Adorable teen is pissing and rubbing shaven crack

Adorable teen is pissing and rubbing shaven crack
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Little Piggy 2 - Like Mommy Little Piggy was now quite adept at sneaking in and creeping down the hallway to spy on her parents. A couple days after her last experience with her father she made her way down the hall to their bedroom. She could hear them giggling and cooing at each other. This time the door wasn't closed all the way and she could make out their naked bodies. LP looked through the crack and listened. Her mother was laying on her father with her head at his waist.

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She couldn't see her father's face but imagined it was under her mom's waist. Her mom was stroking his penis and kissing the tip.


Her father was groaning, his hips were pushing with mom's rhythm as she pulled and stroked drilling a horny poon tang hardcore blowjob. Just the sounds were making LP's little folds tingle and drip, she felt flush and squatted down near the door.

She put her hand between her legs and rubbed through her panties that were already spotted with warm juices. When her hand met her wet tingling folds she jerk and got a little wobbly.

She went flush in the face and her breath shortened. She looked through the doorway and could now see her mom putting dad's stiff dick into her mouth and sucking it in. Then she stroked it with her hand and dad moaned. He lifted his hip off the bed pushing his dick further into mom's eager mouth. LP watched with shortened breaths as her mom grabbed her dad's ass and buried her face in his waist pushing the penis out of sight.

Little Piggy jumped at the sight. She was flush and tingling, her panties were soaked now. She closed her eyes and remembered the other night when dad pushed that hot dog into her mouth. The thoughts stirred her stomach and made her feel dizzy and weak. She looked again and could see her mom's head bouncing up and down and the penis disappearing into her mouth over and over.

LP tilted her head back and opened her mouth as if to welcome her dad's big dick. She closed her eyes and listened to the moaning and groaning as she rubbed her swollen little shh step sister is sleeping. They were especially burning right at the front.

There seemed to be a little hard pea there between the folds and it rolled around when she touched it. It made her jerk and rut against it. Rolling her head to the side she opened her eyes to spy on her parents who were still unaware of her watching from the door. Mom had father pinned down with her arms as she played with his dick.

She'd suck it in then spit it out. She growled at it and bit at it. Then she would put it in her mouth and pound her head into his waist again and again. Driving his hard meat into her throat.

Suddenly my father rolled them both over pinning mom on the bottom and dad's hard dick deep in her mouth. LP almost squealed at the sight and had to cover her mouth. Her dad then ground his hips up and down forcing the huge man meat in and out. He was grunting just like the other night when LP had dad for her own.

Mom was making funny noises. Like a snorting pig. Every time dad shoved his waist down, mom would snort. LP was swimming in feelings and her rubbing was constant now. Dad was grunting louder now and Little Piggy suspected he was going to squirt like the other night.

She could remember his smell and the feeling of the penis getting stiff and squirting deep in her mouth. Sure enough, dad pushed and mom snorted and shook all over. Dad pushed again with a grunt and mom shook and shook. Little Piggy was drenched. Sweat stood like little droplets all over her body. Her hand was soaked and she wasn't easily able to stand. She could make out the movement in the bedroom and carefully wobbled out to the living room where she collapsed on the sofa by her class books and rested.

Later that night she woke to her father snoring. She got up from her bed and walked in to his room. He was stretched out on the bed with a single sheet about halfway up. Laying on his back with his arms askew, he had one leg propped up forming a sheet tent over his waist. Tonight busty ebony chick missionary cum inside pussy creampie shaved moon was bright and she could see better than the other night.

Her folds twitched and started to burn. She covered them with her hand and she could feel the hard pea sticking out. Her legs shook a little, her mouth went dry. She flashed on the event she witnessed today and remembered how it felt for her to have that huge dick in her mouth. Again she twitched and her panties started to soak through. She imagined father doing the same to her.

She peeled off her panties and tossed them towards her room. Then she boldly moved over to the bed and stuck her head under the sheet. She lay belly down and slid her way to the tent formed by the sheet. There she could see the dark contrast of his waist hair and the pale skin of his penis.

It looked a little bigger than it felt in the dark the other night. She slid closer and opened her mouth to lick it. It tasted saltier than the other night. She rooted her nose under it and rolled it back and forth a couple times. Then she opened her mouth and fished it in. She had to be careful not to grab it or lean on her sleeping father. It even felt a little bigger than the other night. She leaned closer and sucked it in a little further till it was just about to touch the back of her throat.

She almost gagged and had to keep herself from coughing or run the risk of disturbing the sleeping giant. Holding completely still she tried to keep her excitement contained as she felt the size of his penis back in her mouth.

She felt her little folds tighten and burn. Her mouth swallowed by reflex. The tip sucked to the back of her throat and she felt a shock between her legs and her legs jerked. She slid it back out a little and caught her breath. Her hand was working her little pea and folds intently. A wave washed over her. This caused her to arch her back and put the dick head back against her throat.

This time she didn't gag or flinch. She pulled back and felt the rush over her body as she shook from her mouth to her folds. She took a deep breath and laid her head on the nearest pillow. That pillow happened to be her father's leg laying on the mattress. The other of which was holding up the tent.

She felt his body shift. Then she noticed his man meat was starting to grow. But she didn't dare move. Little Piggy's face was flush as the dick pushed her jaws wider and slid dryly to the back of her mouth. Reflex made her swallow and she new what happened last time. Just as she swallowed, the growing penis head slipped into her throat. She started to lift her head relieving the tension on the huge dick.

Her father shifted at the same time. Rolling to his side he lowered his other leg and sandwiched her head in place. Right in line with the growing shaft. His shifting hips and legs jostled her mouth and throat causing her whole body to shake and jerk. He arched his back pulling the head out of her throat and she took a quick breath.

Then her father tucked in forcing the dick as far as she could take it. This time she could look down and see his man meat hanging out of her mouth. There was still a bit to go to be like her mom. He settled in and stopped moving leaving the hot dog just short of were it was moments ago. Her folds were wet and hot.

She could feel her father's heartbeat and his breathing by the movement of his dick now deep in her throat. Shifting her tongue and moving her tired jaw her father started to push his hips again and she could feel it pushing her limits. It made her quake, her hand now dripping with juices between her legs again. Her father stopped and arched his back. She knew it was going to be a big one and tried to shift her head and jaw. He tucked in with one smooth motion making her quake and jump as it pushed firmly and unforgiving.

Her whole body jumped and a wave of tingling sensations rushed over her body. This caused her father to shift, rolling to his back and releasing Little Piggy. His dick pulled all the way out. She felt relieved that her head was free. Yet, she didn't want it to stop. She waited for him to stop shifting and then moved closer again.

His long slick hot dog drooping just over his hip. LP took a couple breathes and moved in. Scooping it up with her tongue she leaned in taking in as much as she could. It slid right through her mouth and squeezed down her throat. She felt him twitch and it made her jump which started a repeating cycle. His dick was twitching every time she jerked and that made her jump. To regain her senses she tried moving back a little releasing the pressure in her throat.

That calmed the twitching and allowed her to compose herself. Then she pushed the hot meat back in slowly and then back out again. She was shaking and excited all at once. The head sliding down her throat and then back up to her mouth.

She thought about how her mother was doing it. Deep once, then pull it out and kiss it, lick it and suck it back in. Back and forth slowly a couple times and she heard her father groan like when mom did it. LP could tell she was doing it right and her father started to rock his hips to her pattern. She went deep again and her father turned towards her, sliding the penis right to her limit.

She shook with delight and tingled again then readjusted herself. He was now laying on his side slowly rolling his hips.

She remembered what happened to her mom today and so she rolled to her back stretched up to get his dick deeper. But, her position caused the rod to not go straight. She tried again but it just bent and wouldn't go in.


Her dad was pushing with his hips but that didn't help either. She decided to go for it and reached over with her hand and guided it in. This made it much easier.

She could move her head a little and her dad could push a little. Trying to adjust herself she turned her head and arched her back pushing closer to the limit and feeling her body shake. She wanted more and using her hand again pulled his hot dog into her waiting mouth and throat. This sent her reeling. Her legs flew open as she twitched with the thing pushing a new limit. She opened her eyes and could see how close she was dancing and stripping on her bed putting it all in.

She was so close. How could she get the rest in? She kept trying and her father was still cooperating. Rocking his hips blindly in his sleep with his daughter gagging on his huge dick. She pulled again and sucked in but was surprised when it moved easily.

Her father shifted again. This time he rolled on top of her. She squeezed her eyes shut as his leg crossed over her head and rested next to her far shoulder. His arm landed between open thighs and pushed her legs further apart. As his weight came down on her she felt the biggest tremor shoot through her body and as she shook with abandon she felt his waist hair press against her nose, lips and teeth. Her swimming head, her throbbing brazil teen gangbang and sluts pool sharing is caring and now her father's big dick pushed all the way down her throat.

She could feel him pull back his hips. But it didn't stop her trembling. He started to push in with one long stroke. Again she felt his hairs press against her face. Then he backed off and ground in again. She could feel her head being pressed into the mattress. Her leg was being held in her father's strong hug and he pulled down every time he pushed. Each time he stroked out she tried to breath but it only sounded like a snorting little piggy.

Then he pushed in again. She was feeling waves of tremors and flashes as her father kept going. She managed to open her eyes a little and watched the huge hot dog slide in and out.

Vanishing from sight and reappearing. Her folds exposed and burning, her body open to endure her father's rutting. She could see the view in her mind. Her father laying on mom pushing rapidly into mom's throat. Dad kept grinding into Little Piggy's mouth and throat while she dreamed.

She now saw herself being given this huge dick in every scene she has witnessed. Offering him her pleasure and her body.

Receiving his hot passion and fury.

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Grinding in and out, faster and faster. She did it, just like her mom. It's all the way in. Now she could feel the sliding rod getting thicker and her father's rhythm lengthening. He pushed in and Little Piggy pushed back and she felt him squirt.

This added to her excitement and sara jay squirts before having pov sex almost passed out. His squirting went on and on for what seemed like a long time. Then he just collapsed on her. She was starting to calm down as the huge dick stopped twitching. Her body limp and exhausted after having that huge penis thrust into her repeatedly. But, now she was stuck under her father's weight with his dick down her throat. She wiggled a little and pushed against the lodged rod only to have him give it one more thrust.

She jerked again still reeling from the ordeal. Her leg was trapped as well by his arm. Little Piggy was stuck but satisfied. Her little piggy snorts kept her breathing enough while she waited. Her father started to snore just a little. LP took an idea and nudged him with her free arm. He instinctively rolled to his other side, freeing her leg and pulling the dick free with a pop.

She lay there to catch her breath and finish pulling herself together. She smiled now knowing what her mom feels like and what dad feels like doing it to mom.

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Her tummy felt full and warm. She turned as if to climb out of bed but stopped on the edge of the bed and fell fast asleep.