Black eva quinn gets fucked by white dick interracial pornstars

Black eva quinn gets fucked by white dick interracial pornstars
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I was a boy who loved to hang around everyone. I got into trouble and would always do dares if someone asked me too. I loved the attention as a 5 year old.

As I was in preschool my mother would pick me up and my sister from school. I had no idea that year that something with my sister would happen.

I had no attraction to my sister at the time. I was just a hyper little boy.

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But we both got home from school that day. I played with my toys and watched television. She went to her room and listened to some music and my mom was making us some dinner. I know as kids growing up that you can easliy do the wrong thing. I was minding my own buisiness and my mom was watching television and she easliy got distracted which came in handy in the years to come. I walked in to the hallway towards my sisters room and I heard something else instead of just music. I opened the door and what my sister was doing looked so strange to me at the time.

She was in her little skirt with her panties down, using her finger on what looked to be fellow licks amp bangs snatch pornstar and hardcore strangest thing I have ever saw.

It was very interesting to me as I new hardly anything about girls. Exept breasts at the time. My sister looked shocked to see me.


And new that I was going to tell mom what she was doing. But somehow I didnt. She said to me, don't you know how to knock.

I said what are you doing I'm telling mom. And she said yeah right, and got up and shut the door and locked it. I started to cry at the time. She looked at me and said I tell you what I will let you see my vagina if you don't tell mom. I said whats a vagina? She said it''s what all girls have and boys love them. I said maybe. Then she told me that earlier at school today, her friends had told her about sex, SEX?. She said yes its fun and it feels good. My older sister then sat down beside me and asked me to take off my shirt.

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I did it willingly. Thinking this was a fun game. Then she said take off your shorts and underwear. I said to sis. My privates will be showing. She said its fine. You saw my pee pee. So lets see yours. She was anxious as she has never seen a penis before. I did it and took off my underwair. revealing my penis to her which at 5 was small. She said why is it not that big and hard.


I told her I don't know. I never knew about the feeling of an orgasm. But I know that I always did like to hump my pillow as a small child, it felt good at the time. My sister said to me can I touch it? Why I thought? She said I want to see it get hard. I said I guess. But I said you have to show me your vagina all the way this time. This was at night kinda as my mom was still watching tv.

My sister went to check to make sure my mom would not catch us. She came back and she is 8 years old and took her beauty and the beast panties off and reavealed a beautiful hairless vagina. She was a virgin at the time and she took her fingers and spreaded the tiny lips revealing a strange pink tight layer in her vagina.

I had no idea what I was seeing. She said this is a vagina. It's where babies come out and you have to put your penis in here to make one. I said a baby. She said yes! I want one she said. I told her I don't, then she took here hand and started to grip my penis. It felt okI guess. Then she said would you like me to suck on it? Girls at school said a guy goes nuts when a girl sucks it and licks his balls.

My cock was so small that she had my whole penis and balls in her mouth slowly sucking and licking on them. It began spanish milf loves to please this big spanish feel good. But my penis just did not get hard. Finally she gave up and said lick mine. I said what? Lick my vagina. But sis you pee out of it. I eventually did.

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Looking at those tight lips and tight orfice. It was so tight that when I stuck my toung in it, american schoool academy house teacher xnxx story hurt.

She was kinda moaning and saying that I am doing good. I did not like it as it tasted funny to me as this was new to me. After a few minutes she took her fingers and spreaded the lips of her vagina as far as she could.

Telling me to suck hard and put your tounge in me deeper. I did and I noticed it did not taste really like pee. It was kinda of salty but barely. It was kinda good. I kept licking and sucking all around her vagina. Then she told me that it's time to have sex.

I said ok. This was really exciting to me as I have never done this before. We were also young being 5 and 8 and it was fun we thought. she got up off the floor and then on to her little bed and got under her sheets and then told me to get on top of her. I got on her bead and got under the covers with her and began to position my body between her legs.

Our bodys were cold kinda. But the heat of both of us felt good to our skin. She said now put your penis in me and just move back and forth.

I said to her how? Its so tight down there and my penis is so small and flimsy. Right then a noise came through the hall. My sister heard it also. We both froze. But knowing that her door was locked was a releif. My mom yelled in the room saying is your brother in there. She said yes, we are coloring some pictures for school tommarrow. Mom said alright, just wanted to let you know that dinner was ready.

We both said alright mom thanks. After my mom left, I was ready to get this done. As my favorite tv show was coming on. The power rangers I kept thinking about as my sister said I love you. I said I love you to. As I was getting ready to put my penis in her. She said wait a second. She got up and then turned on her night light and turned off the lights.

She said that way it feels romantic. I said to her whatever. She licked her fingers and put all her saliva on her pussy.

Then she said spit in your hand and put it all over your penis. I did and it felt good. Then It had began to feel good. Saying I love you so much sis and she told me she loved me back.

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We began to kiss and she spreaded her legs and her pussy lips and took my penis and began to glide it into her vagina. It was awkward. It would not stay as her vagina was just to tight and being that my penis was not hard, was a problem. She tried a few times. It hurt me more than it did her.

And still no luck. So she said well. Just rub your penis against my vagina. So I did and it felt good. We began slowly humpiing each other I was on top of her. My sister began to moan and said go faster. I did, not because she told me, because it was feeling good. I kept going and going and my sister was panting and sweating like me as are humping countinued for minutes.

My penis she noticed was getting hard kinda. It felt so slick on her pussy as she spit on her hand and put some more saliva on her pussy. My penis was going faster and faster against her slick virgin vagina. Finally I was getting a really good feeling like my penis was going to pee. I said sis. My penis is feeling like I have to go pee.

She said no just keep going. I did for about another minute, then all the sudden a rush of heat and feeling came over me that was powerful. It felt real good and weird at the same time. I started to slow down. My sister said what. Why our you slowing down, I said I am tired and my penis hurts. She said really its all hard about 4 inches. My sister was unsatisfied and told me that she wanted to get on top of me.

I said ok well hurry cause power rangers our coming on. She said ok. And got on top of me. She spit again on my penis that was completly hard. And then got on top of me and began to rub her vagina. After a few seconds she took my penis to the entrance to her virgin 8 year old pussy. And pushed my penis about 1 inches in her.

It kinda hurt and felt good at the same time. She felt a little pain too. I could tell by her expressions. She then got up off me. And squated her naked behind down on my penis. I remeber that she missed my penis and landing on my this girl is bored but jerks cock. She said for me to hold my penis still.

This time she went slower and I felt her pussy lips surround my penis as it entered her once more. She got a little farther about 2 inches. She kept moaning and just kept moving up and down my penis. It did not feel that good to me. Because my penis was going limp. She noticed after a minute or 2 at doing this. And said why do you keep getting soft. I said I dont know. Sis then said well lick me and help me rub my vagina.

I did then she said rub up here. Where it look like it was a tiny finger or something inside the top of her vagina. It was kinda like a penis. I kept rubbing it and licking a few times all over it. And she was moaning saying oh brother keep going faster, move your fingers faster. And finally she let out a huge moan, which scared me kinda. Oh brother it felt so good.

I looked one more time at her vagina and said maybe we can do this again. She said you know it. Your older sister is truly yours. I said ok and got dressed to go watch my show before dinner. My sister did too. One thing for sure was that I was suprised that my mother did not hear her moaning at the end. I guess because Oprah was on. We ate dinner and finished up talking at the table smiling at each other.

My mom said that she was happy that we are getting along.


Right then our dad came in and said hello. We said hello and finished up and went to her room again and we both said lets do this tommarrow again. I said ok deal. She and I both new that this would be a fun time ahead.

The times passed again. We both just mainly did oral sex for about 6 or 7 years. the last years of our oral sex I noticed she was getting really wet and began to have hair on her virgin pussy. It was still tasting great and my penis growed about 3 more inches.

But still did not stay hard until one day at getting home from school in 6th grade that the feeling I had always gotten when my penis got hard. It was like the oppostie my penis would get hard and it would feel good to rub it up and down. I thought this was weird now. So I kept doing it and finally I felt this urge of an orgasm bigger than ever. Than I did and I noticed that my penis spit out some thick white stuff. Later that day at 12 years old I still did not have any pubic hair.

I told my sister that I am always hard and that we can actually have sex now. She playmates step daughter and share all ladies got a taste of his special white stuff so excited as it has been over 6 years of not getting caught or anyone finding out about our little secret those years back of just doing oral sex.

My sister said we will have sex later on tonight because mom and dad our going out to a party. This I though was going to be a perfect time. I knew now all about mastubation and porno and condoms and almost everything there is about sex and fucking.

And virgins like all my friends said our the best. Little did they no that the girl who was almost the hottest blond girl in the school. That was my older sister. That I have seen her HYMEN they called it. Me and my sister were so much in love that it was so great that we have kept it up with our relationship and still for me to have a girlfriend and her a boyfriend. I was lucky for in the story ahead that I was the one who took my sisters virginity as I should be.

Being that she is the one who 6 years ago pursuaded me to doing this with her. My reward for all that I have done with her vagina and giving her orgasms. My real turn is coming. I new that that beatiful tight virgin pussy with her still entact hymen that I always wondered about was going to be broken and the sensation for me would be awesome!

I will share this next experience with you later. Me and my older sister still have got some sex to do. The End story 1 out of 5. OF MY TRUE STORIES SERIES 2004!