Hardcore orgasm toy bondage teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone

Hardcore orgasm toy bondage teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone
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Buster, Bec's & Me II I would like to thank all those who have emailed me after my first story, Buster Bec's & Me.

This is part two of the story. Warning - The following story contains sex between 'male-female incest', 'female-dog', 'male-dog'. 'If any of these things offend you, or if any of these things are illegal to read about in your area, please close this file now. Buster, Bec's & Me - Part 2 Part 1 finished with Bec's telling me how her and her friend Megan lost their virginity. For the past couple of months I have been getting regularly getting knotted by Buster. He has been sleeping in my bedroom at nights.

So most night before I have rough sex machine melissa moore begs for rough sex going to sleep he has been fucking me. So now when he gets on my back to get his cock in, I help by lining his cock up with my arsehole. I can now quite easily take his knot, and when we get tied together for 15 - 20 minutes each time. And each time when knots with me I have a tremendous orgasm without actually touching my cock.

One evening as a family we were sitting down watching the television, Mum & Dad on one of the sofas, me on the other one and as usual Bec's sitting on the floor. Dad said that he was going to get a shower. About 15 minutes later Dad came down wearing his short dressing gown and sat back on the Sofa.

Mum then said that she was going to have a shower, then looking at Bec's and me, she said you two can have one after wards. Bec's gave me a nudge and nodded her head towards Dad.

When I looked over at him, he had put one of his legs on the sofa and the other on the floor, but as he had moved his leg up onto the sofa his short dressing gown had parted at his groin revealing his long cock. I noticed Bec keep make sly glances at him and licking her lips. Soon after Mum came down in her gown and told Bec's to go and get her shower. Then she said when Bec's has finished I can go and get mine.

I said "I'll have mine when I go to bed" Mum then sat on the sofa between Dad's legs and leaned back into him. I assumed the same position on the sofa as Dad had, hoping that when Bec's came back down; I can get her to sit between my legs.

When I looked over to Mum & Dad I noticed that Dad had put his arm over Mum's shoulder and slid his hand into her robe. Ten minutes later Bec's came bouncing down stairs, totally starkers. Mum said Bec's why have you not put your robe on, go straight back upstairs and put it on". Bec said, "Mum I dropped it in the bath and it's all wet" Mum then said "Well you should have put a towel around you then" Bec said "I'm ok Mum, I'm not cold" and with that she sat straight down on the sofa between my legs.

For the next ten minutes or so, Bec's kept squirming her arse in to my cock. I could feel my most heavy porn storys download getting harder and harder by the minute, by her actions. Bec's then turned herself sideways into me and laid her head on my chest.

I noticed Dad looking over to Bec and me and smiled, then said to Mum, don't they look cute lying there together. Little did Dad know, but Bec's had wormed her hand between her body and mine and was stroking my hard cock. My cock felt it was getting harder and harder by the minute with her playing with me. I knew I couldn't keep this up for long before I would dirty foot domination everythings got a price my load, so I discreetly pulled her hand away from my cock.

Some while later Bec got her hand between us again and started playing with my cock again. I instantly got a hard on. I'm sure the little minx was trying to get me off. I couldn't stand this much more, so I announced that I was going to go to bed. My only problem was that I had a stonking hard on and how was I going to get passed my parents without them seeing it.

I waited as long as I could hoping that it would go down, but it wouldn't. When I saw Mum was really engrossed in the movie, I got Bec's to get up, and trying to keep her between me and Mum & Dad, I moved around the sofa.

Just as I was getting passed my Dad's vision he turned, looked at me, and said, "My we are getting a big lad" then winked at me as I passed him. Thank fully Mum did not see. As I went out I just said "nite". Both Mum & Dad said "Nite Mark". I went straight up to my room, flopped on my bed and took my hard cock in my hand and started beating it, when Bec's came into my room. She said very beautiful shemale on free live cam www hotcamgirls co tube porn you want a hand with that," as she walked over to the bed with a great big smile.

Bec's got onto the bed pushed my legs apart and got between then, then took a hold of my cock and brought her lips down to the head.

She stuck out her tongue and licked the precum that was oozing out of my slit, and then slid her mouth right over gf and bf standing up sex vedio cock.

She started bobbing her head up and down, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I was on the brink of coming as she was sucking hard on my cock. I felt my ball tighten, the cum leave my balls and travel up my cock and before I exploded I pushed up with my hips as I pushed Bec's head down into my groin. My cock went straight into her throat and I shot four or five thick ropes of cum into Bec.

Bec was trying to pull herself off of me, but I wouldn't let her head go until I had finished shooting my cum.

When I did release her, Bec was gasping for breath. When she got her breath back she said "That was scrummy", jumped off the bed and went out exchange student 4 part 2 bedroom.

After I recovered I went and had a shower. By the time I got back into my bed room, Buster was there. As I walked over to the bed, Buster tried to push his nose between my legs. I patted Buster on the head and said to him," Not tonight boy, I'm bushed".

With that I got into bed. The next few days were uneventful, and then Dad had to go away on a business trip again. The next day, before Dad left, he said he wanted to talk to me. I thought I was going to get a right telling off about the other evening.

He was in his office, so I went in and he told me to close the door. I thought "Oh shit" here it comes. He said, "Right Mark, you are getting a big boy now, I shall be away for a few days and I want you to be the man of the house, while I'm away. That means you have got to look after Mum & Bec's, and especially Bec's". Giving me a wink and a smile. With that he put his arms around me and gave me a squeeze, saying right see you in a few weeks, get yourself of to school now.

I left his office and went off to school. During the day I was trying to figure out what he meant by especially looking after Bec's and then giving me a wink. The day passed slowly, and I kept thing what my Dad had said. I was glad that school was nearly finished and that the weekend was here.

When I samantha parker sucks cock and spreads her legs on the table home, no one was in, so I went straight up to my room and stripped off. It was so hot; I just flopped down on my bed. Buster came into my room and got onto the bed. He then began to lick my cock and balls; it was lovely to feel his tongue slurping away on me. I could see the end of his pink cock emerging from his sheath, so I scooted down the bed a little and slid under his belly.

I began to stroke his cock and it came more and more out of his sheath, getting bigger all the time. By the time his knot came out of the sheath he was fully extended and dripping pre-cum from his tip. I bent his cock down towards my mouth and was rewarded with his squirting over my face. I quickly put my mouth over his cock and began sucking on it trying to get as much of his in my mouth as possible.

Buster started to hump my mouth forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I gagged a couple of times as he pushed it to the back of my throat, by now his knot was up against my chin.

I took Busters cock out of my mouth as I was afraid of him pushing his knot into my mouth. If he had, once his knot had swollen he would probably dislocated my jaw, and that would have taken some explaining.

I got on the floor, and Buster came around to my arse and began licking it swiping his tongue from my balls right through my crack. I opened my legs further so that he could get at my arse easier, and then felt him push his tongue inside. Buster jumped on my back and began humping me poking me with his cock and shooting his cum all over my arse. He kept missing the mark so I went down on to my shoulders putting my arse further in the air.

I pulled my arse cheeks open, and then he found the mark, with all his precum over me, he went straight into my arsehole. He grabbed me around the waist forcing more and more of his cock in me. I could feel his knot hitting my hole, then it went in and back out again, then in and out several more times until it would not come out.

I felt it swelling inside me, stretching me wide, his cock going ever deeper and I was pushing back on him to get even more cock in me. By now his knot had sealed my hole, and I felt him squirting into me. Then he cocked his back leg over my arse and turned, twisting his knot around in me. I then felt him firing his cum deep inside me. We had been locked together for over ten minutes, when I heard Bec's calling me, and then she walked into my room. Saw me on the floor with Buster, and just said "Enjoying yourself".

She closed the door then came to me, kneeling alongside me. She rubbed her hand over my arse then between my legs gently massaging my balls then grabbing my cock and jerking me. Cheating blonde stripper fucked doggystyle on spy camera then got up and took her clothes off. I asked her what was she doing and she said "Your not gonna have all the fun".

With that she got back on the floor and rolled underneath me, taking my cock in her hands. She then said "Lick my pussy". I said "What about if Mum comes home". Bec, then said" She won't be home for sometime, she's got some errands to run" So I hungrily started to devour her. Bec then said "When I come I want it in my mouth and not down my throat" I agreed.

Bec started sucking hard on me. Buster was still sending jets of his cum into me. My cock was getting harder and my balls were tightening up and I knew I would be blowing my load very soon. Busters knot began to shrink, and then come out followed by his cum. As Bec was right under me, it went straight onto her face.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and went old vibrator old brainy gentleman with a young beautiful girl say, "What the" when I shot my load, the first two spurts hitting her in the face before she got my cock back into her mouth.

I finished spraying the rest of my cum into her mouth, before rolling off to the side. I looked at Bec's and her face was covered in cum, Both Busters and mine.

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Bec's then wiped a finger across her face and licked the cum off of her finger saying "Mmmmmmmmmmm, tastes nice.

I told Bec "That she had better go and get a shower" As Bec got up she said, "Coming with me", and grabbed my hand. I got up off of the floor and we both went and had a shower.

We washed each other, soaping every where. Bec was rubbing her hands all over me, and I was doing the same. Paying particular attention to her budding tits. I had a constant hard on. Bec kept trying to rub her pussy against my cock then trying to jerk me off.

I was fingering her pussy when I could. I dropped the soap and Bec's bent over to pick it up, pushing her bum against my cock. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock between granny say nbut son fuck legs as if I was fucking her.

Bec's bent slightly further and my cock slipped straight into her pussy. Bec's said, "Yeh do me" and she was pushing herself back onto my hot cock. I was thrusting into Bec really hard for a few minutes, feeling my balls tighten; I pulled out of Bec and said, "I'll do you real good later".

Bec's said "Oh no, I want your cock now". I just left Bec there and got out of the shower, dried myself off and went downstairs. By the time Bec came down I was sitting on the sofa with one leg up and the other draped over the edge as I was a couple of days ago. Bec flopped herself down between my legs, and said "Spoilsport". She was naked. Mum came back shortly after, and she didn't seemed to bothered that we were both naked.

We had dinner, and then sat down to watch television. Mum said that she had to go and see Grandpa again tomorrow and did we want to come.

Both Bec & I said, "No we will be ok here on our own". When I went to bed, I was really looking forward to tomorrow, knowing that both Bec's and I will be on our own, and I could really give her a good fucking. I really slept well that night. I was awake early in the morning, and had my normally morning woody, but refrained from jerking off so that I was well primed for Bec's.

It was going to be a very hot day today, as early as it was it was getting very warm. When I got down stairs Mum was already up, but not dressed. I was surprised that she didn't even cover up. Mum was just sitting at the table drinking tea. I felt my cock begin to stiffen, so quickly got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. Mum then said to me, "You and Bec seem to be getting on very well lately".

I said "Yeh we have been having some fun". Mum got up and stood behind me. I knew she could see my hard-on.

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She then said, "Dad told me you were getting a big boy", she then moved the chair sideways, and said "My you are a big boy" then got on her knees and took a hold of my silence sister watch part on cutescam com. My cock felt like a rod of steel in her hands. I was in a little shock at the moment, and then Mum bent forward and put my cock head into her mouth and began sucking really hard.

Mum then took her mouth off my cock and told me to stand up. I stood up and Mum resumed the sucking of my cock, taking it to the back of her throat. I involuntary started bucking my hips into her. Mum then moved her hands up to my arse as she was sucking me, and was wiggling her finger in my hole. She couldn't penetrate my hole, so she just dipped her finger into the butter on the table, and then started wiggling back into my hole.

With her finger lubricated it slipped up my arse. Mum started to finger my arse and I was really humping her face. I was gonna come soon, I tried to pull out but Mum wouldn't let me. My cock exploded into her mouth filling it with my cum. When Mum had drained me, she let my shrinking cock slip from her mouth, opened her mouth to show me and then swallowed my cum. Mum then said "I can see why Bec's likes your cock". With that she got up and went upstairs. I was flabbergasted. I just sat there drinking my coffee.

Ten minutes later Bec's came down dressed in just a 'T' shirt, and sat opposite me and poured herself a glass of milk. Bec's said "Are you ok Mark, you look a little flushed".

I told Bec's that I was ok. A few minutes later Mum came down, and said that she was now going to Grandpa's. Mum said "Bye kids, be good and have fun". With that she left and a couple of minutes later we heard her car pull away.

After we had finished breakfast and cleared the table, Bec's said "What are we going to do now". I went over to Bec, gave her a big kiss, grabbed her 'T' shirt by the bottom and pulled it over her head. I then picked her up and sat her on the table and told her to lie back, which she did. I spread her legs wide putting her feet on the chairs, then put my mouth on her pussy and sucked her, licking up and down her slit, then burrowed my tongue into her pussy.

I sucked and licked her pussy for a few minutes before taking hold of her ankles and put them over my shoulders. I took hold of my cock and rubbed the head against her pussy lips before driving my hips forward pushing my cock deep into her. I carried on fucking Bec's real hard and fast, before unloading my cum deep in her pussy. Bec's started screaming, Yes.Yes.Yessssssssss. That put me over the edge, I slammed by cock in as far as I could go, shouting out I'm commmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggg.

With that my cock exploded dumping the biggest load of cum into Bec's. I fell down on top of her exhausted.

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It took me about five minutes to regain my strength so that I could move. My cock was still stiff inside Bec's pussy. I managed to pick her up with her still impaled on my cock and staggered out into the garden, where I laid her down on one of the loungers.

I went back into the kitchen to get us both a squash. When I returned back to the patio, Bec's looked as if she was asleep, but had moved her legs either side of the lounger, so that her legs were spread wide. I could see my cum dribbling out of her. I decided I had to cool off, so I jumped in the pool and swam a few lengths. As I was getting out, I looked over to Bec's and Buster was licking away at her pussy, and eating my cum from her. I watched for a few minutes to see what was going to happen.

Buster just kept licking away. I got out of the pool and went over to them; Bec's had this dreamy look on her face, but still looked asleep. I pulled Buster away from Bec's, and then shook her awake. She said that she had this dream that I was licking her pussy. I told her it was not me, but Buster that was licking her and eating my cum that was dribbling from her pussy.

Bec's said "Mmmmmmmmmmm, that was nice, will he do it again". I told her to get on the grass on all fours, and see what he does. Bec's was off the lounger and on all fours as quick as that.

When I saw her bent over like that, I very nearly slipped my cock back in her pussy. I told Bec's to spread her legs as wide as she could and to go down on her elbows, so that her arse was higher in the air. I then called Buster, and he came straight over and stuck his nose between Bec's legs, and then he began licking her pussy. As Buster was licking and slurping on Bec's pussy, Bec began to moan, and saying "Oooooh, Arggggghhhh". Bec's then asked me if I would help Buster "Do her". I said to her that, "I think Buster is too big for you".

She just said that she wanted to try and would I help. I told her to stay there a minute, and went indoors to get a pair of socks to put over Busters feet so that he would no claw her.

When I got back out there Buster was already on Bec's back and trying to hump her. I pulled him off and quickly put the socks over his hardcore fucked bdsm bitch gets it good in her rear paws, and then Told Bec's to stay still.

I helped Buster up onto Bec's back and then slid underneath her so that I could guide Busters cock into her pussy and also to make sure that he did not go in to far.

Buster was really trying to get his cock in her pussy, squirting his precum all over her arse and my hand before I could get a hold of him. I finally got his cock in my hand and guided it to Bec's pussy, as soon as he felt her hole he lunged forward pushing about three inches of cock into her. I had my hand there to prevent anymore from going in. Bec's screamed a little as it first went in then relaxed. I told Bec's just to relax and don't move, let Buster do the work. Buster was sliding the three inches in and out of Bec's pussy, and then Bec's said that she wanted more.

I moved my hand so that I was now holding Busters cock with my thumb and finger allowing another few inches to penetrate. Buster was really slamming his cock in hard and it was slipping through my fingers. He put his paws tighter around Bec's hips, pulled nearly all the way out then slammed back in, he went so hard that his knot went through my fingers and I was unable to stop it going into Bec's pussy. As it went it Bec's shouted "Owwww, get him off he is hurting me" I said "Sorry Bec's, you will have to wait until his knot goes down when he has done breeding with you, it wont come out till then.

I could see that his knot was swelling up and stretching Bec's hole open. I kept telling her to relax. Then I told her to lift one of her elbows up so that I can get right underneath her". This she did. I then told her to suck my cock as I began licking her pussy as well as Busters cock. Bec's started sucking my cock. I could see that Busters knot had grown almost to its full extent and knew h would soon turn.

I told Bec's that she was to keep relaxed as Buster would soon turn and if teen cheerleader stepdaughter ally kay banging her school coach tried to stop him it would really hurt her, once he has turned he will start shooting his cum into you". With that Buster cocked his leg and began to turn, I gently caressed Bec's pussy as Buster turned, and then they were arse to arse.

I could see as Buster was flexing his cock his cum was shooting into Bec's pussy. Bec's said "He's cumming in me, I can feel him shooting his stuff, and it's very warm. How long will he take before he has finished".

I said, "It could be ten minutes or up to thirty". Bec's said, "Oh my god" She then went back to sucking my cock, and I carried on licking and sucking her. After about fifteen minutes I could see Busters knot begin to shrink, then it plopped out, followed by a river of his cum. This dribbled down Bec's pussy and onto my face. I told Bec's to sit up, which she did so that her kelly strokes big cock and sucks it deep was right over my mouth, and I drank busters cum straight from her pussy, sucking and licking it out of her.

When Bec's got off of my face, it was covered in Busters cum. I stood up and said now it is your turn. I held her head, took my cock in my hand and started jerking until I shot all my cum over Bec's face.

We then kissed exchanging mine and Busters cum. When we broke apart I picked Bec's up in my arms and walked over to the pool and down the steps into it so that we could clean our selves up. I asked Bec's how was it and she said it was awesome but she is very sore. I told her the soreness will pass. We played around in the pool for some time. Mum got back home late afternoon; she came out to the pool and asked us if we would like a drink.

Both of us said "Yes please". With that Mum disappeared. When she came back out with our drinks, she was totally naked, both Bec's and I looked at each other. Mum placed the drinks by the side of the pool then went and walked down the steps into the pool and walking over to us. Mum gave us both a big hug, pressing her body into mine; my cock began to swell and in seconds was at full stretch. Mum didn't seem to show any signs, she then asked Bec's if I had taken good care of her. Bec's said I had.

I was leaning with my back to the side of the pool, and the drinks behind me. Mum came over to get her drink, she stood with her legs either side of mine, my erect cock was between her legs, she then lent forward, pushing her breasts into my chest and picked her drink off of the side of the pool. As she did so she closed her legs trapping my cock between her legs, and rubbing herself against it.

Mum and I finished our drinks as Bec's was swimming up and down the pool. Mum then put her hand under the water took a hold of my cock and pulled me to the steps, telling me that I can help her with the tea. Mum kept hold of my cock and pulled me all the way into the kitchen.

Mum and I prepared our tea then took it out onto the Patio. Fortunately my cock had now deflated. During our tea Mum had a phone call, when she came and sat down, she said, "That was your cousin Andy from France". Uncle Zac, Andy and Kane moved to France about four years ago after my aunt died. They bought a farm out there.

Mum said that "Uncle Zac had been seriously injured in an accident on the farm; Andy had rang to ask if I would like to go out there and help on the farm in the forthcoming summer holidays". I told Mum that would be a nice change, when would I be going. Mum said "Well you finish school next Wednesday, so I reckon, either Friday or Saturday. If you are sure I'll phone Andy and let him know". We finished tea, and then cleared away everything, before retiring to the lounge, to watch the television.

At about 10pm I told Mum I was going to Bed, Bec also said that she was going to bed. When I got to bed I relived the day's events and started jacking off. I didn't see Mum come into the room as I had my eyes closed. The first I knew of anyone in my room was when I felt someone sit on my bed. My eyes sprang open, but I was still fisting my cock.

My Mum moved my hand away and said to me, " I think after this morning it is your turn to pleasure me", with that she lay down on the bed on her back, opened her legs and told me to lick her pussy and make her cum.

I got between her spread legs, and marvelled at how different her pussy is to that of Bec's. I buried my mouth over Mum's pussy and licked and sucked her.

I was licking and sucking her for about five minutes, my jaw was beginning to ache, and then Mum gave out a moan, her body shuddered and my mouth was filled with a sweet tasting juice. I just kept on sucking and still she stopped squirting her juices, she then pushed my head away, got off the bed, said "Thanks Son" and left the room.

I was so frustrated because I hadn't cum. I was still lying on the bed with my legs over the edge, when Buster jumped onto me. I pulled my arse cheeks open as Busted humped me and almost straight away he was in to the hilt. He was going at me hammer and tongs and within no time at all I felt his knot slip into my arse and I was welcoming the feeling. His knot has soon swollen to its maximum and he turned so we were arse to arse and began pumping his cum into me.

We were tied for about fifteen minutes before Buster pulled out and his cum came gushing out of my arse. Buster retired to the corner and laid down licking his cock clean.

After I recovered, I got to my feet and realised that I had cum without touching my cock. I staggered into bed and fell asleep almost straight away. End To be continued, if wanted.