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Black guy and girl sixx vido
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Chapter 3 It was only halfway through the movie by the time I had tears flowing down my eyes. Becky looked at me and I could tell she felt a bit bad for making me watch it. I looked back at her and smiled, not a forced smile, but one of true happiness. She was so perfect I didn't need to force it.

He wiped the tears from my face, then with a grin wiped her wet hands on my shirt.

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"Punk." I said as she did it, causing her to hit me in the chest with a pillow. True to her word, she was awake through the whole movie. While the credits rolled, she looked at me and yawned. I yawned in response because everyone knows yawning is contagious. "Are you OK to drive home?" I asked hoping she would say no. I didn't want this to end "I guess, but.

do I have to go?" She must be a mind reader. "No, you can stay if you want. I can sleep on the couch or the floor." "What?! No no no.

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We will both sleep in the bed" she said standing up and stretching. I stood as well. " no, I'll take the floor. It's not the first time I've slept on the ground and it won't be the last." "We share the bed" "Becky, you Haven't even seen it.

What if my bed is small?" "Please, a tall guy like you needs a big bed." She was right. I actually had a California King bed, but I was determined to be a gentleman. "I'm taking the floor, end of story." I said using a small amount of military bearing. She caught on instantly. "You'll sleep in the bed with me, that's an order!" Damnit, she had me. I smiled, thinking about something Will Rogers had said once.

' there are two theories to arguing with a woman, neither works' "Yes ma'am" I said snapping to attention. She giggled and pushed me toward to hallway. We went down the hall to the last door on the left. My room was the master bedroom.

I had my bed along to far wall with a nightstand and lamp on each side. Above the bed was a shelf that ran almost the entire length of the wall, with 3 folded American flags on top and brass nameplates anchored to the wall above each. Opposite the bed was a dresser with a 48" TV hanging above it and a few old gaming systems nice teenie is gaping spread vagina in close up and cumming top of the dresser.

The right-hand wall had a short bookcase below a window which held several books, military manuals, game guides and of course, the games themselves. The left-hand side had the closet and master bathroom.

There was not bathtub, just a shower with an extra tall showerhead as well as the usual bathroom fixtures. Needless to say, she was surprised by the size of my bed. "And you wanted to sleep on the floor." She gave me glaring smirk and pushed me. "If you want to shower, there are luscious babe sucks hairless hard cock pornstar hardcore on the rack in there and I can give u some clothes to sleep in if you need them." I said as I started for the dresser.

"A shower sounds good." She walked into the bathroom and called back to me, "is your showerhead high enough?" The showerhead was probably 6'6 of the ground. I never had thought much of it because I'm so tall, but it must seem like climbing to the moon for her. "Do you need me to get you a stepladder?" I joked. She leaned her head around the corner and gave me a glare. I could tell from what little I could see of her shoulder she had taken off her shirt and bra. I heard the rain glass door slide back and the water start.

I laid out one of my old green military skivvy shirts and a pair of basketball shorts for her, then grabbed a shirt of my own and some shorts. After about 10 minutes I heard the water shut off and a few minutes later she came out with a towel wrapped around her. "Aren't you lucky" she said as she walked over to the clothes I had laid out for her. "What?" "You have me all naked in your room." She said playfully. "You act like it wasn't going to happen sooner or later." I said a smoothly as I could.

She just laughed. "You're not that smooth devil dog." I looked at her in disbelief, "did you just devil dog me?!" "I did, whatcha gonna do about it?" She was using her best impression of a kid. Just when I thought I couldn't care for her any more than I already did, she found a new way to make me fall for her. I stood and walked towards her, "I'm gonna.

Go shower and give you some privacy." I walked right past her to the bathroom, stripped down and showered. The shower was as much about clearing my head as it was getting clean. I washed my chest, going over the 3 sets of dog tags I had tattooed on my right ribs, the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on my left arm and the 8 pointed star on my right arm.

When I finished I got out and dried off. While I was putting my shorts on I heard Becky laughing. With shorts on and shirt in hand I walked around the corner to find her looking through an old photo album from my time in the military. "You look so ashley and nikki decided to have a competition different now than you did." She started to say but the words were lost when she looked at me without my shirt on.

"Wow". It was all she could say. I don't consider myself good looking by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess she saw something she liked. My chest isn't cut or defined but it is relatively flat. I've gained some weight since being out but I work hard to keep myself in shape. She eyed me for a few seconds before I spoke. "See something you like?" "Maybe," she said with a sly grin, "I'm not sure what I expected." "Well take it in baby, because it's all mine." I did a slow left turn only to be met with a pillow to the face.

I put my shirt on and laid down on the bed next to her. She continued flipping through the pictures, asking about a few here and there. She came to one with a group of us around a cannon with lettering on the barrel.

"What's that? She asked pointing to the writing. "When we were in country we named or guns. In our battery there was the Terminus Est, Hand of God, Hammer of Pendleton, Vengeful Spirit, Phalanx and Santiago's Wacky lezzies fill up their big asses with cream and squirt it out that must be the Vengeful Spirit there." "Yep, fastest gun in the unit, thanks to yours truly." "Sure." She shot me a sideways glance and gave me a nudge with her elbow.

She put the album down and laid back on the bed. We were both quiet for a while when she sat up, looking at the shelf above the bed. "Lance Corporal James Westbrook, Private First Class Garret Adams and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class David Johnson.

What happened to them? If you don't mind my asking." Any ideas I had of falling asleep were gone the instant she said those names. Telling her the story of that July day in Afghanistan meant opening up not only my soul, but an old and painful wound. On the other hand, I didn't want to push her away or make her feel bad for asking. I let out a sigh before I spoke. "Want anything to drink? Water or something?" She looked a bit annoyed, "you don't have to avoid the question if you don't want to answer.

Just tell me you don't feel comfortable." "You misunderstand, its a bit of a tale, so I figured if you wanted something I'd get it now before I start." She shook her head no, so I proceeded. "It was July 22nd, as usual the summer sun was blazing in the sky, temperatures must have been in the hundreds. We were on a convoy security mission. We proceeded down the road at about 45 MPH keeping our spacing to about 100 meters.

We came upon a small village, and set up what we call a snap VCP (vehicle check point). We stayed there for about and hour, then packed up everything and everyone and continued down the road." She was watching me intently, hanging onto every word. It was the first time I had told this story to someone who wasn't a therapist. "There were 5 vehicles in our convoy. The first vehicle was a Humvee, next sexy girl craves for a dark pecker a pair of 7 ton trucks full of supplies and gear, then was my Humvee and the rear Humvee.

We passed over a culvert, one that we had passed over a dozen times and had stopped to check every time. This time we didn't, and as the saying goes, complacency kills." I stopped for a minute to prepare myself to finish the tale.

A single tear rolled down my cheek in anticipation of what was to come, which Becky calmly wiped away. She knew I was struggling. "When the bombs went off, the rear axle of our vehicle was right over the blast. PFC Adams was in the turret, he was ejected from beauteous teen in slavery gets pussy wet schoolgirl and japanese vehicle and landed 30 feet from the blast. I'm fairly certain he never knew what hit him.

Doc Johnson was sitting in the back behind Lcpl Westbrook, who was driving. Doc's head hit the window, hard enough to crack it, without a helmet on. Westbrook hit the steering wheel." Tears were streaming down my face. Becky had stopped trying to wipe them away, instead holding my hand. It helped, but reliving those moments was never easy.

"I was smoking a cigarette at the time. The explosion happened right as I brought it to my lips, which gave my head something softer than the dashboard to hit. When I woke up, I was sitting in the truck with gashes in my arm and a nice bump on the head. I managed to get the door open just about the time others were running to the vehicle.

They hadn't expected anyone to survive, then out pops me. I was sent to a hospital in Kandahar province, treated and sent back stateside. The explosion messed up my back for another year and I was told I can never play contact sports again." I took a moment to breathe a bit. I stood and headed for the door, returning a few minutes later with 2 glasses of water.

She took the glass and drank some before setting it on the nightstand. I looked at her and continued. "I spent several years in therapy. Survivors guilt they called it, also with a happy helping of PTSD.

I spent time trying to control my emotions and keep the memories away, but nothing worked. I've just accepted that they will come and go as they please, so that's how I live. I hope I haven't scared you away." She took my hands in hers, looked at me with those wonderful eyes and gave me a kiss.

It wasn't a pitty kiss or a 'this might make you feel better' kiss, it was a passionate kiss. After two college bimbos share a long shaft first few seconds the initial shock wore off and I kissed her back.

When she finally broke the kiss she looked at me. "Have you ever told that story before?" "No, well. not to anyone who wasn't trying to treat me.

Carl doesn't even know what happened." "So why tell me first?" It was a question I had expected.

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I guess after spilling about the incident, everything else would be easy. "Because of how you look at me, it makes me feel comfortable and safe. I don't have to prove anything to you or act like a hero." She looked at me puzzled. "Does that mean lucky dudes got their dicks sucked and fucked interested in me?" Awh hell, now the cats out of the bag.

Well, no holding back now. "Yes, actually I am. I have been for a while now." She smiled and motioned for me to lean closer to her. I leaned in probably closer than she had expected, but my hearing is shot. no pun intended. "Thank God." She whispered and turned my head for another passionate kiss. We sat there, lips locked to each other for.

well, I'm not sure how long. I didn't care though, this was where I wanted to be. I placed my right hand on her leg just above the knee and my left on her cheek.

Our lips never parting. As I moved my hand slowly up her leg she started to put more effort into her kiss, until she was moaning softly. My hand hit the shorts she was wearing and it took all the concentration I could spare to remember how to lift the leg hole open and slide my hand into it.

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I kept expecting to find her panties, but there were none to be found. The next thing my hand came to was her pussy lips. They were smooth as silk. no, not even silk is that smooth. As I explored, I was happy to find her clean shaven. Feeling my hand touch her pussy must have done something to her because she broke the kiss and immediately pulled my shirt off, followed by her own. I couldn't help but stare at her perfect breasts.

Just about a handful each, with soft pink nipples about the size of a large Tylenol pill. She obviously caught my stare and in typical Becky fashion laughed. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." She joked. Not to be beaten, I reached back for my phone. She slapped my arm and pulled me in for another kiss. Her hands worked over my exposed chest like she was reading brail off of it.

Soon, her right hand dropped down to what was now a bulge in my shorts. She felt it and took in a deep breath through her nose. She ran her hand up and down the length of my member, then tried to wrap her hand around it. It was an awkward position, made even worse by the restrictions of the shorts, but she was impressed nonetheless.

She broke the kiss and looked down at it. "Can I see it?" She asked with a grin. "If you can get it out of there." I replied with my own grin. "Challenge accepted." And with that she pushed me back on the bed, grabbed the bottom of my shorts and pulled as hard as she could.

She nearly flew off the bed when they finally came off. "Oh. my." She was staring at my 8 inches, which was staring right back at her. She slowly reached for it, keeping eye contact with let me use yours intead as if looking for confirmation that what she was doing was OK.

"Go ahead, he won't bite. Might spit at you, but he won't bite." I said jokingly. She wrapped her tiny hands around my cock, feeling every inch with her soft hands.

I leaned back and let out a soft moan. "You like that?" "Yes I do-o-oh.

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yes I do." It had been a while since I had done anything with anyone else. I hated meaningless sex. Not very Marine of me, but hey, we have to have some morals. "Remember, what goes around, comes around." She said before she kissed me. She worked her hand up and down for a few minutes, memorizing every inch of me before either of us spoke.

"Can I taste it?" "I won't stop you. from pretty much anything." "Good, because tonight you are all mine!" She bent over and licked my cock from base to tip, sending shivers through my body and a moan from my mouth. She said nothing, just looked back and smiled. Her attention turned back to her new friend as she wrapped her moist lips around the tip and teased it with her tongue. I took a deep breath, more to keep myself steady than anything.

Slowly she worked it farther in her mouth until only a few inches remained. She worked herself slowly, yet with measured purpose, up and down on me. I reached for the elastic band of her shorts but she slapped my hand away. "What do you think your doing?" She said pulling herself off my throbbing shaft.

"I was trying to." She cut me off, "No way mister, I had to work for it, so do you." She went back to her previous activities, much to my delight. I took the opportunity to fondle her ass. It was firm and toned. God I love it. I must have been lost in my own world because I didn't notice her staring at me.

"Find something you like?" She asked as she kissed the tip of my dick. "Actually yes." I rolled off the bed and walked to her side, naked as the day I was born. She laid on her back and played with her tits. I was mesmerized. Coming back to reality, I bent down and kissed her passionately for a moment before staring at her with a hungry look in my eye. In response she stuck her tongue out at me, closing her eyes and scrunching her face. Time to strike. I grabbed her ankles, rotated her body to be in line with mine and put her legs against my chest.

She looked up with measured surprise and lust in equal parts as I slowly reached for the shorts she had kept me from removing earlier. I slid them carefully down her legs, exposing her wet pussy and received a moan or excitement. I pulled her shorts off and discarded them on the ground, slowly spreading her legs and smiling at what I saw. She gazed longingly up at me, "you hungry?" Without a word I dropped to my knees, pulled her dripping pussy close to my face and gave it a single lick from bottom to top, flicking her amateur blonde milf on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg with my tongue before looking up at her.

Her eyes were closed and she groaned in pleasure. Again and again I slowly licked her, gaining speed and basking in the sounds she made with each separation of her lips and the contractions of her stomach muscles with each flick of her clit. "Oh fuck yes baby, that's it. Right there, lick it right there!" She cried as I gave more attention to her clit.

Her lips were puffy and dripping on the bed. By the way she was bucking her hips on my face I knew she had to be close. "God damn baby, suck it. Suck it good for me!" I sucked her clit hard, making her cover her face with a pillow to muffle the screams as she reached her climax. She put one hand on the back of my head and pushed me further down towards her hole as she came.

The taste was much like pineapples freshly harvested from the plantations of Hawaii. I caught as much as I could and kissed her inner thighs once her body had stopped convulsing. "Holy shit, I've never beauty milf fucks her ass on webcam anything like that. What else have you been keeping from me?" She asked through labored breaths.

I stood up and stoked my dick slowly, gazing at her with wanting eyes. "Would you like to find out?" She said nothing, just patted the bed wanting me to lay down. I obliged her and laid down, she took my rock hard cock in her hand and gave it a couple of strokes while we shared a long kiss.

"I can taste myself on your lips." She said softly. "How do you like it?" "It's turning me on so much right now!" With that she swung her leg over me and positioned herself over my dick, slowly rubbing it over her pussy. Sensation was taking over my self control. "Condom?" was all I could manage to get out.

"No, I have an IUD." She whispered as she slowly sank onto me, filling her completely. She fell onto my chest and moaned into my neck, sending vibrations through my body. She began to lift off of me, allowing both of us to feel each other fully. She worked herself up and down with slow, purposeful motions, placing her hands on my chest for balance. "Holy shit you're tight!" I groaned as she squeezed my cock two guys and one petite teen in between her soaked inner walls.

I couldn't figure out how she was able to move at the speed she was, being so tight. She was bouncing on me with zealous fury, wanting not only another orgasm for her, but for me to get my release as well. She began gyrating on me when I started to feel her muscles stiffen. "Oh god baby, I'm gonna cum again!" She announced to the entire world. "Fuck Becky, I'm gonna cum too." I was trying to control the shaking of my voice but it wasn't happening.

I felt her body clamp down on mine and her juices flow over me and onto the bed. It was more than I could handle.

I grabbed her ass and shoved as deep in as I could, releasing shot after shot of my seed deep in her. I opened my eyes for a brief moment and saw her sitting on top of me, quivering and letting out little moans before she collapsed on my chest, both of us breathing heavily. "God damn that was amazing!" She said through ragged breaths. We both lay there for a minute, arms wrapped around each other, before she kissed me and slid herself up off of me.

With nothing but a wink, she walked into the bathroom to clean up. I was just about to get up and follow her when a moist hand towel came flying at me. I wiped myself of sweat before cleaning my now soft cock and discarded the rag in the hamper when she came back out. "You wore me out." She said putting on her panties and the shirt I had given her and laying down next to me.

"If it wasn't almost 5 AM I'd say lets go for round 2." I put my shirt and boxers back on as well. "There will be time for that later devil dog." She said with a grin. "Did you really just devil dog me again?!" She turned on her side to face me, "whatcha gonna do about it?" I kissed her but said nothing.

We both gazed at each other for a while until my eyes grew too heavy to keep open any longer. "Goodnight Becky." "Goodnight Andrew" And sleep took me