Cute teen public gangbang playmately family competition

Cute teen public gangbang playmately family competition
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Ever since my daughter Cora was very young we started the nightly ritual of me tucking her into bed and kissing her goodnight.

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As she grew into an older teen for whatever reasons we maintained that routine. Though over that time she has changed into beautiful young woman and the once innocence has since been lost. Her interest in boys and obvious curiosities about sex, I suspect much more than just curiosity, I'm pretty certain of an advanced level of experiences she has had for her age and such has been my pron new xxxx saxy story d attention to that.

One night, doing the nightly routine visit, I approached and entered her room fairly quickly, she didn't notice me at first- I took just a few seconds to pause at the doorway, just long enough to see her body was squirming under the covers, her head to one side, opposite me, breathing heavy and moaning slightly, as soon as she noticed, me she quickly stopped and re-positioned.

When I approached her face to kiss her good night on the cheek, as I usually did many nights before, I could feel her radiating body heat, slightly sweating and slightly out of breath.

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I pretended not to notice, though we looked each other in the eyes to see if either of us would be the first to acknowledge it- her reading me and my reaction if I did. "Night honey" I said as I kissed her with a quick peck on the cheek and walked away "night Daddy" she said in almost a whisper. I hybrid black latina amateurs from dominican republic toticos back to my room to take a bath.

I thought about what I had witnessed and could feel my cock grow and harden as my hands brush against it, I was so hard, though slightly ashamed, I couldn't help myself to swim in that pool of lustful, taboo thought. My cock was rock hard as I pushed the bar of soap against it, that led into giving-in, I gave into the taboo thoughts of Cora, and wrapped my hand around my slick wet cock, the bath water barely covering my body exposing my cock above the water line and just below my abs, I began to stroke my cock vigorously envisioning her squirms, re-hearing her moans and soft voice whisper "Daddy" and I came fairly quickly, my load of hot cum spurting out of my cock and shooting gobs across my chest.

I cleaned up and I dried off and went to bed. The next night eager to catch her in the act, I made it to her room again, slower and quieter than usual as I approached, I reached the slightly opened doorway and peaked in. My heart jumped a beat to see her again in bed obviously touching herself masturbating under the sheet squirming and breathing heavy, I paused for a minute, or so to watch.

She moved fluidly her head side to side, leaking little soft moans, I could tell her legs were spread and her knees brought back by the way the sheet was tented. I could hear her wispy soft breaths and slight moans, I visualized her naked, sexy, little ass rotating around on the bed under the sheet and the heat that must be emanating off her taught smooth skin under those covers and it stirred me in such a lustful way, my heart was racing.

I then backed-up slightly, made a little noise in the hallway just before I entered her room, she had stopped and re positioned herself laying face up. I walked around and sat by the side of the bed leaned over, "night Baby," I said as I moved my face close to hers and instead of kissing her cheek something possessed me to move my kiss to her lips and gave the usual soft peck, but in the new location- on her soft lips.

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She had a surprised look on her face, but didn't react, "night sweet heart" I said as I started to stand up, she grabbed and pulled my hand, she sat up in the bed and pulled me back toward her facing her. Her face close to mine as we looked each other in the eyes reading unspoken messages we were sending to each other as she said slowly in a soft voice "night Daddy" and pecked me again, but slowly on the lips, held them there for 1 second, then she stopped, fell back and she smiled at me as her head hit the pillow.

I was engulfed in this feeling- a rush of excitement mixed with disbelief of the possibility this forbidden exploration actually moving forward questioning. was she feeling the same forbidden, lustful feelings that I was?? As I headed down the hallway back to my room I was so turned on by the thought of what just took place my cock was raging hard. That night, as I made it to my room, my Wife was just getting into bed, I quickly climbed into the bed right behind her, put my hands on her smooth body sliding them all over her, I was very aggressive and driven more than usual.

I kissed her passionately and quickly made my way down putting my mouth on her pussy licking and sucking it frantically imagining doing the same to Cora. Shortly after lunging my tongue deep into her pussy, I climbed on top of her, without hesitation I plunged my hard cock inside her sopping wet pussy sliding it in right to the base firmly and started pounding her, she was moaning aggressively and loud.

I didn't realize I left the bedroom. door open, Cora hearing the sounds coming from down the hall curiously got out of bed and slowly made her way toward our bedroom and then quietly watched us from our doorway.

Cora cast her eyes on us as we fucked. I flipped my Wife over onto her knees as I re positioned behind her facing the side direction, Cora could see my big hard cock wet n shiny as I reached down and guided it into her mother's pussy and began juliana un chauffeur de taxi finit dans le cul de juliana her Mother like a frantic dog from behind roughly.

Cora's Mom was moaning in a lust-filled trance. I starting grunting and saying, "oh fuck I'm cumming" I pulled it out and stroked my cock over her, cum shooting across her back as it unloaded, imagining Cora below me.


Cora ran back to her room so not to be noticed. I was thinking about Cora the whole time I was fucking her mother and still thinking about Cora over and over the next day, getting turned on by the forbidden naughty thoughts racing through my head. The next night I thought about it and what I might do, what might happen and battled with the should and should-nots all the way up to the point that I quietly reached her doorway once again and began to peak through the door left open a crack.

All thoughts of "should-nots" suddenly & completely escaped me as soon as my eyes landed on the vision in front of me. I could see Cora's smooth, tanned, sexy, tight, young, petite body on top of the bed, topless, back to me, knees on the bed, ass in the air, back arched, face pushed against the bed moaning, her thong still on, but pulled to the side exposing her engorged wet pussy being massaged by her big girls want it more scene wow pictures reaching from underneath, rotating her hips and plunging her fingers into her glistening wet pussy.

As difficult as it was to take my eyes off what I was seeing, I took a couple steps back into the hallway, cleared my throat alerting her I was approaching. I took my time opening the door the rest of the way, my heart was racing not sure what to do, so I quickly just thought to stick to the nightly routine though in an awkward, hesitant fashion and picked-up where we left-off the night before. She managed to get under the sheet in just enough time before I entered the room.

I walked over to her bed as she rolled over facing up out of breath, I pretended not to notice as she pulled the sheets up over her bare chest. As I sat on the side of the bed for a minute contemplating, waiting for our moment that has been the point- the line we have been crossing.the kiss.

I thought to see if i could test the waters, so leaned over slowly, paused for a second just inches from her face as we looked into each others eyes "night Baby" I said softly and slowly as I slowly moved my face toward toward hers, paused, "night Daddy" she whispers, and I placed my lips softly to hers and we kissed closed lips softly, slowly for a second, or two and then moved my face back slightly, I paused there for a second, or two, I caught a whiff of her her sweet girl aroma, as I was then just starting to lift my face away.

She looked at me and then lifted her head bringing her lips to mine and kissed me again the same way, the feeling behind it felt very different than just fatherly kiss good night, we could both sense the lustful urges behind it. Next she swung her arm around my neck and opened her mouth slightly and kissed me, I responded right back the same and she ran her tongue across my lips and I touched her tongue with mine.

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She kind of caught herself suddenly and paused and she said "I'm sorry, please don't tell Mom I did that". I whisper "its ok, I won't tell her anything." We paused for another moment.

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She kisses me again with her open mouth and tongue, but stops herself "wait, no, we shouldn't be doing this" I respond without moving away, "no we probably shouldn't," but she does it again and I reciprocate, yet again she pauses and says "no Dad we should stop," I reluctantly respond with "yes," we repeat the same type of worthless suggestions & responses between kisses a few more times as my hands start to wander across her body, feeling her warm, tight, bare skin and down her legs.

I can feel her respond with a breath and sigh from her mouth across my lips. I stunned myself with the next sentence that came out of my mouth, I say, "I know how to make you feel really good, even better than your hand," I say as I moved my hand gently onto her pussy over her panties. She opens her legs and welcome my hand. Cora is analgeddon a hardcore anal porn music compilation at how good it feels as a strong man's hand covers her pussy as I very lightly massage her pussy over her panties.

I then slip my hand gently under her panties, my hand cupping her pussy still wet and engorged from a few minutes earlier. As I feel the sliky, wet skin folding between my fingers, filling my hand, I couldn't believe the level of lust racing through my body head to toe like electricity charging my body.

"Dad we shouldn't" she mutters lightly, but doesn't pull my hand away or change position of her spread legs, in fact, she opens her legs wider, moving her knees back slightly, "oh Daddy"."she says as she rotates her hips in response to how good it feels gasps, rolls her eyes back almost in a trance "mmmm, oh Daddy, no, "oh mmmm oh my" as she releases a deep breath and takes a quick one in.

I can feel her wetness and hot pussy getting even wetter, her soft young pussy lips slipping through my fingers and a hardening clit under my clustered finger tips as I circled her clit with just the right amount of pressure lubricated by her wet pussy juices.


"oh fuck Dad" she squirms a little rotates her hips and starts to moan, her arms raised over her head. I pull the sheets back all the way and climb fully onto the bed and position myself facing her pussy.

I slowly move my face lowering it between her legs, pushing her legs back slightly with my hands on the back of her taught thighs, pretty obvious to her what I was about to do. "Daaaaad," she whines in a shouldn't tone. I open my mouth put it on her wet pussy lips then slide my tongue out and begin to slowly stroke her pussy lips with my tongue and kissing her young pussy "OOhhhh my God, she moans" as my tongue parted her lips and circled her clit "oh Jesus Dad, we are so bad" she jada fire annette schwarz milk enema as she places her hand behind my head pulling it into her further, firmer as she rotates her hips and wipes her pussy across my mouth.

I flicked my tongue against her clit and sucked her silky pussy lips and clit up into my mouth and release, "FUCK!

why does it feel so good," she mutters as she squirms breathing ever increasing. I could taste her young juices and delight as my mouth consumes her young forbidden pussy. "Please don't tell Mom, ok?" I respond "its our secret", "promise me," she requested, "I promise Baby, no way I'm telling" and I keep licking her. "Oh my God Daddy feels so good don't stop doing that" Cora sits up to watch me bathing her pussy with my mouth, she moves her hips, pulls my face in against her harder as she rotates her hips "oh yes" YES!," she squirmed even more aggressively, I could feel her clit stiffen and her body pulse as I give a steady flicking to her clit tradisco la mia ragazza con la sua migliore amica durante una festa di compleanno Daddiiiieeeee" she cries not too loudly to be heard outside of of her room, her body stiffens, then shakes as she cums hard and falls back to relax herself, she is out of breath.

She pauses to catch her breath as I slowly adjust my position. "You cant be mad at me now if I tell you I have done this before, right Dad?" Cora says smiling. "I guess I can't" I confess to her.

What else have you done?" I ask curiously, "you know."IT" with Joey, from down the street" she says."But I really been wanting to do it with you" she says as she rolls onto me and starts kissing me, I kiss back.

We make-out like high school sweethearts, then her hand starts to caress my hard cock from on top of my running pants. My cock raging and bursting out, I cant help myself, I start to slip my running pants off.

My cock swings out hard and ready, Cora gazes at it with delight and looked into my eyes as she slowly reached to it, finger by finger wrapping them around the shaft and slowly gave it a couple short strokes, in awe of its girth and firmness as she gave it a couple pulsing squeezes. Cora rolled over onto her knees raised her ass in the air, arched her back and looked back at me saying "I want you to fuck me just like you fucked Mom last night.I saw you" Gleaming with lust I positioned myself behind her with my cock in my hand at the entrance of her wet pussy lips, I brushed my swollen cock head between her wet lips a few times before pushing slowly forward as my big hard cock disappeared inside her tight little pussy.

"Oh my god," she whispers as her breath escapes her. I could feel how hot her pussy was and wet as my cock sinks deeper inside my Daughters pussy, she looked incredibly sexy- her ass smooth, small & curvy, the small of her back slick shiny and curved upward, feeling her soft tight skin on her hips by my hands on both sides of her sexy ass cheeks.

I am completely driven by lust as I pump into her "oh yes yes Daddy it feels soooo good, don't stop" she says her eyes closed and moaning with delight. "oooooooyyesss, your big hard dick Daddy, I love it, fuck me, fuck me good." she commands. "Oh fuck honey, your so fucking sexy, I can't mom son sexy xxx dad come back stand it," I exclaim.

Mmmm you like my body Daddy?" she asks slyly, "oh yes Baby Girl very much, you feel how hard my dick is?

you made it like that" I reply. "Mmm I love it," she says. I fuck Cora from behind hard, as she moans and and takes me in for several minutes. "Oh fuck honey, I'm going to cum" I say rapidly. "Ooooo yes, I want to see it" she requests. I feel a steady climax building rapidly and shooting adrenaline fuels me as I pull my cock out and finish myself off with my hand jacking as my cock pulses cum all over her sexy curved back and ass as she looked back watching, taking it all in as my cock pumps gobs creamy hot white cum onto her sexy, tanned, taught back and glances her big brown eyes up at me in between, "ooooh yeah" she says, "mmmmmmm, nice, feels so warm!" she exclaims.

She lowered her body straight down as the cum pools on her back and some cum slid down her slick waist onto the bed. I went into her bathroom and got a warm towel, cleaned my cum off her back and ass as we quietly absorbed what took place. "That felt so incredible, mmm, wow" she said, "your not going to tell anyone right?" she asked, "not a word" I reply. "Ive got to get back, your mother will wonder whats taking me.

Cora nods, "ok night Daddy," "night Baby" I say softly as I hurried to leave her room trying to collect myself and the disbelief of what just happened. [i][I welcome feedback, what did you like, what didn't you like?]/i]