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No one under the age fo fourteen has any sex in this story. TRICK OR TREAT? Well, I have been living in Marty Jensen's monstrosity of a condo village for three years.

It is very cool in many ways and sort of weird in others, like all of the older guys who have underage lovers.


I just don't know how they get away with that. When I moved in, the village was virtually full and sold out, but there was one older condo that was on the third floor and empty, so I bought it at a decent price. It is very serviceable and cozy for a late thirties aged bachelor, like me.

And being on the third floor affords me a lot of privacy, because few want to manage the four short flights of stairs on the way up. So, hardcore fuck with blonde covered in panty hose of the consequences of this is that I get very few Trick or Treaters up here.

Two years with none, and one year with four. I don't mind this, but I do feel a bit alone on that night. I guess I could put up a table on the first floor and may do that in future years, but this year I have a limited supply of candy available, since I bought it too early and have been constantly sampling it. On the appointed night this year, I was ready for any that came to my door, and passed the time watching a replay of a sterling Seahawks win.

It was a lot more fun that watching their poor efforts of a number of years ago. We have been very competitive ever since Russell Wilson came to the team. He might be short for an NFL QB, but is a mighty mite in production and a real hoot to watch him do his thing. Just as one of my favorite plays of the year was coming up, there it was a sharp rap on the door. So, I turned off the T.V, grabbed my bag of candy and moved to the door.

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Since, it was Halloween, I didn't check out my kitchen window to see who was there, but I did take my trusty cane that has discouraged a number of persons who might have had rousting me in their minds. When I opened the door, I had to look steeply down to see the smiling face on a little girl who appeared to be only ten years old.

Since, it was just dark at seven it wasn't too weird, but to see a young girl at that age alone in this neighborhood didn't seem very wise to me. She said her Trick or Treat and I dumped some candy into her pumpkin decorated paper bag and prepared to close the door.

So, out of curiosity, I asked her how she came to be alone out in the night at such a young age? She answered that she was actually fourteen and her mother lived only a couple of blocks away. I remarked, "Fourteen?

You look a lot younger than that to me!" She then opened up her school jacket, part of her costume, and showed off her emerging breasts, shown through her blouse and then with a concern that I might think that they were fake ones, she opened up the top three buttons and showed them to me in all of their glory. So, I nodded to her and told her that I was now convinced, and that her titties were very cute. She smiled at that. But, she spoke up and asked me, "Mr. I have been out for a couple of hours now and need to use a bathroom.

Could I use yours, please?" And to emphasize this, she lifted her short school skirt and showed me her pretty panties and asked me if I would like them soaked because of her needing to pee?

They caught my eyes, with her little mons and slit showing. I thought that I also saw the outline of her emerging clit, too. But, first of all, her little bag had only the candy that I had put into it. So; unless she had been eating her receipts, which was not beyond belief, she was exaggerating on her time out. "How would your parents or adult chaperones feel about you doing that," I asked?

She stopped talking for a minute and then looked down the street behind herself and pointed down the street. And so, I asked if one was near to cover for her as she entered my condo. She said no, but she got out her flip phone and texted a message, assumed to be permission to avail herself of my bathroom. She showed me the return message of 'Yes.' And brushed by me to enter my condo.

I was more than a bit flummoxed by that. And then in my short hallway inside the front door, she looked up into my eyes and asked me to lead her to my bathroom and guard over her while she availed it for her use. This also seemed strange to me, but I had no desire to cause any kind of disturbance with a young girl in my home, so I took her hand and led her to the bathroom, with the turning on of its light.

Once in there, she asked me to sit on the tub edge to watch over her as she did her business, and then she lifted her dress and lowered her girly panties and with her legs spread wide apart, took her place on my porcelain throne.

Her eyes never left mine, as I heard the tinkle, tinkle in the toilet bowl, confirming that she did need the use of it. When she caught me looking down at her privates, Teens hannah and riley getting fucked by a rich guy saw a large smile on her face out of the upper corner of my eyes.

I was freaked out by that very much. And then she asked me to wipe her, and I cowed by this time took a pair of anime cutie giving blowjob and taking facial hentai, folded them over and reached down to between her legs and lightly dabbed at her pussy.

The tissue only showed a couple of small yellow dots on it and I dropped it into the bowl. Then she asked me to sanitize her pussy, and so I warmed up a wash cloth and lightly wiped at it with the idea of only cleansing the surface, because I like female's pussies to be endowed with natural flavors and aromas for my fun, not that I considered that I would be enjoying this little one. She had the same wide smile as I rendered this service to her, also.

Then she asked me to lean over for her to tell me something, and when I did she grabbed both arms around my neck and whispered into my ear that she really liked me.

Then when I motioned to rise up she rode up with me and moved her legs to be around my middle with her feet locked to my back. This was very stressful on my bad hip and lower back, so I grabbed my cane and hobbled such encumbered to the living room couch. And then she slithered down my front to stand on the floor facing me as I fell backwards to the couch's seating. It was a good thing that I wasn't wearing a belt, or the buckle could have gouged her tummy very badly.

But, she might have seen my belt in the bathroom laying over the visitor's towel, and the athletic pants that I was wearing and so knew that there would be no danger to her. She now showed no interest in leaving and asked if she could turn on the T.V. And at that point, I would have danced with elephants to change the road that this seemed to be heading down.

But, she ignored the controller and mia khalifa dubai porn star fucking to turn on and tune the T.V. manually. I wondered at that, but then she moved right next to it and closed the blinds on the sliding glass doors and moved back to where I was sitting.

As she sat down next to me, I asked her if her parents were coming to get her, and she grabbed her flip phone out of her jacket and sent out another text message, that was answered with a 'No,' that she showed me.

So, with more than a little concern I asked her how old she was again, erena tachibana sex mom s folly atonement to she replied again that she was fourteen, despite her appearance of being only ten. It was just her Halloween costume as a young girl and to emphasize this, she showed off her 'Mary Janes,' her little girl panties with giraffes and elephants and swirled her little girl dress to emphasize all of this.

I nodded with it effectiveness. I then felt a bit tired with all of the stress of this situation and leaned back to take a short power nap. And I started when I was awakened by her having moved my pants down my legs and discovered that I had lifted my butt to facilitate this, possibly imagining that it was one of my girlfriends doing it.

But, I quickly recognized that this was a young teen girl that was doing this, with a lot of enthusiasm, and as I looked her way, I could see that she was down to her panties and loose undershirt in her wear. With me now uncovered, since I wear no underpants, she moved up and settled her pussy and ass cracks onto my now elongated dick laying over my leg.

This allowed her to sit on my lap sideways and to hold her arm around my neck and still watch the program of her interest on the T.V. I soon, became acclimated to this, but then she began to slide and swirl her pussy on my dick, which drove it up crazily. After several minutes of this, she turned to face away from me, still on my lap, and roused up to fit my cock up into her tiny pussy.

It was a tight fit, but I did manage with her help to make it up to the top of her love tunnel. Then she settled down to wiggle around and bump up and down very slightly on my lap, evidently to keep me up high into her, without me climaxing yet. This seemed to be a very high amount of knowledge for a girl this age. And along with it, she almost was drowning out the volume from the T.V. with her whimpers, moans and squeals of delight. When the show ended and the commercials came back on, she rotated to facing me and began to power fuck me and that led to us both climaxing and cumming at the same time.

With this she laid forward on to my shoulder and whispered to me how much she loved this. And I was moved to say that it was exceptionally fine to me, too.

So, she backed up her face and mounted her lips on to mine and started a fantastic kissing session with tongue dancing going both ways. After her fun with this, she rose up and mounted her pussy on to my mouth and drained all of the rest of our combined cums that hadn't leaked out on to my lap into my mouth for me to savor.

And after I 'licked the bowl,' she lowered herself to do the same for me and I nearly went crazy with that, too. She then took my hand and led me to my bedroom to spend the night. No discussion, just do it, I guess she reasoned.

And though I usually sleep fully clothed and under a sheet, she got me to completely undress and she pulled a coverlet up over us with her mounted on my tummy and me on my back.

She shrugged down a bit and moved my dick back up into her and then with one of the pillows under her head she settled it down on my chest to spend the night. Her weight seemed very slight to me and so I soon went to sleep, but in the middle of the night she began to fuck me, with neither of us totally awake. After I came up into her, she settled back down and slept the rest of the night away, with a little bit of my cum leaking from her pussy onto my belly.

I hardly noticed it. In the jessor jela sex xxx story com, we awoke together and moved to the bathroom for a short mutual shower.

There was no play at this time, just hugs and kisses and mutual washing of each other's bodies. With this done, she redressed in her arriving clothes and showed no indication of wanting to leave.

So, I asked her about it, and she remarked that she was satisfied to stay here. I then asked about her getting some of her clothes from home, then. But she recognized my efforts to get her out of my home and replied that there was nothing for her left there.

So, I took her to a second hand store and bought her three different outfits, then to a hardware store for a cot and room divider, then back to the second hand store for a high back dresser.

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We then went to a department store and got her some undies, appropriate to her age and moved it all back to my condo. I set up a small room of her own behind the dining room table, since my second bedroom was totally occupied with my desk, shelves, and video center.

But with the room divider, cot and high back dresser it made a cute little room, and a place for her to store her stuff.

I knew that she wouldn't be actually sleeping there, but she kept a pair of her panties near the bed on the floor and the bedding disturbed and moved regularly to provide the deception that she slept in there. When we got back and had her stuff settled in, she pulled me back to on my bed and with me again on my back, she mounted up on me with her clothes on (still the little girl's ones) and pulled her panties to the side and powered me up into her and fucked me in cowgirl till I came this time.

And then she backed off and sucked me dry and clean and afterwards cuddled up to me for an afternoon nap. That evening, she began presenting herself in only her panties when we were in juicy fur pie is ready for hot fuck the day.

And she sat in that manner as I prepared a spare dinner, with small green salads and cheese and mac. She watched me and after a while came in to help and learn what I was doing. I advised her to tie the kitchen towel around her neck to lay down to protect her little titties. I did love those titties, so.


And then she laid out the dinnerware for the meal and we ate in peace, with her chatting away about her life and family. I never did figure out how much of what she said was true. But, some of it probably was.

That night after a bit of T.V. we went to bed and she contained herself with oiled up dry humping with me bringing her because of my slipping and sliding past her risen up clit. She relaxed and laid back to me in the spoon position and we slept the night away, at least for me in a pleasant dreamland.

The next morning when I awoke, there was no sign of her anywhere in the condo. Her little girl's costume was laying on the washer, and her costume panties were on the floor next to her bed as a diversion. But, one of her dress sets was missing and so was her light jacket and little black purse that I had bought her. So, I went to work at my accounting firm and tried to keep my attentions on my work.

Sex dearsx com meggy masturbates with some help was late in the year and the beginning of the supplying of records leading up to getting my client's taxes ready. But, since I own the firm I work when I want and so I was home by two that afternoon, since she would have no key to get in for that day.

That afternoon at about five, she showed up and moved to the bathroom to freshen up. She explained that she had went to school for the day, but I knew that school got out at two thirty and it is only a fifteen minute walk to it from my place.

No explanation for the two missing hours. But, she did have her books and homework to work on, so I left it at that. And this set the pattern for her school days. Whatever she did for the extra two hours, she was also doing her homework and the grades that she brought home for them were very high.

After planting the books and homework papers on to her dresser, she moved in her panty only state to prepare dinner for us that night. She made us bologna and cheese sandwiches and a small salad each. Because of her preparing it for us in her wonderfully appropriate state, it could have been beef cordon blue as far as I was concerned. We ate with appreciative eyes on each other and then she left it for me to clean up while she tackled the homework mountain.

When we were both done, we decided to go to bed right away and I had a little talk with her. I got very few answers, but a lot of smiles. And when I suggested that I would be satisfied in making love with her on three days a week, she said fine, that she would make love to me on the other four days. And so it turned out to be. And when I asked about pregnancy, she mentioned that it was highly unlikely that she would ever have a child, since she had a congenital situation that could prevent it.

But, if it did happen, she would be very happy with it, especially if it was from me. We then rolled over for her turn to lead the sex for the night and I have to admit, that it was mighty fine, too. Things moved on basically the same over the next six months.

Her grades when they came in for the year, were stellar and on the reports I could see her less than stellar previous grades, so this helped me to feel real good about things with her. But, concurrent with her reaching the age of fifteen, she began to fill out her spare body, with her tits swelling, her belly rounding and her butt cheeks filling out. She was becoming a full rated woman right before my eyes.

And it was about this time that she welcomed my introductions to her bi fellas for one beauty hardcore groupsex anal sex. On one of her sex initiation nights, she simply moved over on to her tummy, reached back to spread her butt cheeks and invited me to play away.

So, I understood that anal was in order and so began by caressing, kissing and sucking on her about the pussy and anus from the rear. And when the anus slightly opened up, I anointed it and my cock with a generous amount of lube and moved carefully in. It took only a few minutes to get into her fully and then when her organs moved about to facilitate this, she begged me to give it my all, and so with serious pounding I did. She didn't not cum this time, but said that it was interesting, anyway.

It got better for her each couple of weeks when she allowed it. After a fun summer with her swelling up in a pregnancy, I assumed by then; but with no acknowledgement by her, she simply disappeared on the last day of September, to disappear from my life.

I was shocked and devastated by this, dirty diana rides and gets fucked by her man barely managed to make it to work and cope with my life. After a few days, Penny the resident teen escort took me under her care for free for a couple of weeks to tide me over and it helped a lot.

Then when I got home late on Halloween a year after little Carla came into my life, the top lock on the door was undone and I entered to find my condo in fine order and with nothing apparently missing. Her room was as she left it, and everything else was in place. The only thing that ever showed up missing was one little picture of me, from a box on the upper shelf of my closet.

And on the dining room table was her key to the condo and one of my markers, a blue one, beside it. I got the message and began the moving on with the rest of my life, with a lot of wonderful memories of a tiny little girl who completely filled my heart from one Halloween to another. TRICK AND TREAT! The next Halloween, two years from her first visit, I heard another sharp knock at the door, and when I opened it, there was a young girl dressed like a cow girl and I knew immediately that it was Carla, returned his girlfriend made this for his eyes only me.

She said her Trick or Treat and then asked if I wasn't going to ask her in? So, I did with a stunned expression on my face and she moved in and took me by the hand to the couch.

She looked into my stark eyes, having missed her so much over the year plus a couple of months and gathered me up into her arms to comfort me, with kisses and caresses. And then she explained what had happened, when she started school with her pregnancy in its late stages, the school nurse had interviewed her and referred her to CPS, who then put a lot of pressure on her to reveal who had gotten her into the family way.

They took DNA samples and tried to match them up with some guy. But, it didn't work and they didn't know about you, so she had to stay strictly away till it all blew over. Since she gave the baby up for adoption within the family, until she would be older, the issue calmed down to them and so with a number of additional months and her arriving at the age of sixteen, she felt that it was safe for them to be together again.

Her mother had promised to cover for her if any other inquiries came about, but would never let them know where she was now living. She noticed that the little bedroom of hers was now missing, but it didn't matter, because this time she was old enough to move into his bedroom and live with him as his lover and wrapping my soft little feet around your cock else would develop between them.

He asked her if she had her things with her, and she said that they were down the street hidden in some sweet babe naiomi mae fucked hard for pleasure smalltits and pornstars, until she would find out his reaction to her appearing to him again.

So, he put his jacket on and they moved down to retrieve them and then returned to reestablish their relationship. Which initially led to them being in each other's arms in his bed again.


She would finish school and they would enjoy the time to see how things would work out and with that thought, she laid up on his body again and moved his cock up to inside of her for the night.