Sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing

Sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing
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Let me start off with saying that this is the first chapter of a series hopefully if the feedback is good. This is only my 3rd attempt at writing, and it was written for a coworker of mine. The names have been changed, and the events have not yet happened, but will be soon.

And this is how I imagine it going. Please feel free to give any positive feedback. This first chapter is a little long in getting started, but the following chapters will be a bit more action packed. All emotions written about are true feelings we have for each other. Thank you for letting me share. ________________________________________________________________________ It was around 2pm when the Amtrak train pulled into the station in Denver.

Jack was looking forward to this little weekend getaway for a few reasons. First, he really needed a break. From work, from friends, from the tiny little redneck town he currently lived in, and the tiny minded redneck people he live around.

And he had always wanted to visit Colorado. He'd never been. And the Rocky Mountains just called to him most of his life. But, the real reason he was so excited, was Christina.

They were coworkers, and talked every day for the past 3 years. But they had never had the chance to meet. He was happy that was finally about to change. After years of texts, IM, squirt swallow xxx she leads him into her bedroom where she gives him an outstanding blow couple phone calls, pictures, (some of them naughty, but hers were PG13, while his were a bit more graphic. It's a guy thing. Guys like taking pics of their junk,) this was the weekend he had been waiting 3 years for.

He was going to FINALLY get to meet the woman he cared about more than life itself. The next 24 hours would be hell, since he arrived on Friday, and she wouldn't be able to come up to Denver until Saturday evening around 5. After checking into the hotel, which was quite nice for the deal he got, Jack drew the blackout curtains, and took a nice couple hour nap before getting up to shower and go out on the town to see what Denver had to offer.

This was a scouting mission. Recon to find the best places to take Christina the next night.

He knew she wouldn't care where they went or what they did. That's one of the million things he liked about her. She didn't need a lot to be young stud bangs 60 years old woman tube porn. He would have been happy just getting room service and not leaving the hotel until it was time to check out and come home, but he wanted this to be a special night.

One they would both remember for a lifetime. He was also nervous. What if she didn't end up liking him "that way?" What if he found she wasn't physically attracted to him, or a million other possible thoughts ran through his mind, all of them ending with her leaving, and him being heartbroken.

"Be a man damn it. Not a pussy." He shouted to himself as he got dressed and headed out the door. The next morning he awoke, ready to check out the city.

Denver appealed to him. Almost felt like home. And such a beautiful place. He knew tonight would be amazing.

He spent the better part of the day doing all the things tourists do, trying to ignore his growing anxiety. Come 3, he knew he needed to get back to his (their) room and start getting ready. He was almost as bad as a girl. Making sure he shaved perfectly, on his face and "down there" until both were as soft as a baby's butt.

Fussed with his hair until it was just right, ironed his shirt, just the right amount of his favorite cologne, hoping she would like it. "Holy shit," he thought to himself, "is this what women put up with getting ready for a date???" Making sure he was presentable, there was a knock at the door.

"This is it, there she is." He said as the butterflies in his stomach started taking flight.

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His hand trembling, he reached for the door and opened it. And there she was. Hair perfect, eyes bright, and a smile that literally made him feel week in the knees. They didn't even speak, just put their arms around each other and hugged tightly. After what seemed like an hour, they let go of each other, and he kissed her gently on the cheek as they finally looked at each other and said hello, both blushing bright red.

"Come on in, and make yourself comfortable" Jack said to her and she surveyed the room. Christina, or "Paris" as her friends liked to call her, looked around wondering what sort of mischief they would be getting into here later. With the curtains open, she looked out to see a beautiful view all natural ebony girlfriend gives interview and prepares for sex the city as the sun set behind the giant mountain and the lights started lighting up the city.

"Did you have a good drive?" Jack asked, while admiring how pretty she looked, dressed nicely, but still casually. "I did," she replied, "but I really do need to use the bathroom, and change for dinner." He thought for a second and knowing he needed to calm his nerves a bit or he would make a total fool out of himself suggested that she go ahead and take a shower, and get ready, and he would step out to the bar downstairs and have a drink to give her time.

She smiled, blushing a little, thinking that deep inside, she almost wished he would stay and join her in the shower, but decided there would be plenty of time for that later, as they would never even leave the room if he stayed. She promised she wouldn't take long, and agreed to meet him downstairs when she was ready. "Our reservations are at 8, so you have plenty of time." He smiled, told her to have fun, but not TOO much fun in the shower, winked and closed the door behind him.

Both their heads were spinning and hearts racing. About 45 minutes passed, as he sat looking out the window sipping his Jack & Coke, thinking about how happy he was, finally to see her, speak to her, and feel her. She even smelled amazing. While off in his own little world, he hadn't even noticed her come up behind him, cover his eyes and whisper in his ear "Guess who?" He thought she smelled nice before. But that was nothing to how well she smelled as her perfume hit his nose.

He couldn't explain it, but she smelled exactly like he thought she would smell. Silly he knew, but that's the best way to explain it. He chuckled and replied "Housekeeping?" feeling her punch his arm. He turned around, and smiling, she did a little spin, asking him "So what do you think?" There she was, hair perfect, wearing a black dress that fit her like a glove.

Sexy black boots that added a few inches to her height. In a word, HOT. Glancing down, and seeing a bulge start to develop in his jeans, she laughed, took him by the hand, and said "I think I have my answer." Surprisingly, after the initial shock of meeting, they fell back into their comfortable feeling around each other.

Best friends, catching up, talking about the same things they talked about every day, all day. But this time, in person. As they were seated, and ordered a bottle of wine and their meals, they just talked, and laughed, and teased each other. The wine helped certainly, but having always been open and honest with each other, sharing both their darkest secrets, there was a comfort level that one wouldn't normally find on a first date. It hit him. "This is my first date with her.

It's actually happening!" What he didn't realize, was that at that exact same moment, she was thinking the VERY same thing. Dinner was wonderful. After dinner, they walked, in part to work off the food babies they had growing in their guts, in part, because it was relaxing, and in part to get to the bar that the server nerdy curvy milf in for a plug ride dinner recommended.

"Classy and upscale, but not pretentious. You two will fit in perfectly! Find Jana. She's one of the bartenders there and my best friend. Tell her Ramey sent you, and she will make sure that ya'll have a blast!" After an hour of strolling around, looking in shop windows, and most importantly to Jack, holding hands, they headed to the bar. It was just as Ramey, our server at dinner, had described it. It could just as easily been a nightclub in New York or LA that he had gone to before, but somehow different.

Everyone knew everyone. It was more like the local dive bar back home, but with everyone dressed nicely, and great music pumping out of the sound system. It was still a little empty since it wasn't quite 11 yet, but it was perfect to him. And boy was their server right. Within 30 minutes, the bartender had made sure they were both well lubricated, with a couple "mistakes" that she made and gave to them, and a couple rounds of shots that of course she didn't put on their tab.

It was just the right combination to make Jack hop to his feet, take Christina by the hand, and drag her out to the dance floor while there was still room on it. They danced like teenagers, laughing and spinning, until an old 90s slow jam started. Being about 10 years older than most of the crowd in there, they soon found themselves alone with Bell Biv DeVoe playing.

With her arms around his neck they just grooved to the song, bodies grinding against each other as his hands roamed her lower back. And then it happened.

He didn't think about it, didn't worry about it. He just looked into her eyes looking up at him, and he kissed her. It was then the dam burst. For the both of them. She pulled back slightly, with a little grin on her face, took his right cheek in the palm of her hand, and dove back in for more.

This time deeper, passionately, their tongues dancing with each other much the same way they were. They almost didn't even realize the song had ended. Laughing, he led her by the hand back to the bar, where Jana had three more shots and another round of drinks waiting for them.

"Damn, you two were so hot looking out there, I almost need a cigarette after watching!" She held up her shot glass, some concoction she had invented and was proud of, toasted to young love, and walking funny the next morning, and the 3 of them slammed it down. The alcohol was definitely working.

They passed the next hour chatting with the bartender, unable to keep their hands off each other, him caressing her leg, her playing with the back of his neck and hair, until she finally excused herself to the restroom. Once she was out of sight, Jana looked at Jack and said, "you couple fucking with milf on the table want to go ahead and get out of here. She needs to get fucked, and I'd say by how tight the front of your jeans are, you may be just the guy to give it to her" and winked as she handed him his bar tab.

$15. He was a pro at drinking, and knew that he had downed 4 Jack & Cokes that he ordered, and she had 3 fruity drinks, on top of the 3 rounds of shots, and the "mistake" pours. She hooked them up big time. He smiled, slipped $75 in the bill folder, and slid it back.

"Thanks Jana. You have yourself a good night" as Christina rejoined them. "Oh it will be ok, but not as good as I think you two will be having!" and laughed as she walked away.

After hailing a cab, they climbed in, told the driver the hotel, and went back to making out like kids. As they kissed, he slid his hand up between her thighs, shocked when he discovered nothing but soft, wet lips at his fingertips, heat radiating from her as though she had a fire burning, which wasn't too far from the truth. She giggled as she watched his reaction to the fact she had gone out without her panties, and whispered to him, just loud enough so the taxi driver could hear too, "I had to excuse myself to the restroom, because I was getting so excited it was started to run down my thighs." He didn't think he was able to get any harder until the moment she said that, and he instantly felt the rest of his blood rush from his brain to his other head.

Just as soon as the elevator doors closed heading up to the top floor to their room, they were back at it. Tongues dancing, hands groping all over each other's bodies. She squeezed his throbbing cock through his jeans and felt him moan in her mouth as he cupped her tight, juicy, perfect ass in his hands, almost picking her up as he molested her. By the time the doors opened on their floor, they were back to being proper, although a bit flushed.

If anyone waiting for the elevator saw them they would have had no clue. The security guard watching the security camera in the elevator had to excuse himself to the bathroom he was so worked up though. Jack got out his key, opened the door, and then being the gentleman extended his hand inviting her in.

She replied "Why thank you sir" before walking through the threshold. As soon as the door was closed however, politeness was left outside in the hallway. He had wanted this for so long. He knew deep down inside, even when she didn't act like it that she wanted this too.

They tore at each other, lips everywhere, hands all over the place, pawing at each other like a teenage boy trying to figure out how to take off a bra for the first time. And in no time, there they both were, naked.

Exposed. Aroused. She was everything he ever imagined. Good enough to eat, and he couldn't wait to finally taste her. She looked down at his cock, throbbing in midair, hard enough that she could have hung her coat from, and licked her lips, knowing that soon she would have her way with it. He led her to the bed, laying her down, and said "First off, before anything else happens, there is something I need to do.

Something I have dreamed of doing for 3 long years." He got up, went to the bathroom, and came back with one of those little bottles of fancy lotion that they put in the bathroom with the fancy soaps and shampoo.

Dimming the lights, and putting some soft relaxing music on, he kissed her gently, and made her roll over on her stomach. Oiling his hands up, and getting it warm, she melted as he started caressing and massaging her shoulders. She was in heaven as she felt all the knots, and tension start to leave her body as his fingers and hands worked out the knots, starting at her neck and shoulders, working his way down her back.

She would giggle as his fingers would find a soft spot in her sides, tickling her as he worked his magic, teasing the sides of her breasts as he relaxed her. After working out the stress and tension in her back, he grabbed the bottle and slid down to her feet.

After putting a generous amount of lotion on his hands, he took her feet, one at a time, and massaged them from the tips of her toes, up the arch, all the way to her ankle, somehow getting all the right spots. She sighed as he worked his way up each leg, deeply rubbing each calf, making her squirm as he got the backs of her knees.

She parted her legs without even realizing it, exposing herself openly for the first time to him, as he started massaging her thighs. His cock throbbed, leaking precum from the tip he was so excited, as he looked at her flawless, hairless pussy, opening up, parting for him, inviting him to come play. He teased her, his fingers coming dangerously close to touching her open pussy, her juices blatantly dripping now, worked up with sexual excitement, silently begging him to enter her right now.

But he didn't. Instead, after massaging her back for almost an hour, he made her roll hot college marvelous amazing girls hardcore reality onto her back. She did so, nervously, wondering what he would do next, and lifted her head up to meet his kiss.

Then settling her back down, and with more lotion, he started massaging her front. Working on her shoulders, down her arms, massaging her hands. "That feels so good Jack" she cooed as he massaged her hand much like he did her foot. She could swear she felt the tension leave her body from her finger tips. She almost came as soon as his slick warm hands started rubbing and kneading her breasts.

She always wanted bigger ones, but he was so happy with the way they were. Perky, soft, nipples he could suck and nibble on for hours, they were in a word, perfect, for him. At this point she carter criuse takes sammi daniels anal virginity caring as long as he didn't stop teasing her nipples.

She was worried he may make her cum just from playing with her tits, but he read the signs and stopped. She groaned quietly, wanting that release. That was until she realized what he was about to do. Her heart started racing more, as she watched him, with his cock bobbing in front of him, up and down like it was waving to her. She went limp, allowing him full control of her body, and he took her legs and started pushing them open.

Her pussy was like Niagara Falls now. She knew she was close to what she hoped would be the first of a few orgasms, and she trusted Jack enough to know he would do everything in his control to rock her world.

And take control he most certainly did. As soon as he had her legs spread, he didn't waste any more time. He had waited long enough, and dove right in, his lips wrapping around over her pussy, sucking on it as she exploded when his tongue started flicking her clit, hard and throbbing as much as his cock was. Fortunately, from their many conversations, he knew there was a good chance she was going to squirt and was ready for it. She screamed as she blew her load all over his face and in his mouth as he happily and greedily lapped, licked and sucked up everything he could get from her.

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She laid there in a moment of bliss, shocked she came so fast. "I thought that was a problem only guys had" she laughed, as he wiped his face with the towel. He laughed back and threw the towel at her hitting her right in the face.

"This is how life should be" she thought to herself as she looked at this man, grinning like a little kid that had just figured out how to get a cookie from the cookie jar, and sitting up, tackled him, pinning him on his back, and said "My turn!" Before he knew what hit him, he felt his cock fill her mouth all the way to the base, as she proceeded to give him the most mind blowing blow job he'd ever experienced.

She took him all the way in over and over, not once gagging. He started to feel the pressure build and knew he wasn't ready yet, so he took her by the face, kissed her, and ordered her "TURN AROUND." Confused for a second of what he meant, she realized he wanted to 69, and happy spun around so that his cock was in her mouth, and her pussy hovering right over his face. She moaned deeply over his cock as she felt his tongue part her lips like the red sea, and suck on her clit.

This went on for a good 15 minutes, until it was getting to the point where they both needed a break, and he knew just how to do it. Still working on her clit and she sucked his cock for all it was worth, he slid his finger in her wet, tight pussy. She almost came off the bed completely as he started working her clit like a machine, his finger stroking her g-spot until she just couldn't take it anymore and came so hard she had to finally beg him to stop as she passed out, still convulsing and trembling.

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As she came to, she felt him pick her up and carry her to the bathroom. She must have been out a little longer than she thought, because he had filled the giant Jacuzzi tub with hot water and bubbles. He helped her into the tub sliding in behind her, and they both relaxed as they took turns slowly washing each other.

He avoided her still sensitive pussy, instead washing her hair, rinsing it, and then repeating with the conditioner. Once the water started to cool down, and the bubbles vanish, they rinsed off and toweled each other dry.

Back in the bedroom, he laid her down, kissed her with more love and passion in his eyes than she had ever seen in her entire life, and she wrapped her arms around him tight, gasping for air as he slid his manhood deep inside of her all the way to the hilt.

She felt so full, so complete as he slowly drove himself in and out of her velvety pussy. The sheets were soaked from the fluids she was leaking. She gripped him like a vice as he started picking up the pace.

Her hands finding his ass, pulling her into him as she thrust her pelvis up to meet him stroke for stroke. Somehow, he was able to flip the both of them over in one swift move, still inside her stretching her open for each thrust. Now on her hands and knees with him under her, He held her still by her ass and hips, as he proceeded to pound her like a jackhammer.

She came 3 times in a matter of just minutes. She begged him, "Jack, I can't take much more. It's too much. It feels so good. Jack, baby, I'm coming again. You're making me cum again." That was all Jack needed to hear. He hissed, he groaned, and they both tensed up and exploded as she felt his cum blast her insides, sending her over the top into one last earth shattering climax.

Exhausted, she laid on top of him, still inside her, and felt each other's hearts beating until they fell asleep, where they always belonged. In each other's arms.