Hot fuck with a curvy whore hardcore big butt

Hot fuck with a curvy whore hardcore big butt
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Kali heard his top fall, his zipper, and then his jeans and boxers fall to the ground. Somehow it stirred a primal instinct in her body.

She felt her body longing to have him inside her, suprise, as she still hurt from the whipping she just received.

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That is untill he walked over in front of her. Wanting her fear Kalona walked over in front of her, pulling her head up by her hair, making sure she saw the monster between his legs. He smiled in satisfaction as her eyes widened and a small terrified sound escaped her lips.

He released her hair and let her hide her face as best she could in the position she was in. To her it seemed like an eternity between him releasing her hair and feeling the head of his massive cock against her battered and beaten pussy. To him it seemed all too soon. Even though he waited patiently till she was 18 before he even had his men follow and stalk her for the pictures he got, he didn't give a damn about her well being.

Using her father's semen, he burried himself in her. With his massive intrution of her body she screamed.

She felt the tears start to flow down her cheeks. She wished it wasn't real. But what she didn't realize was he only had the first 11 inches in her. He listened to her screams and sobs as if they were music, to him they were. At first he stayed still, with only what her body naturally allowed in her. He waited for her sobs to stop before pulling back slowly.

As soon as he started to mover her body began to buck. Usually he would check the restraints before giving a new slave her first experience with his legendary member.

But in this case, Jerry had restrained her. Jerry never messed up the restraints, not after that bitch Carla. She couldn't stay still no matter how hard she tried, even though she could hear him chuckling and knew it was only entertaining him. The pain from his size was just too much. Her cervix massage rooms rita oils up her huge juicy bre take the pain from the intrution.

It throbbed painfully, rather steadily. He pulled back so the tip was the only thing still inside her. He waited for her body to calm down a bit before using enough force to send his full 14 inches into her. This time she didn't scream, didn't cry, didn't wail, didn't buck, cause the pain was equivalent to someone shoving a knife into your kidney and twisting it, its too much pain to do anything.

He leaned over her body carefully, making sure the full 14 inches was still in her, and ffm threesome with horny alien chick eva parcker tiffany doll her hair so his lips were right next to her ear. "In a month or two your body will get used to my size," he chuckled, knowing it would probably be 4 or 5 months.

"But for now, prepare yourself for pain." He straightened up really fast letting his dick push harder against her cervix. He started to steadily thrust into her. Feeling every millimeter of her love tunnel grip him. Grabbing her hips to hold her just right as he batered, bruised, and abused her sweet young form.

It took all he had to wait for her to lose consiousness before he let his cum fill her body.

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Even after two weeks of not letting himself orgasm, it was more semen than he though possible to be held in one man, even of his size. It took about ten minuets before the flow slowed and eventually stopped.


By the time he pulled himself out of her limp body, there was nice puddle on the floor and streams of cum racing down her legs. After pulling out of Kali, Kalona pulled his watch out of his jeans. Judging the time, they had only done an hours worth of time. For him, this was an embarrasment, but she was the tightest whore he had ever sex tenn xxx hamster storys. Out of the back pocket, he got his digital camera.

He took a few pictures of her in her current position, admiring her helplessness. After satisfying himself with her in this position he went over to the far corner and tugged on the chain, testing its strength against his. This chain was set up for her to be able to move in a certain amount of space, similar to a dog chained up in the front yard. Only she would be confined to the corner and a twelve foot radius from it.

Confident in the strength of the bolt and chain he went back over to her. Circling her like a tiger and its helpless prey.

Slowly he undid her restraints, letting her fall to the floor. Liking her new position, he took more pictures. He easily tossed her over his shoulder and carried her to the corner. He locked her collar to the chain and admired her shortly before noticing his need to relieve his bladder.


Soon she awoke to what she first thought was warm water, and soon found to be Kalona's golden stream. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downstairs Jerry was looking over the vast selection of slaves Kalona keeps in the cells on the second to bottom floor of the dungeon. Currently he was looking at the young red heads, they were always a turn on for him.


On his second time past the red heads he spotted one that looked to be no older than 14. He walked past them a little bit, wanting to know what they talked about, you'd be supprised to know what a slave would say when they think they are alone. "Ella, nnammee iiissss Ella." A small, weak, scared, voice said. ".new girl has a pretty name." ".they gonna strip that from you first." ".then your clothes." He pretended to look at the blondes in a higher cage as he listened to them.

".I never seen dat guy here before." ".he be.important." ".been past us twice." A couple of the others chimed in. Slowly he walked back over to their cage and looked in. "Who is Ella?" He didn't expect a verbal answer, and he didn't get one, all of the others moved away from the one he spotted earlier.

He didn't realize Kalona had come down till he reached around Jerry and undid the lock on the cage. "You've always liked them young Jerry, you've always liked them young."