Horny babe swallows a big fat dick

Horny babe swallows a big fat dick
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Today wasn't going to be my typical college day. The normal part was that it was boring as hell but the abnormal was that I needed to have my first guidance counsellor meeting of this semester.

I suppose it wasn't all bad due to the fact that the guidance counsellor was my hot Aunt Wendy. Man was she a naughty woman. She actually gave me a handjob at my 18th birthday party.

It was incredible and I can't stop wanking over the thought of her. That slim athletic 5'6" body of hers was a sight of pure sexiness. She has a wonderful 34c chest and nice tight waist and hips I couldn't wait to get my hands on. My aunt always had her beautiful auburn hair cut short and my god did it make her look even sexier. Her brown eyes were so inviting and I've imagined them so many times looking up to me as she sucks my young cock.

The time had finally come and I was summoned to her office. As I reached her office, I knocked and waited for her to call. "Come in" her alluring voice came. I walked in and she was sitting her at desk, filling some paperwork. "Ah Robbie, come in and take a seat!" She flashed a smile at me "I'll be with you in a sec!" I wordlessly walked into the room and sat in the chair in front of her desk.

She wore a white shirt and it had the top few buttons undone so I could see plenty of her chest. I couldn't see this hot and concupiscent yea rold but stare as it slowly raised and fell with her breathing.

"Ok Robbie, do you know why you are here?" She broke me from my stating as I met her eyes. "Um, to talk about what major I want to do?" I mumbled trying to keep my eyes from falling back onto her chest. "Yes correct" she smiled "and do you know what you want to do?" "Eh" I paused "no, not really!" "Oh Robbie" she said sympathetically as she stood up and came round to sit in front of me on the edge of her desk.

She also wore a short skirt with black heels. Her slender legs were on full show and they looked incredible, I couldn't help but admire them. "You know your future is very important Robbie!" "I know it is, I just haven't thought about it!" I said holding my head down looking at my feet. "Well you need to start thinking about it" She calmly said. "Ok I will, I'll start now!" I nodded. "Oh no, don't worry about it right now" she cooed "I have other plans for you right now, as she said this she opened her legs.

I lifted my head and could see straight between her legs. My mouth dropped. She wasn't wearing any panties and I could see her trimmed pussy. My cock instantly began to grow in my pants. "I've been thinking about you Robbie" she continued. "My husband just isn't enough for me anymore and I need nice young cock." She eyed my crotch and my noticeable stunning faith leon has her beaver drilled. "I had a lot of fun giving you that handjob and loved your cock!

And I want more" she said with a wicked grin. I was speechless, the woman of my dreams and cause of many masturbations was exposing all to me. She lifted her skirt higher to expose her naked pussy to me. My dick was fully hard and I could feel the pre cum oozing out.

"Come closer" she beckoned me. I wordlessly moved closer to her. "Give me your hand!" I lifted my hand, which she took and placed on her crotch. Fuck I nearly exploded at that. It was so warm and soft. I began to search around with my hand, slowly rubbing her pussy. "Yes that feels good Robbie! Do you like Aunty Wendy's pussy?" I simply nodded as I found her clit with my fingers which gained a moan from her.

I slowly circled my finger tips around her nub and pressed against it. "Mmm yes!!" My aunt groaned. 'Fuck this was hot!' I thought to myself. I began to rub her clit faster with my finger tips as she leant back onto the table. I was basically cumming in my pants and she hadn't even touched me yet.

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I continued to rub her doctor big boob xxx storys until I noticed something. There was a black thread coming from her pussy. It was looped so in my curiosity I hooked my finger around it and pulled. "Ohhhhhh yessss" My Aunt groaned loudly.

"Holy shit" I gasped. As I continued to pull on the thread, a black ball emerged from my Aunts pussy, as I pulled more an other popped out.

Damn she had been sitting here this whole time with benwa balls. Fuck, my Aunty Wendy was one nasty horny slut, and I fucking loved it. "Mmm glad you found my surprise Robbie!" She moaned as she slid off the edge of the desk.

"Now for some real action." My aunt fell to her knees in front of me and pulled at my pants. "I've missed this cock Robbie, I need to see it again, feel It again." She tugged at my pants and pulled them down to my ankles, somehow she managed to pull off my boxers too.

"God such a lovely young cock you have" she said admiring it as she took my cock in her hand. "I've fantasied about this" I said, gripping the arms of the chair.


"Oh you have? Have you masturbated over the thought of your slutty auntie giving you a handjob?" She grinned up to me. "Uh, yes I have" I groaned as she started to stroke my shaft. "Have you thought about this?" And with that she moved her head forward, wrapping her lips around my shaft. Wasting no time she bobbed her head up and down on the head of my cock.

Sucking it hard in her mouth and she lifted her head. "Fuck" I moaned, this was even better than a handjob. Her lips felt amazing around my shaft. The felling of her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock was sensational. Then I couldn't believe my eyes, my aunt took my full shaft into her mouth and deep throated my cock. She did it with pure ease as well. I take it back, this was a fucking sensational feeling.

Her gag reflex didn't even kick in as she continued to deep father and twyoung daughter xxx sex vidoes me. I could feel the wetness of her mouth drip down my balls. After several minutes of continually and expertly taking my full shaft she finally broke off. "Fuckkk I love you cock!" She gasped, stroking the tip of my cock faster and faster. She then kissed down my shaft and took one of my balls into her mouth, sucking on it.

"Shittt" I whispered. "You like?" She asked as my ball popped from her mouth. "Yesss" I nodded in sheer pleasure. She then took my other ball into her mouth and sucked on it hard until it popped from her mouth.

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"I need you inside me Robbie! I need you to fuck me! Treat me like the naughty slut I am!" She said almost desperately as she stood up and turned to face the desk. Slowly lifting her skirt up, she bent over the desk. "Please fuck me Robbie!" She pleaded. I wordlessly stood up and edged up behind her. This was my first time but I knew what to do.

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I used my fingers to rub her pussy and could feel that she was more than wet, my fingers were soaked as I probed them into her entrance slightly. "Get your cock inside me Robbie" she panted laying onto the desk. I took my hand onto my cock as I moved forward, lining my self up. I probed the head of my cock inside my aunt and pushed forward. As the tip of my cock disappeared inside of her i grabbed onto her hips. "Uuhhh yeah Robbie!" My aunt groaned.

I positioned my self behind her and slowly started to fuck her pussy. Pushing my cock in and out.


'Fuck' I grunted. Her pussy was really tight and I could feel it grip my cock the whole time it slide hot babe carolina abril enjoying two massive hard cocks and out of her.

"Faster Robbie" my Aunt demanded. I grabbed onto her hips and upped my efforts fucking her faster and faster. My body slamming into her every time I bottomed out in her. I continued to fuck my Aunty from behind and it was amazing. Her body was incredible to look at and her pussy felt so good around my cock. I kept up my pace as I fucked her as fast as I could. I could feel my balls begin to tingle though. But before I could speak she knew. My aunt pushed me back with her hips and in the blink of an eye had her lips wrapped around my cock again.

Going straight into deep throating me as she massaged my balls. I was there. Without warning I exploded into her mouth. "Fuucckkkkkk" I groaned, as blast after blast of hot cum shot into her mouth. This by far the biggest orgasm I've had! I fell back onto the chair in exhaustion and somehow my aunt managed to keep her mouth around my cock. Still sucking away as my cock became limp.

I lay there speechless. After several more full sucks of my cock, she let it pop from her mouth. "Mmmmmm" she moaned as she licked her lips. "I love that!" "Aunty Wendy, that was amazing" I panted. "Mmm yes it was, you enjoy fucking your slutty Aunty?" She grinned. "Very much" I replied. "Good, now off you pop back to class. I'll see you again very soon!" She winked as she returned back behind her desk. Holy shit I thought to myself as I cleaned myself up and headed back to class.

Can't wait for my next meeting.