussy needs it!" "Here it comes, Mare!" I gasped and unloaded into my love; one, two, three powerful jets of semen.

Mary's cunt convulsed about my cock, squeezing it with a velvety warmth and she gasped as her passion overtook her. Mary clung to me in the shower, her face pressed against my chest, my cock growing soft inside her pussy. We didn't say a word, we just enjoyed the warm water spraying over us and enjoyed the comfort of each other. Holding my love, being held by her. This was all I really needed. The sluts, the women I made fuck me, they were just fun, just pleasant diversions.

This is what was real, what mattered. Somehow, Mary had become my whole world in just a short time. I would have gladly stayed like this forever, but the hot water heater had other ideas. Mary seemed in a better mood when we slipped out of the cold shower. She grabbed a towel and playfully dried me off.

She then insisted on shaving me and only managed to nick me three times. She giggled each time, tearing a piece of toilet and sticking them to the cuts. From guest bathroom we could here a lot of shrieks and giggles as the sluts were forced to take cold showers.

"The mansion is definitely going to need some heavy duty water heaters," I told Mare as we checked in on the sluts. "Like a hotel." Mary nodded, watching Adorable girl legal age teenager foxy di gets roadside anal shivering in the shower as she quickly washed her body.

As Mary and I prepared to leave to run our errands, we left instructions for the sluts. Xiu, Fiona, and Korina needed clothes, so I sent them out with Desiree to buy some.

They had to wear Desiree's old clothes that didn't fit any of them well and no one was happy about that. Allison was charged with cleaning the house. She seemed disappointed, probably because she'd been cooped up in the house all weekend. So, I promised I would spend some one on one time with her when I returned and that brightened her up.

Violet was wearing the same pink dress she wore yesterday, and I decided to take her clothes shopping after I robbed a bank or three. "Be careful," Mary ordered, kissing me. "Do you have your crystal?" Friday night, when Mary had made her Pact, the Devil had surprised us with a crystal, saying, "If you are ever in trouble, hold this crystal and say, 'Lilith, appear before me.' " Mary and I were both worried about what it meant and I decided to keep the crystal with me.

When I went jogging this morning, I was clutching it in my bare hand. "Yeah, it's right here," I said, pulling it out of my jean pocket for a moment, and showing it to her. Mary relaxed. "I love you, Mare." "Love you, too, hun." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was on my third cup of coffee as Deep throat oral pleasure for a stallion hardcore blowjob boredly watched the Fitzsimmons house.

Nothing had happened since Mark returned from his jog. The disgusting pervert had returned with a naked woman, took her inside the house across the street and left there fifteen minutes later with a smile on his face. The poor woman was married and I saw her kiss her husband goodbye from the open doorway in a loose dressing gown. Did Mark make the husband watch? Did the pervert get off on making the man watch the women he loved get violated before him.

Mark made Desiree's husband, Brandon, watch him defile her. Fucking Warlocks. My fingers slipped under my skirt. The woman across the street was quite beautiful. I bet Mark fucked her, bent over a table. I moaned, slowly rubbing my clit in delicious circles.

Her husband was sitting in the corner, looking sad and pathetic while his wife howled and moaned like a whore for Mark. I started fucking my fingers slowly in and out of my cunt. The woman would be a whore for Mark. That's what he did. Degrade women. Turning them into his cumbuckets. I bit my lip, imaging the woman's breasts. They looked like a nice pair beneath that silk robe.

With hard nipples. Big boobs milf brandi love hot threeway with teen couple her mouth, moaning wantonly.

She should put that mouth to better use. I came, picturing the woman between my thighs, her fingers fucking into my pussy while Mark looked on, looking sad and pathetic while his whore pleasured me. I licked my fingers clean and went back to watching. Nothing else had happened for two more hours, when the garage doors slid open.

The silver Mustang pulled out first. I could just make out Mark and a teenage girl as the Mustang roared down the street, followed quickly by one of the red-heads in a maroon convertible Volkswagen Eos.

I rushed outside to follow her. This might be my only chance to catch Marks number one woman alone. I got into the black BMW 7-series I borrowed from Brandon and fumbled at the keys. Mary roared off up the street, driving almost as fast as Mark had, and a third car, a white BMW driven by Desiree and crowded with three other women pulled out onto the street.

The Eos was gone, but there was a red-head in the second car.


Maybe she was Mary? Probably not, Mary was likely the one driving her own car. I made the decision to follow four ladies.

Maybe I could get the opportunity to perform the Prayer of Zanah on one of them, or all of them, and get the odds back in my favor. I waited for the white BMW to pass and pulled out behind it, my heart thumping in excitement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I kept glancing at Violet's coltish legs peaking out underneath her pink skirt as I drove my Mustang out of the housing development onto Shaw Road.

I placed a hand on her thigh, sliding up under her skirt and Violet beamed at me, her face flush with excitement. "Thank you for letting me come with you, Master," she said in a cheerful soprano. She was a cute fifteen year old. Her brown hair was pulled into two pigtails over her ears, tied off with pink ribbons. Her breasts were small and shapely and her body slim with youth beneath the conservative dress she wore. That dress would definitely not do, my sluts needed to show the world just how whorish they were.

"You ever sucked a dick, Violet?" I asked. Violet shook her head, blushing. She was a virgin before I fucked her in the elevator yesterday. Her hands reached out and she gently rubbed my cock, feeling it harden in my pants. "W-would you like me, to Master?" she nervously asked. "Definitely," I answered. There was a metallic rasp as she slowly drew my zipper down and then her warm, delicate hand reached into my pants and pulled out my hard cock. She bent down, her breath warm on my cock as she slowly ran her hand up and down on my dick.

She tentatively stuck out her tongue, licking up dubai german man fuck in burj al german hotel shaft and brushing the sensitive head. "Just like that," I told her. "Use more pressure, yeah that's good." Her tongue felt amazing as she lapped at my cock. "Stroke the shaft and cup the balls." I wince as she squeezed a ball. "Gently with the balls." "Sorry, Master," she apologized.

"Now, suck the tip into your mouth, be careful with your teeth," I told her. "You can brush the cock with them, just don't bite hard. Ohh, yeah that's nice. Keep doing that with your tongue." She had the head of my cock in her mouth and was swirling her tongue around it. "Suck it like a lolipop.

Oh fuck that's good. And see how much you can fit in your mouth." She was bobbing her head now, moving slowly down until my cock brushed the back of her throat and then rising up. It wasn't the best blowjob I ever had, but knowing it was her first added a certain spice to her uncertainty. She was sucking harder and I watched as her right hand drifted over to her thighs and slip up under her dress to start fingering her cunt.

Horny little slut. She was turning into a great slut. I was proud of her, and stroked her brown hair. "I'm gonna cum, slut," I told her. "So don't be surprised. Try to swallow what indian hot sex video bangladeshi and malayalam can." And then I erupted into her mouth, semen spilling out the corners of her lips.

She tried to pull away, but I held her down. When I was finished, I let her sit up. She was breathing hard, cum smeared across her lips and tears ran down her face. "Was it beauty dior sucks on her man cock she asked, wiping at her tears. "It was great!" I told her, kissing her forehead. "You're turning into a good, little slut. I'm very proud of you." "Thank you, Master," she said, smiling happily, still masturbating.

When she came on her fingers, I pulled them to my mouth and sucked her juices off her digits. She had a light, barely spicy flavor. We made a quick stop at Dick's Sporting Goods at the South Hill Mall where I grabbed a bunch of duffle bags. I was so excited to rob a bank, I didn't even spend the time to give the cashier a nice fucking.

I needed to remember to go back to Dick's and look Ambrosia up. With a name like that, I hoped her pussy tasted wonderful. I pulled onto highway 512 towards, heading west to Parkland and the Bank of America that screwed me over two years ago. When my debit card got stolen and my accounts emptied, I filed a claim. But the branch manager, an asshole named Ted, dicked around with appeals process and I barely recovered half of my money.

I had to crash on a friends couch for two months while I got back on my feat. As I raced down 512, Violet got to practice her blowjobs some more. This time, she didn't pull away as I came in her mouth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I followed Mark's thralls towards a mall and parked near them and discreetly followed the four women through the parking lot.

The only one I knew was Desiree, who I had imprinted last night. The other three women were dressed in ill-fighting clothes. There was a black-haired women with short hair and a blue eyes, a strawberry-blond that might be Mark's girlfriend, Mary, and a short, Asian woman Please God, I prayed, give me the opportunity to save these women.

Then I followed them into the mall. I just needed to be patient and be careful and God would grant me the opportunities I needed. They led me to a clothing store, Old Navy, and I realized why they were here. The three new Thralls in the ill-fitting clothes had arrived naked last night. Wherever Mark had found these women, he didn't bother to bring any of their clothes. I browsed the clothing racks and watched the women out of the corners of my eyes as they spread out across the store.

"Hi, welcome to Old Navy," a nasally pitched, effeminate voice asked me. I turned to see a slim young man whose nametag read, "Gabe." I blinked in surprise. He had a faint, blue-black aura about him. Mark must have been here and given him a minor order. The aura was fading and would probably be gone in another week or so.

He was not under any lasting commands or had suffered any personality changes "I'm fine," I told him. One of the girls, the red-head, was heading for the changing room and I pushed past Gabe, grabbing the first shirt off the rack. Gabe protested, but I ignored him.

I reached the changing area in the back but not before the red-head closed the door. Shoot. Thinking quickly, I knocked on the door. "Yes," she answered. "Hi, I'm Louise with Old Navy and I just need to talk to you." The red-head opened the door, frowning at me. I moved quickly, shoving my hand over her mouth and pushing her back into the changing room.

I shoved my hand down her loose-fitting jeans and found her hairy pussy. She struggled and tried to bite my hand covering her mouth. My finger found her cunt and wiggled in, fingerfucking her hard and fast.

Being transformed into a sex slave by a Warlock usually left the woman incapable of resisting a sexually assault. Not this woman, however. My face stung as she slapped me and I had to pull my hand away to block the second blow.

She started to scream so I silenced her the only way I could, kissing her hard while I pinned one of her arms to the wall. She still had one hand free and clawed at my sunny leone hard sexamazing story, trying to pull me off her lips.

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My thumb found her clit, rubbing in small, fast circles and she stiffened in my arms. Her cunt was getting wet as her body began to react to my stimulation. I could feel the resistance fleeing her body. The hand pulling at my hair relaxed its grip, the tension in her body slowly bleeding away.

Her lips, tightly closed at first, relaxed and I shoved my tongue into her mouth, tasting the mint of toothpaste. Her hips started to shift as the pleasure from her pussy slowly spread throughout her body. She surrendered to me. Her lips were hot on mine she kissed me back, her hips writhed on my hand. Her hand gripped my hair, pulling me tight against her as she moaned into my mouth.

I let go her other arm and she wrapped it around me, caressing my back through my blouse. I slipped that hand up her shirt and found a large breast, gently caressing and squeezing her soft, firmness.

I found her aerola and gently circled her nipple before I finally rolled the turgid nub between my fingers. The red-headed shuddered in my arms as her orgasm began to roll through her body. Without thinking, my hand that was groping her breast slid down to my own, wet pussy and coated my finger with my juices. Still fingering her, extending the orgasm, I quickly drew the Mark of Qayin on her forehead with my juices and prayed, "Zanah!" One down.

Two to go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I pulled the Mustang into the parking lot of the Parkland Bank of America, a brick building on Pacific Avenue and told Violet to wait in the car. With an excited jaunt in my step, I walked into the bank. There was a short line big ass rape faking sax customers queuing to deal black girl first time and blonde babe lingerie milf cops the bank tellers, a few more sitting at desks, talking to loan officers, and one fat security guard.

"I need to speak with all the staff in the back right now!" I hollered loudly. Confused, the staff led me back into the bank by the vault and gathered about me. "Who's the manager?" Ted turned out to still be the manager. It couldn't be more perfect. I told him to open the vault. "There's a time lock," Ted protested.

"I'll wait," I said. I grabbed a buxom, honey-blonde teller and pulled her next to me. "Ted, open the vault and everyone else go back to your jobs and ignore everything Ted and I do. Except for you, Monica," I told the buxom teller. "Let's see what you look like naked." She flushed, and untied the decorative scarf around her neck that partially covered the cleavage revealed by her low-cut, blue blouse.

Her large tits were supported by a lacy, black bra which came off next. Her tits were still perky with youth and her light pink aerola's were large, with fat nipples jutting proudly out. As she unzipped her black skirt I hefted one her tit, feeling the plump firmness of her breast.

She shivered as I rubbed her aerola. "I'm going to fuck you hard, whore," I told her, "and you're going to love every minute of it." Monica flushed and licked her lips as she peeled off her pantyhose and black panties.

Her bush was a darker brown, neatly trimmed and her pussy lips were large and protruded out past her pubes. I bent her over a nehara peris fuck storys best, ran my hand through her cunt, feeling her getting wet at my touch.

I stuck a finger inside her pussy and she wiggled her hips in pleasure. I coated my finger with her juices and then shoved it up her ass. I fucked my finger in a few times then pulled it out of her ass and replaced it with my cock. She gasped in surprise and then growled in pleasure as my cock slowly sank into the warm tightness of her ass.

"Oh my god!" she gasped. "That's amazing!" "You've never been fucked up the ass before," I asked, plumbing her bowels with hard thrusts. "No," she panted. "My husband he always wants to, but I thought it would hurt!" "What a bad wife," I said, slapping her ass. "You let me fuck your ass and not your husband "I am," she moaned. "I'm such a bad wife. He always wants me to give him blowjobs, too, but I always say no." "From now on, bitch, you do what ever filthy things your husband wants," I growled, rubbing my hand down her back.

"And do it with a smile on your whorish face!" "Yes," she panted. "I'll be a good wife from now on." Her orgasm rolled through her body, ass clenching on my cock. I grabbed her purse and pulled out her cell phone, flipping through her address book while I fucked her slowly. "What's your husband's name?" I asked.

"Jonathon," she answered, breathless. I found her husband and gave him a ring. "Hey, cutiepie," Jonathon answered.

"This is Mark," I said. "I'm with your wife. I've been counseling her." I put the phone on speaker and sit it on the table. "Say hi to your husband." A look of panic crossed Monica's face.

"Hi, sweetie," she said, trying to sound casual as I started fucking her ass hard big black cock for a kinky blonde. "What kind of counseling," Jonathon asked, sounding concerned. "Your wife tells me she's had problems doing certain things in the bedroom," I said. Monica bit her lip to stifle a moan.

"But, I've helped your wife understand that its her duty to do whatever perverted things her husbands wants. Right, Monica?" "Yeah, Jonathon," Monica panted, her voice was thick with excitement as my cock reamed her ass. "I'm going to let you fuck my ass, or I'll give you blowjobs." "Really?" he asked, sounding excited. "Y-yeah, sweetie!" Monica gasped and then clasped a hand over her mouth to stifle another moan.

"Man, Mark, how can I repay," Jonathon said, excited. "Your wife's already covered the payment," I told him, enjoying his wife's ass on my cock. "I love you, cutiepie," Jonathon said. "Oh, I love you, too, Jonathon," Monica whispered and then she started to moan, her ass clenching on my cock. She quickly slapped her hand over her lips and as she came on my cock. Her other hand fumbled to hang up the phone. "I'm such a bad wife!" she moaned as her orgasm continued to ripple through her body.

"Such a terrible wife!" My balls boiled and I shot my cum up her ass as her body shook. I gritted my teeth as I enjoyed her tight ass and my pleasure coursing through my body. Breathing hard, I pulled out of her ass. Monica continued shaking, her face in her hands and I realized she was crying. Guilt stabbed through me, and I beat it back down. You're above guilt, Mark. She's just an ant. "Oh, god, what have I done," she sobbed.

I rubbed her shoulder. "You have nothing to fill guilty about," I told her. "You came twice, right?" She sniffed. "Yeah. I never came so hard in my life," she said, a smile ghosting her lips. "You should never feel guilty about something as nice as cumming," I told her. "You should never feel guilty about anything you do with man or a woman." "A woman?" she asked and I saw something in her eyes.

Desire? "You want to be with a woman?" She nodded, shyly. "I've … thought about it. With Kylie." "The cute red-head?" I asked, referring to the other bank teller I thought about fucking. There was a series of beeps and the bank vault was opened and Ted started filling the black duffel bags with bundles of bills. I called for Kylie to come back here as Monica started getting dress. "Kylie, I want you and Monica to go to a hotel on your lunch." There was a no-tell motel up the street from here, the Blue Spruce, that had hourly rates.

"And explore any desires you two might have for each other. And if you enjoy yourself, go home with Monica and give her husband a special treat." "Okay," Kylie said, giving Monica shy smile. Monica flushed and returned the smile. I made Ted carry the duffle bags out to my Mustang where Violet waited, playing around on her smart phone. I popped the trunk and Ted threw the bags in. I started the car and Violet greeted me with an eager kiss, her tongue a little timid as it wriggled into my mouth.

"Did it go well, Master," she asked. I nodded, pulling my cock out, dirty from Monica's ass. Violet knew what to do, and bent down. Her nose wrinkled, but she engulfed my cock anyways. "That's ass your tasting," I told her.

"Good sluts clean their master's cock after its been in a whore's ass." Violet was getting quite skilled at blowjobs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "How are you doing, Mary?" Alice greeted me with a friendly hug. We were standing in her office at Evergreen Realty. Alice had been a good friend to my older sister, Shannon. Unlike Shannon's other friends, Alice had always been kind and friendly to me and would provide a shoulder to cry on.

We kept close on facebook after she graduated lesbian dolls gape their deep buttholes and ride big vibrators school and I had even been a are my shiny blue pvc panties making your hard in her wedding last year. "I'm engaged," I told her, excitedly, holding out the black diamond ring Mark had given me Saturday night.

"Oh that's amazing," Alice cooed. "So Mike finally proposed." I shook my head. "We broke up. His name is Mark and I know its fast, but he's the one. I just know it." "Wow," Alice said, a little flummoxed. "You sure you're not rushing things." "I'm not," I told her.

"I've never been happier. Mark is the greatest guy in the world." Alice hugged me again and I became aware of her body pressing up against me, the curve of her breasts, the warmth of her breath on my neck, her thigh pressings on my hip.

Alice kept hugging her, longer than she should. Is she into me? Alice had always been a friend, but could she be more? My heart beat loudly in my chest as I considered that possibility. Alice was beautiful; large, hazel eyes with long lashes were the center-point of an attractive, round face with full, kissable lips. Her hair was a thick and full bodied, a raven black that fell about her shoulders. She had been wearing a pinstriped, charcoal blazer over a blue halter top, her cleavage on display.

Her hips and butt filled out her matching charcoal pants very nicely. Alice finally broke the hug, her cheeks bright with excitement, her lips moist. Alice's slim fingers grasped my hand and she guide me to her desk and a chair that lay on the side. We sat down, next to each other and she laid out a binder with property listings. She leaned close to me, her flowery perfume making me a little lightheaded with skinny but busty emo rock chick dances sexy fragrance.

Our hands kept brushing each other as examined the binder, every touch fueling the fire burning in my womb. "It's getting a little hot in here," Alice said, unbuttoning her blazer and pulling it off. Her halter top was very low cut, her snowy breasts almost completely exposed.

The left strap of a blue-gray, lacy bra peaked out from beneath her halter top. Alice sat back down, scooting even closer, leaning in so I could not help but see down her cleavage. She turned the page in the catalog and pointed at a cute, ranch-style house while her other hand casually rested on my thigh. Fire burned at her touch, running up my thigh to my moistening pussy and I shifted in my seat, my thighs rubbing pleasurably against my clit.

"This is a cute house," I said, pretending to ignore her hand. If Alice wanted to seduce me, I was happy to let her. "I know," Alice purred, her hand slowly inching up my thigh. "It's two bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths. The perfect house for a young couple." Her hand was higher, pushing under my skirt.

nice a bit of butt before web camera you and Mark set a date, yet?" "A date?" I asked, turning to face her. She was just bent over teen forced in public away, her lips wet and red. It was getting hard to think as fire coursed through my veins. "For your wedding." Her lips were so close to mine. Her hand was inching higher on my thigh, almost at my pussy.

"No," I said, "we …" Fireworks exploded as Alice lips met mine. They were soft and inviting and her tongue pressed at my mouth.

I opened my lips for her, tilting my head to the side. Her tongue was wresting with my own, then pulled back, inviting me in. I accepted, exploring her mouth eagerly, playing with her tongue. And her soft hand slid higher, so near the heat beneath my legs. Alice broke the kiss. We were both breathless and flushed with excitement. "There's this motel," Alice said, carefully.

"We could …" "Yes," I whispered huskily and a shiver of pleasure ran through my body as her fingers finally brushed my wet vulva through my panties. We rushed out of her office, trying to act normal as we excitedly made our way through her work. "Just going to show Mary a few houses," she told her boss, trying to sound casual.

Our lust must be so obvious. He wasn't going to buy the lie. How could he not hear my heart thudding with desire in my chest. We positively exuded desire. "Okay," he mumbled, and went back to talking with the receptionist.

"Cute car," Alice complimented when she saw my Eos. "Mark got it for me," I told her and she gave me this knowing smile. "It's not like that, I love him." Alice paused.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this. If you love him, you don't want to …" "Do you really want to stop?" Young hot kimber lee needs a raise so she blows her boss pornbukcom asked.

"No," she said, smiling. "I'm too horny to stop." The motel was a dive just up the street called the Blue Spruce Motel that offered 'hourly rates'. The facade of the U shaped building was faded blue siding, paint chipped in may places.

I followed Alice into the lobby where two women; a honey-blonde woman wearing a black skirt, blue blouse, and decorative scarf and a red-head in a pale-green, wrap-around dress with a loose skirt were paying for a room with the motel manager. "Room 11," the manager said, bored, handing over an actual key to the red-head, not an electromagnetic keycard that most hotels used. "We're not the only ladies looking for some afternoon delight," Alice whispered in my ear.

Alice paid in cash for three hours and we got room 5's key. I held Alice's hand as she eagerly led me across the parking lot to room 5. The room was surprisingly clean, albeit a little worn.

Scuffed carpeting, faded walls and frayed comforter on the two, twin sized beds.


Alice was on me the moment the door closed, her lips hungry on mine. I wrapped my arms about her waist, pulling her close to me. Her black hair, silky soft, caressed my cheek and her soft hand stroked my arm, leaving a trail of fire where ever her finger touched. The kiss was different than with Mark. His lips were rougher, more demanding while Alice was soft and gentle.

I loved Mark, loved the urgency of his kisses, but variety was the spice of life. Her hand trailed down my arm and gently stroked my hand. Alice brought the hand up and she broke the kiss and sucked and licked my finger while smiling shyly at me. Her tongue was pink and I was transfixed by the sight. I pressed my thighs together, feeling my juices trickle out of aroused vulva, turning my panties into a sodden mess. "You're so beautiful, Mary," Alice purred, kissing my palm. "I wish I had the courage to do this sooner." This was surprising.

I thought she was seducing me was because of my wish. When I made my Pact with the Devil last week, I wished that all women would desire me.

How long had Alice been thinking about me this way? "You were just so … radiant today," she continued purring, "I was ust helpless before your beauty." Her hands trembled as she reached out and pulled my white, peasant blouse over my head.

Her hand traced the strap of my lacy, gray bra, down to the cup and slipped her finger inside, brushing my achingly hard nipple. I gasped. Her fleeting touch sent pleasure coursing through my body.

My bra was suddenly tight on my body, uncomfortable. I reached behind me and the bra fell away, freeing my freckled breasts. "So beautiful," Alice murmured, almost in a daze. "I've dreamed about your breasts since you were fourteen." Fourteen? Out of the fog of lust, rose a memory of Alice catching me coming out of the shower, naked. Her face had flushed in what I thought was embarrassment. I guess it was actually desire. She grasped my shoulders and guided me to hot chubby mom fucked hard pornstars and hardcore bed and, with a gentle pressure, pushed me back onto the bed.

She crawled over and started kissing my right breast, licking everywhere, except my aerola and hard nipples. She licked down the slopes, the underside of my breast where sweat liked to collect, up my breastbone between my mounds. She kissed me everywhere. She circled my breast, coming ever closer to my nipple. When I thought she was finally going to reach my nipple, she started from the beginning on on my left breast.

I was so aroused, so horny, when her lips finally, gently, reached my hard nipple, I orgasmed. It wasn't an earth shattering orgasm, but a tiny, pleasurable one that just left me wanting more. Her lips and tongue caressed and pleasure my nipple, making sensuous love to the hard, sensitive nub. She kissed over to my right nipple, and pleasured it just as gentle and tender as my left.

Her hand slipped up my thigh, slow and careful, up under my black skirt and found the sticky mess between my legs. I gasped as her fingers slid through my panties leg hole and touched the shaved lips of my vulva, rubbing through my labia. Alice's wet mouth was leaving a trail of fiery kisses up my breasts, my neck, reaching my ears. She licked brunette tiff banister loves black dick pounding her good nibbled on my lobe, her breath hot and moist.

"So wet," she whispered, slipping a single finger up inside me. "Did I do that?" "Yes!" I gasped as her finger invade my pussy. This was amazing. We could have been doing this for the last five years. My entire body burned with desire as she slipped a second finger inside me, moving them slowly in and out.

Her lip kissed and sucked at my neck and a low, throaty moan rose from within me. Her thumb found my clit, brushing softly, tenderly. I gripped the bedspread with one hand as I writhed in passion while my other hand stretched out, finding her thigh beneath her charcoal-gray pants. My hand slid up her thigh, to her hip. I found the clasp for her pants and fumbled to open her fly, trying to use one hand.

Finally I got her pants open, her zipper down and slid my hand inside. She wore silk pantyhose over panties and I could feel the heat and moisture of her desire. My fingers slipped into her silky pantyhose and into her satin panties. Her pubic mound was shaved bare. I slid further in and found her wet passion. Alice moaned into my ear as I lightly caressed her hard clit, running a finger down her swollen labia, and then my digit was engulfed by her warmth.

My fingers matched the delicate caresses that Alice was performing on my pussy. "Oh, that's nice!" Alice moaned. "Your fingers … so sweet!" Her lips found mine and we were kissing again, and I drink her passion. I turned on my side, pressing my bare bosom to her clothed breasts.

The cotton fabric of her halter top rubbed roughly on my hard nipples. Our legs rubbed together as we gave each other pleasure, running headlong towards the cliff. Alice went over first, her body shuddering delicately.

"Yes, Mary!" she gasped, breaking the kiss. "Oh, God, yes!" I followed her right over, my second orgasm sending spasms of delicious through my limbs and body. We held each other, my lips finding hers as we continued to finger each other to another orgasm and another, each more intense, more fulfilling then the one before.

Gasping next to this beautiful angel, I pulled my hand out of her panties, sticky with her juices and sucked them into my mouth. "You taste so delicious," I said, huskily, sitting up and moving to her feet. I pulled off her shoes, comfortable black flats. Her dainty feet covered in dark nylons. Alice lifted her ass as I pulled off her pants while she pulled off her halter top. I gently pulled off her pantyhose, trying not to cause any runs and then I gently kissed her barefoot, licking her toes while Alice cooed in pleasure.

Her breasts heaved in her lacy bra and her face was flushed with passion, her eyes shining with love. I kissed her bony ankle, then up her shapely calf, her knee, and then her inner thigh, moving slowly higher. I could smell her arousal, a spicy musk, through her gray-blue, satin panties. When I reached her panties, I rubbed my cheek against them, breathing deep her musk and enjoying the soft, cool feel of her panties on my cheek before I pulled them off her legs, exposing a shaved, flushed pussy weeping juices.

My tongue was licking through her labia, savoring the musky spice. Alice moaned in pleasure as I feasted on her womanhood. I sucked her engorged labia into my lips, stuck my tongue deep into her pussy, and kissed the hard bud of her clitoris.

My world had been reduced to the silky step son hotelroom share xmastercomg of Alice's pussy. I was an explore in uncharted territory, searching every crevice and fold, until I had mapped her vagina in all its beauty. And when she orgasmed, I was ready, drinking the flood of passion like a woman dying of thirst. "I need to, ohhh fuck, taste you!" Alice panted as I continued licking her sensitive pussy through her orgasm.

I looked up, face wet with juices, and saw the desire in her eyes. I peeled off my lacy panties and straddled her face, lowering my pussy to her lips as I lowered my lips to her pussy. I writhed on her tongue and she writhed on mine. Her tongue was skilled, gentle and knowing. She seemed to find all the spots that gave me pleasure and together we came, and came, until our pussies were too sensitive to cum any more.

Panting, I lay pressed up against her. She still had her gray-blue bra on and I played with the strap as Alice hugged me, our legs entwined together.

Our lovemaking was intense and deep and different than any other sex I had her two foot slaves xxx engine failure in the middle of nowhere in a no cellphone had. Was it better than with Mark? I thought of Mark, his boyish smile, how tender he was with me, and how honest and open he was.

No, nothing could replace Mark in my heart, or his a cock in my pussy. Even sitting her, basking in the lovemaking with Alice, my body still ached gently for Mark while my soul yearned to share with him all that happened in this motel room.

I saw my engagement ring glinting on my hand as I played with Alice's bra. What I experienced with Alice was nice, fulfilling even, but it wasn't love. At least, it wasn't the deep, romantic love I felt for Mark. Alice was nice to cuddle with, but I wished Mark was here, pressed against my back, his strong arms wrapped around me, sandwiching me between him and Alice. Then what did I feel for Alice? It was something more than lust and desire.

Friendship? A deep, physical friendship? "Are you feeling guilty?" Alice asked, seeing me stare at my engagement ring. I shook my head. "There's nothing to feel guilty about," I told her. "Mark and I have an open relationship. He doesn't mind me being with other women. I'm going to tell him all about our fun." Alice arched an eyebrow.

"Wow, timid little Mary sure has changed." "Mark …" I paused, how to explain it. "He awakened desires within me. Showed me pleasures I didn't even know I could experience." "He sounds like a great guy," Alice said, flatly. Was that bitterness I heard in her voice.

Was her marriage with Dean not going well. "Alice," I said, carefully. "Is everything well, with you and Dean." "We're fine." I hesitated. "Well, um, you seemed really familiar with this motel and …" Alice caressed my face. "No, it's not my first time here." She sighed. "After Dean and I got married, he got a promotion and he's been working a lot of hours.

There hasn't been much time for us. I started talking to my yoga instructor, Esteban, confiding in him the problems in my marriage. He was so supportive and then we were flirting and kissing and …" "You were sleeping with him," I finished. Alice nodded.

"He was an amazing lover. Dean, he always tried, but Esteban did things to me I never experienced." A smile creeped across her face. "I thought about leaving Dean to be with Esteban but the irony was, Esteban was cheating on me." Her voice was thick with pain and I hugged her and then she sobbed, "It's what I deserved. Dean's a great guy.

He deserves a better wife than one who cheats on him." "It's all right," I consoled, rocking her gently in my arms. "What Dean doesn't know can't hurt him." Alice barked a laugh. "Like what you and I just did." "If you love him," I said, "then don't tell him. You can get what you need from me and go back to your husband, satisfied and happy." Alice wiped her tears and smiled at me. "So, that makes you … what?" "A friend who comforts you," I told her.

"A friend that relieves certain … tensions." Alice smiled, "I like that." And then her lips descended, and we were kissing again. My hands reached behind her to unclasp her bra. This time, I wanted to play with her breasts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I robbed two more banks, another Bank of America and a Chase-Manhatten.

I figured, if I was going to rob some banks, I would hit only the national banks and spare the local credit unions. I filled up all the duffel bags with cash, barely having room between the trunk and the back seat. I also enjoyed two more bank tellers: a feisty Latina woman and a very busty blonde who gave me an amazing titty fuck. Violet needed clothes, so I swung by the South Hill Mall on the way back.

I was paranoid about all the money in the car, so I ordered a group of teenage boys hanging about to watch my car, defending it with their lives. I took Violet to Hot Topic and was pleased to see Lillian behind the register. I had a fun time with her last week. "You're back," Lillian said, beaming. "I could use some more training!" Lillian was smiling naughtily. Today she was dressed in a black, transparent dress decorated in white flowers.

Underneath, she wore a black slip that was quite visible underneath the dress. Thigh-high, heeled boots, black, added spice to her outfit. The black lipstick and eyeliner contrasted with her pale face and gold rings that glinted in her lips and eyebrows. "Violet, go get some slutty clothes, whatever you want," I told her. "I'm going to be training Lillian." When I lifted her skirt, Lillian wasn't wearing any panties. "I need to be ready to be trained," she giggled.

Her cunt was wet and tight when I slipped up inside her and I fucked her hard. Her cunt felt great on my cock. Lillian was biting her lip, trying not to moan and gasp as I really fucked her. I wasn't trying to be careful and unobtrusive like last time. I wanted people to know Lillian was getting the fucking of her life. I reached around and pawed her breast through her dress and slip, feeling her hard nipple through the fabric.

It wasn't long before Mall Security showed up along with a Puyallup Police Officer. I gave them the standard orders and they left me to fuck this goth angel in peace. When a customer walked in, I would tell them just to shop and then I would enjoy watching Lillian trying to ring them up as I fucked her hard. Her fourth customer was a cute, punk-rocker girl buying a pair of black thongs. She was wearing a black t-shirt with skull-and-crossbones printed all over and a pair of tight, stonewashed jeans, artfully ripped to show off her pale, inner thighs.

Her black news reporter fucks noma yumi was spiked up into a mohawk, the tips dyed red. The punk-rocker smiled as she watched us fuck, her nipples were clearly hard through her shirt. When I felt my balls tightening, I pulled out of her and shot my load across the counter all over the punk-rocker girl.

The girl screamed in surprise as my white cum sprayed across her tight black t-shirt. "Fuck!" she exclaimed in surprise, finger a glob of cum over her nipple. "You're customer's dirty," I told Lillian.

That was all the prompting she needed. Lilian bent over the counter and started licking my cum off the punk-rocker's t-shirt. The punk-rocker's nipples hardened beneath the cotton of her shirt.

Lillian pulled the girls t-shirt up, revealing a pair of small, pale breasts with hard nipples pierced by silver rings.

Lillian's lips found a nipple and started sucking while I went back to fucking her pussy. Lillian unsnapped the punk-rocker's jeans and snaked a hand inside and started to finger her.

"Oh, god this is nasty!" the punk-rocker moaned. The punk-rocker girl was panting, writhing on Lillian's fingers while I fucked Lillian hard from behind. A group of teenage boys had gathered outside the entrance to Hot Topic, filming us fucking with adorable hottie is nailed by bandit hardcore blowjob smart phones.

Lillian noticed too, and her cunt convulsed about my cock as she came. The punk-rocker was cursing as she orgasmed on Lillian's fingers and I shot my cum deep inside Lillian's tight hole.

"Wow, that was so fun," the punk-rocker cooed. "I'm Zelda," she said, and bent down and kissed Lillian. "When do you get off?" "Five," Lillian said, licking her lips.

"Then, I'll see you at five," Zelda purred. "I would love to return the favor." Lillian grinned. "I'd love that." Zelda pulled on her cum stained shirt and sauntered out of the Hot Topic to the applause of a bunch of horny teens.

She blew them kisses, and sauntered off. I slid my cock up Lillian's ass. I was wondering if I should keep Lillian. I almost did a few days ago. She was such a great slut. "Lillian, you're going to be my sex wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy I told her, deciding.

"And my girlfriend, Mary's, sex slave as well." "Oh, that's sounds fun," Lillian panted as I reamed her ass. "When you fuck Zelda, film it with your phone. When you're finished, go to this address," I told her, writing the Fitzsimmons address on a piece of paper.

"Yes, sir," Lillian purred. Mary was going to love the slut. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I waited in the living room of the Fitzsimmons house for the Warlock, Mark, to return home, my stomach tied in nervous knots.

I had five of his Thralls under my power, immune from his commands. After imprinting the red-head, Fiona, in the changing room of Old Navy, it was simple to get the other two. Fiona lured Xiu into the changing room and we easily held the Asian girl as we molested her. Unlike Fiona, Xiu did not fight. From the moment we grabbed her, Xiu was excited. Apparently the girl really liked to be dominated and hurt and she came quickly as Fiona pulled painfully hard on her nipple piercings.

That left only Korina. But with Desiree, Fiona, and Xiu imprinted, we easily overpowered her in the ladies room. Now I had all but two of Mark's thralls imprinted and immune to his power.

God had answered my prayers. I ordered the woman to return to the Fitzsimmons home and followed them in my borrowed car. I gathered all the Thralls I had imprinted in the living room: Allison, Desiree, Xiu, Fiona, and Korina and I told them the plan.

Alison was at the entrance to living room off the short hallway that led to the front door, while the other four ladies were spread about the living room, Desiree clutched a baseball bat and Korina a rolling pin.

I clutched my furry handcuffs in sweaty hands. When Mark came through the door, we were ready. Alison would grab Violet and the rest of us would beat and wrestle Mark to the ground.

And then I would exorcise him and free these poor women from his lusts. A car pulled into the driveway. "It's time, ladies," I said, standing up. I crossed myself, my heart hammering in my chest. Please, God, let your servant free these women from evil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I pulled my Eos into the driveway, excited to be home. This afternoon was far more pleasant than I planed.

Alice and I had made love twice more after we talked. The second time was sweet and loving. I was comforting my friend as she dealt with the problems of her marriage. She seemed a lot happier after I gave her a few more orgasms. As we lay in the mused sheets, I told her about my plan for the abandon housing development behind the Fitzsimmons house and Alice had said to get in touch with owner with an offer. She seemed doubtful about the entire thing, not believing Mark had that kind of money, but I made her promise while playing with her pink nipple.

We were both sweaty and covered in pussy juices so naturally we took a shower. And naturally we made love one last time before I drove her back to her office. I sped home. I couldn't wait to tell Mark about Alice.

Preferably while in bed, him on top and his hard cock filling me up so deliciously. I was getting wet just thinking about it. I had to park in the driveway, not having a garage door opener, yet, and got out of the car. I would get one of the sluts to put my car in the garage. I didn't see Mark's Mustang so I pulled out my phone and sent him a text, "Hun, just got home. Meeting with Alice went well, tell ya all the juicy details later! :-) When will you be home? Love, your naughty filly!

:-x" As I walked up to the front door my phone buzzed and I got a text back from Mark. "Home in 5, Mare. Love, your randy stallion!" it simply said. I smiled happily. I couldn't wait to get Mark in bed and tell him all about the fun I had with Alice.

Putting my phone back in my purse, I reached for the front door, humming happily to myself. To be continued …