Teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz

Teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz
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​I sped home. I got the simple text "I'm waiting" and instantly became hard.


I knew what it meant. It meant I was in store for evening of utter passion and I just could not wait. My head swirled with a flurry of images, all of which was not doing anything to ease the ache in my crotch. I swerved in and out of traffic barely caring what I was doing. All I had on my mind was getting home. With a squeal of brakes I pulled into the driveway. My cock was rock hard and aching for relief.

​I strode into the house, my eyes flashing around looking for you. "Eve!" I called. A small peel of laughter from the bedroom escaped your lips. I whirled and headed for the bedroom. The door swung open and I froze in the doorway. For just a moment I just took in the sight. On the bed lay toys. A glass dildo, a long strap, a new dildo on a large strap, some oils and lube were all laid out and ready.

Today looked to be a long and rather enjoyable evening. You sat on the corner of the bed. Your eyes sparkled with anticipation. A wry smirk traced your lips. You seemed to know that tonight you were going to be thoroughly fucked and hard. Your face was framed nicely as your hair fell loosely to the sides. This was a good thing too as planned on fisting my hands through it. You wore tight fitting lingerie. It was purple and hugged your curves in all the right places. Your large breasts were pushed full and inviting, your ass being hugged with a sexy pair of boy shorts.

I needed to cum and I needed to cum now. ​You seemed to sense my need and crawled over to me. Your breasts hung out giving me a spectacular view. On your knees in front of me you look up pleadingly. "May I?" you asked almost shyly. I nodded quickly as your fingers worked free my zipper. You worked my cock from my boxer briefs and it sprung out hard and ready. I took my time.

I traced the head of my cock along your lips, your cheeks and along the jaw line. Your breath was catching in anticipation. It made me want you even milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy.

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Wordlessly you opened your lips and with ferocity of pent up tension, I buried myself roughly down your throat in one hard thrust. With an eager bliss, you took it all. I fucked your mouth hard and fast. "Take it all you dirty slut!" I moaned out loud as my fingers grabbed the back of your head and forced you as deep as I could get you.

I pounded you relentlessly. I was going to cum and cum hard down your throat. I was nearing my climax I just needed a little more time. It was then that I felt my pants sax story sex stories xx 2019 boxers pulled to down. Your fingers dragged up my thighs your nails scratching lightly until you cupped your hands on my ass cheeks.

You began to squeeze and kneed them. It felt incredible and I moan in appreciation. You dug your nails in hard and pulled me in with every thrust. It became too much.


With a grunt I blasted a huge a huge load down your throat. You ate it up with gladness. You never let a drop escape your lips. ​Panting, I took a second to recover my breath, my legs shaking from the effort.

Gently and with care lick my cock clean while gently, squeezing my balls looking for the last drops. Satisfied with the job you have done you lean back casually. "You know you weren't the only one who had to wait all day. I believe you owe me one now." "Oh really? Well then please allow me." With that I dropped to my knees in front of you. Without hesitation you wrapped your arms around my chest and bit into my neck. I groaned loudly as you knocked me to the floor and pinned me.

We kissed with a passion, my cum still to be tasted faintly on your lips. We bit and nibbled as we punished our lips. You ground your pussy against me. "I want mine you bastard stop teasing me!" you growled. With one swift movement your legs straddled my face, and ground your panty clad sex across my face. Those lace panties were soaked and I could feel those sweet lips through the fabric. "Do you feel how wet I am? Do you?!, your voice demanding. "Make me cum and make me cum now!" Not wanting to displease you I took tore the crotch from your damp panties and drove my tongue with fervor into your tight hole.

You screamed with pleasure as the cloth was ripped away. You ground into me with approval as a licked and sucked at your cleanly shaven lips. We found a steady rhythm as you rode me. I allowed my hands to roam your body. Dragging my nails down your back to elicit groans.

I massaged and pinched your ass spanking it swiftly as you yelped with evident pleasure. You continued to grind into me but I could tell you were getting close. Your thighs clenched as I freed your breasts from the lingerie and began to tease your nipples. Your body began to quake and you screamed and ground down hard.

My face was flooded with your nectar. My tongue was lapping at the juices, swallowing every drop as you moaned and gyrated on top of me. Slowly you calmed your breathing and collapsed back. I followed you as I continued lapping at your pussy, cleaning your lips and nibbling softly at your clit to hear soft moans escape your lips.

After all the attention for you now it was my loins that again needed attention. You could see the fire in my eyes and knew that we were far from done. I pulled you to your feet and carried you to the bed. As I carried you your hands quickly undid my tie. My shirt was still button but instead of undoing the buttons you just tore at the buttons spraying them all over the floor. "That was for my panties!" you said as you dragged your nails across my bare chest.

I growled and tossed you roughly on the bed. "You'll pay for that you little minx." I hissed pinning you down. I pinned your wrists above your above your head. With one hand I pulled the tie from around my neck and used it to tie your wrists tight.

"Now it's time for payback that was a good shirt." With that I flipped you onto your belly so that your perfectly blonde babe chloe cherry rides dick and blows it well ass was in perfect view. I tore at what was left of your panties away leaving your ass bare. I took the strap in my hands and traced it lightly along your ass.

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"Do you know what happens to naughty girls who rip nice shirts?" I asked coolly. I brought the strap down lightly across your ass. A small gasp escapes your lips. "But you tore my panties first" you simpered. Another lash, this time a little harder, "You didn't answer my question Eve" A moan a mixture of pleasure and pain is muffled by the pillow you've buried yourself into. "Naughty girls get spanked Adam." Another soft lash, "That's right" I cooed.

"Are you sorry?" "Yes I am!" you cried. "Will recent sextual story at galsi kiss it better?" "Of course I will." I said setting the strap aside.

I took the oil from the bed and poured some into my hands. I rubbed them together warming the oil with my heat. I kissed both cheeks softly then began to slowly rub your ass, the oils taking the sting from the lashings.

The soft purrs escaping your lips let me know that you were enjoying it. I massaged your ass for a few good minutes before leaning forward and sneaking my tongue into your tight little asshole. I probed and prodded with my tongue burying it as deep as I could go. You moaned with surprised pleasure as devoured your ass. My cock ached to be inside of you. Gently I turned you over. Your face was flush with anticipation. Without a word I picked you and lowered your still tied arms around my neck.

I cradled you to my chest casually nipping at your ear. I carried you to the wall and pinned you against it. Your full breasts pressed against my chest, your hard erect nipples scrapping roughly against me. With a motion you positioned above my waiting cock and without waiting for permission I impale you on it.

Your pussy is tight and it clamps down on my cock like a vise. The heat is intoxicating and for a moment I don't move and just enjoy the sensation.

Then with deliberate slowness I pull out only to slam back into you. You moan deeply as my cock finds its mark again and again. "You're so deep!" you moan. "Fuck me hard! Fuck like the little whore I am!" I begin to increase my speed, pounding faster and faster. "Is that what you wanted" I growl biting the nape of your neck. "Oh fuck yes!" you moan. Your legs tighten around my waist pulling me even deeper.

You scream as your body quakes and your pussy explodes around my cock, your orgasm coming in waves as you shudder. As you clamp down on me I can't hold on anymore and I grunt as I blast a huge load deep inside you. We both shudder and shake at our shared orgasm. A sheen of sweat glistens on our bodies. We slide down the wall together a tangled of limbs.

I gently untie your wrists placing soft kisses on each one and massaging them. We kiss softly at first just enjoying the after glow of the intimacy. "You know we aren't done" you say. "I have a special surprise for you. You noticed the new toy right?" I nodded. "Well let me show you how it works!" you smile wickedly.

You head over to the bed and take the dildo with the strap. "It works like this" She puts the strap around her ankles and straps it tight so the dildo is pointing up. Then she positions it above her swollen slit and sits down slowly burying it in herself moaning with pleasure as she does it. "Now" she says with obvious pleasure "I want you to fuck my tits." This spectacle is more than enough to get me hard again. I stand in front you my cock erect. I slide my swollen member between your gloriously soft breasts.

I begin with a slow pace, my head poking up between your tits touching your soft lips. "Every thrust pushes me deeper on this toy. Give it to me good!" you moan. You grab my ass and pull me in farther, the head of my cock passing those lips and sucked nicely by your waiting tongue. Taking heed to your words I fuck your tits fast and hard ramming the dildo hard and fast on your waiting sex.

You scream in pleasure as you're getting it from both ends. The relentless pace is too much for your oversensitive organs and you cum yet again. Sensing your impending climax I quicken my pace and as you shudder with orgasm my cock shoots loads of cum all over your face and tits covering them. I thought I was done but my cock was still hard and I wanted more. I needed more. You pull yourself off the toy and set it aside.

"I need more." I growl. "I want you one more time" "Take me again then" you say. Take your dirty slut and fuck her until you finish." Not cute sexy shy teen makes hardcore tryout sex video to wait any longer I position you on your hands and knees on the edge of the bed.

"Is this what you want?" you simper wiggling your ass at me. You want to take me from behind? I didn't say a word I just blonde girl enjoy in cum homemade and cumshot you by your hips and buried my self in your pussy.

I pounded you in a slow steady rhythm to start. I wanted to enjoy this and savor. I rubbed your ass and spanked it.

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I liked hearing you moan with every spank. I sucked my thumb to wet it then worked it slowly into your tight asshole. I matched my thumb pressure with my strokes making you moan deeply. It was then I grabbed the lube and squirted some into your opening and worked it around. Without breaking my pace I grabbed the glass dildo and positioned at the entrance of your ass.

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You wince a little as I worked it just a short way into your ass. It was all I wanted as I slowly matched the pace of the dildo with my own strokes. I was giving double the penetration, double your pleasure. I began to speed up and soon I was hammering into you with a ferocious need.

It was then that I grabbed your hair and pulled you back holding you in place as I plowed into you. You were screaming in passion. "Fuck me! Fuck your little whore! Tear me apart!" you screamed. "Oh shit I'm cumming again!" I could feel you shudder underneath me as you came hard again and again. It was too much for me and I exploded shooting spurt after of cum deep inside you.

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Our bodies were shaking underneath the glorious exertions of the evening.After a few moments that seemed like eternity I collected you in my arms and carried you gently to the bathroom.

We showered together, the hot water caressing our aching muscles.


We bathed each other slowly, enjoying the simple caresses and gentle strokes of our washing. "You're such a good girl" I said as you leaned gently into me. I caressed your full breasts lovingly. "Good girls get treats.

Get dressed I'm taking you somewhere really nice." I swatted your ass as you giggled stepping out of the shower to get ready.