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Ass plowed teen creamed cumshot and babe
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Lita stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her waist-length red hair was in curls, by demand of her mother. Stupid country club. Trio ffh completement fou french illico porno wanted to be far, far away from the club, tea time, her mom and grandma, and everything associated with being wealthy. "Stupid poor people have it so easy," she thought. Lita studied her blue-gray eyes, finding nothing but bitterness there. Rolling her eyes, Lita straightened the eccentric bow on the collar of her cashmere blouse.

She smoothed the wrinkles out of her light gray slacks, took one last lingering glance at her small frame in the mirror, and stalked out of the country club restroom. "Please just let this be over with," Lita groaned internally. "There you are, Lita," her mother, Grace, exclaimed.

"You've been in there forever! Our table is waiting!" Lita heaved a sigh. "Sorry, geez, Mom." Grace pursed her lips. "Cut the attitude. It's not very ladylike." Lita's grandma, Arlene, smiled a small smile, and rolled her eyes at her daughter when Grace wasn't looking. Lita choked back a laugh. "There's no point in standing around.


Let's go have our tea." Arlene said in her thin, wobbly voice. She looped her skinny arm through Lita's and led the way to their usual table in the bay window.

Lita plastered her "patient smile" onto her face and allowed herself to be steered towards her seat. Lita slumped into her seat, desperate to escape the country club. "Only spoiled jerks choose to spend time here," she thought. In less than a minute, waiters were swarming around the table, laying down extravagant dishes of fluffy crepes, delicate biscuits, various cheeses, and fluffy cream. A waiter came up behind Lita and placed a tea cup on the saucer in front of her, then poured her some Yorkshire Red Tea.

Lita ignored her cup of tea. "I don't know how anybody can drink this crap. It tastes awful," she thought as she twisted her napkin around in her lap. "Lita, why aren't you eating?" Grace demanded. Lita looked up at her mom. "Because Hot gym buddies pleasure each others pussy don't like tea time." She put as much disdain as she could into her voice.

A low chuckle sounded on Lita's left. She quickly turned to see who made the sound, and observed a young man about her age snickering as he walked past her. Lita's watched as he approached a table and casually tossed himself into the empty chair. At the table sat a middle-aged woman with her blonde hair in a French twist, a girl with brown hair that appeared to be a couple years younger than the boy, and… "The mayor?" Lita thought.

She squinted her eyes toward the family, and was finally able to place the boy. Luke. The snobbiest, richest kid at her school. Because his father was the mayor, he got anything and everything that he ever wanted. The worst part was that he flaunted his riches. "I HATE that guy," Lita thought. "…what do you think of that, Lita? Wouldn't you just love to go?" Grace's voice penetrated Lita's thoughts.

"Sorry, what?" Grace sighed impatiently. "Weren't you listening to a word I just said?" Lita shook her head. "Sorry. I just spaced out for a minute. What did you say?" Grace shook her head in annoyance. "I SAID that I thought it was about time for you to go to an all girls' boarding school.

You're always so rowdy, and it's time you learned to be a lady." Lita's eyes widened in horror.

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"Boarding school? No! You can't make me go. I'm eightteen!" "Lita, if you would just listen—" Arlene began. "No! I won't listen to this! I won't go!" Lita stood up quickly from the table, making the dishes rattle. "I am so out of here!" Lita turned and stomped past her family, past the approaching waiters, and past the mayor's table. As she stormed away, she briefly noticed Luke staring at her, but she didn't care if she had made a scene. "I'm so fed up with this life," she thought in fury.

Lita hurried out of the country club before her mother could come after her. She quickly walked off of the grounds, close to the busy street, and hailed a cab. Upon climbing in, she directed the driver back to her house. Lita was fuming. She wanted to do something reckless, something exhilarating, she just didn't know what. After a short drive, the cab pulled up outside of Lita's house. Lita got out and stood at the curb for a while, staring at the overly eccentric mansion that she called home.

It stood three stories tall, plus it had a spacious attic and a gigantic basement. The Grecian columns that encased the front porch just looked tacky to Lita. She hated every square inch of this prison.

Lita stalked inside the house and slammed the door as hard as she could. "I've got to get out of here," she screamed inside.

She began pacing through the ridiculously over sized rooms of the main level, a manic anxiety rising in her chest. When she entered the kitchen, she stomped to the fridge, grabbed a 32 oz bottle of Evian water, and guzzled the entire thing in seconds. Just then, something gleaming on the wall by the garage door caught her eye. Lita moved closer, curious.

Her dad's car keys were hanging on the hook. It wasn't just any old car, though. It was stranger bangs cute amazing gal girlfriend homemade baby. An orange Dodge Charger, massively overhauled to be the best of any race car. A nitrous oxide booster had been added, and the car now had approximately 700 horsepower. It was strong, powerful, and fast. Best of all, it was forbidden. Without thinking any further, Lita snatched the keys from the hook and dashed into the garage.

She pressed the button to raise the automatic door, and hurried to the gleaming race car. When Lita opened the driver's side door, the smell of polished leather greeted her. She smiled.

"This is going to be great," she thought. Lita slid into the car, enjoying the feel of the old, soft leather underneath her. She started the car, enthralled by the roaring sound of the suped-up engine. She put it in reverse, and carefully backed out into the street. Lita made sure to close the garage door before she drove off down the street.

Sitting behind the wheel of her dad's "baby," Lita felt invincible. She felt daring and reckless. The light at the next intersection turned red, and Lita slowed her speed till she gradually came to a stop. A gleaming red Ferrari Enzo screeched to a halt beside her. Lita glanced over at the car, and immediately recognized the rarity of the vehicle next to her. It had a V10 engine, topped out at 221 miles per hour, and could go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Only 500 cars like this were ever made, so whoever owned it must be incredibly wealthy.

Curious about who was driving the snazzy sport's car, Lita stared hard through sweet babe in school skirt enjoys fingering window.

The driver briefly looked at Lita, then back to the street, before doing a double take. His mouth dropped open in surprise, and Lita watched a slow grin spread across his face. "Who is he?" Lita thought. The driver of the Enzo was wearing dark sunglasses that obscured a good portion of his face, so she had no idea who he was.

But his slightly messy blonde hair hinted that he was devastatingly attractive. Lita finally pulled her eyes away from the guy behind the wheel of the Ferrari, staring straight ahead and wondering when the light would finally be green. A honk sounded from the Enzo, and Lita looked over again. The guy was holding a piece of paper against the window with a message scrawled across it in big letters.

"First one to the water tower wins," it read. Lita smirked. "Just what the doctor ordered," she thought. When the driver of the Ferrari put the piece of paper down, Lita gave him a huge thumbs up and winked. The guy revved his engine hard, and Lita responded in kind. She looked back at the stoplight, and suddenly it shifted from red to green. Lita hit the gas pedal hard, but was a bit slower starting out than the Enzo.

Soon she was a block behind the guy. An image of his triumphant grin when he won spurred Lita into action. She turned the corner, still slightly behind the Ferrari, and pressed the gas pedal even harder to the floor. The Charger jumped forward a bit faster, causing the car to begin vibrating. The seat rumbled beneath Lita, and she was suddenly alerted to her full bladder.

"Curse that bottle of water," she thought. Lita pressed her thighs together, determined to hold her pee till she won the race. As Lita screeched around the next corner, she saw that the guy in the Ferrari was several blocks ahead of her. If she didn't do something quick, she'd lose the race. Lita's hand snaked toward the nitrous oxide booster controls.

She flipped open the plastic covering, counted backwards from three silently, and pressed down on the red button that would ignite her speed. The Charger rocketed forward, making everything a blur. The vibrating got worse, and soon Lita felt like she was going to burst. Hot client keisha grey gets pleasured by masseur pornstars fingering inch forward the car moved made the vibrating even more intense.

She had to pee so badly, that it felt like all of the vibrating of the car was concentrated right underneath her seat. Lita took one hand from the wheel and jammed it into her crotch, feeling a wave of desperation hit.

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"I can't pee myself in this car! Dad would kill me," she thought. Within seconds of starting the nitrous oxide booster, Lita was right behind the Ferrari. She pressed the gas pedal hard again, and watched as her car began to pull ahead of the snazzy Ferrari. Excitement built in her chest, and she grinned triumphantly. They were still about a mile from the water tower, but Lita was confident for the first time that she would win the race. As her excitement continued to build, Lita's focus on her bladder decreased.

The car was still vibrating like mad, but Lita didn't notice or care. She was almost there. Just then, Lita hit a small pothole in the road, causing the Charger to jolt heavily. A spurt of pee escaped into her panties, and Lita squeezed her thighs together as tightly as she could. Far too late, Lita remembered that the last stretch of road before the water tower was dirt and rock.

The car darted off of the asphalt and onto the makeshift road, causing the Charger to bounce and jiggle all over the place. Lita cried out just as she lost complete control over her bladder. Pee streamed into her panties, quickly soaking them, and continued into her light gray slacks.


Lita glanced down, and saw the front of her pants turning a dark, almost black, color from the pee. She desperately tried to stop the flow, but the bumpy road made it impossible. Lita quickly gave up. She let herself pee, and sighed at the relief it provided.

Lita finally pulled up to the water tower, and turned off the ignition of the Charger. She glanced down at her lap, and realized she was still peeing herself. She watched as the crotch of her pants couldn't soak up any more pee, and a stream pushed its way out, visibly arcing out past her crotch and onto the delicate leather beneath her.

"Dad's going to kill me for ruining his seat," she thought. Just then, the Ferrari pulled up beside her. The guy jumped out, an excited grin on his face, and began approaching Lita's door. Her eyes grew wide, realizing that he would see that she was still, miraculously, peeing her pants.

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Desperate to finish before he got to close, Lita pushed, and a huge spray of pee burst from her crotch. The pee flooded the seat, and hot latina babe rides big cock like a professional cowgirl dripping onto the floor.

Finally, mercifully, she finished peeing. When she glanced up at the window, she realized it was too late. The guy from the Ferrari stood at her window, staring into the car at Lita's lap. Lita's face reddened, and she reached for the key to restart the car so she could drive home. Before blowjob fuckin and rimjob for halloween could turn it, the guy opened her door.

"I—" Lita began. Before she could even begin to formulate an excuse, the guy had reached in and pulled her out of the car, still staring at her wet pants. "Wow." Lita looked down at her cream-colored ballet flats in shame, her red hair falling into her face. "I'm sorry," she whispered inaudibly. The guy reached out and lifted Lita's chin gently with his fingers. He looked into her eyes, slightly tilting his head as he studied her. "I wish I knew who he was," Lita thought.

Slowly, with his free hand, the man reached up and pulled off his sunglasses. Lita stared in shock as the man was revealed to be… "Luke?" She asked in surprise. "Wow. Lita…you're…so…" Luke stopped, unable to formulate a coherent sentence. "I'm so embarrassed," Lita mumbled. "The car was just vibrating so much, and I just had to pee so bad, I couldn't hold it any longer." Lita didn't know why she felt the need to explain what happened to this boy whom she despised.

"Don't be embarrassed," Luke said gruffly. Without waiting for a response, Luke gently took Lita's face between his hands and kissed her. Lita's eyes widened in shock. "What is going on here?" She wondered. Lita felt Luke's foot reach behind her and shut the car door. Suddenly, he was pressing her against the car, running his hands through her hair. Her body responded automatically. Her arms went around Luke's neck of their own accord, and she pulled him closer.

Luke pressed his body against Lita's, and Lita could feel every inch of him on her. She began to feel a different kind of excitement building in her chest, a foreign feeling. She didn't know what was going on, but right then Lita didn't care.

Luke pulled back briefly, glancing into Lita's eyes for confirmation that this was okay. Lita nodded slightly, and Luke moved back in. His lips grazed her cheekbone, trailed across her chin, and down her neck.

When Luke reached Lita's collarbone, Lita felt a spasm of pleasure, and couldn't keep back her moan.


As soon as Luke heard her, he moved his mouth back to hers, and his tongue found its way into her mouth. Instead of being grossed out, like she always thought she would be if she were ever French kissed, Lita felt even more longing for Luke.

She twined her tongue with his, and let the wonder of the moment sink in. This was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Soon Luke's hand was making a trail down her arm, across her waist, and toward her wet crotch. When Lita realized what Luke intended, a chill of excitement caused more pee to rush from her bladder, soaking his hand.

At first, Lita was mortified. "I thought I had no more pee left," she thought, as the pee dripped down her legs. Just as Lita was about to move away, she felt a wetness begin to spread that she knew wasn't coming from her. Lita looked down, and suddenly realized that Luke was peeing himself in response.

She looked into his smoldering blue eyes, and her heart thumped in her chest that he would do something like that just to make her feel better. For the first time, she realized that this boy who acted so snobbish was really just a nice one in disguise. Lita reached up and pulled Luke's lips back onto hers with a fervor she hadn't felt before.

Luke put one hand on either side of Lita's head and pressed himself even closer to her, still freely peeing. Lita reveled in the feeling of his pee soaking into her cream blouse and down her front. When Luke's fingers moved toward the bow at the collar of her shirt, she didn't stop him. She knew where this moment was going, and she didn't care. She wanted it. Luke's fingers struggled unsuccessfully to untie the eccentric bow around Lita's neck.

As he fumbled, he trailed kisses from her lips, up her jaw bone, and landing on the lobe of her ear. He nibbled, sending a shiver down her spine. As he tried one last time to remove her bow, he breathed a sigh of frustration. Lita moved her hands from behind his back, to his wrists. She guided his palms down to the front of her blouse, and held them there for a moment. Quivering from another nibble, she untied her own bow, and through it to the ground.

"Yes." is all she could say. Feeling the soft fabric of the cashmere blouse, Luke squeezed gently. He teen webcam show and cute blonde fingering hd sneaking in the base feel the shoulder straps connect to her bra, as well as the minimal padding it provided.

He wasn't sure, but he thought, he hoped, he could feel a nipple barely poking each cup. His thumbs rolled around each one, as a slight moan slipped through Lita's lips. "Follow my lead," he said as he spn her around, still groaping, and still nibbling. His hands began to flow down, first to underside of your breasts, and then to her flat stomach.

One hand settled on the hem of her blouse, as another continued downward, gliding over her hidden pubic hair, and landing on her wet crotch. Lita let out a gasp as he now cupped her warm pussy, sliding his hand up and down it to an unheard rhythm.

One finger danced alone, stroking, circling, and pressuring. This was the finger that Lita wanted more of. "Yes," Lita said again. Starting to hump his hand, she took his place on her breasts. This was so new to her, so strange, so wonderful. Her body began to rock as the wetfabric of her slacks and panties pushed against her pussy, and she was so close to experiencing her first orgasm.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be, yet. Luke's lower hand reached in to Lita's panties, and started to poke at the hole that defined her as a woman, his defining feature now poking her in the back. His second hand started tugging on Lita's shirt, making slow headway. When his frustration reached it's breaking point, he tore it upward, jerking her hands up, and the shirt off her body.

It too fell to the ground. Momentarily stunned by her sudden waist up nudity, Lita didn't hear the zipper descend behind her. She did however notice when her hand was guided to it. She turned back around, facing her new lover, and looked him up and down. Her gaze settled on the large member in her hands, she thought it must be 8 inches long, and 2 inches wide. "Move your hand," Luke breed me your cum college boy brunette and big tits opened her grip, and was corrected by Luke's guiding hand.

"Like this," he instructed, moving her hand along his shaft. She set a pace that was comfortable for her, and pleasurable to him.

As she stroked, she felt a little wetness form on the upswing, that she spread with the down swing. "Pre cum?" Lita asked, moving some from his penis to her lips, and loving the taste. "Yeah," Luke confirmed, now starting to hump her hand as well. Lita used a finger to tease the tip, and dropped to her knees.

"It looks, big," she said. Sticking her tongue out, she tasted the nectar directly from the source. It was a bitter sweet kind of taste, rather salty as well. "I like how you taste," she cooed as she licked circles around the tip. Luke put his hands on either side of Lita's head, and pushed forward, separating her lips and penetrating in to her virgin mouth.

This action that was so new to Lita, was very familiar to the spoiled Luke. Lita pushed her lips further to his rough mound of pubic hair, and felt him poking at her throat. When he entered it, she gagged and recoiled. Luke quickly pushed his rock hard cock back in to her mouth, but not quite triggering her gag reflex. One of Lita's hands went up to explore Lukes testicles, the other went to play with her clit.

"Suck it," Luke instructed as he continued to thrust. "Oh yeah, keep going, yeah, just like that," he moaned as he plopped out of Lita's groping lips.

"I don't want to cum before the main event." He put his hands under Lita's arms and lifted to her feet, and sat her on the hood of her car. Guiding her back to lay flat, he slid her slacks and green panties off of her with the relative ease of a professional. Luke struggled out of his tattooed latina is fucked after she sucks, and climbed on top of Lita.

As he straddled her, jewel styles has just turned years old and has made a show of lifting his shirt, to reveal a tone upper body. When they were both as naked as the moment they were born, Luke started the event that took place 9 months prior to birth.He started by laying on her, pressing his body against hers, holding her to her hood.

His rock hard cock was just touching her forbidden lips, poking inside as he reached up for her ears. He once again began to nibble and torture her. Lita responded by pushing his shoulders down, and locking her lips with his, wrapping her arms around his torso, and her legs around his, pulling for him to be inside her. Luke resisted, wanting to draw this out for as long as he could. He pushed his head towards the entry way of her tunnel, but would not let it enter. He pushed Lita back to the hood, and pulled himself free.

Bd collage girl sex schandal traced licks and kisses down her jaw bone, to her neck, throat, shoulders, breasts, and nipples. He latched on to her left nipple, and started to lick circles around it. His tongue treated the nipple itself, as a sailing ship would treat a rigid iceberg.

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"Go close to enjoy it's beauty, but never touch." His left hand pinched her right nipple, and rolled it in opposite dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob. Moans now flowed from Lita's lips, as pee did moments before.

Lita reached down between her legs, and began stroking Luke once again. Moving his pre cum up and down his shaft, and feeling a squirt from time to time land on her pubic mound. When Luke would push harder against her skin, she would squeeze tighter on his penis, as if it were a stress ball. All the time, he continued humping in to her hand. Luke's right hand felt downward, between Lita's legs. If he hadn't seen her piss herself, he could have been forgiven for assuming the feminine liquid coming from her in such great volume, was the same golden honey.

His pointer finger circled her clit, as his middle finger went inside, and rubber her G-spot furiously.

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Lita groaned, craving the piece of man meet on top of her. She continued stroking his now slick manhood, and used her free hand to push his suckling face hard on to her breast. She was once again about to cum, but knew he wouldn't let her. Just as her body began to shake, his fingers and tongue stilled, and she was left hanging once more.

Luke continued his trail of kisses and licks, from her left nipple to her right, then down to her belly button. From there he curved down to the left tip of her pubic hair, and followed it to the apex, where he gave her glistening clit a quick lick, before moving on down her left thigh and settling with a flurry of butterfly kisses on the sensitive skin under her knee.

He then began back up again, moistening her thigh with his tongue, ending with a second light lick on her love bump, this one making her gasp from pleasure. Smiling from excitement, he gave her another lick before continuing down her right thigh, to her right knee, and back up again. When he landed, a third and final time on the spot where her light fuzz and legs meat, he began to lick her again, and again, and again. Each stroke of his tongue sent electric shocks through the virgins body.

He set his tongue still, then ran small vertical strokes, followed by quick horizontal strokes. When her body felt right, he put his arms under her legs and lifted her rear off the hood of her car. His tongue now stopped paying attention to her clit, and slid down to her soaking opening, penetrated it briefly, and moved on even lower.

The tip of his tongue slid from her vaginal territory, to her anal outlands, and poked in to the brown hole located there. This was a new experience for him, one he had been dreaming of for a while. While he enjoyed the taste of the pee that had flowed there, the bitterness of the hole itself didn't appeal to him. The thought of penetrating this young womans most private of holes however, made his rock hard cock grow even harder.

At this point, Lita had enough, and she needed Luke inside of her. "Fuck me, now, hard, deep, please," she begged him, looking deep in to his bright eyes.

"As you wish, Lita," he said softly as he crawled back on top of her. Lita felt his cock bounce off of her leg, and approach her previously untouched orifice. As his tip once again touched her lips, his mouth did the same. There tongues danced as their parts joined. Luke's member stretched the opening, and slid inside Lita's slit as if it were a hand in a fitted glove.

Lita moaned, never before being stretched beyond the point of a tampon. This was so new, such a break from formal reality, so primal, it was her heaven on Earth. She grimaced shortly as her hymen was broken, but was quickly taken by the waves of pleasure that being with her first man had brought.

Luke continued twisting her tongue with her, and sliding his penis in and out of her. His hands tangled in the hair close to her scalp, holding Lita's face to his own. His chest rubbed against hers, giving mild stimulation to her nipples. Lita planted her feet on the ground, and matched Luke thrust for thrust. This time, he wouldn't stop, he wouldn't pull away, he wouldn't rob her of her orgasm. She thrusted again, each time moaning a little louder, and letting out a slight gasp.

Her crotch got wet with her love juices, and she knew it step mom son hot bodys time, time for her to experience the first orgasm.

She bucked up one last time, sinking him deep inside, and hugged him close. Her moan started small, and slowly raised to a scream of unimaginable pleasure ripping through her body.

Her toes curled, her nails clawed in to her back, her eyes clamped shut, and her puss spasmed and squeezed around his alien invader.

She felt warmth spread, as she realized she had peed yet again, on herself, on him, and on the car. "I'm cumming … " Luke exclaimed, as he pulled free and pointed his engorged manhood at her face. Several strings of gooey man juice shot from his tip, hitting her forehead to chin, her breasts, her belly, and one just barely making it to her pubic hair.

She stormed out of tea time. She stole her fathers baby, she peed in the seats he spent months restoring, and she had fucked the smug brat on the hood of his car.

She felt good, she felt bad. She felt good to be bad. ~SWL & ATL